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(Swaron OS) The Wait...

megsy Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 1:19am | IP Logged
(Please ignore the other has some issues)

Hey guys, how you all doing? ive been away from the forum for quite sometime now...been very rarely active these days. Loads of events happened and happening in life! Anyways, i know many of you are galofying me for not updating Missing Life since months, i had fallen into a very bad writers block Cry . So last night I finally decided to do something to overcome it and thus tried writing this OS. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Do leave in your precious comments and likes.

Have a wonderful rollercoaster ride! 

Dip [deep_tanha] this OS is a Gift for you... your b'day gift... i still cudnt finish the one i originally planned...but worry not, jab wo khatam ho jayega to wo bhi tujhe hi gift karungi Wink 



Sharon was sitting on the bed in her room with a mug of hot chocolate and a huge smile plastered on her face. She was starring in mid air, into nothingness, without even blinking an eye. It was a long day today, with rehearsals going up to 10 PM. It was an eventful day with the breaking of the huge news that their dance team was back into the NDC finals. But above all, it was an unbelievable day for finally she had spoken her heart out to the man who had managed to steal it away from her, managing to break the strong walls she had built around it. Yes, it was the day when she had finally said I Love You to Swayam, the day when she ran into the arms of her prince, the day when he literally swept her feet off the ground, the day she finally gave in and declared that she belongs to him. Yes, it was 20th of June 2013, the day she would inscribe on every rock she would get to scream out to the world. She wanted to be with Swayam after the rehearsals and wished he would drop her home, but unfortunately he had to stay back with the guys to work on the dance choreography. Simi, who had noticed something weirdly different in her friend today grabbed the opportunity and decided to spend time with Sharon and decided to drop her home. Sharon didnt utter a single word throughout the journey and the only expression Simi could see were a blushing smile and glittering eyes. She sure knew something is fishy but couldnt manage to make Sharon spill the bean.

Sharon was eagerly expecting Swayam to come to her after he is done with the rehearsals. She purposely kept her windows open and sat facing the window with anticipating eyes.

After a long wait, disappointed, she kept the half filled mug of milk on her side table and finally cuddled herself inside the sheet. She hugged a pillow near her chest and stretched her tired body. Within few minutes she slipped into sweet slumber, hugging the pillow.

They say, love is the craziest feeling in this universe. It makes you do stuff you would never imagine you would do in your life. People who are unlikely to fall in love, fall the deepest when cupid strikes them.  Sharon was no exception.

She was in her dreamland. She hugged Swayam tight and ran her hands through his hair. She called out to him in the most melodious whisper she ever spoke in her life,"Swayammm" and gasped in a deep breath, inhaling his aroma deep inside her. She ran her fingers across his face, memorising the contours of his beautifully carved face and placed a deep loving peck on his forehead. She cupped his face and hugged him on her chest, placing his ear right where her heart was, letting him feel each of her heartbeat which chanted his name in every beat. She took in deep breaths at regular intervals, exhaling out a mesmerising gush. " Love you sooo much Swayammm", she whispered again, " 'm the luckiest girl in the whole world to have you, i want to spend my entire life in your arms, i swear Swayam, i will never ever go away from you, i am so sorry to have hurt you in the past, i was an idiot, i dont want you to be scared, i swear, I cant afford to lose you, I cant afford to hurt you again. My heart beats only for you, just like your heart beats only for me."She hugged him tighter and lightly massaged his scalp, running her fingers through his soft hair.  

On the other side, a guy was sitting on the window pane of Sharon's room, with a tear trickling down his cheek and a smile reaching his eyes.

Swayam had jumped into Sharon's room minutes after she fell asleep. He sat on the window pane, with folded arms, admiring his beautiful princess. Just when he decided to go close to her, he noticed her move a bit and saw her cuddling her pillow. She ran her hand on the pillow and whispered his name out loud, "Swayammm" and noticed her inhale a deep breath. He couldnt believe his eyes and ears and remained glued to the window pane, looking at her in awe. She then hugged the pillow near her chest and whispered out the magical words, "Love you sooo much Swayammm". After these followed a few sentences which made Swayam teary and he felt his heart swell, skipping many beats. These words changed his entire world. It was just today that his world changed completely when finally he held his life, his love, his Sharon in his arms this morning, when he hugged her, twirled her, and heard the most magical words in the universe from her. And here again, listening to her speaking to him in her sleep, assuring him that she will never hurt him, that she cant afford to go away from him, that she truly loves him, transformed his world all over again. He couldnt believe that finally his dreams have come true, that finally Sharon belonged to him, that finally she has opened the door to her heart completely to him and here she was handing over the key of the lock to him, talking to him in her sleep,assuring him that they are meant to be together for their lifetime. A tear finally escaped his eye and trickled down his cheek, crossing the bridge of the huge smile on his face, and finally landed on his arm.

He moved towards Sharon and lovingly ran his hand across her head. He kept his palm on her cheek and placed a peck on his hand. " I love you my princess!", he whispered in his chocking voice.

As he was about to remove his plam, Sharon held his wrist tightly. He tilted his face to check if she was awake, but she wasnt. Swayam sat by her bedside, his wrist held by Sharon and palm on her cheek.

"I love the feel of your palms on my face", suddenly startled Swayam who was nearly sleeping sitting on the bed. He couldnt believe all the events happening on the day were real. He opened his eyes to see Sharon looking at him with half opened eyes. He lovingly gave her a soft smile. "You'll always find them right there jaan". Sharon smiled at him and pulled him towards herself. She shifted slightly and made him lie right next to her. Swayam hesitated a little, but he really couldnt understand what was happening in his half slept state.

Sharon placed his palm back on her cheek and placed her head on his shoulder. Swayam stretched and extended his arm and made Sharon lie comfortably. Sharon cuddled more into him, placed her ear on his heart and clanged on to his tee. She placed a peck on his chest and whispered a soft " love you". Swayam lovingly pecked her head and said " i love you too". Both sank into deep sleep feeling content in each others arms. A soft innocent smile danced on their faces.

As the sun spread its first ray, Sharon slowly opened her eyes. She took in a deep breath and inhaled the most awesome aroma she had ever experienced in her life. She ran her hand slowly on Swayams chest and took a minute to realise that he was there for real. She looked up to him and ruffled his hair. Swayam shifted slightly in sleep and slipped his hand on Sharons waist and held her tight. Sharon adored the various facial expressions he made in his sleep. After a few minutes Swayam opened his eyes slightly to find the most breathtaking view in front of him. He hugged her tightly by her waist and dreamily murmured, "Good morning Sharon...pata nahi aaj tum alag kyu dikh rahi ho, har roz to tumhare baal khule hote hai aaj bandhe hue kyu hai...". Sharon blushed as she realised he is still in his sleep and that he dreams about her every morning. She moved closer to his face, pushed the hair off his forehead, and sealed her lips with his. Swayam tugged her closer holding her by her waist and placed his other hand at the back of her head. Their lips danced in sync, softly suckling each other. Sharon dug her fingers inside his hair and and played with his hair as her palm swayed in sync with their lips. A beautiful smile danced on their lips. Sharon nudged his nose with hers. She cupped his face and hugged him on her chest, placing his ear right where her heart was, letting him feel each of her heartbeat which chanted his name in every beat. She took in deep breaths at regular intervals, exhaling out a mesmerising gush. " Love you sooo much Swayammm"  she whispered again, " 'm the luckiest girl in the whole world to have you" and sank into deep slumber.

Sharon's phone blasted out loud, tu hai to i'll be alright...! Both Swayam and Sharon got up with a jerk. They glared at the tiny little devil instrument lying on the bed, dancing while vibrating to the its own loud music. They shifted their glare from the phone onto each other and stared for a microsecond before jumping on the bed as they unanimously shouted "tum! yaha?". The phone kept blaring louder and louder, when finally Sharon reached to it and answered the call.

"Where the hell have you been love birds!" screamed Rey from the other end, " Date pe ho, theek hai, but kam se kam mujhe to inform kar dete."

"Date? huh?" sighed a confused Sharon, "kiski date?"

"Where is Swayam, phone do usse"

"Kya bole ja rahe ho Rey, itni subah main Swayam ke saath kyu houngi?"

"Subah? well, right, dopehar ke ek baje ko tum subah kehti ho? pyaar mein hosh gawa diye kya tumne? ab phone do Swayam ko" yelled an irritated Rey.

The conversation was enough to bring Swayam to reality and he took the phone from Sharons hand.

"Rey?" spoke Swayam in a confused tone.

"Mr. Majnu, kam se kam mujhe to bata deta ke aap dono ka aaj college aane ka plan nahi hai...yaha meri haalat kharab ho rahi hai sab ke sawalon ka jawab dete dete. Aur apna phone kyu nahi answer kar raha?"

Swayam recalled he had put his phone on silent before jumping into Sharons room. He took his phone out of his pocket, glared at the screen which showed 32 missed calls from practically everyone in the gang.

Suddenly a huge naughty grin cropped up on his face. He threw his phone away on the bed.

"ab bol raha hu aaj main aur Sharon nahi aane wale! ok, bye!", said Swayam and ended the call before giving Rey a chance to react.

All this while Sharon kept staring at Swayam trying to understand what exactly happened and how did Swayam land up in her room.

Swayam pulled Sharon towards himself with a jerk and she bumped on his chest. He made her lie down again on the bed and cuddled her in his arms tightly.

"What exactly happened Swayam?" murmured Sharon on his chest.

Swayams smile widened, he grinned, hugged her tighter and said, "pyaar ke side effects!"

Hope you had fun reading the story! 
Was it as confusing as it was for our love birds?WinkWink

Awaiting your comments now!!!!

P.S. if you cant find the link button, it might be shown below my name on the left hand side...dont know why this issue is happening.

Link to my other works: 
Megsy's Gallery - My Writing Index 

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megsy Goldie

Joined: 27 July 2012
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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 1:23am | IP Logged
res for paagalpanti gang

Kshitija (KS_SWARON)

YO Di...Mast os tha...ekdam jhakas!!!Post was awww...sabse pehle toh i loved Sharon...she's so in love with swayam now...wanting to be with him now...that was so cute...waiting for him... Our majnu boy just like our swayam goes to meet her...her dream his tears...their love everything was so beautifully day rey kabbab me usual...i just loved it...pyar ke side effects was so cool...''love is the craziest feeling in this universe. It makes you do stuff you would never imagine you would do in your life. People who are unlikely to fall in love, fall the deepest when cupid strikes them.''n i so loved this lines...This is the first time i read ur ur an excellent writer meghu Di...just loved it...Love...KD

Fatima (HSFA)

Di HugHug

I never knew that you are such a great writer <3 seriously it was amazing. ClapClap

Enjoyed it to the core. It was so fun to read.

Superb! Will read tour other works soon Embarrassed promise<3

This one is simply outstanding. U explained their emotions beautifully.

Awww our SRP is so much in love LOL dreaming about the lover boy. Swayam heard everything sweet. Loved the entire scene.

They were actually confused about what happened and Rey OMG! That part was so hillarious ROFL 
Loved it <3 Do write more.
Loads of Love

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snehaswaron77 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Wow wat a lovely &;romantic os Day Dreaming Gosh Sharon is so in love wid swayam dreaming about him &all Embarrassed I so wish show mein bhi aisa hi kuch dekhne ko milta...But seriously it was a beautiful piece of work...

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Autumn_Hue IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Awesome os.. Big smile . U described their confession beautifully lovely portray of emotions.. The swaron moments were loveable amazingly written by you.. Sharon is sooo deeply in love with swayam their intensities to love match.. Embarrassed . I feel u never had a writers block if u write such good write ups.. Do pm me for any other of you works.. Smile

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-Raj- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged
G8 wor!
Ty for the pm,

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-Chaitra- Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:36am | IP Logged
awsome work done...
amazing os...loved their pyaar ke side effects...awww it was all so cuteEmbarrassed

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 September 2012
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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:36am | IP Logged
Awesome os.. Big smile

i loved it

their confession was so beautifully described

the emotions were really well wriiten ClapClap 

Sharon is sooo deeply in love with swayam 

finally dono ki intensity same level pain hain WinkTongue


thank you for the pm

do write more

and do pm me your other works as well

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---Priya--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Megha Shocked Shocked  never knew you write such beautifully!!! this is awesome Hug

The way how sharon expected swayam to drop her and then waited for him, and how our majnu boy never fails to fulfill her wish... he came there for her and got to know what she feels for himEmbarrassed

It was so cute.. how swayam asks sharon why she has tied up her hair today LOL lastly how he cut Rey's call Wink

I really really loved it... This was super cute awesome Heart

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