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Shreya this os is for you and for all my panda's. Tell me how is it.
P.S. sorry for being late.
PP.S I know it's very long but sorry for that...
P.P.P.S Shreya, i hope it's upto your expectations.

          *Rey's POV*
She looked like an Angel as she descended down the stairs in her silky red gown. I could see all the men staring at her with their jaws open. How I felt like breaking their jaws! But I controlled my anger as today was a very important day, today was the day when my princess, Taani, was born. It was Taani's birthday. I still remember how we first met. It was a proper filmy meet you could say .

Rey was coming from one side and Taani from the other. While Rey was engrossed in his mobile, Taani was arranging her files. They both didn't see the other person coming and BANG!! They collided. All the papers fell on the floor. Taani was busy picking up the papers, she didn't even see Rey. Rey couldn't see Taani as her hair were covering her face . Rey felt that he was at fault, so he offered help. " Can I help?"

That was when their eyes met, they both got lost in each others eyes (LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA)
"No, it's ok" Taani said and ran away from there. Damn , she is beautiful , was the first thought that came to his mind which was replaced by ,why did she run but then it occurred to him that she must be in a hurry. He bent down to pick up his mobile but it was nowhere to be found. All he could see a different and a much smaller mobile phone." It must be of that girl" he thought. If so, then where's mine? Then it struck his mind that in hurry, she might have picked up his phone thinking it as her own. "Oh God! I need to return it to her, she might be worried. But wait, why am I getting worried? Ya, because she has my mobile... Right, she has my phone and that's the sole reason why I care" he murmured, trying to convince himself, but Kya kare? Yeh dil hai ki maanta nahi!
He decided that he must call on his own number but then he thought that as she was in a hurry , he must call her after 2-3 hours .

~After 3 hours~
Rey called her and she received the phone in just one ring. " Hello she said in her melodious voice as she recognized her number. For a second Rey got lost in her sugar-like voice but soon came to his sense when she said"Hello" again.

R: Hey! Its Rey here ,
T: Hi Rey, I am Taani. I am sorry for morning, I was in a hurry for an interview and...
R(cut her and said): In the haste of the moment, you picked up the wrong mobile, thinking it was yours.
T: Ya , you are right. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
R: Hey! Hey! Its ok ... Ab dostoon ko koi sorry bolta hai Kya?
T: Dost?
R: Kyun, Nahi hai Dost?
T: Maine aisa kab kaha? Woh toh humne officially friendship Nahi ki na abhi , that's why.
R: Toh aaj shaam ko milte hain? Officially friendship bhi kar lenge aur apna apna mobile bhi le lenge. What say?
T: okay , so aaj shaam ko milte hain , at City Caf?
R: Okay, at 5 in the City Caf . Meet you there. Bye.
T: Bye.

Then they met and became friends, in the course of time their friendship grew stronger and soon they became best friends. When did friendship change into love , they don't know but as soon as Rey realised it, he proposed Taani and she accepted his proposal . They are a couple since 3 months, but everyday is like the first day.

She came next to me and slid her hand in mine, indicating she belonged to me and I to her. I could feel the envious glares of people all around us but I didn't care as long as Taani is with me. Now, I decided , was the time to give Taani her first gift. I excused myself for a minute and came back with a folder which contained very important papers. I took Taani with me to a corner and gave her the folder. She gave me a what-is-this look while I told her to just open it. As she was opening the folder, I stood there watching her face noting her reaction. I saw as she read what was written her expression changed from smiling to shocked to crying. I was confused as to why she was crying. I was about to cup her face when she spoke," 75 percent of your property... in my name?" I nodded my head in yes still confused as to what caused her to cry. " Par... par Rey, Yeh sab karne Ki kya zaroorat hai? Aapne mere liye ..."
I cut her in between," Nahi Taani, tumhaare liye nahi , apne liye ... Mujhe khud par bhorasa (trust) Nahi hai . Par mujhe pata hai ki tum iske saath Kuch galat nahi karogi. Mujhe tumpe khudse bhi zyaada bharosa hai." By now even I had tears in my eyes. We both cupped each others face and wiped our tears.

I saw Taani , closing her eyes and leaning towards me, even I closed my eyes and started moving forward. There was only one cm gap between our lips when her phone rang.

Ugh! If I find this Alexander Graham Bell anywhere, I am gonna strangle him to death for inventing this stupid device. I guess Taani read my frustration as she left out a small chuckle. Then she said that she'll be back in two minutes and left. I stood their blushing at the thought of what was about to happen a few seconds before but suddenly I remembered that I had to give Taani her second and the most special birthday gift. I went to my room and made all the necessary preparations. I then left to find Taani

  *No one's POV*

Taani was standing in a corner talking to someone on the phone.

" Happy Birthday Princess" said The person on the other end.

"Thank you Best Friend" Taani replied with a smile." Waise BF , mere paas tumhaare liye do news hain ... Bataon?" Asked Taani with a hesitant look on her face.

"Of course sweetheart , isme bhi koi poochne waali baat hai?" Replied that person in the same chirpy voice.

" Okay, so Swayam , I want you to listen to me carefully and dont interrupt please." Said Taani in a very serious tone.

"Okay" replied Swayam in a hesitant voice, now Taani was scaring the hell out of him .

"Swayam, our plan has worked. Rey has transferred 75% of his property in my name. Our plan to act to be in love with Rey and Take away his property has been completed Swayam. You know, aaj Rey ne khud aake mujhe , as a birthday gift Saare papers diye . Isn't that great?" Said Taani with a forced smile and forced enthusiasm.

"Wow Taani! That's amazing. Another fool in our list. You know after Abhishek, Karan and Rahul , Rey is the fourth guy to get stuck in our trap and fall in love with you madly. Waise meri Best Friend hai hi itni hot and sexy, koi kar bhi kya sakta hai." 
Unknown to them somebody else was present there who had heard everything and even Swayam's part as her mobile was on speaker mode. Listening to every word , his heart broke into a million pieces. He felt as if someone had removed his heart from his body, crushed it badly, stomped on it so that no more pieces could be formed. His entire world had shaken. He felt weak on his legs but somehow gathered strength to stand. All his dreams about his , or their, future had shattered. He couldn't take it more and with tears in his eyes, he ran away from there.    
" Par Swayam , mujhe aur bhi kuch kehna hai. Tum meri poori baat suno, uske baad hi kuch bolna. I want to say, Ki Rey ,he is a wonderful person. I have never met anyone like him. He is so loving , so caring, unko dekh ne ke baad I understood what living is for. I understood the meaning of love. He is not that expressive with his words but his eyes speak volumes. He is such a child at heart, innocent and Naughty... pata hai Swayam Rey se Pyaar ka naatak karte hue, mujhe kab unse pyaar ho gaya , mujhe pata hi nahi chala... .. Swayam , I am in Love!!! I love Rey!! Mujhe pyaar ho gaya Swayam... Kab , kaise I don't know, bass ho gaya... And I want Ki along with Rey, I get the support of my Best Friend... I want you to understand me Swayam, I want Ki tum mera saath do... doge na??" Taani asked with love and hesitancy clear in her voice.

After 2 minutes of silence which felt like years for Taani , Swayam replied in an angry voice " Tune soch bhi kaise..." Then in a happy tone" Ki main apne friend ka saath nahi dunga , Yeh love hai hi itni ku**i cheez, koi kar bhi kya sakhta hai? Ja meri dost, ja apne pyaar ke paas".

Taani's happiness knew no bounds and she said bye to Swayam and ran towards the gate. Their she saw a small rectangular box. She was surprised but little did she know a bigger surprise awaited her when she would open the box. As she opened the box , she saw a beautiful diamond ring with TR engraved on the diamond. Now Taani got scared because TR meant Taani-Rey and that meant Rey was there... what if he heard everything?

She took the box and ran towards Rey's room. As soon as she opened the door, her doubts were confirmed because she saw Rey in a corner with his head in his lap and his eyes closed. She went and sat beside him. Rey felt her presence but without lifting his head he said," Kyun aayi ho Taani? Tumne already meri life barbaad kar di hai , ab tumhe aur kya chahiye?"

Taani nodded her head in a no and said," Nahi Rey, aisa nahi hai , I love you, I ..."

Rey stood up and Taani saw how much he had cried, his eyes were red and swollen. Rey didn't let her complete and spoke in the middle," No you don't Taani, please iss word ko respect karo and don't say it when you don't mean it. It was all a big lie, drama... Tumne mera trust hamesha ke liye kho diya hai Taani, tumhe meri property chahiye thi na, just wait for 2 days, 75% toh already hai, remaining ko transfer karne main itna time to lagega na..." he finished with a forced smile.

Taani ran to him and was about to hug Rey when he stopped her and nodded his head as if to say Ab nahi. Taani had tears in her eyes and she spoke ," Rey believe me, mujhe aapki property nahi chahiye... All I want is you. Rey, I love you and I mean it. I started it with a drama but it came out to become the biggest truth of my life. Mujhe samjhaane ka chance toh dejiye."

Rey turned towards the other side and said," Taani, i am not lying. Tumhe meri saari property mil jayegi. Ab toh yeh naatak khatam karo... what's the need for all this? And you know what Taani agar kuch time pehle kissi ne mujhse aakar kaha hota ki Taani is cheating on me ,toh main usse wahin maar dalta par ab joh Maine khud sab suna hai toh main kaise tumhe believe kar sakta hoon?"

"Par Rey ..." Taani tried to convince him.

Now Rey couldn't take it more, in an angry tone he replied ," Par kuch nahi Taani, tum bass ek baat samajh jao, ab humaare beech kuch nahi ho sakta. You and I cannot be together." And saying so he pushed her outside the door and with a final ,"Go away! Just go away!", he shut the door hard.

*Music starts*

Taani and Rey both sat on the ground and cried their heart out. When night came ,they both slept there only.

Kya Kabhi Savera.. Ha Ha

Taani and Rey both open their eyes and for one minute both are confused as to why they are sleeping there.

Laata Hai Andhera.. Ha Ha

Then they both remember the happenings of the previous day and unknowingly their eyes fill with a crystal clear liquid.

Sookhi Siyahiee
Deti Hai Gawaahiee

Taani saw the file next to her, she opened it and moved her hands over Rey's signature. She cursed herself for this day.

Sadiyon Puraani, Aisi Ik Kahaani
Reh Gayi, Reh Gayi
Ankahee... Ankahee.. (twice)

Rey stood up from the ground and made his way towards the washroom. On the other hand, Taani too stood up but she left the file there only and started going towards her house.

Kya Kabhi, Bahaar Bhi, Peshgi Laati Hai
Aane Wale Patjhar Ki..
O.. Baarishein Naaraazagi Bhi Jataa Jaati
Kabhi Kabhi Ambar Ki...

Rey reached the window and Taani reached the exit, they both saw that it was raining and they remembered their happy moments in the rain.(Tip Tip Barsa Paani Sequence)

Patte Jo Shaakhon Se Toote
Bewajah Toh Nahin Roothe, Hain Sabhi..

Taani started walking in the rain, still lost in the memories while from the window Rey saw Taani walking in the rain without an umbrella. He felt worried for her, thought she might catch cold and fever. He was about to take an umbrella and run towards her when he remembered their present situation.

Khwabon KaJharokha.. Ha Ha
Sach Tha Ya Dhokha.. HaHa

He calls Ramu Kaka and tells him to go and give the umbrella to Taani. He tells her not to tell Taani that it was given by him. Kaka does as he was told. While taking the umbrella Taani has a smile as she knows that it was given by Rey. She thinks that Rey still loves her.

Maatha Sehla Ke
Nindiya Churaai

Taani remembers there special moment which they had in a hotel and blushes thinking about it.

Sadiyon Puraani , Aisi Ik Kahaani
Reh Gayi, Reh Gayi
Ankahee...O Ankahee..

She promises to herself that she will win back Rey's trust, by hook or by crook. On the other hand Rey promises himself that he will never forgive Taani for what she has done.
Okay... I know it's very long, par chota nahi kar payi... hehe... feel free to comment my mistakes and please tell me how's it!... agar accha laga toh wait kiska kar rahe ho? Hit like!!!

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Omg, this was brilliant, it's soo different, loved it!!! 

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Aahh Dii !!! This was so surprising !! I was shocked with the twist and turns !
Everything Sounded So Perfect ! Then Taani Suddenly turned Bad but she loves Rey !
But Damn The Luck of Taani ... Rey didn't hear The Full Thing ! And Now they are Not together !!!
This Was really Emotional ! Awesome OS !

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wow yaar it was so so different and was beautifully written my dear keep it up very gud jobEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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That was so brilliantly written..
Loved it..
I was so shocked to read that Taani's convo in the beginning.
That was a very nice twist..
But poor Rey!!
I wish he would hear the whole convo..
I felt really bad for them..
This was a very unique concept..
Loved to read it...

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Luvd it.superb

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it is sooo different n good...
loved it...SmileSmile

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