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nithi its more than 3 days and no update waiting for the update plz update soon i know u will be busy but eagerly waiting for the update 

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u r welcm!!! now pls pls pls update fast!!!!
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She silently rested her head on his lap hugging her pillow even more tight. Rey did not anticipate this but he chose to keep quiet. This showed how hurt she was. He gently stroked her hair. The pills he gave her started doing its duty. She slowly drifted to sleep as she felt safe now.

Chapter 27: Your smile, worth my life, my existence!!

Soon the place which was filled with worries, pain, anger, frustration seemed to have calmed down. The sound of the clock could be heard crystal clear. He stroked her hair gently.

You are not a student worth learning from someone like Reyansh.."

"Well I SLAPPED him once..." He smirked.

"Taani jaldi se change karlo...I'll wait outside.." he said passing her the bathrobe.

"Mujhe chodkar mat jayiye..." her eyes begged him as she got down from the slab.

"Dr.Stephen is our family doctor and dad's buddy. He himself confirmed that dad has cancer..."

A lone tear escaped his eyes. Was she the same Taani whom he witnessed today morning??? HE didn't have an answer. he just starred at her. She was sleeping like a kid.

"Mei hamesha ek acha business woman hi banna chahthi thi apni dad ki tarah!" he remembered Taani answering back to Vishaka...

The train of thoughts were disturbed as he suddenly heard her sweet murmur in her sleep...

He narrowed his eyebrows and tried to hear what she was saying...

He couldn't understand anything other than the word ..."papa.."

He gently stroked her hair to calm her down. He could understand her situation...Why wouldn't he??After all even he had underwent the same phase when his dad was hospitalised after losing the deal. The fear of losing someone so important...No fear can ever replace it.

"I'll make sure things are fine Taani...I would never let you feel the same pain which I felt a few years back.. After all this could be the worst thing that could ever happen to her..." he murmured under his breathe.

The next morning,

She opened her heavy eyes slowly. She felt her head like something too heavy to carry. She sat on the bed. The room was empty. As usual, her eyes searched him.. He was nowhere to be soon. She clutched her hair and sat on the bed resting her back on the bed post. She felt too weak to shed tears now. She found her mobile beep begging some response from her. She reached for her mobile which was on the bed post and found a remainder...

"Visit the site!!"

She had to go a site with Rey to verify some legal formalities for the deal. She tossed her mobile carelessly on the bed. She noticed her hair dryer which she used to place carefully in her table drawer lying on the bed post accompanied by an empty glass.

"Reyansh!!" she murmured as her cerebrum helped her link the properties she witnessed with her previous night. She got down and was about to open the door of her bed room when she found herself on her bath robe. She brushed her teeth and changed to her casual t-shirts and loose cotton pants and went down.

"BUt sir, can I get to meet yoou...I mean it would help me discuss things on a broader view..."

He was busy talking to himself or atleast that is what she thought until she noticed his bluetooth plugged in his ears. She walked in and tried to plaster a small smile. He smiled at her and directed her to sit on the adjoining dining table. He was busy making their morning drink , breakfast and at the same time held up in his phone conversation. As she sat down she found his mobile on the table it showed some random number on the call. While she was starring at it, he moved towards her with two cups in his hand.

"Fine..Thank you!! I'll meet you at Taani's place. I hope that would be better..

He grabbed his phone from her hands while he was still busy with his conversation on his bluetooth. She looked at him with her eyebrows raised. He sat on the adjacent chair and pointed his index finger towards her coffee mug asking her or rather instructing her to drink it. The coffee mug was warm and she was busy feeling its heat over her ice cold body, at the same time not forgetting to pay attention to his conversation.

"Sir I would try my level best to get his contact deatils.."

After a moment of pause.. he continued. "Ok fine and yea thank you sooo much for dropping her home.. Otherwise it would have very difficult for her.." she found his eyes and voice genuine when he said this to the random guy whom he was talking...Random guy?? not anymore, she could now easily make out that he was talking to Dr.Stephen!

"Fine!!" he said and disconnected his call and looked at her..

"Are you OK??" he asked with a gentle smile on his face.

she gently nodded her head in affirmation.

"Have your coffee...You will feel even better.." he said while both of them took a sip together.

After a few sips,

"Reyansh!! Were you talking to Dr.Stephen???" she asked starring at her half empty cup.

"Yea...I have talked to him. Looks like he is out of town for an emergency case. We will meet him tomorrow..."

She nodded her head in silence.



"Are you ok???" he asked holding her shoulders.

Fresh set of tears started originating from her eyes. Probably her morning coffee gave her strength to cry more?? Because otherwise she was very sure that she had shed all her tears the previous day itself. She nodded her head at the same time bit her lower lip trying her best to fight against her tears.

"Taani I can understand...Par trust me...Mei bahot dar gaya tha..." he said now holding her hand and she looked at him.

"I..I mean maine kabhi tumhe itna weak nahi ddekha..." he said with pain in his eyes

"Reyansh  maine khud ko kabhi bhi itna weak mehsoos nahi kiya..." she said holding his hands with her right which was busy caressing her left hand.

Their eyes met. He wiped her tears which had started its journey at the corner of her eyes...Probably he didn't want it to travel further.


His car was standing in front of the majestic mansion which had a metal plate with words "Shekawat Mansion!!"

The watchman opened the door and Taani and Rey got down from the car. Taani looked at her empire. Yes it was an empire and she was its princess...Rey passed his car keys to the watchman and turned around only to find Taani smiling at the mansion.

"Chale??" he asked her bringing her back to reality. She nodded her head and both of them stepped in. Mrs.Shekawat who casually stepped out from one of the rooms just stood rooted to the place the moment she saw Taani and Rey near her doorsteps.

Rey noticed her face dull and pale.

"Taani..." she managed to whisper and ran towards her and hugged her tight.

Taani who initially hesitated to reciprocate the same later couldn't hold herself and hugged her back.

"Kaisi ho??" asked cupping Taani's face lovingly. Somewhere her concern portrayed how much she missed her daughter, especially at this time. She managed everything all alone without letting her daughter know anything.

"Fine...Aur aap??" asked Taani trying to sound bold...

Mrs.Shekawat tried to hold back her pain and forced a smile and continued.." Haan am fine.."

"Beta kaise ho?? Sab teek hai??" she asked rey who was standing behind.

"Haan Aunty...Mei teek hoon.."

Soon the trio moved to the living room and Mrs.Shekawat asked them to sit down...

She brought some tea and while talking...

"Bahot acha laga tum dono ko saath mei dhekhkar...Waise GOA kaisa tha?? Aur haan Gayathri ji se meri baath nahi ho payi...Mujhe bahot bura laga...woh kya hai na..."

"Maa..." Taani stopped Mrs.Shekawat from talking and made her sit.

"Maa papa kahan hai??" she asked.

Mrs.Shekawat who kept on talking non stop a few minutes that she could her hide her pain from her daughter and son in law was caught. She looked at them unable to answer her daughter's simple question. Taani and Rey looked at each other.

After a moment hesitation,

"Woh..woh Dad bahar gaye hain..." she spat out some reason...

"OH Par dad ka car tho bahar hai.."she snapped her mom.

" gaadi karab ho gayi..issliye cab lekar chale gaye..." Mrs.Shekawat tried some random answer.

"Oh waise unka favourite shoes aur mobile bhi karab ho gaya hoga aur dad ne kuch aur pehenkar chale gaye honge...Haina???

She asked corner of her eyes meeting Rey.

"Woh..." Mrs.Shekawat stammered...She noticed his mobile on the corner of the couch.

"Wow tho ab aap mujhse jhoot bolne lage??"

"Taani..." her mom had tears which were on the verge of losing or probably already lost...

She hugged Taani tight letting her heart out. What was she supposed to do.  After all her life was surrounded only with Taani and her husband. Only she knew how difficult it was for her to witnessing her husband like this. Taani couldn't hold any more anger and hugged her mother and cried her heart out. Rey silently stood watching Taani and her mother sharing their grievance with their tears.

"I think hame uncle ko dekhna chahiye..." The silence was disturbed by Rey. Taani wiped her tears and so did Mrs.Shekawat.

"Beta..Woh unke kamare mei so rahe hain..." she said words choking in her throat.


The three moved to his room.

As soon as taani was about to step in, a line of fear covered her. She felt nostalgic. She didn't know her hands automatically grabbed his for support. She looked at him, her eyes clearly explaining her helplessness...

"We need to Taani..." he whispered very lightly for her to hear...

She took a heavy breathe and both of them moved in...

Her dad's room, the place where she barged in in her childhood to show her trophies, the room which were she joined hands with him to at mock her mom, the room where she saw her dad browse big big files with his spectacles on...The room was filled with so many medical instrument whose names she was yet to discover. Her dad's face which used to be cleanlky shaved and neat had now disappeared under his beard and his skin was swollen and dull. his fingers which she used to hold tight while going out where now replaced with clips tied to colourful wires. She could not take it anymore. She left Rey's hand and ran out of the room crying, while Rey stood there unable to decide what to do. Mrs.Shekawat covered her mouth withher pallu and sat on the ground weeping cursing her fate...

After a few minutes of hesitation, Rey went near Mr.Shekawat. Mr.Shekawat tried to respond to him but Rey stopped whispering "That's ok!!". After lots of efforts, Rey could finally understand the words "Taani..." from Mr.Shekawat..Rey felt helpless. "Everything will be alright uncle...You needn't worry!  I'll bring her..." he said in an assuring tone to Mr.Shekawat. He went out and found Taani in their garden.

"Taani why did you come out like this??"

"I know..I mean Rey...Mujhse nahi hoga...Rey I can't see him like this.."

He wiped her tears..."you have to Taani.."

She bent her head biting her lips...There was silence for some few minutes.. Finally Rey broke the silence...

"Taani I understand your situation. After all maine iss situation ko face kiya hai..." he said making her look at him. Their eyes met for a fraction of moment. Well she couldn't interpret what he meant.

"Taani I was just in the same state where dad had an attack after losing the deal."

She looked at him. Atlast he was successful in getting her attention.

"Mujhe pata hai Taani apne dad ko aisa dekhna kitna mushkil hai...And I know its even more difficult for you." A tiny drop fell from her eyes while Rey didn't take any pains to wipe it off. He stood up showing her back to him.

"Taani I was never attached to my dad like ou. Kabhi kabhi iss baath ko lekar main tumse jealous bhi hota tha...Par Taani maine apne dad ko uss din aisa dekha...I was almost dead. I felt like I had lost a big support. My dad's helplessness was the moment where I understood how cruel this world could be. That was the moment when I understood how protected I was under his shadow..."

She woke up from the bench and placed her hand on his shoulders. he paused a moment and looked at her.

"Guess what..the girl with whom I had dreamt my future left me shattered and there was no one around me to console me. I had to console myself, cry myself as by that time i had realized that I had a family for whom i was the sole reason for existence."

She listened to all his words carefully.

"Taani you have to be strong..for your dad and mom atleast. Just look at your mom, she is already broken. You are the only one who could make her feel better."

he took a step closer to her and held her shoulders...

"And trust me...uncle would never like to see his daughter sooo weak. this would make him feel even more worse.."

She felt like she understood something. She wiped her tears and plastered a small smile nodding her head in assurance. he smiled back. Both of them went in together.

Later Taani gained some guts and went in and met her dad with a smile. Soon her mother followed her and the three supported each other. Mr.Shekawat felt a new rays of hope after seeing his daughter. Mrs.Shekawat felt better than before as she had someone to share her grievances after long time. Rey watched it from the entrance of the room and smiled at the perfect family which he was witnessing. Hope he took had the opportunity to understand his dad and if possible earn back his trust.


The entire day taani was busy held up with her mom and dad. She occasionally met Rey who was busy in the living room rearranging his appointments for the day...

"Cancel all my appointments for today and tried to geet his contact...And yea don't forget to complete the presentation. I want them to be completed by today evening".

But he didn't know why, he felt odd. Or rather he had a strong feeling that she ignored him. He brushed his thoughts convincing himself that he was wrong. Later he called his dad

Mr.Singhania was deeply held up in some thoughts.

"Unfortunately am Mrs.Reyansh Singhania and am overqualified for your requirements..." her words kept ringing on his mind. He thoughts were disturbed when he heard his wife calling him for his afternoon lunch. At the same moment his mobile rang and it was rey...


"haan bholo..sab teek hai??" he asked sitting straight on his chair. Mrs.Singhania who was about to leave stopped for a moment and witnessed the conversation.

Rey informed the news to him...Mr.Singhania was initially shocked and stood up.

"Aise kaise ho saktha?? weird how come you guys never knew it???" he asked unable to believe himself.

"Her parents hid the news from Taani purposefully dad. We came to know from uncle's family doctor."

"Tum kahan ho???" he asked

"Right now am at taani's place...Am planning to stay here tonight..."

And dad you remember Dr...err..I don't remember his name. The cancer specialist whome we met sometime before..err..when were at US for your treatment..."

"yea Dr.mac.."

"Exactly..Can you trace his contact???"

"Fine I'll try to! Howzz Taani??" he asked. While Mrs.Singhania starred at her husband with her eyebrows raised..

"She is fine now...But she was completely shattered after hearing this yesterday..Am badly worried about her.." Mr.Shinghania could sense the genuine care in Rey's voice.

"Dad can you come here. I think Taani will better if she meets mom..."

"That's a good idea...I'll reach there with your mom tomo...

"that's sure they'l feel better if you meet them. 

"Fine...Aur suno..take care of them and call me if you need something..." he said before disconnecting the call.


That night Rey was on Taani's room held up in a conference call with Vicky and Swayam...

"Dude I have a great news to share..." said Vicky who sounded super excited that day.

"Kya hua???" asked Swayam..

"Guys hamare office mein ek chota sa party organise kiya gaya tha...I performed salsa with Neha..."

"that's awesome man..Am sure you guys must have rocked..." said rey.

"haan rey our performance has reached many ears here...For the past two days we are constantly being appreciated for our performance. Infact our boss personally acknowledged our performance..."

Rey and swayam smiled at each other...Vicky and neha were the best when it came to Salsa since college days. It was one of the salsa performance in their college days which made them realize their love for each other.

"Pata hai dude...we were working in this organisation for almost 3 years but we weren't much recognized beyond our team. Par aaj pura office hame jaantha hai, hamare performance ko appreciate kar raha hai...We just felt like our college days...Joh recognition hame hamare kaam se nahi mila woh aaj dance se mila...Am so happy dude...Shayad issi liye log kehte hain ki hame hamesha apni passion ki aur jana chahiye..." he completed with his voice low... The 3 of them were silent. There wasn't anything left to talk. After all now everyone had settled in their lives and things couldnt be the same as before. After a moment or two Vicky broke the silence...

"Waise howzzz taani now??"

"She 's better..." said Rey.

"Fine take care of her Rey. She's too good. Right now only you support her..."

Rey nodded his head in affirmation while Swayam silently witnessed their convo wondering what Vicky told a few minutes ago.

Soon Vicky signed off as he was late and then it was just Rey and Swayam left. Swayam was there in his academy as it was morning to him while Rey was on his night clothes tired for the day.

"Swayam what are you thinking??"

"Rey wwoh..bas.."

"Kya hua Swayam??? Is everything ok??"

"Rey am planning to close the academy here due to some legal issues.." he said.


"Haan Rey there is a leading group here which hires dancers from our academy for their product. But right now the demand has gone down and the dancers are quitting one by one..So am planning to shift the academy to India. And more than that dad and mom too prefer this choice as they want me and Sharon to shift with them.

"What did Sharon say??"

"Sharon was initially upset but now she's convinced to return to India.."

"Then what's there to worry??" asked rey unable to spot out Swayam's problem.

"Dude its not that easy. First we need to set an academy. We need to set a new band here...get compatible with the new member.. then advertise our skills...yaar there's loads to do.." he replied...

"Kash ham sab saath mei hote...I would never had compromised anything." said Swayam lost in his own world.

Rey did not know what to say. But he felt something. Was this an indication from destiny that he could start things new. He couldnt decide anything. But without being sure himself he didnt want to share anything with Swayam either. Soon he bid goodbye to Swayam after some random conversation and placed his laptop back and browsed his mobile aimlessly held up in his own world.

At the same time Taani entered and passed him a gentle smile. She moved to her wardrobe and picked her night clothes and went into the restroom to change. After a few minutes she came out silently. Rey felt weird. He found her not meeting his eyes. This was something weird for him. Taani the way she looks into his eyes while talking was one thing which he always admired. Her eyes portrayed her emotions. Let it be her attitude, her love, her pain, her angereverything. As he was held up with so many thoughts he found her walking past him. He could not take it anymore.

Taani is everything alright?? he asked her as she was about to move out.

Haan!! she replied not facing him..

Taani woh

Reyansh mujhe kuch kaam hai. She tried to move away but he held her wrist and pulled her towards him. After all he couldnt take her silence. Probably her anger was far better to handle. He just wanted to stop her but he never knew his grip would be sooo strong that she would come falling on his lap. She gripped his shirt for support and her eyes closed.

There was a moment of silence. He could smell her fragrance. She was damn fresh after her night shower. Her hairs had its final stains of wetness. While his hand still held her wrists his other hand was encircled her waist saving her falling from the couch. Her eyes were still closed and her face was partially invisible lost behind her fringes of hair. He gently moved them aside and she opened her eyes

Tum mujhe ignore kar rahi ho??

Nahishe lowered her eyes.

I told you to be strong in front of your momiska matlab yeh nahi ki tum mujhse nasar chupaogi

She looked at him for a moment. Why should he predict her soo perfectly?? She was caught!

 He hugged him tight resting her chin protectively on his broad shoulders, her hands holding his neck tight.

I try my best not to lose in front of  them, but.. she sobbed.

He pulled her out and cupped her faceHe wiped her tears with his thumb.

I wanted you to support them not to hide your feelings from me.. he whispered.

Sorry!! She whispered holding his palm which were busy caring her soft cheeks. They were lost in each other. She remembered those days where she mocked at fairy tales and fictions where the prince and princess would get lost in each other forgetting the entire world. But little did she know that nothing could be more eternal than feeling those moments..

Their silent conversation was lost when they heard the screeching sound of door.  They came out of their trance looked at the door together .At the same time Mrs.shekawat entered the room with 2 glasses of milk for both of them. Her eyes met her daughter but at that moment she never thought things would turn out to be so awkward. While she was still searching for words to hide her embarrassment, only then taarey realised what they must have looked to Mrs.Shekawat. Rey took his hands from her waist and she instantly got up adjusting her t-shirt and locking her fringes behind her ears and looked at him. He rustled his hair and he too looked at her from his corner of his eyes.

Woh mei baad mei aati hoon!! said Mrs.Shekawat.

Nahi maa kya baath hai?? asked Taani moving towards her with a smile plastered on her face.

Beta I thought of passing you your milk..

Reyansh hates milk said Taani and Rey looked at her.

Err..mei kuch aur leke aati hoon .. said Mrs.Shekawat and was about to turn when Rey stopped and took the glass from her.

It ok aunty..Ill drink ithe said with a genuine smile

waise aunty aapko fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi haiI know a cancer specialist and hell be visiting us tomorrow

Taani and Mrs.Shekawat looked at each other

Infact mein Dr.Stephen se bhi baath kar chukka hoon. Even hell join us tomorrow. So you neednt worry. Uncle will be alright soon!! he said in an assuring tone.

Mrs.Shekawat smiled at him with tears brimming at her eyes. Taani supported her mom. Later Taani and Mrs.Shekawat went out to do some chores. While Rey settled on Taanis bed. He didnt when his sleep overpowered him. After all it was equally a tough day for him too

After an hour Taani entered her room and saw Rey sleeping peacefully on her bed. Yes it was her bed. He was the first guy to occupy it. She smiled and went near him. He slept on her side.She got into her bed and covered him with his blanket perfectly.

He was sleeping peacefully. She went near him and gently rustled his hair.

I wanted you to support them not to hide your feelings from me.. his words echoed all over the room.

Reyansh aaj tak maine aap keliye kuch nahi kiyaI just listened to your problems.But you were there with me supporting me all through thisKash mei bhi aap keliye kuch sakoon

I just wonder what can I do to bring back all your lost happiness. She whispered. Today she couldnt stop herself. She bent down and placed a peck on his cheek and smiled at him.. Probably her first kiss with him.!!Atleast this is what she thought. Little did she knew that right now her smile was more than enough to make him happy.

She laid on the other side and turned to the other side to switch off the lamp. Before switiching it off her eyes fell on the wall hanging which had the quote...

 The day I met you I was alone and confused about how I felt towards myself. You opened my eyes and heart up, and showed me how beautiful life was. Now that I'm with you I couldn't ask for anyone better than you.

She looked at her husband who was sleeping peacefully next to her.She smiled at it. She switched off the lamp and laid next to sharing the same blanket with the hope that one day she would share everything with him...



So atlast DD isshaping towards its climax... Next update you would find if Rey won the deal or not?? Will taani be with him to support him. Will all their problems come to an end or Destiny had its own plans for them??

Plzzz do like and pass your honest comments...

Its your comments that encouragess me to continue...

And am extremely sorry for the delay...I seriously feel bad for that!!Ouch Still you guys patiently waiteds for an update...thank you sooo much!!



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So so soo sry!!! First res karke sabse late unres kar rahi hun!!! Tongue ... exams n all to sryy!!
N yipeee... cuz my hatrick... third tym im d first to res on ur update!!! Party LOL
Coming to d update... as always a long one n mindblowing update!! U hav covered every aspect of d stry in dis update!! Not only taarey bt also taani's family , rey's mom dad ,d increasing bond b/w taarey n swayam-vicky-rey convo n their frndship ... n most important their careers!! Each n every thing id covered by u!! Really gr8 job di!! Clap Clap
D start was absolutely clear... d way there was a direct comparision... which clearly showed how different n vulnerable taani was at dat tym... which rey had never seen!! It was d situation which made her so vulnerable!!
Taani sleeping on rey's lap n was mumuring 'papa' in her sleep!!Cry... n rey gently stroking her hairs!!Embarrassed
Rey ka dialouge..."I'll make sure things are fine Taani...I would never let you feel the same pain which I felt a few years back.. After all this could be the worst thing that could ever happen to her..." !... awesome one... n loved his care n concern for hwr which was actually seen throughout d update!!Embarrassed... he would never want taani to feel d pain... dis one was damn heart touching!!Day Dreaming
Taani waking up in d mrng n feeling her head heavy... felt bad at taani's condition!!
Bt u hav described it soo very well... her pain... her vulnerabilty... rey's concern n d way he was scared to see taani lyk dat!! Clap ... loved d way u wrote all dat!!
Awww... dat was a really cute n sweet scene... rey preparing coffee n breakfast for himself as well as taani!! Day Dreaming... n talking to dr. Stephen! I didnt understood it at first bt later cleared!!LOL... Taani crying again... n rey saying dat he was afraid as he never saw taani so weak!! Cry...! N taani herself agreed to it!! U never know how strong a situation can make u n at d oder moment a situation can make u equally weak n vulnerable!! Cry... d scene was really a sweet n senti one..!!
Taani was smiling seeing d mansion... i guess she was lost in d old tyms!! Smile...
N den her mom trying to hide her pain frm taani!!... n their scene... it was really emotional one!!CryCry
Taani hesitating to go in her dad's room... n den she went away frm there!! It might be so difficult for her to see her own dad in dat condition!! Cry...
D way rey convinced her n made her understand... loved his lines which showed how equally broken he was!! "Taani I was never attached to my dad like ou. Kabhi kabhi iss baath ko lekar main tumse jealous bhi hota tha...Par Taani maine apne dad ko uss din aisa dekha...I was almost dead. I felt like I had lost a big support. My dad's helplessness was the moment where I understood how cruel this world could be. That was the moment when I understood how protected I was under his shadow..."... totally agree wid dis line!! There may be many MU n problems b/w parents n their child bt afterall olny they r d ones whom we can count on wen we r in any problem!!! Smile His lines were really sort of heart breaking n sad... all dat he has went through!! Cry
Awesome dii... dis was d best part of d update..."Her dad's room, the place where she barged in in her childhood to show her trophies, the room which were she joined hands with him to at mock her mom, the room where she saw her dad browse big big files with his spectacles on...The room was filled with so many medical instrument whose names she was yet to discover. Her dad's face which used to be cleanlky shaved and neat had now disappeared under his beard and his skin was swollen and dull. his fingers which she used to hold tight while going out where now replaced with clips tied to colourful wires."... its actually d reality ... d relationship of father n daughter!! Luv u for dis most wonderful part!!! N her dad's condition!! I seriously hav been crying only at d thought of dis!! How it feels to see ur own dad in such condition!!Cry...
Her dad was feeling better after seeing taani!!! True said... shared happiness is double joy n shared grief is half d sorrow!
Rey seeing dis n feeling haapy n was bit sad!! He wanted to gain back his father's trust!!!Unhappy... i guess u he will gain his dad's trust by winning d deal... just a guess!! Ermm
N even mr singhania was thinking about wat taani told... i guess taani's words hav affected him n maybe he will realizedat there is no point in blaming rey for watever happened or maybe he will soon forgive him!!!
Rey informing him about taani's dad n even he was worried... rey saying im badly worried about herEmbarrassed... n his dad was concerned as well n said dat call if u need anything n tc! See ... told u!! Dey may be angry or dissapointed bt dey will be always there for u wen ur in trouble!! I mean parents!!Big smileLOL
Rey vicky n swayam convo... really nice!! I think frm here their career is gng to take a turn now!! I mean vick realizing dat use apni pehchaan dance se hi mili!! N swayam coming to india n a bit tensed for settelment n dancers n all!! Dis was a indication for rey... i actually thought dat rey will agree to help swayam immediately bt later as u told dat he himself needs to make it confirm first n take a decision!! Dats actually right!!...hope it happens soon!!
Taani ignoring rey!!! N den rey asking her n pulled her wen she was gng!! Loved d sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... ooops...rey caught her!!ShockedLOL... taani hugging rey!!Day Dreaming... again rey made her understand!!loved it soo much di
Omg!!! Mom ki wrong tym entry LOL LOL ... n taarey coming out of their eyelock!! Rey assuring her mom dat her dad will get well soon!! In d whole update u hav shown dis caring n supportive side of rey!! Which was really awesome n something different!!Clap...
Aww... such a lovely ending!! Taani ruffling his hairs n she pecked himShocked... aakhir hamaare rey ko koi resist kaise kar sakta hai!!WinkLOL... even she wants do do something for rey... im still wondering wat it would be... maybe d deal or his problems wid his dad!! Hope my guess is right!! Tongue
Really want taani's dad to recover soon... n waiting for many more things... pehle to will rey win d deal which ur gonna show in next update ...den will his dad forgive him... how n wen?? N most important... rey taani ki anniversary kab hai yaar!! damn excited for it!!
D quote was really awesome... n in every update u give me a shock through ur amazing writing skills n wonderful dialouges di!! Clap ...m sach me luv dem!! D whole update was a perfect mixture... cute sweet romantic emotional senti .. everything!!!Big smile
Update soon... n i will try my best dat 4th tym bhi i should be d first to resLOL... i dont want my record to break!! Tongue

Edited by shikha_taarey - 04 September 2013 at 11:23pm
taarey_vrimar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged

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2111_shweta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:21am | IP Logged

loved how Rey supported Taani...
was really really sweet...

later the convo of Rey Swayam n Vicky...I feel n also hope..all gel along and come together and start anew as dancers...

aage kuch bhi ho...but agar Rey aur Taani saath hai toh har mushkil aasan ho sakti hai...


Edited by sashaz_sis - 25 August 2013 at 11:02am

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.Angel_Of_Love. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2013 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Res...will unres aftr reading...
Unres... 5 commentor.. Cry Cry
Chalo koi nhi..its ok...
Bt commenting widout d pm... Clap

Nd dii its ok v understand dat updates cn b delayed...evn I updated my ff today Aftr 1 u still update sooner Dan me..lolz..LOL
V no dat v hv probs so let it b...
D fact dat matters is dat u updated...

Nw no more bak bak...coming to d update...

Such an awsum update dii...
Fr d first tym I saw d title fr d update nd its jst wow...
Where do u get dese titles frm..??
Really felt sad wen rey was upset seeing taani so weak...
Evn she herself was shocked to see herself so weak..
Rey caressing her hairs so cute...
D part @ taani's house was so emotional yet a lil embarressing fr taarey(dat room vala scene)
Rey's n Mr.singhania's convo was also gud...
Taani's mom hiding d truth was so emotional...nd evn Dey gng to meet her dad was emotional...
Taarey convo was so understanding Hw nicely rey understands her dat was amazing...

Update soon if possible...
Nd pm me...
Dnt forget dis tym I commented be4 Ur pm...Star Clap*proud smile*

Lo I promised fr d long comment na here it is...
Dii m I nt Ur regular commentor ...????
I wasn't Dere in d list/note on pg 94
I no I wasn't commenting fr sm updates bt I cudnt help dat..
Sholly..*puppy face*

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