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This chapter is dedicated to all my sweetbuddies who encouraged me with their comments and yea a special mention to Riya who said she won a essay writing competition as she was influenced by Destiny's Decision!!

Thank you Riya ...It just means a lot to meSmile

 Chapter 25:

Love our strength, our weakness!!

 "Wow what a pleasant surprise??" Rey heard the statement from the man neatly dressed in his blazer and wickedness filled in his voice. Rey clutched his fist in anger the moment he saw him. If he could get an boon to run the world in his own way, his first deed would be to kill the man in front of him.

"How are you son??" he asked.

"YOU??" shouted Rey with anger evident in his voice.

"Woah!! Itna gussa?? hmm...not bad! Suits you!!" he smirked and placed his arms on Rey's shoulders. Rey shrugged them off!

Mr.Kundra smiled.

"And by the way this is Rohan, my son!!" He turned to his right and acknowledged a guy probably someone of Rey's age group dressed up in casuals who had the same sarcastic smirk on his face like Mr.Kundra. Rohan extended his hands for a handshake but Rey refused to reciprocate. He just glared at Rohan.

"Hmm..Attitude!!Not bad..Kuch tho seeko Mr.Reyansh Singhania, the young leading business man se..." said Mr.Kundra in a mockery tone. Taani who was held up in a phone conversation with Shruthi paused a moment and started walking towards Rey wondering whom he was talking to...

"Dad so he is Mr.Reyansh Singhania..." he said laying stress to every syllable in his name.

"Par dad I don't get you...What can you expect me learn from a LOSER??" he said in a mocking tone. That was enough for Rey. Rohan had dug the wound which was left un-nursed for so many years in his heart, the wound which had just begun to heal. Rey clutched his fist in anger and the next moment you could have expected Rohan's face to have disfigured by Rey's punch if Taani had not reached there at the right moment. And not just that, she had heard Rohan's comment and her blood boiled when she heard Rohan call her husband a loser. But she didn't overreact like Rey. She held his palms in the mid way preventing him from hitting Rohan. Rey was confused for a moment and looked at Taani but she didn't look at him. Her eyes were straight and it was staring at Rohan. He could find her cheeks having turned red with anger but still she managed to maintain her tone and she said...

"Probably you are right. You are not a student worth learning from someone like Reyansh.."

"Taani..." said Rohan in a doubtful tone while both Rey and Mr.Kundra couldn't understand the silent conversation going on between the duo.

"Excuse me..It's Mrs.Taani Reyansh Singhania.." she snapped making Rohan's face go pale while a rey calmed down a bit. A smile appeared on his face when he found her face expressed pride and confidence while addressing herself as his wife. He turned his head and looked at Rohan who was expressing a variety of expressions on his face.

"And Mr.Rohan looks like you are yet to learn manners.." she said with a smile and sarcasism filled in her voice.

"So this is your wife. Hello pretty woman.." Mr.Keshav broke the silence between rohan and Taani and extended his hands.

"Yea!! And I guess am adressing to Mr.Keshav kundra.." she said with a smile passing him a neat professional handshake.

"You guys know each other???" asked Keshav unable to hold his curiosity anymore.

"Ofcourse Mr.Kundra!! We know each other VERY WELL..." she said laying more stress to the last 2 words. rey could not believe it. Taani knew Rohan??

" needn't be so formal. you can call me uncle. After all you know my son before..." he said with a wicked smile on his face and corner of his eyes meeting Rey expecting some reaction. But Rey stood completely confused unable to judge what was going in front of him. He was filled with so many questions.

"Wait...plzzz Mr.Kundra tell me you were kidding. You want me to call you uncle??" she asked him as if she was surprised.

Both Keshav and Rohan looked at each other. But before they could say something, Taani turned to Rey and asked him.."Err..Reyansh if am not wrong Mr.Kundra is RIA's maternal uncle right??" she asked him as if she was doubtful and innocence brimming in his face.

"Yes..." he said unable to predict what she was upto.

"Well mr.Kundra let me confess I would prefer to hang myself that calling you uncle!" she murmured under her breathe. Rey was completely amazed by her wits and choice of words while for the first time Keshav's face displayed defeat and anger.

"How dare you??" said Rohan clutching his fist and took a step towards Taani. Rey instantly stopped him but placing a hand on his collars stopping him from doing anything. Taani held Rey's shoulders and made Rey leave Rohan's collar.

"Hey come on Rohan!! just think about it..Jo ek deal ke liye apne beti ke saath itna cheap game plot kar sakthe woh tho kuch bhi kar sakthe hain..And yea tumare dad ke liye tum bhi sirf ek asset ho."

"Waise Mr.Kundra...Rohan ko kis deal ke liye bachakar raka hai??" she said casually while Rey couldn't control his smirk on his wife's instant comment. Both Rohan and Mr.Kundra were furious after listening to this. Mr.Kundra was shocked to hear such a comment from Taani. Well he was just RIA's maternal uncle. But Rohan...he was his only son. How could she say that Rohan was just an asset to him??

While Rohan just stood still unable to answer her back..Mr.Kundra's head kept repeating the words the girl spoke a few minutes ago.

Rey was driving the car while Taani was checking her shopping bag. She kept on talking about something or the other to divert Rey's attention from the incident that took place in the mall but Rey was completely lost in his own world. He couldn't hold his curiosity anymore and atast blurted out..

"Taani tum Rohan ko jaanthi ho??"

Taani who was busy talking about something random suddenly stopped in the middle abruptly. She looked at Rey with her eyebrows raised.

"Woh main...Taani let me confess..Am seriously desperate to know this...How do you know Rohan?? And yea why did he behave weirdly when he saw you??" he asked placing his gear and his eyes were straight on the road while all his concentration was only on this.

"Chodiye na...Itna bhi important nahi hai.."

"Come on Taani...I am really curious..Please!!" he almost begged her.

"Fine!! But promise me you won't over react." she said pointing her index fingers at him.

"Promise!! He said applying brakes waiting for the signal to change.

"Well..." she looked at him.."Well I SLAPPED him once..." she said casually.

"WHAT??" he almost applied his break at full strength,  that the car stopped. To his astonishment, the signal changed to green at the same time and the vehicles behind started shouting at them for not reacting to them. The constant horn sounds from the other vehicles irritated Taani.

"Reyansh Aap kar kya rahe hain?? Just go..." she ordered him completely annoyed.

After a moment of helplessness, he started the car and drove away from there.He occasionally stole glances of Taani to see if she was still angry on. After all he had broke his promise of not overreacting. But at the same time she had dug his curiosity more by giving him half the information. He looked at her. She too looked at him or probably glared at him. He held his ears and said sorry while she turned her head away.

After a few minutes, after hearing some frequent apologies from him, she smiled.

"Taani why didn't you slap him and how do you know him???"

"After completing my college, Dad referred me to a private organisation and I did an internship there. Well Rohan was there in my team as another intern..Patha hai Reyansh ek number ka cassanova hai.." she said as her eyebrows curved in irritation...

"Reyansh turn left...I have an appointment at the parlour now.." he did as she said while she continued.

"Apne aap ko Romeo samajtha tha...Once we interns planned a party together to celebrate our successful completion of internship period... I had even invited Shivam and Prithvi for that..."

He looked at her while driving his car and his hands casually changed gears.

"As the party was going on, he was completely drunk and he tried to force himself on me. At a point he tried to kiss me and I SLAPPED him hard..." she said and looked at him expecting some reaction...

He was completely shocked.

"And you remember the scar on his forehead..."

"Yea..." Rey answered lifeless...

"That was Shivam's gift to him.. Reyansh stop..." He stopped the car as they had reached the parlour by now. She got down while he was still in his driver's seat lost in his own world.

"Reyansh I'll be back  myself..." she said as she closed the door and bent down to inform him through the window.

"No..As soon as you are done,call me...I'll send the car with my driver to pick you..."

"Fine bye!!" she said with a smile...

"Bye!!" he waved her back.

As soon she disappeared, he closed his eyes and remembered the night where he was about to kiss her and later mocked at  her. He didn't know why but involuntarily his hands rubbed his cheeks as if she had slapped him instead of Rohan..

"THANK GOD!!"he took a heavy breathe and started his engine to go to his office.

That night, he parked his car and entered his apartment loosening his tie. He didn't know why but he felt the air around him heavy. He felt a kind of claustrophobic. He placed his laptop bag on the couch in the living room and called out her name...

"Taani...." but there wasn't any response. He moved to the kitchen expecting her to welcome him with make his evening drink. But she wasn't there. He slowly moved towards their office room Taani's favourite place probably, expecting her feathery soft fingers to play with her laptop.BUt even her office room disappointed him. Now he was really upset. He took quick steps towards his bed room. He opened the bedroom forcefully. Things were lying here and there. Their bed which used to be neatly set by this time were shabby with the pillows lying here and there. Now he was really upset. He went near the restroom and heard the sound of shower pouring down water. He sighed a sign of relief

"Taani..." he called out. But there wasn't any response.

"Taani am back..." he said and turned behind. He placed the pillows back in its place and threw his tei on the bed. He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt whispering or rather convincing himself..

"Probably she didn't hear me.."

But he didn't know why but his inner self kept pestering him to see if everything was right...

He just got up from the bed and barged into the restroom, only to find her like that...

She was standing under the shower completely lifeless. her cothes were still on and her face was pale.

"taani..." he moved quickly towards her and called her name. But she didn't respond. She just looked at him as if she was witnessing a stranger. The ice cold water trickled down her face and her face which displayed a variety of emotions that used to fascinate him was lost. She just looked at him.

He quickly moved towards her and switched off the shower.

"Taani tum kar kya rahi ho?? Have you gone mad???" he shouted. She just continued starring at him. He had never seen her like this.


She continued staring at him. He switched off the shower and pulled her out of the wet area. She continued starring. He held her shoulders and shook her strongly. For the first time she blinked and raised her head and looked at him. He turned her around and shook her more. His eyes were red. His heartbeat increased every moment. Now he was really tensed. Or the bitter truth is he could not see his angel like this. He closed his eyes for a moment and the next second...


He slapped her. He didn't know how much pain it would cause, but the pain of slapping his lady love hurt him more than the physical pain it could have caused to her. But thank God, his bold attempt helped her come back to reality...

"Taani..." he whispered her name with a lump on her throat.

"Reyansh..." she whispered his name for the first time bringing a streak of life in him. She instantly moved closer to him and hugged him. The intensity of her hug was so strong that he had to move 2 steps behind to support her weight. His back hit the  shower knob and water poured down once again soaking both of them. He held her tight and stroked her hair gently giving her assurance that everything would be alright. He felt her body ice cold. He managed to move her away from the shower and  made her sit on the adjoining slab next to the rest room wash basin. He cared a damn about the running water. He was more concerned about the tiny drops of water flowing from her eyes that the water getting wasted in such high intensity from his shower. HE cupped her face with his hands and made her look at him.

"Taani kya hua??.." he managed to be bold though he was equally broken like her.

"Reyansh...woh...papa..." he tried to explain in between her sobs...But she couldn't. Even the mere thought of the issue killed her. She clutched his shirt tight and hid her face admist his strong muscular chest soaking his wet skin with her tears.

"Taani...Its...its okay...Just look at me..."He rubbed her back and tried look at her.

"Taani...Taani mei bol raha hoon na...I'll take care just...just stop crying and look at me..." he said once again. But there wasn't any use...For every passing moment his fear and her grip on his shirt was growing.

Please Taani...Loook at me.." now he pleaded with his tone a bit lower. His tears mingled with the droplets of water dripping from his hair...

After a moment he felt her grip loosening a bit and she slowly broke her head and her eyes met.  Her eyes spoke all her sorrows. He never believed in any fantasy bed time stories which his mother used to read for him when he was young. But for the first time, he wished he had a magical wand with which he could just suck away all her tears, her sorrows and drink them returning her just happiness in return and nothing else.

He gently rubbed her tears with his thumb and grabbed a towel from the adjacent shelf and wiped her face andher arms. He wrapped them protectively around her expecting it to give her some warmth. He rubbed her arms protectively. Her fingers which used to be feathery soft were not almost in the state of breaking anytime. The cold water which had been flowing through her seemed to have started dissolving her bones.

She continued her smooth sobbing while he grabbed the bathrobe.

"Taani jaldi se change karlo...I'll wait outside.." he said passing her the bathrobe.

"Mujhe chodkar mat jayiye..." her eyes begged him as she got down from the slab.

"Par Taani..."

"Please Reyansh..." her face displayed fear and her entire body shivered.

He just hugged her strong assuring her that he was there with her. After a moment of thought, He switched off the restroom light and soon the bright room turned to a dark one. He moved her wet strands of hair from her back and slowly unzipped her while she was still in his embrace. His hands travelled all over her gently making sure of not hurting her, helping her undress. He managed to break her hug to help her with the bath robe. She cooperated to him silently. She made sure that she was always in his contact as right now that was the only safe place she could trust. The entire world other than his hard chest and caring shoulders was nothing less than hell to her.

Desire and lust had no place here. The place was just filled with Love, care and concern and nothing else. There was neither any intention nor interest for anyone to take advantage of the situation.

After a few minutes, he switched on the light. He had perfectly wrapped the bathrobe around her. Her tears hadn't stopped yet, but ofcourse her shivering had reduced by now. As the final touch, he removed the wet strands of hair which had locked themselves inside the bathrobe. He took them out and looked at her.

He held her shoulders and both of them headed to their bedroom. He made her sit on the bed.

"Ek minute..." he said and searched something in their bed side table. She just looked at him blankly. If it had been any other day, she would have asked a hundred questions to him by now. But today she had no strength to ask him anything...

After a few seconds, he sat besides her and stretched out a pill and some water.

"Have this..." he said.

She nodded her head whispering ..."No.."

"Mei bol raha hoon na...take me you'll feel better..." he said.

She could feel his helplessness and fear. After all his eyes always portrayed his thoughts to her. She followed his instruction like a school kid. Soon he placed the empty glass on the table and headed towards her with her hair dryer in one hand. She curved her eyebrows and looked at him questioningly.

He took strands of her hair and dried them gently whispering.."i don't want you to sleep with wet hair..". She just sat silently hugging her pillow tight, too tired to question him.

As soon as he was done, he set the bed for her and sat besides her. She looked at him.

"Reyansh woh..." she sobbed, her words chocking in her throat unable to come out.

"Kya hua..."

She moved closer to him and rested her head on his broad shoulders. He wiped her final stains of tears and held her hand in a soothing manner.

Taani entered her parlour after saying goodbye to him. As she was waiting in the reception waiting for her beautician to come.

"hello...Are you Taani..I mean Taani Shekawat??" asked a lady of probably mid 40's.

Taani who was engrossed in some magazine looked at her. "Yea...Aur aap??"

"Beta..don't you remember me??? Ofcourse how would you remember.You had visited our place frequently when you were young."

Taani looked at her questioingly unable to get her hints.

"Taani beta...Don't you remember your Stephen uncle??"

"You mean Dr.Stephen..Aunty aap. Am so sorry...mujhe sach mei yaad nahi tha. Uncle kaise hain?? Actually its been too long since I had met you.."

"Yea he is fine. Waise tum yaad kaise rakogi???After all you hated him.." she said caring Taani's cheeks lovingly.

"Haan itne bade bade injections jo lagathe the!!" said Taani and both of them laughed together.

"Waise Mr.Shekawat kaise hain?? I hope unhone apna treatment shuru kar di..." she said thoughtfully.

"Treatment?? Kaunsa treatment aunty??" Taani asked unable to predict anything.

"Arey tum aisa bol rahi ho jaise tumhe patha hi nahi...Few days back Mr.Shekawat visited our home. He was terribly sick that day and I still remember him telling my husband that he feels sick frequently."

"Phir??" Taani asked unable to believe herself.

"I didn't hear their conversation completely but I remember your uncle talking to him that it could be symtoms of cancer..."

"CANCER??..No!!" shouted Taani and got up from her chair abruptly and the cold drink glass in front of her broke into thousand pieces probably like her heart...

"Kya??? Aise kaise...Taani tumhe kuch galat fehemi hui hei...I mean am sure your dad would never hide such a thing from you.." he said with complete disbelief.

"nahi Reyansh...mei sirf aunty baath sunkar kisi conclusion par nahi aa rahi hoon..." Some fresh setof tears formed on her eyes. He rubbed her hands gently and at the same time he listened to her carefully.

"Then I went to Dr.Stephen's house. Reyansh he is our family doctor and Dad's buddy. I met him and asked him about this..."

"What did he say??"

"Initially he tried to hide the issue from me...Later I pestered him to tell me the truth and he confirmed the same..."

Rey was completely shocked. He remembered his phone call with Mr.Shekawat in the restaurant that day. Rey felt guilty for not paying much attention to his cough and discomfort while talking.

"Phir?? Did you meet dad?? Did Dr.Stephen say anything about the treatment??"

"Nahi Reyansh...I mean my world stopped that moment. Dad mere saath aise kaise kar sakthe...Itna sab kuch ho gaya aur unhone mujhe kuch bhi nahi bataya...I didn't know what to do...Neither did I have the strength to ask him anything...Infact Stephen uncle personally dropped me home..." She said holding his arms for support...

"Its okay!! mei hoon na..I'll take care of this..Taani dad ko kuch nahi hoge. Ab tum So jao..Mei thodi der mei aatha hoon.."  he said cupping her cheeks.

"nahi Reyansh...aap mat jayiye please..." she begged him. He had never seen her like this. She was always a strong woman and a solid decision maker for him. He never knew he would ever witness this face of hers.

"Fine mei yahi par hoon...Ab so jao.." he said looking at her.

She silently rested her head on his lap hugging her pillow even more tight. Rey did not anticipate this but he chose to keep quiet. This showed how hurt she was. He gently stroked her hair. The pills he gave her started doing its duty. She slowly drifted to sleep as she felt safe now.


Atlast am here with the update...Hope it was not boring and you guysss love it...

If you feel it dragging or boring do let me know...

Its your comments and likes that helps to explore Taarey love more...Silent happy that you like and follow my work...But plzz try to comment on it as it means a lot to me!!


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Yaay!!!! Me again d first to comment...i dont leave any chance wen it comes to ur stry...i was soo eagerly waiting!!
No words nithi!!! Awesome update!!! Clap Clap
My guess was correct...its dat Mr. Kundra!! Angry Angry...he is actually behaving in such a normal way yet in a sarcastic n insulting tone!!!   Angry Angry ...N his son rohan...jaisa baap vaisa beta!! Angry
Thankgod taani came on d ryt tym n stopped rey frm overreacting!! Bt hats off nithi...for two things...first of taani ko itna strong..itna confident n challenging dikhane ke liye...n second thing...taani ne jo backanwers diye hainShocked...n d dialouges...subhanallah...kya dialouges hain!!! Kya insult ki hai kundra n rohan ki!!! All d credit goes to u!! Clap Clap
Taani knows rohan Shocked Shocked...n den mr.kundra telling her to call him uncle...n taani ka mindblowing izzat utaarne waala answer!!! Clap LOL LOL Rey was loving it soo to uske face pe baar baar jo smirk n smile aa rahi thi...usse hi samajh aa raha tha!!! N wen taani said dat she is mrs. Taani reyaansh singhania...woww...just loved it n rey's pride on her sentence..lovely!!!EmbarrassedWink LOL
N den dat rohan coming towards taani...n rey stopping him by holding his collar...luved it!!! Embarrassed
In d car...taani trying to divert his mind...n den rey's question datt how does she knows rohan!!! Me too was so curious!!
D moment she said dat she slapped him n rey's was actually funny! LOL ...n den taani narrating d wholestry...dat cheapo rohan Angry ...n rey listening widout any expression!! I thought as taani goes he will get angry on rohan n will curse him...something lyk d reaction was so damn unexpected!!! He kept his hands on cheeks...remembered d nyt dey were about to kiss n "THANKGOD"!!!!...seriously ROFL still laughing at his reaction!!!
Evening wen he returned n didnt found taani...n den wen he barged inside d restroom...taani's condition...even i was soo scared dat wat was wrong wid her!!! Rey taking her out frm shower n asking her...shaking her frm shoulders...n den...he slappped her!! Shocked Shocked Shocked
D way u described taani's condition in d whole 2-3 paras...just made me cry!!! N rey's concern for her!! Cry Cry
God i just loved d way he was consoling her...pampering her n asking her agsin n again!!!! Embarrassed
Firstly wen taani said papa...for a minute i thought her dad was no more...really i shouldnt hav thought lyk he has cancer!!!Cry
Frm last 3 updates it seemed somthing was wrong wid her dad...really taani is soo broken!!! Cry
Just loved dis line "Desire and lust had no place here. The place was just filled with Love, care and concern and nothing else. There was neither any intention nor interest for anyone to take advantage of the situation."...dats wat pure n true love is!!! D strog n confident taani which we saw just sometym ago was soo vulnerable now!!! Mindblowing...d way u described her vulnerability n d only safe place for her was in rey's embrace!!!!EmbarrassedClapClap
Taani sleeping on rey's lap n he kept stroking her hairs Embarrassed...!!! Lovely scene
N no precap!!! Shocked...wats up in d next chap!!! Confused Hoping dat her dad gets well soon!!! N pls was not at all boring...dare u say sich things ever about my fav fav stry Angry Just loved d update!!!!!Hug
Update soon...n best of luck fot ur new office!!! Big smile

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After so many days, I am commenting here on Day OneBig smile
and trust me I am so happyDancing

This is an intelligent update, I would like to say because of Taani's encounter, her reply and how she answer Kundra
The part when she was describing about Rohan, was naturalClap
Rey was superb here..damn cute
Rohan should get some experience before considering him as majnu, actually characters like Rohan is so easy to found in our practical life
On the whole a brilliant writing ..
And lastly..your comment..u wanted to mean it as not boring nah?? u missed typing notTongueLOL

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Res/ unres
Finally... unres hehe sorry 4 being late... me always late u know nah...
Any ways coming 2 d update ohh gosh what an update mind blowing just just sizzling yr dat scene stole my heart go's lights off n changing huh huh me toh blushing hehe... wow it was fab just wanna say 1 thing only 4 u
PERFECT... u know nah u r ... ?? :) :) ;)
Update soon n pm me

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Dii, Aapka Update Aur Boring, Aisa Kabhi Nahi Ho Sakta ! Never Possible !!
Beautiful is nothing compared to the chapter ... Really, I have no words to express this update !
Well, What do I say ... Taani's answers to Rohan and Mr.Kundra were surprising ... I never imagined Taani to be so bold and tough but When It comes to your love, You can bacome a whole different person coming your way LOL ... Nari Shakti !
And then the breaking news, Taani SLAPPED Rohan !! Shocked ... I was really shocked to hear that ... And Anyone who would have been at Rey's place would have done that ... LOL
But then a turning point came when Rey comes back ... Suddenly from bold and brave, Taani is at a vulnerable position where is not at a state to actually answer anyone or to hear anything which really frightened Rey ... I could feel his fear when he did not understand Taani's absurd behavior.
And Then that moment where Rey changes Taani without any desire but just love ... Really that part touched me ...
Taani finally revealed her Dad has Cancer and She confirmed it. Rey reassuring Taani was amazing ...
This Chapter Really made me feel good and happy ... Though it was a painful moment, Rey's Love for Taani was so reassuring that it made me feel good ...

Dii, How do you do this to me every update ... It makes my enticement for the next even more ... Seriously ... I can never find anything boring or draggy because your concept is so wonderful and you are an amazing writer !!

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Loved the way taani answered Mr.Kundra and Rey's imagination abt slap

This is the first episode that showed rey's true and selfless love for taani

Even though dress change scene is not new.. but taani being consious and co-operative is new...

Felt bad for taani but rey is there to support na

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Res !!!! Will unres soon...Big smile

Hehehe back with my comment...
Aaj na bade hi ache mood me hun comment karne ke liye...
So aaj bada sa lambu sa comment milega aapko...(hehehe..)
So now coming to the update...
Arey start toh vahi se hoga...
I'm totally speechless(hehehe) but yr seriously this part had made me really speechless...
I too had tears in my eyes...
Confuse maat ho...Ab aage comment pado pata chalega ki mere aankho me tears kyun...
Hmm so here I start...
Ahhh that Mr. Kundra and Rohan hate them a lot...
Bahut ghussa dilaya in dono ne mujhe...
How dare Rohan call Rey a looser... Looser hoga voh...
But yr I had a big smile on my face when Taani came there and started her answering back...

"Probably you are right. You are not a student worth learning from someone like Reyansh.."

Hayee!! saying this line Taani had killed me... I mean kya back answer kiya usse...Loved it a lot yr...Thanxx for adding this line... Arey aise hi chale jaoge kya aur bhi hai usse bhi lete jao...And the way she said

"Excuse me..It's Mrs.Taani Reyansh Singhania.."

was super awesome yr... I loved her pride at that time...Super!!!
And the way she answered back Mr. Kundra was superb yr...Gr8 job man...!! Hats off to her... She deserv that one...And this line...

"Hey come on Rohan!! just think about it..Jo ek deal ke liye apne beti ke saath itna cheap game plot kar sakthe woh tho kuch bhi kar sakthe hain..And yea tumare dad ke liye tum bhi sirf ek asset ho."

Hats off man!! She got the point...!! The truth... Loved it!!!
Hayee!! Taani u won my heart yr...(I mean Nithi u too kyunki yeh dialogs toh tumne hi likhe hai...Toh tumbhi credit le hi lo Taani ke saath saath...hehehe)
This part was amazing yr... Then TaaRey's car convo was amzing yr...
Main part were I was laughing no actually still I'm laughing was Rey's imagination...

As soon she disappeared, he closed his eyes and remembered the night where he was about to kiss her and later mocked at  her. He didn't know why but involuntarily his hands rubbed his cheeks as if she had slapped him instead of Rohan..

"THANK GOD!!"he took a heavy breathe and started his engine to go to his office.

Thispart was so hillarious yr... Mari toh hassi abhi bhi nai rukh rai...Seriously main bhi imagine kar rahi hun... Yr badi hassi aa rahi hai... Yeh toh rukh hi nai rahi hai...Thanxx for this yr...

Ab aaya exact part jaha se mere aasun aana start huve... I mean form ho hi rahe the...

Hmm so Taani ka aaisa condition god maine toh sirf show me dekha hai par abb tumhare FF me bhi dekh liya...(lol)

But yr seriously I dint expected this at all... N the way Rey slapped her... God maine toh socha main Rey ko thapad maar dun but bach gaya Rey cozz usne ache ke liye mara....

He cared a damn about the running water. He was more concerned about the tiny drops of water flowing from her eyes that the water getting wasted in such high intensity from his shower.

Hawww Rey kitne gande ho paani waste karte ho...Sharam nai aati...ek toh paani kam hai duniya main... hum toh marte hai paani ke liye(arey itne bhi garrib nai hai yr hum...plzz galat maat samajhna...hehehe)...Tumhe itna acha khasa mil raha hai aur tum waste kar rahe ho... Wait main na complaint karti hun tumhare khilaf...Bad manners Rey...Main toh chali complaint karne... But pehle yeh comment toh complete kar lun phir jaungi aur puri chugli karke aaungi...

Hmmm ok ab serious(Chalo Prasanna serious ho jao...)

Hmm so here I go...Haaw Rey ne Taani ke kapde badle...God main toh blush karti but situation kuch aur tha... Chalo loved Rey ki usne situation ka faida nai utaya(I guess usse thapad yaad aa gaya hoga...hehehe) But loved this line

Desire and lust had no place here. The place was just filled with Love, care and concern and nothing else. There was neither any intention nor interest for anyone to take advantage of the situation.

Hats off for this Nithi... Loved this line and part a lot...Loved that Rey cared for her a lot...

 Haaww Taani ke dad ko Cancer... Me too crying... Y u did this Nithi... Bichari Taani roi aur main bhi roi...Really cried seeing(I mean reading) this condition of Taani...

But thank God no Thank u Nithi Rey ko Taani ke paas rakha uss samay...But mere paas koi nai tha...

Hmm chalo yr mee bhaaging...

Mera yeh comment padne ke baad toh u will surely kill me...

So jane ke pehle Mind-blowing update Nithi...

Now me bhagging...(hehehe)Monkey Winks YoyoMonkey Icons

Edited by PRASSI - 12 August 2013 at 11:37am

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Missu_TR IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2013 at 9:34am | IP Logged
awesome update ...
lovely and super part when taani ne mr.kundra and rohan ko answer kiya i love it ...
taani dad cancer so emotional part ...i loved it when rey carry taani  dress change ...tears hatana ...heart touching ...
update soon ...

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