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Taarey ff:Destiny's decision#2 moved to thread 3 (Page 71)

..Deepkriti.. IF-Rockerz

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its ok take your time and take care. I seriously love this story


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Take ur own time dear...
Do take care of urself...
keku_taarey Newbie

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 6:44am | IP Logged
just take care of ur not worry abt d update u can do it when u feel gudSmile. get well soon 
Shanaya_MaNan Goldie

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
hey just read d whole story..its brilliant!!
i love it n luv ur wrtng!!Smile
pls do cont soon n dnt frgt to pm me
i hve sent u a buddy reqBig smile
n get well soon dear!!Big smile
dh19 IF-Rockerz

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no problem dear
take care of your health

praja010196 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 August 2013 at 2:43am | IP Logged
ohh itss just wow...

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2013 at 3:07am | IP Logged

Hey guysss...sorry was sick or rather the right phrase is am not doing good even now... I didn't complete the chapter but thought of posting how much ever I have writtern...So here it goes...

Banner by raddhi


Chapter 24:

The sky changed to her dark night gown which was studded with a unique diamond called moon and stars scattered here and there adding magnificence to her beauty. The wheels of his car moved randomly without a fixed destination. What was he supposed to do?? Stand there and watch his love being accused for HIS studipidy. He was disturbed from his pool of thoughts when he found his mobile pleaded him to pay attention. He parked the car in the side of the road and he after so many hours the first good thing was he felt was Swayam's call. He calmed down a bit and picked the call.

"kya chal raha hai dude??"  asked Swayam.

"Bas aise hi'Woh Swayam'"

"kya hua?? Sab teek hai??" his voice was now filled with worry.

"Haan who dad and mom came home today!"

"Really??Par isme fikar karne ki kya baath hai??"

Rey narratedthe entire incident to Swayam. And Swayam listened to him carefully.

"Wait so the issue is all about that Gupta's deal.."

"Hmmm'." Said Rey and rested himself on his car hood.

"And you left Taani all alone in your dad's den??" he asked.

"aur mei kya karta?? Neither Taani would allow me to interfere nor I would be able to keep quiet listening to him. I mean galthi meri hai aur isme Taani ko daatne ki kya zaroorat hai'" he asked frustrated.

"Chuck it Rey!! It happens'Your dad isn't your enemy'"

"Whatever'" said Rey least interested or rather worried. Swayam smirked..

"Ab tu has raha hai???" asked Rey completely confused'

"Kuch nahi bas yeh soch raha tha ki lifef kitna twisted hai'I mean just imagine years before you chose to lose the deal and today you are working hard for the same deal'Kitna weird hai na??.."

Rey who was casually resting his head on the car hood, now sat straight listening to Swayam. Swayam was right! Nothing had changed, everything was just the same like before. The only difference was now he had Taani in his life. He came out of his trance when he heard Swayam's voice'

"dude kahan ko gaya?? Waise iss deal ki chakkar mein tu apna surprise mat boolna'"

"Yeh koi boolne ki baath hai kya'.Preparations are going on for my first anniversary..Yaar mei bahot excited hoon!!" he said enthusiasm filled in his voice. Swayam smiled. He remembered how excited he was when he decided to propose Sharon at college. Those were unforgettable memories for him even today. Rey continued'

"Swayam seriously..I'll make that day very special for her'"

"Atlast tumare andhar ka Romeo bahar aa raha hai!! Am so happy for you dude!!" said Swayam.

"Rey Actually I need to go. Am in academy right now..So.."

"Okay catch you soon!! Will talk to Sharon later.."

"Sure bye!!.."

Swayam disconnected the call and Rey looked at his watch. It was almost night. He got down from the car hood and was about to get in when his mobile rang flashing Taani's name.

"Reyaansh where are you!!"

"Woh mein aa raha hoon...Don't worry!!"

"plzz jaldi bahot pareshaan hai!!"

"Taani is everything alright there..?"

"Yea..Nothing to worry. But aap jahan bhi ho'plzz jaldi  aayiye!!"


He started the car lost in his own world. Swayam's words kept on ringing on his ears. He was right somewhere. The deal he had voluntarily lost for Riya few years he chose to win the same deal for Taani. This could be one of the best game destiny's has ever played with him.The deal was the same...He is still the SAME...His love is still the SAME...but the only difference was this time it was filled with more positive vibes.. Nowadays, even her name seemed to give him some new energy in his soul.

Only love can give you the power to think beyond ourselves and he felt it when Taani asked him to go behind the deal besides the risk involved in it. She wanted him to win the deal to come out of his guilt. A smile crept on his face. She is really a princess from a fairytale whom God created specially for fill his life with colours. He came out of his thought process as he heard the cringing sound of the iron gate being opened by the watchman. He got out and took a heavy breathe. He moved into the house. It was close to 9. The tik tik sound of the second's hand moving around the clock as if it had lost something was the only sound he could hear.

He found his room empty. With a mere guess, he went to the terrace.She was busy gazing at the moon lost in her own world. She hadn't changed her salwar yet. Though he felt weird seeing her with all those stuff, he couldn't deny the fact that, she looked adorable in those things too.


She was startled for a moment. "You are back?"

"Hmm...So kya soch rahi thi...Was everything ok??"

"yea nothing serious!! I think dad's upset with me." she said with her head down guilt slightly piercing her voice.

"Am sorry..Actually I shouldn't have left!!" his voice equally low like hers.

"That's ok!! Infact acha hua ki aap chale gaye.." she said turning around and told him in a casual tone. "Waise mei kuch aur soch rahi thi.."


"Woh..Reyansh actually..actually you know I feel awkward.."

"Kyun??" he asked curiosity filled in his voice.

She moved closer to him and whispered with an innocent face...

"Reyansh actually mom aur dad ke saamne..mei shorts pehenkar kel rahi thi...That was too awkward"

"itna cautious hone ki kya zaroorat hai?? mei bhi wahi par tha!!" he said in a mocking tone and she glared at him.

"aur ghar mei itna bada hungama hua aur tum apni costume ke baare mein soch rahi ho?? I wonder all how all girls are just the same" he asked unable to believe himself.

" the way aapko itna gussa kahan se aata hai??"

"I mean dad ke samne ANGRY YOUNG MAN banne ki kya zaroorat thi??" she asked with her arms folded.

"Oh really...tum koi kam nahi ho...achanak typical bahu ban gayi?? Just look at you!!" he commented with his hands inside the pocket and his expression almost same as hers.She glared at him.

"Hey come on Taani..yeh sab pehne se kya hoga..I mean mujhe koi farak nahi padtha.." he said in a casual tone.

"Par mujhe farak padtha hai!!" Both Rey and Taani were startled to hear the voice. Mrs.Singhania stood near the entrance of the terrace with her arms folded and her face stern.

"Mom woh!!" Rey and Taani looked at each other. Taani felt really odd for talking to Rey's dad in such a manner. And when she saw Mrs.Gayathri like that, she felt really bad!

"Waise tumhe mere bete ke saath sirf basketball kelna aatha hai ya thoda khana bhi banana aata hai??" her face was straight and words sharp.

"You better enter the kitchen atleast on blue moon Taani.." shouted her mom.

Taani was busy browsing her dad's files and listening to her dad's experience and advice on handling a client.

"Mom please!! mujhe nahi seekna kuch khana whana banana..." she shouted completely irritated. Her father smirked.

"papa why don't you speak??" she complained to her dad.

"Kyun thang kar rahi ho meri beti ko??" he whispered to his wife taking his daughter's side. Why wouldn't he?? After all she was his princess, his life and everything.

"You are spoiling her..." pouted her mom. "Aur tum.." her fingers pointed to Taani.

"Tumhe meri baath tab samajh mei aayegi jab tum sasuraal jaayegi!!" said Mrs. Shekawat and walked to the kitchen cursing her husband for spoiling her daughter..

"Whatever..." said Taani.

"Tumhe fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi hai...I'll marry my daughter to a guy who will cook for himself and for my daughter!!" shouted Mr.Shekawat and he and his daughter hi-fived each other.

"Mom..woh haan..mujhe khana banana aata hai.." she stammered for words. She remembered her mom's words.She had a lump on her throat. She didn't know why but suddenly she remembered those days with her dad and mom. She missed them badly. She had a strong feeling that something was wrong.

she was brought out of her trance when she found Rey and his mom burst out laughing. Taani looked at them with her eyebrows raised. She couldn't understand anything.

"Shakal dekhi apni??" Rey commented in between his laughter. Taani starred at him blankly.

"Beta..tu sach mei dar gayi??Mei tho bas mazak kar rahi thi!!" said Mrs.Singhania stroking Taani's hair. Taani felt a sign of relief after hearing this and a small smile crept on her face.

"Aur tumhe mere liye yeh sab pehna mujhe bahot acha laga..and trust me tum bahot achi lag rahi ho..Par tumhe zabardast yeh sab karne ki zaroorat nahi hai...Agar tum dono kush ho wahi kafi hai.."

Rey and Taani smiled at each other. At the same time Rey's mobile rang..  It was Sharon. He excused himself and moved away from there..

"mom aaj jo kuch bhi sorry ko hurt karna mera intension nahi tha..."

"Its ok beta! Sach bolna hai tho mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hai..I don't know anything about the deal par iss deal ki wajah kitni nuksan ho saktha hai..yeh mujhe pata hai. Mujhe bas isi baath ki chintha thi.."

Taani looked at mom with her eyebrows curved in tension. For the first time, she doubted her decision on accepting the deal. Rey who was at a distance noticed Taani's expression and he concentrated on their conversation taking slow steps towards them paying least attention to what Sharon was saying.

"Par ab mei kush hoon!! Jis tarah aaj tum Rey ko support kiyaa, jis tarah aaj Rey tumare kehne par chup hua...ab mujhe pura yakeen hai ki aage jo kuch bhi hoga teek hi hoga.." she said caressing taani's cheek lovingly. Taani smiled. Rey disconnected the call and moved towards them.

"Tumhe pata hai Taani bahot dino baath mei Rey ko dil se haste hua dektha..I don't want anything else more than that.." Rey smiled hearing it. For the first time he himself realised how true his mother was. In these years, he was very sure that there wasn't any incident where he laughed his heart out. Here his mom continued'

And yea agar baath Rey ki dad ki hai tho tumne aaj woh kamal kiya jo main or Rey itne saalon se nahi kar paa rahe the!!"

Taani looked at her with her eyebrows raised."mom mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi.."

 "I mean history mein pehle baar kisi ne Mr.Singhania ki bolti bandh ki hai!!..." she said winking at Taani.

"haan mom woh sab chodiye..I just hope we win this deal..."

"Taani agar tum Rey ki dad ko convince kar sakthi ho, tho tum kuch bhi kar sakthi ho!!" she said holding taani's hands.

"I hope dad meri baath ka bura na mane.."

"par beta issme unki bhi koi galthi nahi hai...Its just that iss deal ki wajah unhe jo kuch bhi face karna pada woh Rey ki life mein bhi nahi pade!!" she tried to clarify her husband's point of view. By the time Rey too joined them! Taani wanted to lighten the mood. So she continued..

"Par Mom mujhe aapke jaisa acha khana banana nahi aata. Reyansh hamesha aapke cooking ke baare mei bolte hai!!par trust me, I'll learn soon!!"Taani said biting her lower lip.

"Acha toh mere bete ko meri yaad aati hai!!Wow.. warna mujhe laga woh mujhe bhul gaya!!" she said with a fake anger.

"mom aisa kuch nahi hai...infact mei soch raha tha ki why don't you cook today??" he said placing his arms around his mother's shoulders. Taani stood silently with a small smile plastered on her face.

"Aur waise bbhi acha khana khake bahot din ho chuka hai..." he said louder for Taani to hear. He was in a good mood to pull her legs.

"Kya?? mom aapko pata hai mujhe cooking ka ABCD thak nahi pata..In keliye mei rozz recipe book padkar cook karti thi..aur aap mera mazak uda rahe hai??" 

"Haan mom I need to agree..Bahot mehnat karti hai..Bas ek baar pura kitchen jal gaya aur mujhe firse renovate karna pada..Otherwise you know..." he said in a mocking tone and she glared at him.

"Ab yeh sab chodo...khana ban chuka hai..chalo dinner karte hain!!" said Mrs.Singhania putting an end to their fight.

"Aur tum.." Mrs.Singhani held Rey's ears and warned him.."Meri bahu ka mazak udana bandh karo aur jaldi se change karke auo.."

Mrs.Singhania and Taani moved towards the stairs. Taani turned and passed him a "You will pay for it"look before leaving. Rey smiled at her.

"Kitni cute hai?? And more than that usne dad ke samne mujhe support kiya??"he smiled lost in his own pool of thoughts. That was a moment when he felt extra charged to win the deal for her at any cost.

"Tum mujhse itnapyaar karti ho?? Kabhi kabhi lagtha hai main tumhe deserve hi nahi karta. But trust me..I'll bring all the happiness of this world aur pour them at your feet. And our wedding anniversary would be the most memorable day for both of us.." he smiled to himself.


Few days later,

"Reyansh yeh kaisa hai??"

"Try this..." he passed her another cooler.

"yeh...aisa lagtha hai jaisa hamara car ka windshield ho..." she said under her breadth.

"Isme kya problem hai???Acha hi tho hai??" he was irritated to the core. This was the third shop in the mall they were browsing for coolers. Rey wondered how could someone not get impressed by any of them. He came out of his trance when she shouted his name...


"Reyansh just look at it...Itzz damn cool..Haina??" she wore a sunglass and turned towards him. Ofcourse she was looking gorgeous.

"hmmm...well.." he was about to appreciate her choice when the sales man intrupted him..."Mam you look too good in this..Should confess it looks like these glasses were meant for you!!" Taani smiled at him.

"Yeh itna bhi acha nahi hai!!.." Rey spat out those words and Taani turned towards him. The sales man passed a blank look at Rey.

"Really?? Par acha hi tho hai??" she checked her appearance once again in the mirror. It had been more than 2 hours yet she couldn't decide a good one.

Rey randomly picked a glass which was not noticed by anyone.

"taani I think this will be better..." he passed her one.

She took them and tried it. he went behind her and said.."Taani yeh bahot acha hai! I think you should go for it.." he said in a serious tone.

She placed both the coolers on the table and looked at them. Rey and the sales man seemed to be more interested in knowing her choice. She fingers trailed over both of them. She liked the first coolers while Rey suggested the second one. After a long thought she chose the one Rey selected for her. Rey's face flashed a grin. He passed a wicked smile to the sales man. The sales man couldn't understand what Rey meant. All that he wanted was to sell of his goods and since it was done, he had no other issues.

Taani got a call and excused herself while Rey moved to the billing counter. He passed his card and

"Pack both the coolers and yea make separate bills..." he said. Taani who was at a distance found Rey signing the bill. Little did she know that he had already started making arrangements for his surprise and the cooler she liked would be one among them.

He carried the bags and he was about to mark his exit when he felt someone tapping his shoulders. He casually turned around and the moment he saw the person in front of him, he clutched his fist in anger.




"taani..." he called her name..

She turned around and the moment she saw him, she ran towards him and hugged him tight as if her life depended on this hug. Her eyes were swollen and blood red. The intensity of her hug was soo strong that he moved 2 steps back holding her waist to balance her. 


 Guysss I know this is a short update and there is nothing much in it...But this is a supporting chapter...Since am sick I could not complete the chapter...But I promise to make up in the next chapter...And yea A small hint, Taani alwayzzz stood by Rey as a perfect better half and now its tym for Rey to support Taani...

I hope you guysss aren't bored...If yes..plzzz let me know...After all its your comments and suggestions that would help me improve...Smile




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shikha_taarey Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2013 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Amazing chap nithi...loved it!!! Bahut cute update tha!! Clap Clap Clap
Starting para was quite philosophical... LOL ...n d lines which described rey's situation n his pov was really nice!! Clap
Reyam convo was also nice...n as usual swayam ne pravachan baba wala kaam kiya...jai ho swayam baba ki LOL LOL LOL
N taani called him urgently...i was actually wondering wat was soo serious dat she was soo worried!!! Confused...
Bt den her reason words dear ROFL ...hillarious!!!!
Soo sweet sweet convo of taarey ...rey luvs taani d way she is!!! Day Dreaming
N den rey's mom's words dat muje farak padta hai...n den she told taani to cook food!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked ...i was actually shocked!!!
N den taani ka flashback...her mom telling lyk a typical jab sasural jaayegi tab pata mom also tells d same somtyms!! Tongue LOL ...n her dad...he is actually lyk all d sweet sweet dads who support their daughters...meri beti ke liye mai aisa dulha dhoondunga jo khud ke liye n meri beti ke liye bhi khaana banaaye!!...such a sweet n caring dad! Day Dreaming ...even my dad is d same LOL LOL
Taani can sense dat somthing is wrong...wats wrong wid her dad...really wanna know ki kya hua hai!!!
Hehehe...rey's mom was just joking...thankgod...n rey n his mom laughing at taani's poor taani LOL
Taani n MIL' convo was really sweet n thoda senti bhi tha wen she said maine rey ko kitne tym baad aise khul ke haste dekha!!! Saas bahu ka pyaar...rula diya Cry LOL LOL
Hawww...rey doing taani ki leg pulling...really sweet LOL ...n telling acha khana khaye kitne din hogaye!!! ROFL
N taani ne kitchen jala diya tha... ROFL ...their convo was really sweet n cute!!!!
N forgot to mention 2 things which i loved...first to wen taani called rey ANGRY YONG MAN n rey called her TYPICAL BAHU ROFL ROFL ...their nok jhoks r really cute!!! Embarrassed
N d second thing is d line..."Only love can give you the power to think beyond ourselves and he felt it when Taani asked him to go behind the deal besides the risk involved in it."...loved it!!!
Awww...taarey shopping...n poor rey ko kitna ghoomna pad raha hai!! actually against dis habit of ladies of gng to shops n buying nothing...cuz my mom does d same LOL LOL LOL ...n i hate it!!
Rey jelous of d salesman. ..ROFL...n he is planning for d surprise...chooo chweet!!! Day Dreaming ...n whom did he saw...dat he tightened his fist ...did he saw riya or dat deal wala person...dont know his name sry...just a guess Tongue
N precap is really exciting...taani hugged rey...n such a passionate hug!!! Shocked Embarrassed why was she crying n why did she hugged rey???? Waiting for d next update eagerly...n im before d pm!!! first!!!! Dancing LOL Update soon...n get well soon Big smile

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