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Taarey ff:Destiny's decision#2 moved to thread 3 (Page 56)

anatomy_nerd Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2013 at 11:01am | IP Logged
jst awesum...i m falling in love wd ur writing wd every passing part...Heart
i could actually feel their emotions...!!
update soonSmile

dazedworld Goldie

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Posted: 23 July 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nithi_newlife

Originally posted by dreamyworld

i hope i'm not too late...

i loved the jealous rey... awe so cute...
and i always loved dance whenever rey performed just saw one of his awesome dance andread the update and trust me this made my day... am so happy all i wanna do is dance and sing madly...

awe taani is so so so so cute... cute is also nothing infront of her... i felt like pulling her cheeks...infact i wondered how can rey din't feel like pulling her pouted cheeks... the pout i could clearly imagine it...

what followed after that was completely hot and was dumbstruck... every word, every action was completely mesmerizing and all i kept saying is the word hot !! in a way it was sexy too... but damn you.. rey had to break the spell stupid him both me and taani felt bad... infact i waned to hit him which taani did by throwing the pillow...

awe i could understand the hurt taani... i felt bad too... but i also knew how har was it rey too to control... 

rofl the punishment aweee bechara rey... he deserved it! lol...

i loved the part.. it was mind blowing as usual.. you always manage to make me fall in love with DD again and again... and never break the spell you create !!

the precap sounds interesting ... pls continue soon and ty so much for the pm !
hey dear,
Well its tooo late!!Evil Smile
Wait you talked abt Taani's cheeks an pout,...
No one commented on that and yea I felt her pout while writing and sometimes I love it...
Thank you for mentioning that!!!
hehe...sry for spoinig their romance...That's All i can say now!!LOL
Will update soon!!Smile
Thank you sweetheart for such lovely , lively comment!!

hahaha... she's cuter withe pout !Big smile
nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 2:32am | IP Logged
Hey guyzzz...
But plzzz try to read the update and pass your valuable comments
A spl thanks to all who liked my work and commented the same...

Edited by nithi_newlife - 24 July 2013 at 2:56am
nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..dinu..

hi dr...:P reading the last chap once agn:D i read this chap already but wondering how i forgot to commentMonkey Icon,,,,,,,

luvd the update yaar:P taarey dreamland nowDay Dreaming taani angry lolz...:P rey shud've done that!! plz make him propose soon yaar..cant wait anymore:P upd soonEmbarrassed
Thank you sooo much for taking time to comment dear!!
THANK YOU!!SmileSmile
nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by riya_vaidya

jst awesum...i m falling in love wd ur writing wd every passing part...Heart
i could actually feel their emotions...!!
update soonSmile
thank you sooo much yaar!!SmileSmile
Excited to read your commentsssSmile

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 2:53am | IP Logged

I'll stand by you, no mater what happens

"When you're in love, you're capable of learning everything and knowing things you had never dared even to think, because love is the key to understanding of all the the mysteries."
Paulo Coelho, Brida

She woke up from her bed stretched herhands lazily to come out of her morning blues. She rubbed her palm and as her routine turned to her right to look at her prince charming. But her eye balls almost popped out when she felt the bed empty. She moved towards her restroom and splashed some cold water forcefully to get back to reality and looked at her restroom mirror which stood boldly in front of her trying to mimic all her actions.

"Haan Aap aaj couch par soyenge!! Don't even dare to come near the bed.."

mei nahi sounga couch pe!! mei guest room mei so jaunga!!"

Slowly she remembered the previous night incident. She looked at the mirror'the cold water droplets were slowly dripping from her face one by one.

She remembered the night whereHer breathing turned heavier for every passing second. Every time when her chest collided with his as an effect of her heavy breathe, he was losing his senses'That moment where his hands roamed all over her back in a seductive manner making her loose her senses. The moment where her fingers trailed over his broad shoulders gently, admiring his muscular charm. Her hands involuntatily caressed her right hand in the same way his fingers trailed over her shoulders to make her holdhis neck for support. A smile crept on her face. She remembered the moment where his hands captured her waist bringing her closer. She remembered the moment where she was completely lost in his charisma when he gently rustled her cheeks with his nose. She never knew when her hands moved towards her cheeks. She felt every damn incident. Every moment was eternal to her. She blushed as she looked at themirror which portrayed all those best memories.

But suddenly her smile started fading away. Mirror is always the worst enemy one could have. It shows everything crystal clear giving a damn about an individual's emotions. It cannot do anything than showcasing the truth and only TRUTH. She remembered the moment where he mocked at her dancing skills. She rememberd the moment where she felt she had made a fool of herself by expecting something else. She remembered the moment where he denied even simple demand of sleeping on the couch. Her eyes werenow covered with tears.She held the granite slab below the mirror tight. It was her only support that made her stand still.

Tears rolled out of her eyes as an effect of her anger that was boiling inside. Even the mere thought that he didn't feel the same way she felt at that moment made Taani clutch her fist. The thought how she must have looked when he saw her completely lost in him made her feel sick.

"why did Reyansh do that to me.." she asked herself.

 "I had never lost myself even to the best bachelors till date. I was always surrounded with guys from college. They just drooled over me. Guys always looked for an opportunity to talk to me. They never failed to do something to catch my attention. But nothing had ever melted me!"She whispered or rather shared her thoughts with the mirror.

She wiped her tears and continued' "But reyansh!! Yesterday I was completely lost to him and he'he just made fun of me?? "

"do I seriously don't mean anything to him??" she asked herself with her eyebrows curved.

She quietly moved towards the shower and switched it on. The hot water flushed through her body giving her relief from the train of thoughts that were running on her mind!

She stood silently under the hot shower rewinding all the memories of the previous nights.

"mei unse itna pyaar karti hoon and howcould he do this to me??" she clutched her wet hairand cried.

She remained like that for a few minutes. She rewinded her question once again. She felt weird. She felt like she understood something. She switched off  the shower and

"Par sirf mei unse pyaar karti hoon and I know that he doesn't loves me. When he doesn't love me how can I expect him to reciprocate my feelings??" she asked herself. She remembered their wedding night where he hesitated to proceed further just because he wasn't sure of himself. Probably that's why she loved him. That was the moment where he looked different from other guys. If it had been any other guy, he would have neverleft such an opportunity to go off his hands. But he was Reyansh'Reyansh Singhania, not a normal guy to slip his values for his physical desire. She justified herself for the previous night incident with all these facts'

Well only love can make one do all these madness. A few minutes ago, she was frustrated and angry on him and now she herself justified his act. Probably this can be taken as a proof of the quote "Love is the synonym of madness" which I had mentioned before!!

She came out of the restroom casually drying her hair lost somewhere. But suddenly the sight in front of her made her drop her towel in shock. She saw him sleeping on the couch upside down. A smile crept on her face. He was sleeping upside down. He didn't have a blanket and his mouth was wide open like a small kid while sleeping. His hands were no where to be seen. He had tucked them somewhere between his legs. She smiled at him and bent down on her knees and looked at him. Her face carried a dimple immediately. He looked cute. She badly wanted to pull those cheeks. At the same time, she felt guilty for asking him to sleep on the couch. She gently rustled his hair and he smiled as he felt cosy. "Am sorry!!" she whispered and was about to touch his cheeks when his mobile rang and he opened his eyes in a jerk. Their eyes met and all that both of them could remember was their previous night's enchanting moment. Themobilekept ringing and they came out of their trance. Now that was really awkward. She took her hands off his cheek and got up. He found hissecretary Leena calling him. He quickly disconnected the call. She stoodup and looked here and there tucking her loose strands of wet hair behind her ears.

"woh! I came to wake you up. Aap Thodi der bed par soo jayiye'.I'll..I'll bring coffee!" she said and was about to move out when he held her hand from behind and whispered.."Taani'" still sitting on the couch.

She turned her head and looked at him. A few water droplets from her wet hair fell on his face making him close his eyes for a moment.

"am sorry! I was just kidding!!" he sounded sincere.

"its ok!"she whispered with a smile and went out.

He wiped the water droplets from his face and stood up.

He shifted to the bed and took the blanket which she had wrapped around herself the previous night. "Your wish!!" she murmured and switched off the lamp and settled on the bed wrapping the entire blanket for herself while he just stood there in the dark unable to decide what to do!!

He tiptoed to the guest room and sat on the bed. He rested his head casually on the bed and remembered the moment they shared a few moments ago. In these years after that dark day of his life, he had sacrificed all the emotions of his life. No women ever seemed to fascinate him or rather catch his attention. But he never knew how Taani managed to attract him in his first sight. Ofcourse he didn't fall for her but at the same time, he could never deny the fact that she managed to catch his attention somehow. But that doesn't mean she'll ask him sleep on the couch.

"Par galthi tho meri hai'Already she was feeling low that she wasn't good atdance and on the top of that I mocked her'Crap!!" he hit his forehead and moved towards the  window.

"Par mei kya karta???Uss waqt apne aap ko control karne ke mann mei aaya mei bol diya'" he murmured to himselfmoving back and forth.

"But that doesn't mean I'll sleep on the couch'" he sat on the bed once again.

He settled on thebedbut he didn't know why his sleep refused to take over.

"Fine'let me see if she had slept or not!!" he whispered and moved to their room.

He tiptoed neat the bed and looked at her face which were sparking in the moonlight. She was hugging her pillow tight. A smile crept on his face. He moved the strands of hair from her forehead and looked at her calm face.

"Kitni cute hai meri Taani'" he whispered with a smile.

Soon her eyebrows curved and she looked disturbed. Probably she was having a bad dream??

"Am sorry sweetheart. And I promise mei future mei kabhi hurt nahi karunga!!" he found her eyebrows tuning back to normal.

"Good night!" he placed a peck on her forehead and got up.

He moved towards the couch and laid down on it and ofcouse he himself never knew what made him follow her orders all of a sudden.


Days passed like a train journey. Rey was more keen on winning the deal at any cost. Both Rey and Taani worked day and night doing homework for the deal. They also had to collect necessary funds to go on with the deal. That evening, both of them were completely engrossed in their works.

"Can't you do a simple job??" barked Rey over the phone.

"Sorry sir! I will alter the papers as per your requirements and mail you very soon!" pleaded his secretary Leena in a feeble voice.

Rey threw the mobile on the couch and moved back and forth the living room, browsing some files.

"Taani pass my phone..." he whispered with his head still engrossed on the printed material.

She passed him his phone and looked at him carefully. He dialed some random numbers probably some financier requesting them to help him by investing in the project..

Taani could sense that he was completely stressed. The more stressed he was, the more he was making things worse. She closed her laptop and moved towards him.

She snatched the file from him and closed it.

"Taani!! Kya kar rahi ho???" he asked her with his eyebrows curved.

"Reyansh!!come with me!" she pulled his hands and made him sit on the couch.

She offered him a glass of water.

"am damn tensed taani...Samaj mei nahi aa raha hai ki mei kaise manage karne wala hoon!!"

"hmmm...That's why you were shouting at your poor secretary. Reyansh aap ne khud usse files bina complete kiye mail karne ko kaha, Aur phir aap khud kaam completely na hone par use daatrahe the!"she smiled.

He thought for a moment.

"I know I am doing wrong...par samaj mei nahi aa raha hai mei kya karoon. Am damn tensed"Taani he said holding her hand.

"Hmm I have a solution for this..."


"Come with me!!" she said and dragged him somewhere.


They were standing in the basketball court and she stood in front of him with wearing a sleeveless sport t--shirt and shots.

"Wait am I dreaming???You really want to play basket ball at this time???"


"Taani wahan itna kaam pada hai aur tum..."

"Shh..." she placed her index finger on his lips making him pause a moment and he looked at her.

"Mujhe pata hai...But trust me, you'll feel better!" she said and thew the ball at him.

He caught the ball and looked at her. "She's seriously something..." he whispered and tossed the ball. She was pretty good and clever in defence.Her strokes were perfect and matched his levels. Both of the managed a goal. He passed the ball to her and she placed her basketperfectly.


"Am alwayzz cool!!." she said and winked at him.

He smirked.

"Oh really final goal wiithin 60 seconds. Ready??"

"Anytime..." she replied confidentally

The ball flew in the air and Rey and Taani jumped to mark their goal.


After half an hour, both of them were laughing aloud on a random joke cracked by Rey. They were completely drenched in sweat. They both sat down casually on the cement floor of the basket ball court. He sipped his drink and passed her the bottle. She was busy taking the fluid in when he commented'"having the basket ball court withing the compound is the best thing right??

"Haan!!" she said in between.

"What itni jaldi thak gayi?? Chalo ek aur basket!!" he pulled her to the basket ball court while she restrained nodding a big NO!!


Both Rey and Taani were startled to hear the voice. That was rey's mom Mrs.Gayathri Singhania followed by his dad.

"mom!!" he whispered with a bright smile on his face and hugged her. Taani followed him behind.

Taani felt really awkward the moment Rey greeted his parents and stepped aside. She did't know how to react to them as she was standing in front of them in a sleevelss funny t-shirt all sweating. She felt really awkward. After a moment of hesitataion, she touched their feet and passed a simple greeting, unsure if she was doing the right thing.

"Andar chalthe hain'" said Rey and all the four reached in.

"tho tumhe basket ball kelna aata hai'" asked Mr.Singhania with his eyebrows raised.

"haan dad..Woh mom mei change karke aati hoon!!' she asked Mrs.Singhania with a slight hesitation.

"Sure beta'jao!!" she said in a affirmative tone.

She ran upstair and changed to a simple salwar after a quick shower. What was she supposed to wear.  A bindi. Will that look odd?? She didn't kow what to do. It wasn't her fault. For the first time her in laws visited her place after wedding. Wait'But there wasn't any time to think about it. She called her mom and asked what to do. Her mother laughed at her stupid daughter who was always pampered by her dad for her smartness didn't know how to welcome her in-laws. She suggested Taani something over the phone and Taani nodded her head carefully. She was about to disconnect the call when she heard her dad coughing over the phone. She was lost for a moment but then brushed her thoughts aside and went near the mirror to follow her mom's instruction.

"Step one'Don't forget your sindoor!!" she mimicked her mom and wore them. She looked different after doing it. She didn't have the habit of regularly wearing her mangalsutra or sindoor as Rey never expected this. He was always OK with the way she was. Probably another special attribute of her husband that she adored!!

"Step2'make good coffee and yea always be polite!!" she remembered her mom's words.

She rushed downstairs but to her astonishment she found her mother-in-law already engaged in making tea. She felt really awkward now.

"Woh mom sorry!! Der ho gayi'" she said biting her lower lip.

"its Okay beta!!" replied mrs.Gayathri with a wide smile.

"Let me do it. Aap hall mei wait kijiye!!" she said and made her leave the kitchen.

As soon as Mrs.Singhania left, she took a heavy breathe and carried the tray to the living room. Rey was held up in a call and Mr.Singhania was flipping channels. Rey raised his eyebrows the moment he saw Taani. He was about to comment something but decided to keep quiet when he found her warning him to keep quiet.

Soon everyone settled on the couch and ofcourse it looked like a perfect family. Mrs.Singhania announced that they had to attend a ceremony the next day morning in the locality so they decided to visit Taani and Rey as it had been so long!!

Taani noticed that her father-in law was mostly reserved and denied to actively participate in the conversation. And ofcourse Rey and his father frequently passed looks. Anyone could predict that they weren't comfortable with each other. After some random conversation, Mr.singhania cleared his throat and continued'.

"So I heard from your mom that you guys went to Goa and your college buddies visited you!!"

"Yes dad'they planned a surprise for my birthday'It was good!!' he said sipping his tea.

"Hmmm'" he whispered and sipped his tea. There was a long silence. Taani and Mrs.Gayathri looked at each other.

"Well let us not beat around the bush! Mr.Gupta ki deal ke bare main jo kuch bhi suna kya who sach hai??" he asked Rey straight looking at his eyes.

"Yes dad'" replied Rey in a lower tone. That was enough for his dad to lose his cool.

"Have you gone mad. I know tum kuch bhi teek se nahi kar sakthe ho..Par itna bada idiocity'Waise yeh tho tumse expected tha!!" he shouted at rey and gritted his teeth in anger. Before Rey could say something, he looked at Taani and continued'"Aur tum, mujhe laga tum samajdar ladki ho'I thought tum business ache se handle karogi'Tumne bhi isse roka nahi???" he barked at Taani. Before Taani could say something.

"Dad isssme Taani ko bich mei lane ki zaroorat nahi hai'" shouted Rey.

"Shut up!! Ab tum mujhse argue karoge??" his eyes were red in anger.

"Mai argue nahi..but.."

"reyansh!" The moment he looked at her, she nodded her head and asked him to keep quiet.

"whatever'" he said and went out grabbing the car keys. His mom tried to stop him but he wasn't going to listen'As soon as he vanished, Taani turned to mr.Singhania and he continued'

"Dad why don't you give him a chance??"

"tumhe nahi pata iss deal mei kitne risk hai'I have almost lost everything in it because of his stupidity.." Mr.Singhania stopped in the middle as he realized what he was about to say. Mrs.Singhania was flagbastered

"I know dad'" she whispered slowly. Mr.Singahnia looked at her with disbelief'

"Sab jaaanthe hue bhi tum use support kar rahi ho???"

"Haan dad'isse unka gui'"

"I don't care about anything other that the Singhania industries'Ab tum Singhania's ki bahu ho..You should think about our name first'" he said.Mrs.Gayathri silently witnessed the hot conversation that was going on between her husband and daughter in  law.

"Sorry pappa Singhania industries ki betterment ke liye mujhe MRs.Singhania bannae ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Even an ordinary employee can do it.." she finally concluded looking at his eyes.He glared at her arrogance atleast it was arrogance for him. She didn't let him talk. She continued'

" Unfortunately am Mrs.Reyansh Singhania and am overqualified for your requirement. And I will support him at any cost!" she replied straight looking at Rey's father

"Plzz trust him once dad'he is your son after all'" she moved closer to him and whispered in a pleading voice. He just glared at her and moved to the guest room without speaking a word.  Eventhough he was irritated at her behavior somewhere deep inside his heart he could never deny the fact that he admired her confidence and the way she placed his son before anything. After all which dad will not be happy to know that there is someone to take care of their child.

Taani and Mrs.Singhania watched his retreating back. Taani looked at her mother in law. She rustled Taani's hair in an assuring look and followed her husband as she had no words to share except for her silent prayers to settle the issue in a good way and ofcourse she thanked the almighty for binging Taani into her son's life!

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 2:55am | IP Logged

So guys atlast am done with the update….I know kuch zyaada sentimental and less Taarey…I had to include this track for the progress of the chapter….

Hope you ppl are't disappointed… Am so sorry if it didn't meet your requirements…. And YEA THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN POLL AND TELLING THE TRUTH!!

In future updates you can find Rey making all preperations for his wedding day mission along with his project. Will Taani be successful in making Rey come out of his guilt?? And yea what's up with Taani's dad??

Thank you sooo much fr supporting the fanfic and so long and yea expect the same from you for the future chapters too….coz now am writing only for my buddies and not because I was inspired by the show…So guys its your genuine comments and likes which would give me some aspiration to continue the ff!!



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shikha_taarey Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2013 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Yipeee!!!! Me first!!! N dat too before d pm [:D/]
Coming to d update ot was d best one...n one thing which just cant be ignored r d dialouges n d qoutes u hav i cant help it but im gng to tell all my fav lines n dialouges frm dis update!!! Amazing work Clap Clap
So sabse pehle d qoute which was really nice...
." When ur in luv,ur capable of learning everything n knowing things..." loved it
N den ur update starts...taani in d restroom thinking about previous night n blushing...nithi, u havnt shown any taarey romance in d trust me...d way u defined their last night in d first para itself was more dan romantic Embarrassed Embarrassed
Bt den ur words again made me cry
..."Mirror is always d worst enemy one could have. It shows everything crystal clear giving a damn about an individual's emotions" ...its d truth...d way u showed d hurt taani...crying n clutching her wet hairs...everything...i was feeling soo bad for her Cry CryCry
N den d way she convinced herself was soo sweet...n again u used wonderful lines to describe her feelings...
"Well only love can make one do all these madness.A few minutes ago she was crying..." Clap
Den d way she was getting attracted towards rey...n d towel fell frm her hands LOLLOL
I can just imagine how cute rey must be looking while sleeping like a child on d couch Day Dreaming...vaise even ill lose my senses if i see him lyk dat LOL
Awww... rey held her wrist n sweet Day Dreaming...hmmm ...last night rey was in a confused state...u defined his state of confusion soo nicely...n den his dialouge " Kitni cute lag rahi hai MERI Taani" Embarrassed
Both of dem woeking hard for d deal ...hope dey get it..
Poor leena...rey ka gussa jhelna padta hai LOLLOL...n den taani trying to make him calm down by playing basketball wid him...quite smart n sweet too...n taani wearing sleevesless top n shortsWink
N parents bhi kitne galat tym pe embarressed taani must be LOL
Nooo...rey ke dad aise kyu hain... feeling bad dat he doesnt trusts his son Angry Unhappy
N d best part...loved d way taani defended rey...even here ur dialouges amazed me...

"Singhania industries ke betterment ke liye muje Mrs Singhania banane ki jaroorat nahi hai. Even an ordinary employee can do it"...kya dialouge maraa hai yaar!!!Clap
N den " Unfortunately im Mrs Reyaansh Singhania and am overqualified for ur requirement. And ill support him at any cost"....loving dis confident taani who is soo determined to support her reyEmbarrassed
Hope his dad supports rey... n yaa even taani ke dad ko kya hua hai ..i wanna know!!
Update was really nice bt d way u wrote it...hats off nithi!! ClapClap luv u for dis update Hug
Eagerly waiting for two rey taani ko kab propose karega...n wen is their anneversary...n second to see how willl rey win dis deal..!!!
Update soon nithi...will be waiting Big smile
N sorry agar comment chota hai...cuz mobile se comment kiya hai Wink LOL

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