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Taarey ff:Destiny's decision#2 moved to thread 3 (Page 40)

nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:14am | IP Logged

When desire meets reality!!

"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves."


That evening, both of them were casually sitting in the living room after dinner. He was busy with some files while she was flipping the channels in the television.

"Wow'" Rey lifted his head the moment, he heard Taani's voice and looked at her. Her hands stopped over a reality show where a tall handsome guys was performed a brilliant act with his partner..

"That was extraordinary..Aur kitna handsome hai??" she blurted admiring his skills.

"Well that's easy! Nothing special about it'" he said casually. But the hidden fact was he couldn't stand the fact that Taani praised a guy.

"Acha toh aap karke dikhayiye!!" she spoke to him in an indifferent tone.

"Tum mujhe challenge kar rahi ho??"


HE smirked. "Come with me!."  He switched on the music system and performed the same movements with even more perfection.

She watched him with her mouth wide open. Well dance was something which was not in her combo. She couldn't even blink her eyes. His flexibility was something unbelievable for her.

"Awesome!!" she blurted.

"I knew it!!.." he whispered making her come out of her trance..""Waise saach mei yeh bahot easy hai'Infact tum bhi try kar sakthi ho!.." he said casually!

"nahi mujhe try nahi karna!!" she said in a low tone. Rey noticed something weird. Taani and stepping back from something new, that was something really weird for him. In these months since Their marriage, Taani stepping back from something'Well this has never happened. Little did he know that this has never happened because he had never danced ..


"Woh'Waise aapko ek secret batao??"she asked him after hesitating for a moment.


"Reyansh woh..."

"Kya hua??"

"Reyansh woh mera aur dance ka chemistry bahot bura hai..." she said biting her lower lip.

"What??" he smirked at her secret!.

"Haan Reyansh, college parties mei bhi mei dance sirf Shivam aur Prithvi ke saath karti thi...Woh kya haina, I always end up stamping my partner till death.." she said with her head down.

"Really???' he asked with a big smile covered on his face.

"Haan...aur yeh baath siirf mere buddies jaante hai...So i prefer only solo dance...aur couple dance, something out of question for me..."

"Hmmm...Par issme bura manne ka kya baath hai??? I mean you could have easily learnt from someone..."

"Reyansh baath dance ki hai..."


"Agar baath dance hai tho, mujhse bura student koi nahi ho saktha..." she replied falling casually on her couch...

"Acha aisa kisne kaha..." he asked sitting beside her.

"Vishnu ne...Hamare music band mei wahi ek acha dancer hai...kabhi kabhi singing ke saath ham thoda dance bhi karte hai...You know just to add spice to the performance...Aur hamara saara routines Vishnu hi choreograph karta hai...Usssi ne kaha ki mei bahot buri student hoon!!"

"Really?? Chalo isse fikar karne ki kaunsi baathhai...Dekha jaaye tho mei hi iss duniya ka bahot bura singer hoon...Infact if there is a singing competition between me and an ass, am sure the ass would win the competition!!" he laughed at his own joke. But that didn't work out. He could easily sense that she was feeling low.

"chalo...I'll teach you this step. It's easy..." he said in an encouraging tone pulling her to the middle of the living room where he performed a few minutes ago despite her constant hesitation.

"Listen...just focus on my feet!" he said and performed the step again  whispering.."one...two...three and four.." and completed the step gracefully.

"Now you try!!"

"Hmm...So its ..three and four..that is...move strech..bend and turn!!"

"Perfect...chalo ek aur baar..."

She did the same once again probably better this time.

"Good! chalo..ab saath mei karte hai...First always look at your partner's eyes and perform! Right!!"

"Hmm..." she whispered

The moment she looked at his, she was lost. She was lost in him. His honey brown eyes never failed to mesmerize her. She forgot her steps and ended up landing on his feet..

"Ouch!!" he cried.

"Sorry! Sorry...this time I'll do it properly...But are you OK??" she said.

"Hmm...Am ok!"

And this time she completed her step perfectlybut her entire concentration was on her feet that she almost forgot to look at him even once.

"Taani look at me.."

After trying for 3 or 4 times, she was frustrated.

"Nahi ho raha hai mujhse...Am not able to do both!!" she complained with a cute pout on her face.He just admired her. She looked like a small kid who was upset over something silly. He wondered how many new faces she possessed which he was yet to discover.

"Ab iska ek hi solution hai..." he said atlast.

"kya??" she asked in a least interested tone.Poor soul, after all her attitude didn't allow her to accept defeat.

"Step on my toes Taani.." he whispered.

She looked at him. Their eyes met the next fraction. She was sure that she was dreaming.."What??" she asked him in a doubtful tone.

"taani I said step on my toes.."

"You must be kidding!!"

"Am not!" he cut her in between...

"Par Reyansh.." she dragged looking here and there. Her hesitation and shyness which was clearly visible on her eyes brought a wicked smile on his face. He took a step closer to her reducing their distance. He used his index finger to lift her chin making her eyesmeet his. He whispered..."Trust me!!"...

Her hazel balls met his that moment. Her body was no more under control. She involuntaarily moved backwards her eyes was still fixed on him. She removed her sandals and moved closer to him. They both looked at each other. The soft breeze rushed through the open window and brushed their faces gently. Her loose hair danced to the music in air. She placed her left hand on his broad shoulders followed by her left leg. Her hands were cold like ice and his body was warm glittering all over with sweat. When her cold hands came in contact with his warm body, she shivered. She felt weird yet eternal. Soon he felt her entire weight on him when she placed her right foot on his. She tried her level best, to restrict herself with minimal touch, but it wasn't possible. And this time he didn't have to remind her to look at him because her hazel ball were transfixed on him for a long time which had almost forgotten to blink

 Her discomfort and shyness fascinated him. Unknowingly a smile crept on his face. The mere thought of how her organs would reciprocate when he touched her made him feel great. Who would believe that a strong headed business women, who mesmerized everyone with her wits, the women who could make any saint go insane always fell for hischarm as if he possessed her with a spell.

While he was held up with so many thoughts, here Taani was struggling due to imbalance. She had to take care of so many things. She tried to stand straight without falling and more than that she had to make sure that she wouldn't tremble in his close proximity. She looked here and there trying to find a suitable place to hold him, her eyeswandered everywhere except his spellbinding eyes. The moment he lifted his feet to the beats, she felt like losing herbalance.

"Mujhse nahi hoga Reyansh...bahot mushkil hai..." she murmured and stepped down from his feet. Rey did not anticipate this.

"I'll help you!!" he murmured and moved forward filling the gap between them which she had created a few seconds ago.He slid his fingers from her shoulders to her wrist through her soft arms which were completely visible through her sleeveless night t-shirt.She shivered. Her hands weremore softer than any newly bloomed flower. His touch brought tiny goose bumps onher feathery skin which looked like fresh dew drops on a flower. He took her arms and gently wrapped them around his neck. She looked at him. He held her waist bringing her more closer.

And both of them never knew when she managed to step on his toes. He swayed her gently to the music. Both of them had no idea of what musicwas going on...They were already lost in a different world. A world where they heard their own music.Or the better phrase would be they were moving to the rhythm of their heart beats lost in each other'e eyes. All that she could remember was her favourite lines from her favourite song...

Mujhko na jitna mujh pe, Utna iss dil ko tujh pe

Hone laga aitbaar

Tanha lamhon mein apne, Bunti hoon tere sapne

Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar !!

Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa, Chaahun main ya naa

Tere khaabon mein ab jeena, Chaahun main kyun naa!

Her strands of hair kept moving forward disturbing her. He gently moved those strands behind her ears brushing her soft cheeks with his hard fingers. She closed her eyes that moment.If this was a dream, she wanted tocapture it forever. HE smiled at her.He gently brought her more closer that almost their foreheads touched.Taani dared not to open her eyes at any cost, because by now she had completely convinced herself that she was dreaming...

He was just loving it. Her blush, her smile, her discomfort everything seemed to be damn exciting to him. He gently rustled her cheeks with his nose tip drowning her into a pool of pleasure. She felt weird. Well she didn't know how she felt. Probably seducing,ticklish or any other feeling which was yet to be named in the dictionary.

His nose travelled all along her cheek to her earlobes and came back to where he started. Her grip on his neck grew tighter that he need not have to hold her waist anymore to support her. His right arm was still holding her protectively while his left wandered over her back, getting lost somewhere in her dense loose hair. For every passing second, for every heavy breath of hers which made her chest collide with his strong muscles ina periodic motion made him go crazy. All his attempts to stay in his boundaries and hold on his desires were fading away as he saw her lips just a few inches away from his.

Her breathing turned heavier for every passing second. Every time when her chest collided with his as an effect of her heavy breathe, he was losing his senses'His hands which were lost somewhere in her hair finally found her neck. Her fingers trailed over his broad shoulders gently, while the other hand embraced his neatly set hair. His fingers slithered in between her locks of hair.

That moment was eternal to both of them. That moment was something which both of them couldn't define either. Was that a hug?? No it's something more than that! Was that a kiss..well we can say that either'That was different'A moment where they just felt each other and that's it!!!

But we can't stay in the world of dreams forever. A pinch of reality appeared in front of him when he felt her nails pierce through his flesh drawing him closer unable to withstand the sweet suffering of his touch.

"What are you doing! Tu tho almost apna pura plan karab karne wala tha!!" his self conscious which was fighting with his harmones for a long time, finally won and spoke out. He opened his eyes and still But he had no intention to leave her either. Her eyes wer still closed. She had fully surrendered to him. He gently moved his face away from her cheeks and looked at her face still holding her in his embrace.

Khoya hun main aagosh mein

Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein

Makhmali raat ki ho na subah

Be intehaan, be intehaan..


He heard the music play reflecting the scene in front of him where both of them were lost!

He Moved towards her ears and gently whispered her name'"Taani!"

"Hmm'" that was all he could hear as a response. The truth is she couldn't say anything more that either,

"I want to say something'" and looked at her eyes. She opened them slowly.

"Mei'tumse yeh kehna chahtha hoon ki'"


He looked at her eyes and continued'"Ki tum sach mei bahot buri student ho!!" he said and started laughing.

She felt like he had suddenly slapped her asking her to come out of the paradise where she was lost a few minutes ago!! Her desires, ecstasy, her dreams were shattered suddenly. Her cheeks which were adored by line of blush now seem to run away out of guilt and ofcourse they were being replaced by anger.

The soothing music was still playing but it wasn't soothing to her anymore. She found herself still standing on his toes. She pushed him behind and got down all of a sudden making him take a break from his so called funny joke!!

She had a lump on her throat.

"Mei'Mei buri student hoon??" she threw the pillow from the couch.

"Hey'hey..wait!!" he shouted catching all the pillows she had thrown.

But her anger were beyond any boundaries today. She hastly moved upstairs to her bedroom.


"hey crap!!" he murmured and moved behind her.

He reached her and was almost about to bang the door shut when he caught it in the middle and entered.

"Taani ruko!! '" he kept repeating behind her. She was in the verge of crying at the same time she decided she wouldn't shed a drop in front of him.

"Taani listen!" he shoued holding her shoulders and made he turn forcefully!

"Taani mei bas mazaak kar raha tha!!"

"Aapko yeh mazaak lagtha hai??"

"yeh matlab??"

There was silence. What was she supposed to say?? The truth that she felt bad when he played with her emotions or the reason that she was angry that he mocked at her. Well though she could cheat anyone that she meant the second one, she knew that she would never be able to cheat her inner self which knew what really hurt her to the core. But ofcourse her attitude not her attitude, attitude of any girl let her be modern or homely, she would never expose such feeling to anyone, not even her husband. They are her priceless possessions. Probably that's why every eve on this earth is unique and none of the adams have ever been successful in understanding her. But wait his question was still hanging in air.

She glared at him more'

"okay!! Am sorry! Am sorry Taani'Dekho kaaan pakadke sorry!!"

"Mujhe koi sorry nahi sunnna!"

"Acha tumhara sara punishment mujhe manzoor hai'"

She looked at him. She was hurt. He had messed with her. Now she would make him pay for that. But what will she ask him do. The guy in front of her wasn't her enemy that she would show him what she can do. Neither can he spare him. She looked around.


Her roamed all over their bedroom. Suddenly her eyes fell on her bed where she was sitting'

"aap'Haan Aap aaj couch par soyenge!! Don't even dare to come near the bed.." she replied with a straight face.

"What??" he asked unable to believe himself. After all this kind of punishment was new to him.

"mei nahi sounga couch pe!! Damn its uncomfortable'" he pouted and she looked at him.

"Tum kuch aur task do!!" he replied trying to sit on the bed.

"Nahi!!" she shouted and he was startled that he stood up.

"Reyansh am not running a competition to assign you a different task, neither am I giving you an option'Am telling you to sleep on the couch!" she replied with her hands on her hip.

He was just loving it. Probably for the first time, he felt like their relationship was turning similar to that of an typical married couple. But ofcourse he can't accept her conditions just like that too!!

"Okay!! Tho mei guest room mei so jaunga!!"

"No!!" she warned

"Yes!!!"he said taking a step towards her. Their eyes met.

"Your wish!!" she murmured and switched off the lamp and settled on the bed wrapping the entire blanket for herself while he just stood there in the dark unable to decide what to do!!



"Sorry dad Singhania industries ki betterment ke liye mujhe MRs.Singhania bannae ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Even an ordinary employee can do it. Unfortunately am Mrs.Reyansh Singhania and am overqualified for your requirement. And I will support him at any cost!" she replied straight looking at Rey's father while Mrs.Gayathri Singhania had no words to share except for her silent prayers for binging Taani into her son's life!

So atlast the update is ready!!

I don't know if I had fulfilled your expectation!!

But still just waiting for your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism to evaluate my work!!

And the song credit goes to Aashique and Be Intehaan!!




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riyataarey Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:28am | IP Logged
unress yaay me first
awsm update it reminded me of rehersal hall sequence yaare confession dedo
aur wow mitwa anniversay par paisa vasul update milgaya nxt part update soon
will be waiting n thnks fr pm

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alef_mgr Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Res/ Unres
The danceee Hayeee m dead EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Beautiful n Uske baad the way they expressed their emotions...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Bechara Rey Couch pe sona padega use LOLLOL But koi ni itna toh chalta he.. Superb update Nithi Loved it to the coree... SmileSmile Update soon LOLBig smileSmileEmbarrassed

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..Deepkriti.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged
it was so romantic!! loved it yaar!! rey bechara!! aur karo jokes!! ab soyega guest room mein

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shamanbk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 2:11am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved Taani's punishment to Rey and intensity between Taarey when they were dancing mind blowing
precap is amazing
please update soon and pm me

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-GoluGudiya- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Dii !! Aapne Update Kiya Voh Bhi Itna Fast !! An On this Date !! Main Aaj Double Khush Hun !! First Happy Mitwa Anniversary and Itna Romantically Cute Update Padne Ko Mila !!! Thank You ! Hug
Now, the update ! Let me say, when I read the title, I was shocked !! When Desires Meet Reality Wink ...
Taani impressed By another guy isn't really suiting Rey isn't it !! Kisi aur Ko Kya praise Kiya Ki Jealous Ho Gaya !!
And Obviously, Jab Rey Challenge lets hai Toh usse fulfil Karke hi rehte hai ! Taani Toh mesmerised the Gayi !! And I liked That Rey noticed when Her Tone went a bit low ... Taani was stepping back from trying something New !! So Unlike Taani !
Taani and Dance Ka Chemistry !! LOL but Taani Ko Couple Dance Nahi aata !! And Humara Hero Will Try to teach her ! Interesting ... Taani Toh Fance Ki sabse buri student Nikki aur Rey singing Mein !! ROFL
Well Looks Like It the first try didn't turn out to well since our Taani was so lost in her Rey ! Day Dreaming
Aare Yaar Yeh Toh Frustrate Ho Gayi !! Angry ... Rey ka solution sabse best Tha !! Step on my toes !! Day Dreaming
Dii Uske Baad Toh Mein Kuch Bol nahi Sakti !! Taani and Rey couldn't help but look into their eyes !! Their Magical Ramtic Moments were passing through ... Their Desires really turning into reality !! And The Music with soothing songs like Chahun main Yaa Na And Be Intehaan !! Embarrassed
But Rey Ko apna Yaad Karna Tha ! Angry ... Taani felt as if her feelings were being played with Cry ... And Kya Punishment Diya ! Sofa pe so jaao ROFL
In the End bechara had to sleep in the guest room Unhappy
Haila ! PreCap Mein Drama !! Sasur-Bahu ka Jhagda !! But Taani is fully supporting Rey !!
Dii !! I have said this many times before and I can repeat it again and again and again ... I love your writing skills !! Beautiful ! I can literally read the whole FF countless times !! Amazing Work !!

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tharu01 Goldie

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omg..its so romantic..hayee..I loved it a lot...Big smileBig smileupdate soon d next part waiting as usualWinkLOL

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meghu2000 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 2:49am | IP Logged
LOVED IT... it was pretty philosophical too... but now i am even more eager for the next update. please update it soon!!! 
p.s. thanks for the pm! U MADE MY DAY!

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