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Taarey ff:Destiny's decision#2 moved to thread 3 (Page 3)

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can't wait for the updates

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cong. for 2nd thread...
pls. update soon.
Goonies4Ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 8:50am | IP Logged

it tuk me agz 2 read this ff. i lov dis ff itz amazingggClapThumbs UpSmile update soon and do pm me n congrtzzzClap

dazedworld Goldie

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congratulations and celebrations... muwahs baby... am waiting for a 3rd thread too... you're the best and you write amazingly this is a fact !! 

itni tareef karli ab toh update kar do *joining hands*
plls update soonish and pm me !

congrats again ! *hugs*
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Hey guys!!



Guys I know you people are mad at me for not updating yesterday…But yaar that wasn't my fault..We had full power shutdown and internet was completely out of question…

But Still am sorry for not keeping up my word…So as a compensation, I thought of giving a MEGAUPDATE specially for those who were waiting for me to update!!! 

Love Nithi!SmileSmileSmile

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Part1: Career or Passion??

At mumbai,

This was a difficult day not just for Rey but for the entire gang. They reached Mumbai the day before and all arrangements for them to leave was perfectly done. Rey felt a small stroke of sunlight in the completely dark room when Swayam and Sharon agreed to stay one more day. Even Taani missed the gang. The thought of missing MAYA was the only thing she couldn't digest. She loved kids and she herself never knew how she managed to attract MAYA. Probably that's because MAYA used to be the only one who joined her innocence about the stupid jokes which the gang used to crack. Most of the time someone or the other helped her in explaining the joke which would be relateted to D3 gang's college life. But ofcourse she can't expect this always.

The hall was filled with variety of expressions that day. Taani was busily held up with some work in her room. The guys were engrossed in some deep conversation probably about their workplace. Vicky was busy helping Neha in dressing up MAYA. Sharon and the other girls were busy packing and ofcourse gossiping. Soon everyone assembled at the hall and the girls too reached there dragging their heavy suitcases..HEAVY!! This word would suit not alone their bags but also their heart which is going to leave with lots of memories!

"Cool dude! I hope we get many more opportunities like this!!" said Neil and everyone were busy hugging each other.

"Waise Taani kahan hai??" asked Sharon..

Before Rey could answer something, he heard Taani's voice.."Mei yahan hoon!" she said coming down the stairs all smiling. She was wearing a simple gown and she looked neat and elegant.

"Cool! So guys ab Taani bhi aa chuki hai..So I wanna say something.." said Rey.

"What??" asked Swayam!

"Kahin kuch good news bolne wale ho kya??" asked Amar and the gang burst out laughing. Taarey looked at each other and they blushed as no other emotion supported them at that moment.

"Guys mei bas itna kehna chahta hoon ki THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Guys mujhe aaj bhi yakeen nahi ho raha hai ki hum sab saath mei hain! I..I mean guys believe me or not am sooo lucky to have you guys in my life!.." he said with a smile and a tear covering his eyes and blurring the image in front of him.

"Yaar kuch bhi..." the gang whispered under their breathe with a smile and pain in their heart.

"No guys...Am sure you guys must be angry on me for leaving you.." he said and the gang looked at each other nodding their head in affirmation..

"Guys maine aap sab kho bina bataye chale gaya...And I didn't even stay in touch with you..But still you guys chose to visit me on my birthday..." His tears took leave from his eyes now.

"kabhi kabhi lagtha hai..I'm not worthy to deserve your love..." he broke down saying this.

The girls almost had tears on their eyes, while the guys moved forward to calm him down.

"You are the best buddy one could ever get Rey!" said Swayam holding his shoulders.

"Nahi Swayam...Agar tum log yahan nahi aate tho shayaad mei yeh kushi aur contentment kabhi mehsoos nahi kar pata.."

"Waise dude..To confess the truth, we were angry on you.." Rey looked at Vicky with a shocking expression while Neil continued..Thanks hame nahi SHARON ko bolo. Ussi ne hame convince kiya"..

Sharon and Swayam looked at each other and then at Taani. Taani just smiled at them. At the same time, Rey ran towards Sharon and hugged her tight! Sharon was startled for a moment.

"Thank you soo much SHARON...SHARON you are the best buddy one could ever get.."

He released her from his tight embrace and continued..."Sirf tum hi ho jo mujhe itna ache se jaanthi ho!" Sharon's eyes were filled with tears now. She looked at Swayam for support. Here Rey continued.."Aur life long iss guilt ke saath he rehta..You don't know what you have done to me.." rey was shivering and in fact searching for words. He was on cloud9 thanking all the GOD for giving Sharon in his life!

"Shayad tumse acha koi bhi mujhe nahi aur dad bhi nahi..." he completed hugging her tight once again. That was the moment when Taani felt a small lump on her throat. But she cleared her thoughts the moment she felt Swayam's gaze on her...

Sharon looked at Taani with a sorry expression and said.."Woh REy actualy..." she was about to continue but Taani nodded her head asking Sharon to keep quiet.

And Sharon obeyed her. Taani passed her a THANK YOU EXPRESSION! But little did Taani know that Sharon was dying out of guilt here. She was getting appreciation for something which his wife did. She wanted to shout to the world that it was Taani who called them and requested her to convince the others too. It was Taani who loved him to the care and understood him better. But she couldn't. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Swayam noticed her helplessness and said

"Aisa nahi hai dude...You are the most luckiest man on Earth jo tumse bahot pyaar karte hain..." he said looking at Taani and Swayam and Taani's eyes met for a moment. He continued moving towards Rey.."Probably tumne apne last birth par kuch aisa kiya hai ki tumhe...Ta..." he saw Taani's shocked expression and changed his phrase ."ki tumnhe ham sab mile...What say guys???" he said in a loud mocking tune stretching his hands in Sharuk khan style and the mood lightened there. The gang agreed shouting .."YES!!" raising their collar and giving him their traditional attitude look. Everyone smiled.

He moved towards Rey and continued..."Waise dude...Now She is my wife...Kitna hug karega tu??"he said with a frowning face and Rey and Sharon had their mouth open. Sharon curved her eyebrows and glared at Swayam while the entire gang burst out laughing!!

Soon the watchman entered and informed Taani that he had booked 2 cabs and it would reach anytime.

"Waise sab kuch teek hai..Ab kal se back to our hectic schedule.." said Neil with his hands on his jeans pocked and disappointment in his eyes.

"Haan back to our" said Neha.

"Aur Dance??" asked Taani and everyone looked at her with their eyebrows raised.

"dance..." said Simmi and smirked..

"Guys one sec..."she said and connected her phone to the TV and played a video. The expression of every member in the hall changed on seeing the video. Initially it was shock, Later their lips turned to a curve. She played the video at Shivam's concert where she performed with Shivam at GOA. Soon she turned to everyone and spoke...

"Guys just look at yourself...You guys were happy while doing this..Kya yeh kushi aapko apni kaam me milta hai??"

Everyone looked at her. They didn't have an answer. Well the better words would be they knew the answer but they weren't ready to confess it. Vishaka was the first one to get out of this spell created by Taani.

"Taani so mean hame apna kaam chodkar apna passion chunna chahiye right??"

"Yes! I want you guys to give it a chance!"

"If that's the case then why did you take business as your career option??"Everyone looked at Taani...

"Vishaka..." Rey shouted

"Let me complete Rey...Even your friend is a successful singer and you guys had a band at college right?" she said looking at Taani..."and one more thing...Things can be easily said than done! Just look at your husband...He is a successful business man...Aur uska passion bhi DANCE hai..." Taani and Rey looked at each other. The rest of the gang were rooted to the place. They didn't know what to say..They knew Vishaka was right! Hence they chose to keep quiet.

"Agar Rey achanak apna business chodkar Dance ko apna career option banayega tho kya tum usse accept karogi??" Vishaka shot at Taani.

Now everyone looked at Taani expecting an answer.

Taani took a long breathe and continued...

"First let me clear one thing! Haan Mera ek band tha...But guys maine kabhi bhi singing mein apna career nahi dekha...It was just an hobby for me.. And yea business isn't an option for me.Its my dream, my ambition since childhood.. Mei hamesha ek acha business woman hi banna chahthi thi apni dad ki tarah!" her voice was straight and a smile crept on her face while saying this which portrayed what business really meant to her. Rey looked at her face which was filled with pride. He used have the same expression whenever he called himself a dancer in front of others.

She went to Vishaka and continued.."ANd yea mei yahi chahthi hoon ki Reyansh bhi apne passion ko ek aur chance de..." she completed looking at him. Their eyes met. No one spoke there. The silence was disturbed when the gang heard the car horn. The watchman entered and informed Rey that the cabs arrived. Everyone looked at each other...

"Anyways guys...It's just a piece of my mind! Do think about it!!!" she said with a smile and gang returned her smile. Taani went to MAYA and bent down to her height and kissed her cheek while MAYA returned the same. She gifted a cute teddy and chocolate box to MAYA while Maya jumped in excitement...The atmosphere turned to a lighter one and everyone smiled at the cute antics of Taani and MAYA.

Part2: I love you Taani!!

That evening,

Sharon and Taani were busy at the kitchen while Rey and Swayam chose to spend some time in the swimming pool. Sharon was sitting in the adjoining dining table busy showing her their academy pisc and Rey's childhood pics with her. Taani smiled at Sharon and yea secretly admired how handsome her hubby was in his childhood. She was cooking the dinner and chatting with Sharon in between.

Taani tumhe fotloose ke baare mei pata hai?? Asked Sharon

"Haan! I know..Mere college iss baat ko lekar bhot bada hype create karte the!!" she smirked

"You know our dance team won the footloose...Aur isse ham dhoom dham se celebrate kiye!! 

Taani how can I forget to show this video.Wait!! she said and played the video.

<<click here to see the video...It will give you a better picture>>

Wow Sharon!! You guys are awesome. And yea your dressing sense rockzz..Par issme Reyansh kahan hai.."

"Are woh tho RIA ke saath..."Sharon stopped in the middle and looked at Taani...

At the same time,

"Dude kya soch raha hai tu???" asked rey to Swayam.

"Taani ke baare mei.." said Swayam lost in his own thoughts.

"Tu Taani ke baare mi kyun soch raha hai??" asked Rey with his eyebrows raised...

"Hey...bas aise hi...ab tu jealous mat hona okay!!" said Swayam!

"Mei kabhi jealous nahi hota.." he said placing his bare foot in the cold water of the pool.

"Acha to iska matlab tu jab apne suhaagraat ke baare Shivam ko bataya...Tu jealous nahi ta..right??" Swayam asked with is innocence brimming in his face. Rey remembered that moment. Probably if he would list all the stupid deeds of his life, this incident would have topped the list!! He smirked.

"Waise dude! How did you guys end up getting married??" asked Swayam.

"Well we met at Krish's marriage!And.."

"And sparks flew between you guys and..." continued Swayam!

"hey chill...No sparks flew between us. It was just our families were impressed with each other and we ended up getting married.." he said a single breathe.

"hmm...My guess was right! Warna tum aur ways" said Swayam once going back to his pool of thoughts!!

"Hey wait...What are you trying to say??"

"I know what tu bahot emotional hai..." Rey looked at him..

"Haan Rey jitna strong dikhtha hai tu uthna strong nahi hai!Dude if you something goes wrong or unexpected you can never take it..Uss waqt tume itna gussa aata hai ki koi tumhe handle nahi kar saktha!Par Taani man she is cool and witty! Usse gussa hi nahi aata" he said with surprise filled in his eyes.

"Dude tumhe nahi pata...Usse mujhse zyaada gussa aata hia!!" said REY


"Aur jab gussa hokar mujhe ignore karti just don't ask me...I just go mad!! Usse manana bahot mushkil ho jatha hai!!"

"And yea bahot ziddi hai!! Saath saath cute aur caring bhi..." Rey was now lost in his own world.

"Shivam was right uske paas saare problems ka solution hai!!" .He laid down on the grass and continued...

"Pata hai Swayam?? You are right!! Idiot hoon mei...Apne problems ka solution itna pass tha  aur mujhe pata hi nahi chala!!" he said dreamily. Swayam could not understand what Rey was saying. He was about to question but stopped himself and continued listening to Rey carefully!

"Haan Swayam...jaise maine apna past uske saath share kia..I felt light!"

Swayam was startled to hear this. Did he do that??? The past which he never chose to share with anyone even his best buddy, he shared with Taani. Swayam forgot to blink. If Swayam hadn't heard Rey and Ria's conversation at the parking lot, he would have never known the truth till date!!

"err...SHaron its OK!! Mujhe sab pata hai!!" she said holding Sharon's shoulder with an assuring smile plastered on her face!

"what?? Tumhe sab pata hai??i mean Kaise??" asked Sharon completely perplexed.

"woh! Reyansh ne khud bataya..." she said.

Sharon was startled. Rey who was there to shoulder everyone's problem never chose to share his own problem with anyone. And today he shared it with Taani. Sharon abruptly stood up from the chair and her mobile fell down breaking into pieces. Taani was startled and she was about to pick it up but Sharon just cared a damn about it. She just pulled Taani for a tight hug!! Taani could not understand Sharon's behaviour.

"What happened Sharon?? Is everything Okay??" she asked with care and concern in her voice.

"Yea! Now everything will be ok!!" she whispered. She closed her eyes and thanked the almighty for bringing Taani in her buddy's life. She was happy that atlast Rey had begun to trust someone ONCE AGAIN!!

Rey got up suddenly and looked at Swayam..

"Swayam tumhe pata hai...jab maine Taani ko apne past ke baare mei bataya usne kya kaha??" Swayam was about to ask What but Rey didn't allow him to talk...he just continued!

"Usse kaha ki woh meri foolishness se impressed hai...Swayam she said SHE IS IMPRESSED!!" he said. He was jumping in excitement like a kid who would jump when  he was offered a candy.

"Bahot pyaar karta haina tum Taani se??" asked Swayam.

Rey was startled to hear this from Swayam."Pyaar???" he questioned.

"Haan aur kya??" asked Swayam. Today he wanted to make Rey realize his love for Taani at any cost!

"Actually am not sure!! Ria ke baath..."

"Dude..When you find Shivam knows Taani better, you become jealous. When Taani's upset you go crazy. When she's hurt, you get hurt even more. You guys understand each other, respect each other, and you can't deny but you admire her and more than that you trust her...Dude just enlighten me what does it mean???" asked Swayam and looked at Rey waiting for an answer...

Rey closed his eyes and felt all his best moments with her...

"Reyansh your eyes speak!!" she said on their suhaagraat.

"Agar foolishness ki wajah pyaar hai tho am impressed with your foolishness."

"mei yahi chahthi hoon ki Reyansh bhi apne passion ko ek aur chance de..."

The way she closed her eyes unable to withstand his hotness and his water droplets on the broken bed.

At the same time Taani completed her kitchen chores and reached her room for refreshment. She stood near the window and gazed at the calm sky. Her thoughts took her to the day when Shivam was about to leave for Korea...Rey left Taani and Shivam and moved away under the pretext of some phone call giving them their  personal space..

"Soo..." asked Taani

"Soo what??" asked Shivam.

"you are planning to use this theme for the concert??" asked Taani

"Yea! AWesome rigt?? I dedicate this to you! You always pestered me to do one album in this theme..." he winked at her???

She looked at him. Though his voice was chirpy, his eyes spoke something else.

"Yeh mere liye nahi...par Meghna ke liye compose kiya right??" she asked him.

He looked at her. After all how could he speak?? He must have known that lying to Taani would be the biggest mistake he could ever do! All that he could do was to return a smile with a slight nod saying yes!! TEARS!! the perfect weapon created by GOD to express your emotion. She hugged him tight and stood like that for a moment. Without breaking the hug she asked him in a low tone.."dude kya pahla pyaar boolna itna mushkil hai??"

Shivam broke the hug and looked at her. He smirked and replied.."Taani its not about first love or second..All that matters is Love..And only LOVe.. jo maine Megna ke saath feel kiya. Taani we never shared much words. Her eyes spoke all her emotions. Taani I always feel her around even though she is no more in this world.

"Shivam does that mean you cannot fall for any other girl now??" Shivam could sense some curiosity in her voice. So he decided to play his prank.

"Who said I din't want to move on??? After Meghna left, I thought I'll marry either you or Shruthi..But I was upset when I saw Shruthi's marriage invitation. But still I consoled myself thinking you'll marry me but even you chose to get married to Singhania!! I hate Singhania's...Man I am sure these people know some black magic..That's why both of you forgot an eligible bachelor and married the Singhania's !!My fate.." he said placing his hands on his forehead in a melodrama manner.

"Tum kabhi nahi sudharoge!!" she said hitting his head while Shivam burst out laughing!!Then Sivam continued "Taani its not that I'd never move on in my life...If destiny gives me a chance to fall in love again..I'd never disrespect it.."

And yea...Love itself is special Taani and if the question is about first love! Ofcourse its special...After all for the first time, it teaches you to live and die for someone else.."

Rey opened his eyes with a jerk. A huge smile crept on his face!! "Dude iska matlab!!..." he dragged looking at Swayam.

"Iska matlab wahi hai jo tum soch raha hai!!" said Swayam placing his hands on his shoulders.

"Par kya woh bhi mere baare yahi sochthi hai??"

"Rey she loves you!! Her love can't be explained in words.." he said remembering how Taani convinced them to meet REY and didn't even want to take the credit of her work!!

"And if you are asking me how I know...Sorry dude! I don't have an answer..BUT!! mark my words Am very sure about it!!"

Rey looked at Swayam for a moment. After all Swayam is the majnu of their gang and no one knows about love better than him. REY jumped in joy shouting.."Dude!! This means I LOVE TAANI AND SHE LOVES ME TOO!! DUDE WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!" he jumped in joy and jumped into the swimming pool pulling Swayam with him!!

Taani came out of her thoughts the moment she heard the sound of splashing water. She looked towards the pool from her window. She saw Rey jumping in joy while Swayam looked irritated..A smile crept on her face!! Both of them got out of the pool or rather Swayam dragged him out of the pool. Rey took out his mobile and browsed for Taani's pic and smiled at it!!

"Kitne kush hain apne dost ke saath!! Will I ever be able to give him this happiness..." she murmured under her breathe...

"Aaj mei bahot kush hoon! I feel like floating in air just because of you..." he murmured looking at Taani's pic while Swayam just smiled at his friend sitting on the steel rails of the pool and drying himself.

"Will I ever be special to him??like the way he is to me!" her fingers held the window panes and she questioned herself.

"Aaj mere life mei tumse zyaada special aur koi nahi hai!" he whispered to himself smiling at his mobile.

"Will he ever love me??" she thought lost in her own world gazing at the dark sky!

"I love You Taani! And thank you for coming in my life and making me believe in love once again!!"

They were lost in their own pool of thoughts. The nature, the cool breeze and the stars were the only common spectator of Taarey and their thoughts. They stars passed a wicked smile to each other and looked at the 2 dumb human souls in front of them who loved each other and yet complicated things..

Or probably could it be that the stars and the nature already knew what was written in their destiny and just eagerly waiting to watch the play!!


Guys please hit like and pass your comments...I had planned Rey's realization only in the next chapter...but as a compensatoin for not keeping up my word...I have given you a very lengthy update...








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raveena1 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 3:46am | IP Logged
congrats for ur second thread..PartyParty

coming to update... wrd can define tht how much i lovd was just mind blowing.

the way u explained gangs situation was amazing...yuhuuu swaron r staying one more day.
d way u explained taani and maya's bond is amazing...she is really like a sweet and innocent child.,..lovd this that maya accompanies her when gang cracks a stupid joke...yep they bth are so innocent.(lovd this part a lot-taani.maya part)

Amar's joke was amazing...haaye taarey blushed on this.

sharon was so guilty for not telling d tryth to rey but taani stopped her.
nyc one taayam and taaron understands each other so well.they can read each others  expressions and eyes.

visakha's ques was crrct somewhere...lovd taani's reply...her love,dedication and passion for bussiness and rey's proud feeling was amazing...and the way taani explained evrything and she wants rey to follow his very nyc. cutie pie...hamesha sabko cheer up karta h...i really lovd swayam in ur stry...the way he supports and understands taani n rey...but he'll never stop cracking this"my wife" wala joke...hamesha sabko yaad dilata rahega.LOLLOL

My god...this was  so so so so so amazing..
lovd taaron's talk.

swayan sudhar  ja tu taani ke baare mein kyu sochta h...humara majnu kaafi h taani ke baare mein sochne ke liye...LOL

reyam  talk was amazing...
swayam wil forever tease him for that"suhagraat waala part"...heheeheLOLLOL

yep rey u were jealous...swayam ke saath saath maine bhi notice kiya jhooth mat bol gadhe.

lovd swaron's rxn when taarey told them that rey shared his part,his true feelings wih taani.

haaye rey is such a cutie pie...abhi tak taani ke dialogue pe atka pada hai...arre haan baba taani tujh jaise  FOOL (hindi wala) ko pyaar karti h..yep she is IMPRESSED.

wow swayam made him realise that he love her...rey rembering taani's wrds was amazing...

taavam flashback part was so i got it why taani is sad...and may be she is scared that rey will never frgt his first love...shivam's joke part was saddy update  laughed on that part...amazing.

d way rey was explaing taani was like Shocked...itna acche se jaanta h usko...and swayam sudden question gave me shock.

reyam in pool...hahahhahhaha...rey kabhi nahi sudhrega ...ROFLROFL

NANANNANANANANANAAA...NANAAAN...yipeee he finally realised that he love her...DancingDancing

at end when rey and taani were speaking their respective lines...answering each others ques ...was amzing...Smile

overall...FAB update dear...lovd it a lot.while reading realisation part my eyes were flled with tears and a smile was on my lips...this proves that this part was out of  this wrld...BEST realisation part i ever read in any stry on IF...thanks a lot for so long cmmnt is also long WinkWinkWink

i want to mention one thing...ur writting style is mind-blowing yaar...i mean when  read a line of ur update ,many ques arises in my mind...but in next scnd after reading 2nd line..i get all d u can predict that what doubts will appear in readers mind...anyways its just wat i feel...but really amazing update.

typical line again----plz update soon...i m dying to read nxt.

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