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So is the next update!! But before that plzz let me know if you feelits dragging or losing its charm...Coz sometimes it happens... And yea am planning to end the ff by the end of this month...
So ab mujhe jaldi update tho dena hi padega!!!
Just thank you for bearing with me and my delay!!

They walked in magnificently! Almost every head spared a moment to look at the brimming beauty of the couple walking there. And if there could be a word that we could hear from every tongue being whispered as a complement to the couple walking in front of them, it would be "Perfect!!"

Yes his trendy yet elegant look and her sexy yet eternal beauty were perfectly portrayed by the costumes they had picked for each other.


"Sire! May I help you!!"

"Yea we would like to have a table for two! Preferably a private one!" said Rey with a gentle smile fixed on his face while Taani just looked at him with her eyebrows raised...Well she couldn't predict what was cooking in his brain as requesting a private table was yet another weird deed she expected from him. First he chose an outfit for her which he had never done...Or probably she was always convinced herself that she was the best when it came to dressing sense and there was any need for him to help her out. And now he requested a private table.. He hadn't requested a private table even during their so called official first dinner after wedding. But her train of thoughts were interrupted when she heard the voice of the waiter addressing them.

"Sorry sire! All the private table have been booked and am afraid to inform you that we don't have any couple table free either!"

Well that was a big disappointment for Rey. His first step towards his mission Proposal seemed to fail. But ofcourse he could execute his mission anywhere. He decided to look for another restaurant. But before he could say something...

"That's absolutely fine Reyansh! I think we can manage!!" her sweet voice disturbed him.

Now he couldn't deny her. He nodded yes cursing his fate. They headed towards the table shown by the waiter. That was a normal 4 seater. He pulled out a chair for her and she smiled as she comfortably settled down. He settled down in front of her. There was silence for a moment. And now that they had settled down, he didn't know how to start...

"err..wwoh Taani!'


"I just wanted to say something Taani..." he said rustling his hair.

"And that is.." she asked leaning forward.

"That is...Taani...I feel..hap"

"We feel honoured at your presence sire!"

Both taani and Rey were startled and both of them turned around to find a tall waiter standing near the table with a broad smile.

"Thank you! Even I feel grateful for being here..." he said in an irritated tone which the waiter could not make out but Taani could. She glared at rey with her eyebrows raised.

"Can I have the order please..."

Taani placed an order instantly. She couldn't understand why but she felt she had to get rid of the waiter soon as she was sure that Rey would end up doing something embarrassing.

As soon as the waiter disappeared,

"Reyansh uske saamne aise shakal banane ki kya zaroorat thi??" she asked straight looking at him.

"Taani I need some privacy..Mujhe tumse kuch important baath karni hai...Infact I wanna say somethig important..." he said in a single breathe completely annoyed.

"Reyansh enlighten me how can you expect privacy in a public place??" she asked in her innocent tone.

He glared at her. One, he was trying his best to gather his wits to propose her and second, when was successful in it, something or the other kept disturbing him. Third, why should she keep on asking questions for which he didn't have an answer.

"Reyansh!!" he heard her call

He came out of his trance. Now he felt he should talk to her before any other hindrance could crop up.

"Taani just chuck it..I wanna say something!" he said gently holding her hand which was playing with the fork a few minutes ago. Their eyes met. His sudden touch arouse hundreds of questions in her mind. His touch was always different to her. Many guys have pulled out a chair for her and she had come across many adams let it be her college or her work place. From official handshakes to friendly hugs'nothing had ever caught her attention or rather meant anything to her. But the pride and smile when he opens the car door for her, when he pulls out a chair for her, when he introduces her as his wife Mrs.Taani Singhania', their hugs, the wedding night where he placed a peck on her cheek.. Every damn incident was always enchanting and unforgettable.

"Taani i just wanted to say that, I AM SOO HAPPY TODAY!" his eyes sparkled and she looked at him. A smile crept on her face automatically. She chose to be silent while he continued.."after this trip so many things have changed..Infact the hidden truth is that..."

"It is that we have understood each other.." she completed for him and smiled. He smiled back.

"Haan Taani aaj mei bahot light feel kar raha hoon. You always insisted me to share things with you, but I never listened..Tumhe pata hai Taani I have spent sleepless nights because of my past.." she placed her palm on his hands which were already holding hers and passed an assuring look..he continued.."Haan Taani mark my words I havent shared my past with anyone till today other than you..." His eyes were sincere. This made her feel special.

"Taani now you that you know my past, my present, my passion...I want to say something..

"Thank you soo much for understanding me and my situation" she looked at him unable to believe herself.

"Haan Taani agar tumhari jagah koi aur hota toh pata nahi mere saaath kaise react karti..Thank you sooo much for bringing me back to my life!"

"Reyansh ab hume  inn cheezo ke baare mein discuss karne ka kya zaroorat hai??"

"Zarrorat hai Taani...Infact mujhe tumse yeh baate pehle hi bata dena chahiye tha...Taani mei jo kuch bhi keh raha hoon, apne dil se keha raha hoon'Taani I just l'.

"Excuse me!"

Now rey was really irritated... He clutched the fork that was lying on his left hand side and turned towards the voice. If it had been the waiter he was very sure to pierce his chest with the fork. but that was someone else. Someone whom he never anticipated here.. He just stood up abruptlyy...

"Mr and Mrs.Singhania! Wow what a pleasant surprise??" he heard a man of middle 60's say.

"Hello Mr.Gupta!" replied Rey.

"I hope am not disturbing the most beautiful couple here!!" replied Mr.Gupta.

"Ofcourse you are!!" Rey felt like shouting but he chose to keep quiet and just forced a smile.

"Not at all! Infact why don't you join us??" Rey was startled at Taani's voice. He instantly turned towards her. he cursed his fate for playing pranks with him. Rey found Taani glaring at him asking him to welcome Mr.Gupta...

"Yes Sire ! Plzz do join us.." he said half heartedly.

Mr. Gupta sat beside Rey and Mrs.Gupta settled next to Taani.

"you look pretty dear!" complimented Mrs.Gupta!

"thank you mam!" she replied humbly.

"So rey I heard that you wanted to meet me tomorrow?? What's up??Anything important??" he asked. Taani and Mrs.Gupta wo were engaged in a conversation paused for a moment. Taani looked at Rey with her eyebrows raised.

"yes Mr.Gupta! Actually I wanted to discuss something very important regarding the deal that is to be hosted soon"

"Wow..Guess what Rey sab se zyaada iss deal ke liye mei excited hoon..." Taani looked at Rey while Rey was still gazing at Mr.Gupta."This is going to be interesting because once again after so many years, I see Singhania's and Kundra's competing against each other...Looks like the age old battle is creeping up once again!!" he smirked while Rey clutched his fist. Taani nodded her head asking him to calm down.

"So Rey don't you find this time apt for that??"

"No sire!" Rey said without letting Mr.Gupta to complete.

"The thing is I want to consult about it with my wife first.." he said pointing to Taani. Their eyes met. rey could read a new set of thoughts running on her head.

And the world stopped for Taani.

"taani mei iss deal kuch personal reason's ki wajah personal interest le raha hoon.So Taani please iss deal ke baare main ham aage discuss nahi karenge.." he said and turned to the other side checking his mobile.

The words kept ringing on her head. And now the same guy in front her denied to decide anything about the deal just because he was yet get her opinion. She didn't know how to reciprocate. She was sitting blunt until Mrs.Gupta's voice brought her back to reality.

"Am impressed Rey. Infact am not just impressed with you but am impressed with your generation!!"

Rey and Taani looked at her.

"She's right. I love the way you guys support your life partner and respect them and at the same time give them their personal space. Probably something which our generation should learn from you!!" he said looking at Mrs.Gupta.

Rey smirked and contnued.."er..Aisa nahi hai mam...Agar kisi ki wife itni smart aur supporting ho tho unse consult tho karna hi padega!!" he said with the smile and pride fixed on his face.

"Aur agar baath business ki ho tho Taani is more efficient in it!"he said with his eyes fixed on Taani.

"He is the best man I have ever met.. He never fails to give me some reason or the other to madly fall for him.." she thought.

"Taani's face lit up at that moment. A girl how ordinary she may be always wants her guy to make her feel special. And here her prince charming did the same. Rey's words were more than enough for Taani to live the rest of her life with him beside the fact that he would ever love her or not!

"So guys...It was nice spending time with you!!!' said mr.Gupta after some random conversation for a few minutes.

"Thank you sir!"


Soon Mr. and Mrs.Gupta excused themselves and at the same time the order placed by Taani too arrived.



"Reyansh aap woh deal..." she searched for words.

"I know Taani tum kya soch rahi ho.."

"Taani I really what to say something before that tall fellow comes back..." he said sipping his soup. She chuckled!

"Waise Taani mei apna past ko peeche chodkar aagne badna chahtha hoon!"

She looked at him unable to speak anything. He continued...

"So I have decided to back out from this deal..."

"What???" she asked him dropping her spoon in the soup cup.

"Yea you heard it right! Well both of us know the negative effects of this deal...Infact mei pehle apne gusse mei aakear phirse iss deal mei participate karne ka decision liya!!"

She stopped sipping her soup and listened to him.

"But now I want to get out of it Taani. So as a first step,mei iss deal se backout karna chahtha hoon. Bas issi ke baare kal Mr.Gupta se baat karne wala hoon!So what do you think??"

"reyansh aap sach mei apne past se bahar aana chahthe hain??" she asked him looking at his eyes.


"Den I think you should go behind this deal...Infact not just go behind, but I want you to win this deal..."

"Are you kidding??"

"am not!" she answered back sharp.

He left the soup cup which his hands were playing with though he completed his soup long back.

"I don't get you!"

she smirked. She served him the schezuwan noodles saying..."I'll elaborate!"

She helped herself with the noodles and continued..."Reyansh trust me aap sach mei apne past se tab wapas aa payenge jab aap iss deal me participate karenge.

If you backout now, you would never be able to get out of your guilt Reyansh.." she said holding his hands.

"And by winning this deal we can answer Mr.kundra back and trust me Reyansh,this would teach him a lesson to think twice before messing with anyone again.

He was startled.he knew that she was very practical when it came to business and she would never be happy with this deal because even a slight slip can prove to be a heavy loss. But here she advised him to take the risk so that he'd be out with his guilt forever??? Was she really an angel in disguise who came into this world just to show him light in his life???

"Par Taani am not sure if...if...if this would work out..kyunki bahot saare risk..."

"Risk life ke har ek step mei hai Reyansh!"

"Aur..iss deal se aap phirse apne dad ki trust earn kar sakthe aaj tak aap nahi kar paye!"

He looked at her. his eyes were turning red with pain now because he never knew that Taani would have noticed him and his relationship with his dad so sharply..

"Thank you Taani!"

"Thank you kis liye??"

"HHmm...bas aise hi..." he smirked and she smiled back.

"Waise Taani mujhe tumse ek aur baath kehna hai.."

"Just go on!"


"Sir your bill..."

Taani burst out laughing while rey glared at the waiter.

"Rey placed his credit card and the waiter bowed to him...He was about to go when Rey called him back.

"Waise tumara height kya hai???" he asked he asked with his eyebrows curved in curiosity.

"6.9' sir!"


"Yes sir 6.9'...sir your card.."

"Er..thank you!!" he said and as soon as the waiter vanished Taani burst out laughing.

"bahot hasi aa rahi hai??" he asked with his hands on his hips.

"Aur nahi tho kya?? Shakal dekhi apni??" she continued laughing while he glared at her for a moment. But the next moment a smile crept on her face too when he saw her laughing her heart out. Probably he was lost in her. Or probably the phraase "love is the synonym of madness" is true.

"okay just have this with you! I'll be back in a moment..." she said pointing to the restroom.

"Okay!" he replied and took her phone. The moment she vanished, her mobile rang. It was her dad.Rey decided to pick the call.

"Err...hello uncle! Rey bol raha hoon.."

"hello beta..Kaisa ho??"

"Fine uncle Aunty kaise hai..."

"teek hai beta...By the way.." Mr.Shekawat culdn't continue as he was coughing in the middle.

"Uncle kya hua??Are you alright??..."

"Haan beta...nothing to worry! Waise Taani??"

"Woh Taani washroom mei hai..Actually hum dinner ke liye bahar aaye the!"

"Oh! that's nice to hear Rey..I hope your GOA trip was good! Actually acha hua ki tum dono ne apne busy schedukle se ek break lia..."

"haani uncle GOA Trip was memorable! Hum dono yeh trip kabhi nahi bhool sakthe!" he said with a smile. He was true. After all that place almost saw all the emotions underwent by Taarey..

"Okay beta...I'll call you later...Apna kyal rakna!"

"Sure uncle...I'll ask Taani to call you!" he completed and disconnected the call. Soon Taani appeared and they both moved towards the car.


They moved towards the room and taani excused herself to change.. Rey moved back and forth his room cursing himself for planning the dinner date at such a stupid place..

"Rey mujhe saaf saaf bata tu ne Taani ko propose kiya ya nahi??" Sharon's voice came as a roar over the phone.

"Yaar nahi..." he said rustling his hair with a innocent face.

"What??" asked Swayam and Sharon together over phone. They left after breakfast requesting or rather warning Rey to propose Taani at any cost.

"Pehle woh 6.9 feet wala waiter phir Mr..Gupta. Yaar Mr.Gupta ko bhi abhi aana tha?? Shayad mera kismat hi karab hai!"

"Apna proposal ko chodkar baaki saare cheeze discusskar chuka hoon!! CRAP!!"

"dude tu kisi ajnabhi se nahi apne wife se propose karne wala tha...and more than that dude tujhe tho rejection ka bhi dar nahi tha...Phir kya problem hai tujhe???" barked Swayam over the phone.

"haan pata nahi yaar...jaise hi propose karne jata hoon, ek ajeeb sa dar lagne lagtha hai aur sab bigaad jatha hai..." replied said in a lower tone.

"Tera kuch nahi ho saktha...Listen I will give you 2 hours to propose her. Agar tumne do gante mein propose nahi kiya na...tho mei khud Taani ko tujhe reject karne ki suggestion doongi...You better mind it!" shouted Sharon and disconnected the callleaving Rey flagbastered.

"Sharon aur gussa! GOD Woh tho kuch bhi karegi..."

"Okay let me practice..."

he stood near the mirror and he knelt down and raised his hand and whispered...

"Taani mei tumse bahot pyaar kartha hoon!"

Suddenly he realized something..."Nahi zyaada filmy ho jaayega..."

"Wait Taani straight or practical hai...So.."Taani will you be my betterhalf?" he said with an attitude straightening his jacket.

He once again stood up and hit his head hard. He looked at the mirror and complained...

"Dude Taani ke saamne attitude! cool tera love story shuru hone se pehle hi khatam hojayega!!"

"Ab mei kya karoon??" he paced back and forth the room...Suddenly a wonderful idea(atleast for him) striked him..."GOD yeh maine pehle kyun nahi socha??...okay jaise hi taani aayegi mei usse daraunga aur woh meri bahon mei aayegi.." he closed his eyes and remembered the moment where he met Taani first. She fell in his arms clutching his shirt tight while flying kite!". The day she fell into his arms again when Shivam pushed her.. A smile crept on his face!!


He was startled when he felt her hands patting his back.

"Tum??Yaar why did you come??" he asked in haste stumbling for words.

"What??" she questioned him completely irritated by his question.

"I mean how did you come???"

"Door se...reyansh are you seriously OK??" she asked him with her eyebrows raised..

He came back to his senses. He cursed himself for acting so dumb in front of her.

"Waise aap mirror se kya baat kar rahe the??" she asked him.

"woh woh...actually Taani mujhe tumse kuch puchna tha..."

" ke baare mein??"

"Nahi...Actually Taani woh Amar...Haan you know what taani Amar has finally decided to propose Rinni for marriage..."

"Wow reyansh that's so cool...Am really happy for them."

"Par Taani he is bit confused on how to propose Rinni..."

"But Reyansh they are already a couple right??" she asked unable to understand Rey's point.

"Haan par shaadi ke liye first time propose karne wala hai na??"


"So woh kuch aisa karna chahtha hai jissse Rinni bahot kush ho jaaye..."

"Reyansh ask him to plan a surprise for Rinni on a special day. Reyansh har ek individual apne life partner se kuch na kuch expect karte hain...Just ask Amar to fulfill the same for Rinni and mark my words, she'll be very happy" replied Taani lost in her world.

Reyansh looked at her and felt a smile on his face. He felt like he understood something...he came out of his pool of thoughts when..

"waise Reyansh...Ap mujhse restaurant mei yehi batane ka koshish kar rahe the kya??


She passed him a poor look" Am going to sleep. mei bahot tired feel kar rahi hoon..."

"Haan Taani sorry you were held with so many things and in the middle I called you for dinner...Am sure you must be feeling low...I think you should sleep!"

"Thank you! But Reyansh Actually thank you for taking me out for dinner. I felt good...hmm..good night!" she said and settled on her side.

"Good night Taani" he whispered and went to the restroom to change.

A few minutes later he came out wearing his casuals and moved towards the bed. He saw her sleeping peacefully. He sat next to her moved the strands of hair and placed them carefully behind her ears and looked at her. She was sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow.

He rested his back on the bed post and murmured...

"Sach mei Taani..I wonder sirf tumare paas mera har ek problem  ka solution hai...thodi der pehle mei itna pareshaan tha ki mei tumhe propose kaise karoonga...

Aur ab tumne mujhe khud bata diya hai ki mujhe kya karna hai..Tum bahot special ho Taani. Aur mei tumhe aise kaise propose kar saktha hoon. Aur tumne teek kaha...mujhe pata hai Taani ki tum mujhse kya expect karti ho...

Aur mei tumara expectation zarror poora karunga...Mei tumhe ussi din propose karunga jis din tum officially meri betterhalf bankar meri life mein aayi! Haan mei tumhe hamare first wedding anniversary ke din apni dil ka baath bataunga...Aur Mr.Gupta ka deal bhi mei kisi bhi tarah se jeetunga."


He turned towards her and laid on the bed with his head resting on his elbow.

"Waise mei apni best friend ki promise kaise thod saktha hoon" he smirked..

"I LOVE YOU TAANI!" he murmured looking at her eyes and bent down and placed a peck on her cheek. He found her eyes which was drown in a pool of dreams already shrinking a moment. He gently stroked her hair making her comfortable once again. A smile crept on her face as if she felt these words or probably she was seeing the same screenplay in her dream too...



"Step on my toes Taani..."

She took off her sandals and stepped on his toes. She carefully tried to step in by just holding his broad shoulders. But that didn't help out! She could fall anytime. Rey smirked at hesitation. HE wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped his arms aroundd her waist bringing her closer. Her breathing turned heavier for every passing second. Every time when her chest collided with his as an effect of her heavy breathe, he was losing his senses..


So atlast I have completed the update!! Guys plzzz pass your valuable comments...This means a lot to me...And nowadays since the response rate is less...I want to know how you feel about the ff...A small hint...the precap isn't a dream seq!!WinkWink

Love NithiSmile

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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cnt blv 1st aai
pm se v pahele
bechara rey
6.9 waitr se panga para
bt dts good ki wo anivrsary pe taani ko propose karega
nice updat

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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A special thanks to all my sweet buddies who took timeto comment and yea gratitudes to my silent readers too...


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avni94 Groupbie

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It was just plain and simple awesome. Loved Rey's irritation.
Simply FAB

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shiksha_03 Goldie

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awesome update
bechara rey everytime he tried to propose to her someone interrupted them
pls continue soon
really excited for the next update

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riyataarey Senior Member

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awsm upddate nithi
rey planning to prupose tAani on their anniversary hmmm
dinner was hilarious ROFL
update soon pm n buddy me

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poor rey  ROFL

amazing update ...lovd it.
so nyc.
plz update next soon.

precap is super exciting...plz plz update soon.

(sorry for short comment...really busy wid exams)

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