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Taarey ff:Destiny's decision#2 moved to thread 3 (Page 16)

nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 3:58am | IP Logged

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nithi_newlife Goldie

Joined: 19 December 2012
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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 3:58am | IP Logged

The early morning rays kissed Taani's face gently reminding her that a new day had begun. She opened her eyes lazily. She sat on her bed and hugged her pillow tight unable to come over her morning blues. After a moment or two she turned to her left .A smile had already crept on her face expecting to see the most innocent face during sleep. But probably this was supposed to be  her first disappointment for the day. He wasn't lying beside her. She woke up from her cosy bed and went near the window and pulled the curtains besides. Her eyes went broad and who knows anytime her eyeballs could pop out. At the same time, she heard a soft knock on the door and she opened it. It was SHARON!!

"Hey Sharon! Good morning!" she said with a smile fixed on her face.

"Good morning Taani!"

"Come in!"

"Its ok! Woh Rey so raha hai kya?? Aaj Swayam apna phone chodkar jogging chala gaya. Aur Taani bahot der ho chuka hai tho!.."

Before Sharon can continue, Taani interrupted..

"Jogging??" she said with her eyebrows curved.

"Haan swayam bahot health conscious hai.."

Taani started laughing at Sharon's concern.

"What??" asked Sharon unable to solve the hidden puzzle behind Taani's smile.

"Sharon come with me!" she said and dragged her to to the window and the sight in front of her made Sharon open her mouth wide open. She found Swayam and Rey sleeping near the pool. Rey rested his head on Swayam's back and slept with his mouth wide open. On the other hand Swayam was sleeping upside down like a kid with a cute pout on his lips. Sharon looked at Taani..

"Iske matlab yeh dono..." said Sharon and Taani continued.

"Baate karte karte wahin so gaye!! I wonder what dey were discussing all night??" said Taani still looking at her husband

"Taani you can never change them! After all they are..." said Sharon and Taani joined her saying.."GUYS!!" and both of them laughed.

"Ab kya kare??" asked Taani.

"I'll go and wake them.." said Sharon.

"And I'll bring the morning coffee to the garden itself!" said Taani and both of them left.

At the garden Sharon walked towards them and took a closer view of her best friend and boy friend. She went near Swayam and looked at him. Swayam was fast asleep cuddling himself like a new born baby. She brushed aside the lock of hair that was covering his forehead and he whispered "Sharon!" in his sleep. A smile crept on her face. But at that moment Sharon noticed something else. She found Rey blabbering something in his sleep. She moved closer to Rey and tried to understand his talks.

"Taani please!" he murmured cutely and Sharon noticed rey's smile being replaced by a pout. She found Rey busy adoring Taani, appreciating her looks, her dimple, her smile. She could easily make out that he was dreaming about his wife. She moved closer to him and whispered.."Taani kitni cute haina Rey.."

"Bahot!" he replied in his sleep and smiled. She chuckled.

She took a blade of grass from the ground and gently rubbed it near his nose. Initially Rey ignored it but later he could not take it anymore and ended up sneezing. He opened his eyes slowly and found Sharon's face very close to him. Now that was something unexpected...He was expecting to see Taani lying beside him on his bed, waking him up.

"Woah!!" he shouted and got up in a haste and sat on the grass.

Even Sharon was startled and she almost fell back.

"Idiot you startled me! chillae ki kya zaroorat thi??

"Hey hello! you scared me!!" Rey shot back! Swayam who was enjoying himself in his dreamland felt the sudden disturbance and woke up.

"I was just trying to listen your romantic talks with Taani!"

"Taani?? Well what did you hear" asked Rey with his eyebrows raised.



"Good morning guys!" all the three turned back hearing Taani's voice.

Taani entered the garden with their morning coffee and a smile plastered on her face.

Rey was completely lost in her. He couldn't describe how he felt at that moment. Probably ticklish. He just kept gazing at her while unknowingly a smile and a dimple followed his cheek. Today even her simple "Good morning" sounded like a soothing music to him.


He came out of his trance when he heard Taani's voice.

"Dude kahan koya hai tu?? She's calling you for the third time!" said Sharon sitting cross legged on the grass sipping her coffee.

"Are you okay??" asked Taani with concern in her tone.

"Thank you Taani!" he blurted still lost in her world.

"What??" asked Taani and Sharon together and Rey was startled once again!

"er..I mean am ok!..."

"Aap thank you kyun bol rahe the??" asked Taani unable to understand the sudden change in rey's behaviour.

"woh..woh..!" he stammered searching for an appropriate answer. After all he didn't have the guts to confess that he was badly begging for a kiss from Taani and he blurted thank you as she finally gave in."

"Coffee ke liye!! Haina Rey??" said Swayam smiling wickedly at him.

"Haan! Haan! coffee ke liye.." he said and literally snatched the cup from her..

Taani and Sharon looked at each other and Sharon whispered.."Chuck it Taani...These guys have gone mad..Aur inka kuch nahi ho saktha.." and Taani smiled at Sharon's comment with her eyes still fixed on Rey. Soon Taani excused herself and moved in to attend some call!

"dude..Are you seriously ok??" she asked with a wicked smile.

Rey just glared at her and went in.

Sharon was about to say something when Swayam placed his index finger on her lips and murmured..."Let him be Sharon."

"He looks like he's lost somewhere..." she said now with real care and concern in her voice.

"You are right Sharon. He's lost. He's lost in some other land! Probably The Land of Love!!" he said winking at his wife and watched Rey's retreating back, while Sharon just gazed at her husband unable to believe what he said a few seconds ago.

That evening,

Taani was busy with her laptop and her official works in her office room. Rey was sitting in the living room flipping channels randomly. Well no channel fascinated him. He was restless and he threw the remote control carelessly on the sofa cursing the electronic box for no fault of it. He closed his eyes and remembered Sharon's words...

Morning at the breakfast table,

Rey, Sharon and Swayam settled on the dining table while Taani instructed the maid to place the dishes on the table. Swayam and Sharon were busy pulling rey's leg. On the other hand Rey was just restless. He felt cool and at the same time weird. He kept on looking at the kitchen entrance restlessly waiting for Taani. Every moment passed heavily for him. Atlast she came out as if she had read his plea. He rose up and walked towards her. She smiled at him. He took the dishes from her hands. She was startled. Rather she felt awkward at Rey's weird behavior. She turned around to enter the kitchen to get something and Rey was about to follow him like a trained robot.

Swayam pulled Rey and made him sit.

"Dude kuch zyaada ho raha hai!!" He whispered.

"kya??" asked Rey with innoence brimming in his face.

"Mr.Romeo! tum  sirf dekhthe rahoge kya?? Usse  propose karne ka idea hai ya nahi??" asked sharon pointing her sharp fork on him..

"Crap guys mei yeh bhul hi gaya!!"

There was utter silence. Swayam who was about to take water almost spat it out shamelessly. Rey looked at his buddies who were ready to kill him at any moment..

"Agar beevi se pyaar karega toh aisa hi hoga!!" smirked Swayam while sharon glared at him.

"Listen beevi ya buddy...propose toh karna hi pageda!! I mean dude har ek normal ladki yahi dream karti hai ki uska prince charming usse propose kare..." said Sharon looking at Swayam. A smile crept on Swayam's face. Their confession and first kiss were the best moments of their married life which they cherished even today. Rey's voice brought them out of their trance.

"Par Sharon Taani isn't an ordinary girl..." whispered Rey.

"Par Rey she is a GIRL right!" said SHARON. And Swayam chuckled at her comment.

"haan...guys par mei propose kaise karunga..."

"Dude tum koi bacha nahi hai ki tumhe propose karna bhi nahi aata..." shouted Swayam who was completely frustrated now. From the moment Rey accepted his feelings for Taani, Swayam was the sole victim who had to witness all stupid deeds by his buddy. Rey had turned crazy and pestered Swayam too. That was the heights that Swayam had to listen all stupid talks and blabbering of his buddy. He never knew when he ended sleeping on the open air.

Rey opened his eyes and found himself sitting on the couch.

He remembered how she fell on his arms the first time they met. There was nothing special in it. It was just a mere accident for both of them. But he never knew why that moment got captured in his heart like a portrait which lasts forever.

"Reyansh we can make this marriage work together..." He smiled remembering her words.

"I can never forget that moment. MUjhe itna tho pata hai ki uss din mei Taani ke liye kuch bhi feel nahi kiya. I married her just because my family wanted me to. Uss din se lekar aaj thak Taani apni puri kosish kar rahi hai...Par maine us keliye kuch bhi nahi kiya". he stood up from the couch and rustled his hair. "Par ab mei aisa nahi hone doonga. I'll give her all the happiness she deserves. I know she deserves everything. And I'll fulfill all her dreams..Ab mujhe uski kushi ke aage aur kuch bhi important nahi hai!.."

Rey reached their working room and found Taani busy with a pile of files. He stood near the entrance and watched her for a moment. She was always sincere and careful when it came to business. She was completely engrossed in her work thatshe didn't notice him for a few minutes. Later when she was about to fetch another file from the file cabin, she found him starring at her near the file cabin.

"Kya hua Reyansh???" she asked her eyes still fixed on the file cabin.

"er...Taani..woh!" he dragged..

She closed the file she was holding and looked at him with her eyebrows raised.

"Taani tum busy ho??"

"haan Reyansh bahot kaam pada hai!!kyun??"

"Woh Taani main soch raha tha ki...I..I mean agar tum free ho tho kya hum dinner ke liye kahin bahar chale??"

"Par Reyansh am seriously busy today. Well I think we can go tomorrow...What say??"

A line of disappointment seized his forehead. He didn't say anything. He just murmured "Its ok!". But Taani could sense the disappointment in his voice...


"Haan Taani..." he said turning back.

"I think we can go! I'll wind up soon..." she said with a smile plastered

"Are you sure??Its Ok if you are busy!!"

"Am sure..." she said closing her file.


Taani came out of her restroom wearing a simple salwar  and looked at Rey with her eyebrows raised. He busy trying out his new jacket.

"Hey..Taani..which one's better??" he said pointing 2 new jackets to her.

"Yeh Acha hai Reyansh..Par..hum casual dinner ke lie hi toh jaa rahe hain.."she said pointing to one of the jackets.

"Haan Taani..Par..." he wondered how he could tell her that he was planning to propose her. She was still waiting for an appropriate answer from him.

"Woh Bas aise hi...kyun?? By the way jacket kaisa hai??"

She smirked."Bahot acha hai...chale??" she asked him.

"Tum yeh pehenkar aane wale ho??" he asked her looking at her simple salwar.

"Haan kyun??" she was suddenly cautious and looked around herself.

"Wait! he said and opened her wardrobe..." he browsed a few dresses while Taani looked at him with her eyebrows raised. He never opened her wardrobe or paid much attention to what she was wearing. He picked a party frock and stared at it.

"Taani yeh bahot acha hai..will you wear this?? For me??" he asked in a husky voice looking at her eyes.

"Anything for you!!" she murmured without thinking twice. There was awkward silence. They stared for a moment. While she was busy scolding herself for getting lost in those honey brown eyes A proud smile had already took its place on his face. The feeling that "she was his forever..." overjoyed him. She took the dress and moved in without speaking anything.

A few minutes later, she came out of the restroom wearing the frock. She looked neat and elegant. He too wore the jacket she selected and turned around. Their eyes met. The soft breeze from the window kissed them. They were lost in each other. He took his steps closer to her and their eyes were still fixed on each other. The atmosphere of their bedroom suddenly changed. He felt music in the air. He took steps near, while she was just rooted to the place. Now he was dangerously close to her. She suddenly felt cautious. She tried to speak but she never knew when her lips got stitched to each other.

"Reyansh aap..." she tried to speak. But her words stopped once again when she found herself moving behind for every single step he moved forward.

Atlast she stopped moving or the better phrase would be she could move no more. Now he was even more closer. It wasn't his fault. He had planned to propose her at the restaurant. But she looked irresistable at the moment. He pinned her to the wall. He slowly brushed her locks of hair aside. Her eyes were still casted down. He lifted her chin and made her look at him. She was no less than an angel. Her eyes were sparkling. Her lips! he had no words to describe it. She had applied a thin layer of gloss which made her lips sparkle! He felt a sudden urge to discover what flavour of gloss adorned her lucious lips. He brushed her lips gently and moved forward to taste her lips and get his doubt about her lip gloss cleared...

"reyansh! Kahan ko gaye aap??" shouted taani.

He came out of his magical trance and found himself still standing near the wardrobe.

"Er..Haan..kya...kya hua??" he blabbered searching for words.

"Aap thik tho hain???' she asked touching his forehead, verifying if he was running a temperature. This was the second time she found him lost somewhere from the morning. Her sudden touch sent thousands of butterflies on his stomach. He held her hands which cared her forehead and cheeks a few seconds ago and looked at her.

"Bahot pretty lag rahi ho!!" he whispered in her ears.

His words sounded like a sweet enchanting melody. When his lips unknowingly brushed her ears while moving back, her memories took her back to the day where he kissed her earlobes and chanted those words.."Farak padtha hai!!"..

This means a lot to her. Those were the treasures she was saving in her heart. Those 3 words always reminded her that there was still some scope left in their relationship.

Rey who was unaware of the pool of thoughts running on her, turned her around and made her face the mirror and stood beside her. He took out his mobile and clicked a self picture of their's and showed her the picture. A smile adorned her face . They looked at each other's  eyes through the mirror which were speaking a million stories that the toungue always failed to express



"Taani mei apna past ko peeche chodkar aagne badna chahtha hoon!"

She looked at him unable to speak anything.

Precap pics for next update!!

And ofcourse for ready for the twists and turns!!!WinkWinkWink


Guys this chapter could not have met your expectation because am sure you guys must have expected something more romantic!!!

But I had to include this as per my plot!!




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raveena1 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:15am | IP Logged

wow amazing ...

taani's morning part was nyc...
health concious ROFLROFL

shareyam part was superb.
wow our romeo rey...lovd it.
swaron threatning him was LOLLOLLOL

TR last part was awsm.

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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Aww...An a brilliant update... Till that, Rey never accepted his feeling for Taani.. as It never came in front of him.. Ya.. Can say.. He never allowed to come. But.. The way it came na.. I really loved it.. the way you show it yarr.. Seriously.. Lolz... Swayam and Rey slept outside only.. haha.. Aww.. Both were looking cute.. well.. u described it so wonderfully. so.. I could imagine it very easily... Hmm.. So... Rey is so much excited, nervous to express his feeling for Taani.. When That scene came where.. Taani was question to herself while watching him from window and here, Rey was realizing.. I felt bad for Taani.. Poor soul! But, felt happy too.. that soon.. she will be surprised and shocked... I am so much excited for it... I think.. My comment is not proper.. well.. It's all because you.. :x... You have given such a wonderful update and I am so much excited for next update!! So.. In excitement.. I dun know.. what I am blabbering!

I just clicked on precap's Link.. I shivered... Now...Don't u dare to delay in updating.. U dun know...How much I am dangerous.. U know.. What I will do.. U know.. U want to know?? O.o

I will send u so much pms... of.. of... plzz.. Update dii...plzz...

Look..How much I am dangerous..

Well.. I have unresed my comment on Page.14 too! If u can.. check it. :D

Update soon..Keep writing.. Take care and Love you!! <3

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-GoluGudiya- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:22am | IP Logged
Dii !!!! Haye ! Kya Update Tha ! Really Now I'm lost in the world of TaaRey !!
Rey was super-duper Cute !! I could sooo imagine him lost in Taani's Dreamland the whole Time ! And Taani was so confused ki Reyaansh ko hua Kya hai !
The Thank You Part was like OMG ! Rey wanting to Kiss Taani !
And Swayam was really a help to Rey though at One point he did get frustrated !! But It was hilarious to imagine Swayam like that ! And Not forgetting when Sharon had tried to wake up her Best Friend and Hubby, Rey could not help but say Taani ! He's So Cute !!!!
Bechara Rey ! Kaise Taani ko propose kare ! LOL and When He asked if they could go for dinner and She said no at first OMG ! His Disappointment was so imaginable ! But Taani can't see her Reyaansh like that so she agreed to going out !
Rey was so Cautious of What he should wear and what he shouldn't !
And I'm In Love With Rey's Uncontrollable Imagination jaha kuch Bhi ho sakta hai when Taani is there Wink
The PreCap !! Yippee !! Rey finally is gonna profess his love !! But Will Taani's reaction but hurt shocked or happy shocked ... And The Pic Embarrassed Embarrassed

Dii Your Updates Have always been the best !! The Update Really made me feel so happy !! And I thoroughly enjoy all of your updates !! Abhi Aapko Jaldi Update Dena Padega Because I Can't wait !

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keku_taarey Newbie

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:36am | IP Logged

awesome updateSmile

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.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:37am | IP Logged
great update...cant wait for the next update ...

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sreelu094 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 4:38am | IP Logged
nice update yaar. fantabulously beautifulClap

ps:sorry i might not reply to ur pms here after.but ya will try to read the updates if possible.sorry

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