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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nithi_newlife

Originally posted by vd_bigfan

Hey nithi...superb ff. Actually dis is d 1st tym i m commenting here bt i really luv ur writing style...d way u describe taarey ki feelings is jus amazing. I hav followed dis ff right frm d start bt cud nvr comment n i m really sry fr dat n i literally wait fr ur update evry freaking tym. I m in luv wid ur storyline n d way u potray rey n taani...a typical intense n passionate luv stry wer d feelings matter a lot evn in d romantic scenes...n u describe it in a way i cud nvr think jus hats off...u r an awesome writer so keep on writing mre n mre n ya ab se plzz pm me too Embarrassed as i cannot afford to miss itLOL

Hey hi dear!
Thank you sooo much...Happy that you took some time to comment...I really felt good!!
And yoour comments are damn encouraging that now I would badly expect them in the future upadates too!!
Happy that you liked it...
Thank you sooo much!!SmileSmile

 Hey...happy to knw dat u found my comment encouragingTongue...dats really sweet of u n ya next tym se toh evn i ll b waiting to comment on ur awesome updates...btw i forgot to introduce myself i m pari, a big fan of ur writingsEmbarrassed n ya update soon n plzz pm me.N ya
1 mre thing i forgot to mention dat i specifically loved d chap combat bw desire n reality n love our strength,our weakness cz u described der feelings amazingly in those chaps n dey hav der own uniqueness.
As i hav told u earlier dat u write in a way i could nvr anticipate n dats wat adds a uniqueness to ur stry n believe me ur ability to write in ur own unique way hooks ur viewers lyk me to d stry... so keep on writingThumbs Up n really loved d fact dat u replied on my comment...thnk uSmile

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anatomy_nerd Senior Member

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hey u told dat dis tym u wont take much tym to update...plz update na...
nithi is good girl na shoo update shoon han
dekha update nahi mila na isliye i have gone crazy n writing crazy thingsWinkLOL

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WillyWonka Senior Member

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Posted: 17 September 2013 at 1:48am | IP Logged
i have been a silent reader...and Smile
due to my busy college schedule..i was unable to comment 
but i really do love this ffHeartThumbs Up
i literally wait all the week to read ur update...Day Dreaming
even wen iam in college i keep thinking whether shez gonna update today or noConfused

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Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Hey Nithi, again i'm late. Pardon me dr.
Chapter 26, every time i read ur updates, it's truly an inspiration.
It was most heart-touching!
D sentimental attachment of  a daughter-father relationship is so beautifully described. I can empathize very well.
From d beginning, Rey taking care of Taani amidst of all his busy schedules n supporting her to be strong in every scenario, this is what  aperfect soulmate refer to as for my concern. It was just spectacular.
Mrs.Shekawat hiding d pain n lying to her daughter in order to not let her to suffer, a perfect mother.
Though Taani was angry for not informing about such a very big news, yet her anger flee in amoment she saw what her mother was going through, a lovely daughter.
Taani's feeling weak watching her father being murky with sickness, literally bought me tears.
Rey empathizing her pain n boosting her to cheer up was indeed doozy.
Mr.Singhania convo with Rey n his concern was synced well which depicted d family bonding.
Rey, Vicky, Swayam convo was good. Vicky n Neha, salsa couple getting thier appraisal, nice.
Swayam want to move back to India n he's wishing for gang back, hopefully his prayers get into reality when Rey realizes his destiny's plan.
TaaRey scene was very light amidst of emotionally filled scenarios.
Mrs.Shekawat, wrong entry. Well, TaaRey managed it.
It was very glad to read Rey's confidence of everything getting better.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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Asha_Tacker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Chapter 27, Nithi, Nithi, Nithi! What should i say dear. I'm totally flabbergasted buddy.
D way everyone stood supporting each other, i craved more to read it, honestly.
Rey being so friendly with his father-in-law, i was completely amazed at this Mr.Reyaansh Singhania.
Hmmm, thank God, Mr.Shekawat can be cured, i'm very happy.
Rey-Taani's eagerness to talk with each other was so asthetic. D hug of I'l miss u n d same reciprocation by Taani n their inner thoughts were bloody awesome.
Rey is now analysing d fact of how much he's attached to Taani, that's cute.
He wearing d same balzer as Taani's wish, good going.
He feeling her sophisticated sari, Lolz. It was damn cute.
Leena, poor girl. She got really hard times dealing her boss.
Awe, how sweet of Rey to witness d bike ride in Taani's POV.
Wo, he got hurt while protecting Leena, bloody bitch Rahul, how dare he?
Rey broken with d view of losting everything n worried about his promise to Taani, that was literally a perfect one.
Mr.Singhania boosting up his son cng him in despair.
He ordering n giving him a last way towards accomplishment of his hard-work,amazing.
Father-son bond at last, i felt nostalgic.
Mr.Singhania cracked up me, Lolz.
Now, i'm way 2 excited for further updates.

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koochiepoo Senior Member

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Posted: 18 September 2013 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
first time commenting on your ff,,,,,, its a brilliant one.. wat a fooli'm,there is no need to say that,i know, still couldn't hold myself... the way you portray human emotions is justClapClap

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
I know you guys are pissed off with me as I didn't update soon...Guys iits all because of my internet  connection...At last got it ready and am gonna post it now...
Am sooo sorry for the delay...
Am left with so many more comments to reply...
Will reply them very soon...
Am soo sorry for the inconvinience...
So here goes the next chapter...Smile

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nithi_newlife Goldie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 12:47pm | IP Logged


Rey inspired everyone in the room with his business skills. His innovative skills and perfect strategic planning caught everyone's attention. Keshav's business plan seemed to be of no worth in front of Rey's fresh and innovative presentation.

There wasn't any loop hole left in his project where Mr.Gupta could raise his question. Mr.Singhania himself was amazed by the work his son..oops..his son and daughter in law. In these years, Rey's achievement had crossed boundaries but Mr.Singhania never acknowledged them. For the first time, he saw Rey's work in person. And finally After an hour of discussion and formality the deal was finally declared to be HIS.

"Congratulation Mr.Reyansh Singhania...We are pleased to work with you!" said Mr.Gupta raising his hand for a handshake.

"Pleasure is all ours!!" said Rey and took his hand shake and the team applauded.

"So Mr.Singhania...Here is our first cheque and the bond declaring our partnership in the project" said Mr.Gupta and stretched the cheque to Rey.

"Dad please!!".Rey moved behind and asked his dad to receive the cheque. Mr.Singhania couldn't describe how he felt at that moment. His pride knew no bounds. He received the cheque from Mr.Gupta and everyone in the room applauded once again.

Mr.Singhania looked at Keshav while receiving the cheque from the corner of his eyes...

"Tell me the stole my papers right!! The deal papers of yours completely resembled my idea.."

"Correction Mr.Singhania...I didn't steal your papers...yoour stupid son gave it to me..."

"Shut up!!"

"Arey itna bhi gussa hone ki zaroorat nahi hai...If you don't tust me, just ask your son!!..YOU GUYS ARE BLOODY LOSERS...AND YOU CAN NEVER STAND INFRONT OF ME AND MY EMPIRE!!" he said with a wicked grin while Mr.Singhania had nothing to say other than bending his head in shame.

"congratulation Mr.Singhania!"

Mr.Singhania and Keshav kundra came out of their thoughts. Mr.Shinghania shook hands with the random individual when Mr.Gupta said...

"So atlast Mr.Singhania your son has did it!"

"Yea!! He has completed the job that I had left incomplete..."

Mr.Singhania looked at Rey and "Am proud of you son!" he said and extended his arms welcoming Rey for a hug. Within a fraction of a second everyone in the room clapped as Rey accepted his hug.

The moment was eternal for both of them. After so many years his dad finally hugged him. Rey had seen better opportunities than this. He had even won the young achiever of the year, best entrepreneur for the year award. But his dad hadn't hugged him even for that. But today after feeling the warmth of his dad's embrace all that he could whisper was.."Thank you dad!"

"Now that calls for a party!!" said Mr.Gupta. And at the same time Keshav decided to leave the place in a hurry... Mr.Singhania who noticed this said...

"Arey Mr.Kundra!!You are leaving soo soon??" while Mr.Keshav clutched his fist in anger.

"Yea I think you should join us for the party.." said Mr.Gupta..

"M.Gupta you are right Mr.Kundra should join into the party...but not with us.."

Everyone in the room including Rey looked at Mr.Singhania with their eyebrows raised unable to pedict what he was upto.

"Excuse me.." said Mr.Singhania and the next moment Leena entered the room with police. They had caught Rohan as soon as Leena placed a complaint as per Mr.Singhania's instruction. Ofcourse the Singhania's influence played a vital role in catching him soon. Soon the police arrested Mr.Keshav kundra too things were settled. later mr.Singhania explained Mr.Gupta how Keshav tried to sabotage their work.

"And now I think its time for party.." said mr.Gupta after some formalities were completed.

"Yea why not?? What do you think Rey??" said Mr.Singhania.

"Errr... sorry Mr.Gupta..I have to go now. Don't mistake me.." said Rey in an apologetic tone!

"Kya hua Rey??" asked Mr.Singhania taking him aside.

"Woh!!" said Rey pointing to his mobile.

Mr.Shingania smirked and moved away.

"Reyansh is everything alright??"

Atlast he heard her voice and a smile followed by his dimple adorned his face..

"Yea...Taani WE HAVE DONE IT!!! THE DEAL IS OURS!! AM SO EXCITED..." he shouted as he entered his car with his bluetooth device plugged into his ears.

"Congratulation Reyansh!!" she said her voice not upto the mark.

"Taani tumhe pata hai aaj dad..." rey was about to say something with excitement filled in his voice..

"err..Reyansh mujhe doctor bhula rahe haain...I think i should go.." she said her voice low and tired.

"Fine!! Take care..." he said and disconnected the call.

Disappointment filled his face due to their abrupt conversation. Later he remembered that Taani would be here in 2 days...that too on the day of their anniversary made him brush his thoughts aside!! And now he had lots to do! He convinced himself with these thoughts and fixed his seat belt with the new fresh feeling he had developed.


That night!

"Dude are you serious..." asked the voice from the other end as if it would reach him tearing off the laptop screen

"Haan Sharon am serious...Why don't you trust me??" asked Rey.

"I mean ...its full on filmy yaar...I mean that bloody loser attacking you and snatching your bag, luckily your dad having the original papers..I just don't believe it!!" she said.

"Infact mujhe bhi bahot weird lag raha hai...But all credits to Taani..Ussne kal raat apni laptop se saara document dad ko forward kiya aur usne dad ko bhi warn kiya...Awesome right??" he said.

"Yea" said Sharon still not satisfied with Rey's explanation.

"So peet peeche bhi wife ki taareef!! Not bad!" said Swayam smiling at Rey.

"Ab kisi ki wife itni smart ho tho taareef tho karni hi padegi!!"

"Wah...kya dialogue mara..." said Swayam and smiled at him.

"Waise iss chakkar mein apna surprise mat bholna...By the way when is she coming back??" asked Swayam.

"She'll be here in two days..that too on our anniversary..."

"Wow!! Waise Rey even we are planning to start to India soon. Just a few formalities more..and then we will be back in India forever.." said Swayam.

"I understand...But don't worry Swayam...Things will be settled soon!!. ab ham sab saath mei hain tho trust me...everything will be alright!!"

"I just hope soo!!" said Sharon.

"Waise tere surprise kaisa chal raha hai??" asked Sharon.

"Kuch samaj mei nahi aa raha hai yaar... Am not sure...I just hope she likes it!" he said meddling with his hair.

"She will..." said Swayam and soon they bid good bye to each other.!!

As soon as Rey disconnected the chat, he saw Taani smiling at him. He gently stroked his fingers on his laptop screen which held her picture as wallpaper. It was not just his laptop now but his mobile, his wallet everything were filled with her pics. He felt like a silly teenager who fell in love for the first time. But Love is just the same. It cares a damn about your maturity and society,

He kept his laptop aside and moved to his wardrobe to pick out a towel for his night shower. As he opened his wardrobe, his eyes fell on a gift left untouched. He dropped his towel on the bed and took out the present. It was labelled "Reyansh Singhania"

"Dude this is a special gift from me. A simple request..Do open this only when Taani issn't around you!"

Rey remembered Shivam's words.

"How did I forget this.. " he said and started unwrapping the gift.

It was a CD. He curved his eyebrows wondering what could be that important that Shivam wanted Rey to watch it all alone.

He threw the towel on the bed and switched on his laptop once again...


At the same time..

"Sharon kya soch rahi ho tum?? Is everything ok??"

"Swayam I don't get one thing!" said Sharon placing her laptop aside.


"Swayam Rey said Taani gave the original documents to uncle right??"


"Par swayam..It's so weird..I mean Taani hardly knows Mr.Kundra...How could she predict that something like this may happen??"asked Sharon.

"Sharon probably it was her wild guess that something could happen..That's why she took uncle's help...Provided Taani is a smart business woman...She knows the business world unlike us...Am sure itna ho tho woh predict kar hi sakthi hai..." said Swayam trying to sound reasonable.

"Still..Am not convinced Swayam.." she said slowly.



The next morning!

Rey woke up earlier than usual. Why wouldn't he?? After all he had lots to do. He took a quick shower and went down only to find his servant setting up the dining table for breakfast.

He moved to the table and at the same time the watchman entered with some parcel.

"You brought everything??" asked Rey moving towards the door!

"Yes sir?? Waise aapko kuch madad chahiye??" asked the driver.

" ek minute..Munna.. "he called the servant who was setting the table.


rey took out some money from the wallet and gave it to the watchman and the servant.

"Tum log 3 din ki chutti le lo!" he said.

The watchman and the servant looked at each other. Within seconds their face were filled with a broad smile as they took the money.

As soon as they left, Rey unwrapped the parcel that got delivered a few second ago!!

He smiled at the picture...

"Guess what Rey?? I know girls are damn complicated..and Taani is a unique piece amongst those complications...You just can't predict when she'd turn angry, playful, serious, romantic..OOps am sorry! Romantic tera department hai..mujhe uske baare kuch nahi pata!!"

Rey smirked as he remembered Shivam's words. He got down from the stool and looked at the wall in the living room which pridely held their pic.



"Dekhne mei bahot practical dikhthi hai!! Par trust me usse romantic movies dekhna bahot acha lagtha hai..But she never used to confess this to us. Taani ko red roses bahot pasand hai...She thinks her prince charming would shower his love with redroses..I secretly read it in her diaries...she said with a wink!! Now that I have told you the secret, you owe me a very big treat when I come to meet you with Krish..."

"Treat tho mei pakka dunga Shruthi"...said Rey aloud to himself as he sprinkled some water on the rose buds he had ordered that morning.


"Dude am Vishnu!! Dekh yeh mera personal advice hai...Agar Taani ko kissi prom ke liye ya couple dance ke liye bhulane se pehle make sure you wear heavy boots to protect your feet...Special note: If you had understood what I meant, that means you have gone through the tough phase of injuring yourself already!!"

Rey laughed aloud as he remembered the night he got his feet under hers unable to bear with her stampede anymore..


"She loves it when someone say's she's pretty..The usual girl thing you see...But yea if by any chance you mess with her attitude..Trust me dude you are DEAD!! I mean this holds for everyone of us...Not sure if that's applicable for her HUSBANDTOO!! "said Shivam winking with a naughty smile..."

"Attitude uska speciality hai boss..".said Rey as he remembered the night he had spent on the couch..HE smirked and at the same time completed vaccum cleaning the entire house.


"Sharon I just love playing Treasure hunt!! Arey Taani yeh mera bhi favourite hai.."jumped Sharon and both of them passed a HI-five to each other.

"Yeh treasure hunt tera life ka best treasure hunt hoga..."YOUR-NEXT-SURPRISE-AT-YOUR-OFFICE" he folded the chit and placed them under the vase which he had arranged in the middle of the dinner table.


"Rey she loves you a lot. And I know there's something not straight between you guys..Aur nahi tho kya...Rain and romance are inseparable...But you guys fought today?? I don't know what's the issue...neither would Taani ever share it with me...But Rey, tumhe nahi pata woh bahot hurt thi...I know things would have been settled by the time you glsee this video..still..dost hai..You can alwayzz trust her with anything and everything!! She has solution for EVERYTHING!!"

"Teek kaha tumne Shivam. Uss raath ko mei knbhi bhul nahi saktha.." Rey whispered and closed his eyes remembering the moment he lost himself unknowingly and leaned forward to kiss her in the rehearsal hall at GOA.


"Reyansh every girl likes chocolate..Aur mei chocolates ke saamne kisi bhi tarah ki compromise nahi karti..." said Taani licking her lips that was filled with chocolate.

"I will make sure you never have to compromise anything in your life...And if the question is chocolates...I would love to fill the entire house with chocolates if you want..." he murmured as he read the caption on the cake..."Happy wedding anniversary sweetheart!!"


"Hey dude atlast I get to see you...Am prithvi..Rey this is my personal advice...Never ever kindle her anger when she's driving or let her take your car keys when she's upset...Yaar full on rash driving karegi ki tera jaan nikal degi...Taani alwayzz gets what she wants...Agar koi ek cheezz ho jo Shekawat uncle ne Taani ke liye mana kiya woh hai "SPORTS CAR!!" She just loves it!!.."

"I don't know anything...I want the delivery before midnight at any cost!!" he said and disconnected the call.


Rey I remember telling you that she hates to lose challenges...She even hates it when someone breaks promises. She neverbreaks promises...That's her special attribute.

"Aur mei bhi promise kartha hoon sweetheart...this wedding anniversary would be a special one for both of us.." he smiled as he changed the bed covers.


"Reyansh I think red color would do...Infact woh mera favourite color bhi hai.." she said as they were discussing about their office renovation.

"For my Angel of Love" he wrote on the card and fixed it on the neatly wrapped box that held a beautiful red sari he hadspecially chosen for her. As soon as the box was done, he placed them on the bed and stood up.

He could not believe himself. The room was completely cleaned. He had already painted one of the walls with red color the previous night. And the wall proudly held Rey and Taani's wedding picture enlarged in the middle, followed by a collage which included both Rey and Taani individual pics followed by all their pics together.

"not bad!!" he patted his own shoulders.


"Rey I just saw your wrist watch..Taani gifted you that right?? You know what?? That's uncle's watch..In short that's herlucky charm...Iss watch ko lekar woh bahot possessive hai..Tumhe pata hai?? She had never let even me or Shruthi to touch it...Dude I really felt jealous when I saw it in your hands...Aisa kya jadu kiya tu mere dost ke upar???" Shivam asked with his eyebrows raised.

"Jadu tho mei nahi teri dost ne ki hai!! Pyaar ka ek aisa jaadu jissse mei kabhi bahar nahi aa saktha.."

He was about to decorate his bed with some rose petals as he felt it would match the white bedspread perfectly...But then he suddenly dropped the idea as he thought.

"Am sure she's feel tired after her journey..What if she isn't ready for this...Yeh kuch zyaada ho jayega...I hope I ddon't end up embarressing both of us. "


This went on for 2 days. As the moment approached nearer, he felt more excited and at the same time nervous! He hadn't been this nervous or excited when he was about to conduct his first project deal or when he had to wait for the results with his fingers crossed after the dance events in his college days...

The auspicious moment of his life finally arrived...He came out of his shower and wore a black shirt and blue jeans which had never betrayed him by not adding charm to his physique. He left his top two buttons open and took another shower probably with his body spray this time. At the same time his mobile rang and it was his mom...

"Mom!! Kaise hain aap??" he almost shouted in excitement.

"Arey itna chillane ki kya zaroorat hai?? I can hear you Rey.."

"Fine...Sorry.." he said hiding his embarresment.

"Waise when is Taani returning?? I heard her dad and mom have to stay even longer..."

"Yea...Her flight would land at 11.30 and she'll be here by 12.30 or something I guess.."

"Tu jaa raha hai na..usse pick karne ke liye??"

"Nahi maa...I have sent driver..Woh mujhe kuch kaam hai.."

"Whatever I was planning to arrange a pooja for you guys tomorrow morning...You guys better make it on time.."

"Haan maa..."he said wearing the wrist watch she had presented...After hearing Shivam's words about the turned even more precious to him.

"I don't believe it beta..tumari shaadi hote huye poora ek saal ho chuka hai.."

"Haan mom..pata hi nahi chala..." he said witnessing the moon that was shinning brightly.

"Mei bahot kush hoon Rey ki Taani tumari saath..Ab mujhe koi chintha nahi hai...Waise tum dono ne bache ke baare mei kuch socha hai ya nahi.."

Rey's lips turned into a curve as soon as he heard what his mom meant. He rustled his hair gently thinking about it..

"Rey?? Are you there??"

He came out of his trance and whispered in a hurry..." maa mujhe kuch kaamhai..mei aapse baad mei baath karoon??"

"Okay...And yea don't be late for the pooja.." she said before disconnecting the call.

Soon he looked around...Everything was done...beautiful candle light, sweet scent filling the room...PERFECT he murmured and walked out...At the same time, he found his car entering the iron gate majestically.

He looked at the mirror for the last time and walked down...

The place was dark filled with just a few candles adding extra flavour of romance to the place. He could hear her footsteps. Her footsteps were even but unsure. He couldn't understand why?? he felt like she wasn't comfortable walking to the place. He curved his eyebrows. Rey could see her petite figure walking in the moonlight towards him but her face was almost invisible but yet adorable in the combination of dark blue sky...She looked adorable..But her face was bent down and her fingers frequently moved the strands of hair aside in nervousness...

"Kahin usse meri surprise ke baare mei pata tho nahi chal gaya??" he thought.

He quickly moved behind as soon as she entered, she gasped for breathe as she felt his hands on her waist grabbing her closer to him making her back hit his chest...

"err.." she was about to say something when he placed his index finger on her wet lips whispering..."Shhh...Am happy that you are back finally!!..." in his husky voice which can make any girl go weak on her knees...

Her body tightened and he could feel it. He gently kissed her earlobes whispering.."I missed you a lot!!"..Rey rubbed his cleanly shaved stubble on her cheeks making her go crazy. For a moment he could feel her lips turning to a curve but the moment he completed his sentence whispering "Happy anniversary Taani.." a lone tear slowly escaped her eyes.. Her world stopped at that moment.

Rey placed his chin comfortably on the crook of her neck and took a deep breathe feeling her scent...her fragrance..He quickly withdrew his chin whispering "It's not lavender.." He could alwayss predict her presence with her lavender scent which added extra essence to her beauty..her feminity...

At the same time her tears rolled down her cheeks finally landing down from her face...She quietly whispered .."REY!!"

"REY??" Did she call him Rey??

His hands left her instantly and he forcefully turned her around looking at her face in the candlelight...

He clutched his fist in anger..

HE felt like someone hit his heart hard with a stone...

She tried to move forward but he took double the steps back...He couldn't stand...His hands searched for a support and landed on the bunch of roses that was neatly wrapped in a silver paper...He grabbed it and pressed it hard for support.

"Rey..." she whispered and tried to take a step towards him...He felt dizzy..

"Tum??" his legs played pranks with him by not supporting him. His hands shivered..He started sweating badly..He tumbled over the couch behind and was about to fall when she stepped forward...

"Rey sambalke..."

"RIYA!!" the words hardly came out of his mouth..

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Stay there!!" He shouted...

"Rey your hands..."

"SHUT UP!!..AND BETTER STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" He felt ashamed that his hands were carressing her..adoring her a few minutes ago.. his hands clutched the bouquet of red rose flowers.  His grip was so tight that the thorns from the rose pierced through the foil marking its presence on his skin. A few minutes before his hands which were touching and adoring the softness of the flower were now bleeding...

"Rey liste..." she tried to say and moved a step forward

"I said SHUT UP AND STAY AWAY FROM ME..." he threw the bouquet forcefully on the wall. It hit the switch board and the switched on the centre light. The place which was floating in the beauty of the candle light were suddenly illuminated.

Every individual urges to get a bright life...Brightness has never been defined in a negative manner...Brightness defines life...Brighness defines colors...brighness defines hope...For the first time, the sudden brightness oth the living room shattered the hopes, life, colors of 2 souls in its own way...

She found the entire room filled with her pics...Taani's pics...

She suddenly felt ashamed for standing here...for expecting love from someone who wasn't hers anymore!!

" me...Reyansh aapse bahot pyaar karte hain...that's why he couldn't take our relationship any further..."

Riya slowly sank on the ground sitting on her kneels. She clutched her dress and cried her heart out cursing her destiny for shattering her hopes even before she had begun building it!! And for Rey..he felt void..he was filled with thousands of questions and the only soul who could answer all the questions seemed to have vanished all of a sudden like a dream..

Guys probably after the first 2 chapters, this is the first chapter in DD where am completely blank unable to predict your reactions...Well DD has just 2 more chapters to go...All that I can say is...True love never dies...And if your guys really think Taarey love in Destiny's decision is true and eternal...Trust me Destiny would have no guts to separate them...

And now its your Likes and Comments which would tell me genuinely what do you guys think about the track!! 

Waiting for your replies and criticism with my fingers crossed...


The hidden secrets of Riya, Rey and Taani followed by Destiny's final decision on true love!!

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nithi_newlife 40 10641 14 September 2013 at 7:34am by ....ShreyA....

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