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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 83)

Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2013 at 12:32am | IP Logged


Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2013 at 12:33am | IP Logged

Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 March 2012
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Posted: 30 October 2013 at 12:33am | IP Logged


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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 37

        warning - 18+

Geet woke up later and saw the position she was and felt shy. Maan sleeping on her , his one leg was between her legs, and another one over her waist , his hand was still on her pressing it and his face was hiding inside another breast. She  smiles at him and kissed his hair.

She try to get up , but his hold was so tight, so she cant. She slowly made him to lye on his side ,  she saw her chain named M and his chain name G was mingled with each other, she was thinking how their life started and te way he married her , tis chain was her mangalsutra, she felt emotions , tears welled up her eyes, she wiped it, thinking not to spoil tis moment. she smiled and remove te chain. she was admiring his face.


Geet : looking like a baby while sleeping but wen  he wokes up dust dhanav ,

 She try to move but due to  pain in her lower part she fall on te bed.

Geet bite her lips to subscribe te pain., she te blood stains on te bed sheet  , she felt shy.. with so much difficulty she sat on te bed and search for her dress but it was all shattered all around te room

 Geet blushed thinking how wildly  he tored her dress, she saw his shirt on te bed post , she took it n weared smelled him.she was feeling him over her..she smiled  and went to washroom. She stood in front of te mirror seeing herself. Her messy hair, her  swollen lips , bite marks on her neck .she caressed her lips , there was a cut , she sucked her lips to sooth it. She blushed thinking how aggressively he claimed her . she looked at his shirt and saw the image on mirror..he was looking at her with his piercing gaze..she  covered her face with her palm..she opened her eyes n saw thru her fingers..he was not there..she wacked her head..

jalli..he is not here..

she was imagining him in washroom too..

After freshen up she came out and sat on te end of te bed staring at Maan who is sleeping peacefully like he have won te world

 Geet  saw Maan who was sleeping like a baby, lying on his stomach, no one can say  he is te same msk who turn  te world upside down. Geet felt happy , tat she belong to Maan , they started the new life , they both became  husband and wife in every sense

Geet was thanking to her babaji  for giving her another new life in name of Maan. She was staring at him and lost in her thought

Maan who was  missing her warmth , searching Geet In his sleep wen he felt empty, he just wake up n a jerk thinking it  was just a dream. Wen he open his eyes , saw Geet was sitting near his legs and staring at him. He saw her swollen lips and bite marks thinking he  was aggressively

 Seeing Geet lost in her thought , he thought she regrets wat  happen between them

Maan : Geet

Geet back to sense and saw Maan, she got shy to face him and turn her face

Maan : Geet  I  was harsh , did u re, 

before he completes Geet closed his mouth with her palm and glared at him

Geet : Maanji how can u think like tat , tis is te most  beautiful moment In my life. i should say thanks to u for making me complete . im feeling  so happy today, i dont have words to express my feelings, and in dont want to give words too, Im  feeling u  inside me

 Maan was staring at her confession  making her to shiver with his intense gaze, Geet saw te  finger print on his cheeks and remember how she slapped him , a day before , she was caressing it

Geet : im sory Maanji

Maan kissed her palm , her blood started to rush thru her every vein , she know wat will happen next. Maan was staring her face  which was  blushing. She try to get up , but he holds and raised her face to look at him.  He was tracing his finger down to her neck to te shirt button, he started to remove te buttons, Geet holds his hand , but he snaps it and glared at her and continue to do  his work

Maan : so u like it,

he asked removing te buttons staring at her

Geet nodes her head, she was trembling and more his finger is torturing her  by removing  te buttons, Maan  finished opening te button, removed te shirt and throwed it some were

Maan : wen im there no need of tis

Geet at once covered her front, she was blushing thinking how she is sitting nude in front of him. Maan was staring her nude form, her white soft skin, her breast was hanging down , her flat stomach, her lower part which was closed and her slim legs. He was  drinking  her beauty with his eyes . Geet try to hug him, but he holds

Geet was shocked : Maanji

Maan:  I want to see u like tis, tracing his finger on her nipples sending shivers on her spine. Tis is te punishment for slapping me

Geet blushed and trace her palm on his cheeks, Maan at once pulled her on his lap , Geet felt more shy thinking te way she sitting on him without any clothes

Maan : still u feel shy Geet after wat ever happen between us

Geet jut hugs him to hide herself, Maan  too hugs her so tight like crashing  her bone.

Geet was moaning : Maanji

 Her breast flattened , he started to kiss her neck, shoulder and bite it. His hands was rubbing her back making her nerves weak. She was so soft, he started to play with her curves , kneeding it. He pinched her making her to scream


Maan got irritated with Maanji , he wants to hear calling him Maan. He broke te hug

Maan : Geet call me MAAN

Geet nodes no

Maan : why , Geet hugs him

Maan placed her on te bed and hover on her , his breath was falling on her

Maan : why

Geet : how can I call u

Maan pulled her lips : through ur lips , I want to hear Maan from ur lips

Geet : pls MAANJI

Maan : why u didt like my  name

Geet : how can I call by name, u older than me naa, she bite her lips

Maan glared at her : so u think im older

Geet  thought he got angry : no I  mean, elder ah, elder

Maan : ok Geet

Geet : Maanji

Maan  : I will show how old  am I

He smirk and hover on her making her to tickle , Geet was shocked first but later seeing his smirk feared her and te way he is tickling making her to wriggle under him,she tried to escape from his hold , but he was more strong and locking under him and tickling. She was laughing and breathing heavily

Geet : psl Maanji pls

Maan : till u call me Maan I wont leave u,  he started to tickle with his fingers , his lips

Geet  cant control anymore and screamed his name : MAAN  N , making MAAN to stop his antics and watched at her, Geet felt shy and closed her face with her palms

Maan : Geet call me once again

Geet node no

Maan : or else

Geet was still covering her face. Maan just enter his manhood inside her core suddenly , making her to scream her lungs out

Geet : MAAN N N N N

 Maan smashed his lips on her lips and started to increase his speed.he was still wild n can be seen in his every hard deep thrust..geet was moaning  due to pleasure n pain.. Both hit te climax together and Maan  collapsed on Geet , both are panting heavily

Maan : next time if u call me MAAN ji I will do tis I wont care were u are

Geet eyes popped hearing his  shameless words. Geet was staring at him, Maan felt hard just few secs before they both hit te climax together but still he was hard and want to be inside her . Maan took her hand and placed on his manhood  and locked it with his legs making her to jolt

 Maan  burying his face on her crook of her neck, inhaling her scent: Geet wat u  r doing to me, I cant be away from u even for a sec. my manhood wants to be inside u 24*7. all these months it was very hard to control myself

Geet  just silently hearing  his confession and feeling happy tat she affects him and felt shy for his shameless words and felt shiver runs in her spine as his breath fall on her

Maan : do u know Geet after tat beach kiss , I was craving more for u, I want to be with u, love u, crush u in my arms and love u till u became exhausted

Geet open her mouth in shock , Maan pulled her lips with his teeth and bite it , making her to winch in pain

He trace his tongue on her lips to sooth it : I often came to ur room to kiss, no one had te power to control rather than ur closeness . I will be waiting for every morning to feel u.

Geet who was lost in his scent and words : hmm I know u will be cuming to my room and kiss me, then she realize wat she blabbered  and bite her lips looking at Maan who was glaring at her

Maan : so u know wat I will do in te morning but still u teased me by locking te door tat day

Geet : no i mean

Maan : Geet u r gone, I will pay back for wat u did to me

Geet showed her puppy face

Maan : I wont melt for tis things ,

Maan  started to hover on her, , Geet kept her hands on his chest like stopping him

Geet : Maan, I will be waiting for whole day for tat few mins to be with u.  u know Maan how my heart will be beating due to ur closeness . I will be  waking  early and waiting for ur morning kiss which make my day complete, it was ur love for me Maan

Maan was staring at her and was happy te way she address him MAAN

Geet: MAAN

Maan : no explanation, only action, I wont leave u till I get my pay back

Geet : I love u Maan

She wants to say I love u for nth time , but wen he didt say even once she felt some thing, but she don't need tat words from him as he already have confess his heart through his action

He holds her hands above her head and started to trace her skin with his lips making her to wriggle.

Geet : MAAN pls

Maan : no

He started to kiss her cheeks , her chin , biting it , he moved to her nape and started to lick it. Geet wrapped her legs  around his waist , held him tightly

Geet : pls Maan leave my hands pls

Maan latched her curves , he bite it making her to scream in pleasure , she held either side of te pillows tightly. Maan was teasing her sense. Maan slid down to her tummy and biting it ad sucking it , she was trembling with his touch

 Geet : MAAN

 Maan came to her lips and started to trace her lips with his tongue without kissing her just making her to crave for him more. He came to her curves again and started to bite it and suck it . she was screaming in pleasure. Maan left her hand to concentrate on her legs, he  was licking her legs inch by inch and going down and kiss her toe,  placing it inside his mouth and sucking making her to bite te pillow.

 Maan came above and started to kiss her lips , Geet too respond as she was very angry on him for making her to feel weak. She started to bite his tongue, both are kissing, sucking, each other lips and rolling their tongues inside the mouths and fighting, tasting  every corner. She was biting him scratching him, showing her cravings

 Maan placed him between her legs and look at her, he enter her making her to scream , he increased his rhythm and thrusting harder , she gasped and moaned his name loudly. He  was thrusting harder and harder , his lips was playing on her curves , biting her , Geet turn her face from one side to another and biting his shoulder. He was thrusting deep inside her making her to shuddered

 They hit te climax together and he collapsed on her , both panting heavily. Maan lye on his back taking Geet with him, he curled his legs with her , and wrapped his hands over her waist like holding her tightly. She was resting here had on his chest, both panting heavily

Geet kiss his chest : I love u MAAN

Maan stared at  her and both started to kiss and drown in they passion for one more round . te room was echoing only with the moans

It was next day evening..they were still in te bed tasting each other. His phone was ringing from yesterday but they didt care abt it. Geet try to take te phone

Geet : MAAN

Maan who was busy in latching her curves : hmm

Geet : Maan ur phone

Maan : im busy

Geet with shaking hands took te phone and saw who it was and shocked to see dadi

Geet  took her nipples from Maan's mouth , making him to get irritate

Maan : wat

Geet showed te phone : dadi

Maan : so wat , I want tis , showing her nipples ,  he try to hover on her , but she stops him

Geet : pls Maan take it she will be worried , I also didt inform her before cuming here

Maan got annoyed and answer te call

Maan : hello

Dadi who was trying for Maan from yesterday got angry and she don't  abt Geet , she got worried and tensed , we she hear his voice ,she started to shout

 Dadi : Maan were te hell r u, wat u think abt urself, without informing to any one u left , u know how worried we are .. u only bothered abt ur gussa not others feelings. Were is Geet she too didnt inform and her cell is in home .. where is she. I heard tat u r leaving to London, wat u think of ursef wat ever u decide we have to agree with u, why u didt  attend ur phone im trying from yesterday, wen she didt heard any sound  she called Maan Maan

Maan  on te other side was shocked seeing his dadi ki gussa, Geet was giggling te way he getting scolding form dadi, he glared at hear and pinched her buds making her pout , hearing Dadi voice

Maan : ahan dadi

Dadi :wat happen r u there, why are u not say anything

Maan : if u let me speak only then,  I can say some thing, being with Geet u too became like her chatterbox

Geet pouted and Maan  pulled her lips with his fingers

Geet : ah

Dadi : Maan were are u

Maan : in farmhouse

Dadi : r u going to London

Maan : yes dadi

Geet frowned  and turn her face, Maan smirk

Maan : for honey moon arranged it dadi

Geet saw him and felt shy , Maan trace his finger on her cheeks, she hugs him

Dadi got shocked : wat

Maan : yes dadi, im going honey moon with my wife Geet

Dadi was happy hearing it : Geet, is Geet is with u

Maan : yes she is under me,

Dadi eyes  popped , Geet felt earth should swallow her, hearing his shameless words, she tap his shoulder and glared at him, Maan raised his eyebrow like asking wat

Dadi : wat u saying   MAAN u badmash, tis is te way to talk with ur dadi, wen u both cuming

Maan : dadi we are ok, now we are not cuming, and pls dadi don't disturb us saying tis he cut te call and throwed some were , continue to finished his left over work, tasting her curves

Dadi was happy to hear tat they started their life she prayed to god for their happiness wiping her tears 

Geet was angry te way he spoke to dadi

Geet : wat is tat, 

he was busy in her curves again not hearing to her.

, she pulled him to look at her.

Maan got irritated : wat u want

Geet : is  this the way to talk with dadi

Maan : wat I said

Geet : Maan  wat dadi will think abt us ..

she pushed him and covered herself with duvet and started to crib

Maan : she will think tat her grandson  has already waited so long so he will be wild on bed , 

saying he hovered on her

Geet : leave me , u r so bad now how will I face her, she will tease me

Maan pulled te cover and throwed it to  corner of te room

Maan  : dare u hide urself from me and abt dadi she know wat we are doing, after all she is ur love guru

Geet got confused : love guru

Maan : hmm, planning to trap me

Geet : wo mei

Maan :u can continue ur bakbak afterwards , now let me  finish my work, she was about to say something he covered her mouth with his and took her to his world of passion..

Both were panting heavily after another session of love..

Geet ; Maan u r so bad , leave me

Maan was hugging her and nodding no..his hands were still playing on her skin..

Geet : Maan

Maan : hmm

Geet : im feeling hungry

Maan raised a bit and look at her

Geet : I will cook something, saying she try to get up, but due to pain in her lower part, she winched

Geet : ouch

Maan : wat happen

Geet : its paining

Maan : tats ur mistake, u only made me to wait for so u hv to bear it..

Geet pouted

Maan : but I have medicine for it.i  will cure it,

He  started to caress her core making her to shuddered , Geet bite her lips to suppress her moans, holding his shoulder, Maan was smirking and fanning her with his breath..he layed her on bed and started to caress her core with his finger

maan was loving the way she moaned..he  insert his finger inside her , geet s whole body started to burn with it..


geets stomach growled..its been a day n they r not out of bed..

Geet : Maan pls im feeling hungry

she pleaded him with her puppy looks..maan melted seeing it..

Maan : ok I will order lunch, no need to cook

He took his phone  and started  to order, Geet try to move but she fall down

Maan : wait

Maan carried her to washroom, Geet was feeling shy te way both are nude and roaming around te room and te way he is carrying her, she buried her face inside his neck

Geet : Maan u go I will take bath and cum

Maan : who said I will listen to u

Geet :wat u mean

Maan : I mean we both are bathing together

Geet screamed : nooo

Maan : noo, why u r shy geet..u know i have seen ur every hidden places n  tasted every bit

geet was shy hearing his besharm talks..

Geet : psl maan : no, 

he opened te shower, making her hot body to drench in  cold water

Maan started to trace his lips , she tried not to react..but she  hugs him  when she couldnt hold herself..after some time they came out having a hot bath..or to say a romantic love bath..


Geet : MAAN  now wat I will wear

Maan : whats the need to wear a dress wen im here

Geet was shocked : wat

Maan : here there is no girls dress

Geet pouted : Maan

they heared the calling bell..

 Maan: I think lunch came I will get it, he wore his track and went to get te packets

Geet tied te towel around her and started to clean the bed, seeing te stains on te bedsheet, she felt shy, n also happy to be claimed as his wife..its the proof of their love..she binned everything and change into new bedsheet and sat on te bed

Maan came with te lunch and saw Geet cleaned te bed , he open te packets, Geet was excited to see te food and started to pounce on it like she have not eaten for weeks

Maan just watching her without touching his food, geet saw him

Geet : Maan u didt have ur food

Maan just node no, Geet took te food morsel and placed in front of him, he was first shock, for 20 years he have not fed by anyone,  wen his parents left  he have decided to be independent and even he does't like to fed by dadi too, but now seing her , without his knowledge he open his mouth, geet placed te food making him to cum back to sense and surprised he started to eat his food

She again placed another morsel, he came to naughty mood and started to lick her fingers making her to shiver Geet moaned his name. Maan cant control any more, he took te plate and kept it on te table and hover on her , both drifted to their passion , leaving te food behind

It was 2 days they came to farmhouse , still he didt  leave her , Maan was tasting her , Geet was wriggling..he was not in mood to be away from bed ..

Geet : Maan I want to go home

Maan : why

Geet : I want to go

Maan : but I don't want

Geet : pls Maan

Maan  signed : ok, but before tat I want u one more time, before she say anything he was inside her

Both took bath , obviously , together, they came out

Maan took a sari and gave to her

Geet : wen u brought

Maan : u r dresses r there , he showed her dresses in te cupboard

Geet : then u lied to me,

Maan hugs her from  behind placing his chin on her shoulder

Maan : wen im here no need of dress, dare u wear dress in front of me

Geet open her mouth to ground, Maan pulled her lips

Maan : don't tempt me..or i will take u again..then dont crib..u want to go to mansion..

Geet  pushed him and rush to washroom to get ready, wen she came out and saw MAAN was lying on te bed

Maan was drinking her beauty

Maan came to her and hugs her : I don't want  to go

Geet : but I want , she pushed him and went out..if she stays a little more..even her mind will change with maans passion..maan sighed..

They both got ready , sat in te car . Maan didt leave her for sec too even inside the car..his one hand driving n other was playing all naughty. making her to crib. they reached km, Geet step out and was shocked..




NEXT PART: 38, PG 91


























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sri91 IF-Dazzler

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romatic and passion part di...
Simply ausome...
Maan is shameless...
Geet and her cribbing...
Wat is the surprise...
Continue soon..

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome part
maan has forgot day n night
he wants only geet
n he is having her 24x7
maan in full mood
atlast geet has to crib to go home..
hot romantic n passionate..

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fariya20 IF-Dazzler

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o my my maan tooo much nauty yaar 
awsum update 
me felling dreamy 
oh god they take my breathe with their hot romance continue soon

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Jane523 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome dear...
loved it...

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