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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 77)

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H2 - 39


Maan was getting ready for office  and  came down for BF. Trio was sitting and waiting for him, and shocked to see him got ready for office

Maan : gm dadi , Anni and node at Geet

Dadi : gm beta were u decide to go

Maan got confused : office dadi

Dadi and Anni glared at him and Geet became sad hearing him going to office

Dadi : Maan u r not  going to office till ur wedding

Maan : why

Anni : bhai  its ur marriage and u want to go to office

Maan : wat im going to do sitting in home

Anni : bhai, u have to do so much shopping, arrangments  its wedding bhai not some of ur  business meeting were u just cum on time

Maan : shopping I have finish mine yesterday and arrangments I have hired some mens and I don't want to waste my time for tis  things.

Geet felt sad and excuse herself

Geet : dadi I will bring juice for him and she went to kitchen

Geet : want to go to office , he have hired mens who ask him to arrange tis wedding I don't want to marry him again, ask him to go to hell

Suddenly she heard one voice

Maan : with u im ready to go there

Wen Maan saw Geet going to kitchen, he know she felt sad, so he too followed leaving shocked Dadi and Anni who open they mouth to ground seeing Maan going behind his wife to manofly her

Dadi : Ani till now ur bhai don't know were is te kitchen but he started to know tat too , all coz of Geet. Now he will become a perfect Indian husband

Both hi fived


Maan came near , Geet turned her face  and started to roll te vessels

Maan slowly  slide his hands on her tummy making Geet to  lose her sense. He came near her face sucking her earlobes, she started to moan holding his hands which was on her tummy

Geet : Ma an, hmmm

Maan : r u angry

Then Geet realize wat he is doing, she snapped him, Maan glared at her

Geet: u will became late go to ur office, why u wasting ur time for tis useless things

Maan smirked seeing her gussa : yes I have  many useful works to do ,  he  touch her shoulder Geet snap it and he again touch  her on other side she again snap it, Maan got angry, he hold her both shoulder and turned her with a jerk. Geet was wriggling and try to push him off as she was angry on him for teasing her

Maan brought her close to his face holding her face, pressing her body with his hard body

Maan : Geet don't try to move, u know u cant go away from me

Geet saw him with tears in her eyes : then why u leaving me and going

Maan  came close to her face and started to lick her tears: im going coz of u

Geet got confused and start at him : coz of me

Maan : hmm, if I stay here i cant control myself to stay away from u

Geet blushed hearing his words

Maan : and u said u want to spend ur time with Anni naa

Geet : tats for night not, but she realize wat she said she bite her tongue and try to move

Maan smirk at her and hold more close to him like trapping her between him and te counter : so in day it s ok for u

Geet  hug Maan : Maan pls

Maan  hugs her more tightly ,  started to trace her back with his hand kissing her neck, Geet holds him tightly as if she lefts he will fall down

Geet : Maan ur punishing me naa  tat Im staying with anni

Maan : no

Geet : then why u going to office, till our wedding only naa, u cant take leave

Maan ; after tat how I will go

Geet got confuse : why

Maan want to pull her lips which was pouting, he did too. He pull her lips with his teeth and  bite it making her to winch

Geet tap his chest : Maan

Maan : then wat if u tempt me I cant control

She blushed : don't change te topic why u wont go to office after our wedding

Maan : coz I have many other works to complete

Geet : mean

Maan  came near her ear and in huskily tone : I have to go for hm with u , lock u in our bed for 24 *7  making u

Geet closed his mouth before he says anything else, She was overwhelmed how he care for her. He want to enjoy with her so he wants to complete his pending work, she hugs him

Maan kissed her hands : so I want to finish all , before he  finish

Geet : I know thanku, she kissed his chest over his dress : I love u

Maan pulled her from te hug and stare at her, Geet  cant face his intense gaze as its burning her soul. Maan started to trace her lips with his thumb

Geet shivered : Maan some one will cum, It came as moan

Maan at once smack his lips on her lips and started  for a  passionate kiss. Geet was shocked as they were standing in kitchen and anyone cum at any time, but her thought was blocked by Maan's kiss. He started to nibbled her lips., Geet too started to respond, opening her mouth for him. He enter his tongue and started to taste her every  corner of her mouth. Geet too insert her tongue inside Maan ki mouth both are tasting each other and drowning in they passion for how long they don't know. After like age he left her mouth wen he felt she is  struggling for breath

Maan saw her face which was blushed Geet open her eyes slowly and look at him and hugs him

They were hugging and standing still, Maan slowly slide her hair behind her ear making her to shiver, but  they broke te hug wen Dadi called Geet

Maan : ok Geet im  leaving

Geet : hmm

Before he turns to leave Geet holds his hand

Maan : wat

Geet took her pallu and wipe her lipstick mark on his lips , Maan smirks and licked his lips making Geet to blush more

First Maan came out and Geet followed him

Anni smirk seeing they condition, she want to tease them: Geet wat took ur so long

Geet : hmm wo me

Anni : and were is juice for Maan bhai

Geet : wo

Anni : oh he have drunk in te kitchen itself naa

Geet smiled : ahan, he have drunk

Maan roll his eyes seeing them and bid bye to them , he went to  his car Geet followed him till te entrance , maan look at her , node his head and get into his car

Geet came inside and saw of  both staring at her Geet bite her lips and blushed

Dadi : geet why u send him

Geet : dadi he is having some imp meeting , he have to finish all his work to take leave for his wedding

Ani : for wedding or honeymoon

Geet : anni pls

Dadi was happy hugs her : im happy for u Geet be like tis


Wedding preparation was going on, Rk too came here often as he became one of te family member. Maan trying to finish his  all works before his wedding. Now  and then teasing Geet wenever he found her alone making her to blush



 Whole house was decorated  and guest have started to cum. Some were jealous as they cant make they daughters  as khurana bahu, thinking some mere orphan going to rule tis kingdom. They were talking among themselves as they don't have guts to voice it out. As after 20 years they have enter km and they don't want to miss tis chance by cuming close To Maan for they business contacts, showing the fake faces.

 But some are very geniuely blessing them with heart as they saw how khuranas shattered  20 years before and they wish again te same happiness  should cum again in they life. They blessed te couples from their heart

Geet was sitting in te middle with girls surrounding her , teasing her making her to glow in red colour. Dadi felt happy as after 20 years km  got its light back, she wipe her tears and hugs Geet, Geet too became emotional seeing dadi

Mehendi lady was applying mehendi on Geet  and Geet was blushing thinking abt Maan

Anni : oh Geet don't blush to much save it for ur sr too

Geet : anni chupkar

Anni came ear her ears and whispered : wat is there to feel shy Geet wen u both have finish everything

Geet cheeks became red: Ani 

 she want to hide herself some where

Before they continue Mehendi lady ask want name to write

Geet thought and smirked and whispered something in her ear , thinking how he will react wen he finds wat she ask to write

Anni : wat is tat

Geet : its secret

Anni peep to see it , Geet pulled her hands nodding no, making Anni to pout

They were applying mehendi and all started to tease her , geet escape from their teasing excusing herself and went to her room . she lean on te wall holding her breath

As she entered , some one  closed te door and locked it , Geet got scared and she was about to shout, but one hand closed her mouth. She open her one eye and  shocked to see  Maan  standing in front of her

Geet was talking : hg bh

Maan : wat

Geet point to his hand asking him to remove it, Maan removed his hand

Geet :wat r u doing here

Maan : I came to see my wife

Geet : Maan pls go out naa, if some one see u wat they will think

Maan lyed on her bed keeping his hands behind his head  : I don't care abt others if I want I will carry u now to my room in front of everyone

Geet sat beside him  : I know but pls

Maan  stare at her, she  was wearing  lehenga and she didt wear her duppatta and her cleavage was visible as she was sitting In front of him. Geet notice his gaze and felt shy and turn her face

Geet : Maan pls

Maan : wat I did Geet

Geet felt shy

Maan smirk : ok I wont do anything I just want to apply mehendi on you..and then i will  leave

Geet : but I've already applied mehendi Maan

Maan : oh, now wat I will do 

he pretend to think,

 Maan :hmm idea why I have to apply were others can see , now I want apply were only I have rights to see

Geet  got shocked : Maan

Maan : yes my baby,  he turned her face facing her back to him, he slowly started to remove te strings which was holding her front, Geet breath struck in  her throat feeling his finger on her back,

Geet started to moan : pls Maan my mehendi

Maan : I wont  do anything , I will apply mehendi and go

Geet staring at him, Maan removed her blouse , it was sleeveless . as he removed her blouse his breath got struck as  she didt wear her inner. His breath struck in his throat as her globe hang out form her blouse . Geet gasp and try to cover her front ,but Maan  hold  her hand and saw her

Maan :wat is there to hide from wen I have tasted every bit of ur

Geet : Maan pls

Maan : i think u want ur megandhi  to be safe. Geet if u try to move or cover I will take my promise back and make u exhausted till u cry...

Geet felt shy hearing his words : Maan wat r u going to do

Maan made her lye on te bed  and staring at her, Geet want to hide herself some were but she know till he finish wat  he want he wont leave her, so she didt try to move  and  thought to let him do wat ever he want  to do

She turn her face bitting te pillow but she frozed wen she realize he is removing her legenha

Geet moan : ma an, closing her legs together

Maan : Geet i said i wont do anything , she open her legs,

Maan removed  his shirt too and lyed beside her taking te mehendi cone In his hand. He spread her hands wide and started to apply te mehendi on her underarms making her to shiver  

Geet was just moaning , Maan then went to her another arm and started to write his name teasing her to te core. Then  he came to her breast and started to write his name around her nipples making her to shuddered and she was wriggling. She wants to hold him but her mehendi

Geet : Maan pls don't tease me, she was breathing heavily , Maan didt listen to her he concentrate on her another breast .

Maan : I don't know to draw designs I just wrote my  name

Geet smirk and want to teases  him : Maan u r big architect , constructing so many buildings  but don't  know to draw designs

Maan glared at her making Geet to gulp her saliva. He smirk and came down to her inner thighs, spreading her legs and he started to draw  , Geet was feeling like crackers bursting inside her

Geet  moaning: MAan an

Maan was taking so much time on her thighs, Geet was wondering wat taking him tis much time, after some time he left her thighs

Maan : now I proved im a best architect,

Geet try to get up to see, but Maan pushed her on te bed making her to pout

Maan : why so hurry  u can see it later

He pulled her panty little bit down, making Geet to pop her eyes down

Geet : Maan wat u doing

Maan : shh let me complete my work

He kissed her panty line and wrote his  name . Geet was red due to  his antics, she was shuddered and breathing heavily

Maan  finished his works and lyed next to her watching her

Geet felt shy : Maan pls cover me naa

Maan : let it dry first

Geet pouted her lips, thinking earth should swallow her, wen she is lying all nude in front of him and he is wearing his clothes, for tat he have made love to me, and soon realize wat she thought and bite her tongue, Maan smirk at her and pulled her lips with his teeth

Maan : I said tis is mine

Geet : Maan pls give my clothes

Maan came near her ear sucking it : I too want to make love to u Geet but not now, making her gasp as he read her mind

Maan : but  not now, I want u all for me on our sr be ready

Geet felt shy and hugs him, without knowing she have applied her mehendi on his chest . Maan broke te hug and saw her mehendi was smashed on his chest he glared at her

Geet showed her puppy face : why only  u can apply mehendi not me

Maan : so u want to apply on me, ok I will remove my pant

Geet stops him : no no, only in ur hands

Maan smirk, Geet holds his hand as her mehendi In her hands were dried , she wrote her name with a small design on te corner of his palm

Maan glared at her : Geet

Geet : wat

Maan : wat  is it

Geet smiled at him : mehendi

Maan glared at her

 Maan  try to see his name on her mehendi but Geet hide it

Geet : Maan I want u to see on our sr pls

Maan : hmm ok

He hover on her to kiss her lips, but  some one knock te door making Geet to shock

Maan : shit

Geet got scared : Maan pls go, if some one saw us

Maan : I don't care

Geet : pls maan

Maan got up wore his dress and was about to turn,

Geet : Maan my dress

Maan smirk : I know only to remove it

Geet : pls Maan

Maan took her dress wore it and left te room before kissing her lips

Geet open te door and shock te see Anni, Anni came in firing her with her questions

Anni : wat made u so long to open te door

Geet : wo  I slept hmm

Anni saw her  hands : I think it was dried cum I will help to remove it

Anni remove te mehendi : wow Geet it was so dark, bhai will love u more

Geet (st) : for tis much love itself im struggling, and now more  no babaji I cant bear it

Anni taped her shoulder : wat happen

Geet : nothing, I want to use washroom

Anni : ok, I will bring ur dinner , she left

Geet closed te door and remove her dress to see wat Maan have drawn. She remove te mehendi and felt shy seeing his name on her body. She as tracing his name on her breast and biting her lips, she then suddenaly realize he drawn some thing on her thighs , she spread her thighs and saw , she  got shocked. Geet eyes popped out of her sockets and started to curse Maan

Geet : dust dhanv , raven, I just teased him he don't know to draw designs and he have drawn his building model on her thighs

Geet was fuming and dressed herself and went out , anni brought food for her and she fed her. Geet felt overwhelmed and hugs her

Ani : don't get too much senti, im selfish

Geet raised her eyebrows

Anni : if I fed u now , u will fed me on my mehendi naa so tat only

Geet smiles and both hugs. Then later both slept as 2mor sangeeth


Next day it was sangeeth

All were getting ready, Anni and Ranbir planed to do a script  for sangeeth acting as Maaneet and how they journey started ometting Gurmeet part

Geet was getting ready in her room, but she  was restless as she missed Father and te kids who  was her family. Yes  Anni was there but she have brought up in orphan and she felt she need her family on her most  precious day, but she fear, not fear but hesitating to ask Maan, thinking wat he will think. He have already done so much for her, she don't want to burden him anymore. But she was craving to be with her family

Anni came to take her and saw her lost some were

Ani : later u can dream abt bhai now cum lets go

Geet : anni wait a min, I will just cum, she rush to washroom to cool  herself and not want to spoil today


Sangeeth started , dadi brought Maan to te stage and anni brought Geet. Maan saw Geet ki pale face, he know some thing bothering her, he decide to deal with her later. Geet was presented physically but her mind was roaming around goa

Ani and rk started to play they script . rk act like Maan   as angry man and Anni like Geet who was scared seeing his gussa . how they love  started . all were  enjoying , suddenly Geet heard some noise and she saw  te entrance and got surprised, she at once  rush to them . father and kids were standing on te entrance watching her , Geet runs to him and hugs him crying  like a kid

think him as father

Geet : I missed u father , I missed u all

Father : how can I miss my daughter's wedding hmm

Geet broke te hug and bends and hugs all te kids,  people present they felt overwhelmed to see te scene

Geet : thanku Father to bring te kids too

Father : actually Geet I thought to cum alone, But MAAN  ask to bring te kids too and he have  arranged everything

Geet felt shock and happy, she saw Maan who was talking to some one, she rush too him and hugs him without caring abt anyone , like falling on  him, if he have not  hold her , they both have missed te balance and would  have fallen.

Everyone started to clap , Rk whistle making Geet to shy and hide inside Maan, he too hugs her

Anni pulled Geet , glaring at her : wat is tis

Geet : my husband

Anni : oh

Geet felt shy and  hugs dadi : dadi see tis Anni

Anni too hugged them , Maan was standing watching them, dadi showed her hand to him asking him to join them, Maan too hug them, it was perfect  family hug. Rk click te pic.  Dadi kissed Maan on his forehead. Maan wiped her tears nodding no

Te sangeeth was over and all left, Geet and Anni went to look after te kids , they settled them in te outhouse . father Maan and Rk started to talk,. Rk came to know wat Maan have done to orphanage through Father and felt proud to see him. Till now he thought he  is arrogant , but was surprised to see his other side too

Anni called them to join te dinner , they were about to cum, Maan got a call, he gesture them to go as he will join soon

All were having dinner, Geet saw Maan was busy in his phone, she waited for him till he finish his call, once he cut te call, Geet came in front of him  she suddenly peck his lips and hugs him

Geet : thanku so much and she just run away before he register wat happen. Maan was shock and look at Geet who was smiling at him, he lick his lips and went to join te dinner

Whole dinner Maan staring at Geet and licking his lips making her to blush. Anni and Rk was watching them and giggling. Anni saw Rk and smile at him, but he turned his face, anni felt sad and left te place.

They all finished they dinner. Geet showed father his room, in outhouse , dadi and  Maan retired to their rooms. Geet and Anni slept with te kids as they missed them so much.













NEXT PART : 40, PG 104











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maneet romance maan naughty father coming with kids rk and ani 

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freya123 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
lovely  update

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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awesumly beautiful part...loved maan applying mehendi to geet...romantic, hmmm...what did she write his name in hr mehendi??continue sooon

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fariya20 IF-Dazzler

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that was awsum no word 
hahahah maan made desinged building
what is in geet hand some surprize for maan
cant wait for wdding 
ani rk new love story???????????

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awaaa romantic  apiya  i love this wala maan ur
maan nai geet itna acha surprize diya tooo emotinal
ani rk?????????????????
thanksss for pms jante howai bhi k mera reply late hoga thankyou umahhh 

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teja21 IF-Rockerz

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dat was awesome

thanx fr d pm dearBig smile

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maneet romance tho din ba din badthi jaarahi haiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedkoi bhi mauka nahi chodthe hai maan geet ke paas aaneki and their kitchen romance tho lovely hai
maan ne tho kya khoob torture kiya geet ko mehendi lagane waqtWink

very keen to know geet ne kya likhwaayi aapni haathomein

maan geet apni dil ki baath kehne se pehle hi wo poora karraha haiClap

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