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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 54)

smallville IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2013 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Just read all the updates !!!!
Awesome updates !!!
Love maneet growing towards each other !!
Can't wait for more !!
Update soon !!

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Twilightsparkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 6:36am | IP Logged
haii Nalini ji read all parts together 
it is very awesome story i love it 
guru was no more and maaneet story taking steps ahead 
love thsi story soo much but you make maaneet cry soo much 

and bodning BW maan and guru was really soo sweet 
you touched my heart with this and aniee maan bonding also 
atlast maan and guru met and at that time i became soo emotional 
sach kaho tho maaneet got married in unusual sate uff 
but maan fell for her geet also realised now 

but the damage already happened maan angry geet innocense 
but for both realisation guru helped them i love this way 
it was indeed for both maaneet 

and ha the sweet passionate moemnts BW maaneet mardala 
i am soo dead with there passion di such a romantic update tha 
lost update is my Fav wink wink hahaha lol

finally clouds getting cleared but ha there is alot be plotted 
so waiting for that eaferly soo much 
Twilightsparkle IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 6:39am | IP Logged
maan was getting affected by geet but he is bruning in his hell
but geet came and borught his to her heaven 
but she is thinking she is hell uffo 
now realisation was happened but maan is not ready for this

na dont do that geet kuch karo you have to win over this Angry young man ok i am with you 

the plot was really soo good di 

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Gudiyeet IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
pls updateCry

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 March 2012
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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 11:30pm | IP Logged



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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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 H2 - 34


Maan was lost in geets thought, instead of going to his cabin, he walked to cafeteria

Adi who saw him going to cafeteria stopped him: sir where are u going ..tis way is for cafeteria

Maan came back to sense and closed his eyes thinking what he is doing . but he is MSK n how can he accept his mistake..

Maan:hmm ..why   cant I go to cafeteria

Adi : laugh ha ha ha

Maan : ad..i.ii..i

Maan gave his hard look N Adi instantly  closed his mouth with his tie and run away

Maan : damit wat im doing, he went to his cabin and locked himself

He closed his eyes n he could only see geet drenching in rain n her beauty..her taste lingered on his lips..he want to feel her again..his body burned n he was aroused with the thought itself...he snapped n opened his eyes

Maan : oh shit wat im doing, she is making me  insane. Yes I want her badly, today wat ever may be.. no one can stop me, I will mark her as mine, she is my wife. no one dare to stop me, even she. Yes im craving for her I cant be away from her for a sec, too. Geet wat u  have done to me..

maan took the file n was viewing it..then it hit him. he must check the kundra's project n he is looking at accounts file..he took the accounts file.why its all so blunder where comes rajat come in this file..n he checked the was wrong again..

Whatever he does it turned wrong..only geet was in his mind..the trip to goa n whatever transferred between them has changed him..he felt like a teenager craving to see his lover..he closed the file in frustration..

He cant concentrate on his work ..the one n only thing his mind is revolving was geet..he want to se her..n more over he cant sit idle n end up fun  in his, he  decided to go to km without knowing what is waiting for him..



As he entered his blood boiled to see Geet with a man, he closed his fist tight seeing te way Tat person holding Geet s face and blowing air, he cant see te site, he march towards them and saw Dadi and Anni were sitting worried , Tat man blowing air on Geet ki eyes

Maan : wat is happening here

He questioned ..his voice was so loud in anger that all jumped in their place for a sec..

All got shocked hearing his voice..

Dadi : Maan beta u came early, did u forgot something

Maan : I asked wat is happening here


He again asked in frustration..if eyes could burn anyone..then that man would have been turned into ashes by now..

Tat person  stopped his work but didt leave Geet ki shoulder , he was holding her and Geet too rubbing her eyes

Dadi : hare Maan, something went inside Geet eyes, so Ranbir blowing air

Maan sat beside geet n made her face him..: what , show ur eyes..his expressions changed into concern..

 Geet got shiver with his closeness. his hot breathe tickled her senses , she moved little: no Maan its, now its ok,

Maan got angry, till now she was comfortable with tat person, but wen I touch she is maintaining distance..

 Maan : I said show, in stern voice

Geet got shock seeing his anger..Geet  stare at him, Maan hold her face and look at her eyes, which became red due to continuous rub.. he opened her eyes wide n checked..he too blowed air..

 Maan started to blow, Geet felt shiver wen his breath fanned n on her, she was twisting her duppatta, geet slowly placed her hand on Maan ki shoulder


Geet slowly opened her eyes, Maan ask through his eyes, if she is ok, she too nodded, but both didnt take their eyes., they r staring and  lost in each other eyes. Maan caressed his thumb on her cheeks, making her lose her sense, they were lost in each other but Dadi s  cough brought them back

Dadi who know Maan felt jealous seeing geet with some one, and she also  the way he lost himself seeing her, she was happy to see them, she coughed to bring them back

Maaneet felt embrassed , Geet move away from Maan and sat next to Ranbir, making Maan to glare at her

Maan looking at Ranbir with his red eyes like he will burn him alive

Dadi : Maan I asked u..u r so early

Maan : why, I cant cum early ahan

Dadi smirks : no Maan suddenly u came, ok tat also good

Maan rasied his eyebrow

Dadi : hmm , Geet u forgot to intro Ranbir to Maan

Maan (st) : hmm he is Ranbir, why Geet should intro him,

Geet : ahaan dadi.., Maanji, he is Ranbir , one of charity person In our school

Geet  saw Ranbir, who lost in Maaneet, wen Maaneet lost in each other, he started to admire the hidden love in them, he stood mesmerized seeing them, Geet tap him, to bring back

Geet : hare Ranbir in which world r dreaming..ha..

Ranbir : ahan  Geetu

Maan glare at him , (st) : Geetu..

Ranbir calling her sweetly was adding fuel to his anger..

Geet : Ranbir he is Maanji



Ranbir : hmm who don't know him, he extend his hand , hello sir

Maan hold his hand tightly like breaking his hand.taking all his anger thru the hand shake..

Ranbir was shocked with his behavior..but thought may be he is so strong..n its only his thoughts..but his hands pained n he was straight forward a jolly going he said normally..

Ranbir : oh man, u r too strong, I think u will break my bones

Maan left his hand , and went to his room, asking Nakul to bring coffee..

Ranbir:geetu..i think he took me wrong..i was just saying like that..

Geet too can see maans anger..he came suddenly n left all sudden..he did not talk nice ly to ranbir too..he is our guest..

Ye kya hogaya inko..

Dadi:geet go n see him beta.n say him to come down soon after freshing up...

Geet:ji dadi..


Maan in his room

Maan : how dare he will touch my Geet, MY GEET..and he called her Geetu, I will kill him, ,

he was pacing in his room, wen he heard some one knock , he ask the person to cum in


Here down, all were worried seeing Maans ki gussa, Dadi know abt his buddhu grandson, who fuming in jealous but he wont admit, it, so she ask Geet to take coffee and bring him down

Geet came inside: Maanji ur coffee

Maan look at her, geet place te coffee on te table,

Geet : wo Dadi was calling u down,

Saying tis she try to leave te room, but before tat Maan holds her hand and pinned her  on te wall

Geet got shocked : Maanji

Maan pressing her on te wall.. Geet was sandwich between Maan and wall, his breath was fanning on her, she was shivering, his closeness making her nervous, anytime her heart will jump out of her rib cage

Geet : Maanji

Maan  was angry : wat u doing down ahan

Geet got confuse : matlab

Maan : who is he, Geet ...dare any one touch u, I will kill them

Maan was seething in anger , he cant bear to see some one close to her,  Geet was scared to see his eyes, but she was happy to see tis side of Maan, he was possessive on her, she was jumping in happiness, she forgot tat Maan is holding her hand tight hurting, but tat pain didnt bothered her, as his words were soothing showed his possessiveness,his right on her..anger is also a part of love..n she can clearly see it in his eyes..n she felt very emotional..her love is getting reciprocated..her husband is accepting her in his life..

Geet was staring at Maan with tears In her eyes, Maan thought he hurt her and loosened his grip but didt leave her hand,

Maan : Geet im warning u next time if I  see him here ,


before he finish,  anni came inside, both move away from each other

Anni : bhai cum down , we are waiting for u

Maan node his head and left with her, Geet smiles seeing his mark on her hand

Geet : I love u Maanji..i will wait for you to say this to me..

 They both came down and saw Ranbir was chatting with Dadi, she was laughing, he has nt seen her tis much happy

Dadi : bus bus

Ranbir : wat girl friend , so soon, u lose,

Dadi : im old so ur cheating me,

Ranbir : who said u r old , still u look 16, and wink at her

Dadi : badmash

Anni : bhai I will ask u today one thing wil u give me

Maan : anything for u princess

Tat time Geet  brought a taal and sat on te couch, Maan was confused . MAAN  watch Geet who was avoiding him, and he felt bad for hurting her, she was twisting her hand  In pain, shewas hiding her hand which had his marks

Anni: bhai today rakshabandhan , I want to celebrate with u,

Maan was shock and overwhelmed seeing ani, till now he didt celebrate it, as he lost her baby sister years back... He look at her emotionally  and node his head. Anni became happy and started to do te rituals

Anni kept tika on his forehead , did te arti and tie te  rakhi

Anni : thanku bhai, she hug him

Maan too hugs her and kiss her on her forehead

All felt emotional seeing them, Dadi even though MAAN didt say anything, but she know wat is going inside him. She wiped her tears

 Ranbir  thought to lighten te situation

Ranbir : oh god wat is tis, no one  is there to care for me

All look at him, girls node their head seeing his antics

Dadi : why Ranbir, wat happen

Ranbir : then wat Dadi see no one is there to tie for looking at Geet

Geet smile , took her plate , did arti to him, looking at Maan, MAAN was shock to see Geet tieing te Rakhi to him, she was indirectly saying..ranbir is her rakhi bhai n there is no place to feel jealous of him with his presenced..he look at Geet  n her hand where he took his anger..but geet  turned her face. But three of them watching their eye talk and giggled

Geet : now my gift

Ranbir took a box and give to her : take this my dear sister

Geet : thanku

Ranbir : i should say thanku to u Geetu, u know tis is my first rakhi,

Geet : ranbir

Ranbir : yes Geetu, as im orphan, still now I hvn't celebrate tis, as no one is there to tie for me

All got emotional, Maan was watching him,

Geet : dare u say tis again, u know naa, im also orphan

All shouted : Geet

Geet got scared and look at everyone who was glaring at her

Geet showed her puppy face : im sorry

Dadi : now stop all tis,

Ranbir : ok ok

Anni : Geet open ur gift

Geet open it was watch : wow lovely, thanku Ranbir

Dadi : Maan wer is ur gift to Anni

Anni : it is ok Dadi, I know bhai have forgot

Maan: yes Anni, as tis my first rakhi too, I dont know wen is rakhi

He left to his room abruptly..he don't know its rakhi n did nt bring gift for his sister..its special for can I be like wll get her a gift today..nothing is impossible for maan singh khurana..

., geet felt sad for him as he was too lost in his thoughts..

 Maan went to his room made some call, Nakul called him for dinner..

Maan came down, and same time some person came n gave him a pair of boxes..he gave a box to anni, Anni was confused

Anni : bhai

Maan : tis is for u

Anni open it and saw diamond set, : wow bhai its so lovely

Anni was so happy to get gift from Maan, she was jumping, she ask Maan to wear  on her neck , he too put te set on her.. Geet watching them and felt happy

Anni : see my bhai give me set, but see ur bhai gave only watch, showing her tongue to Ranbir n teasing him..

Geet smile at her , all sat for diner, Ranbir bid bye to everyone n left, Geet went with him till entrance

Dadi : he Is very nice boy Maan, he is orphan, but he is looking after his dad's business  and struggling to bring it back, but very responsible boy, wen ever he cums here , he will make everyone to feel light

Maan : hmm, he saw Geet entering inside

Geet : dadi im feeling sleepy , im going to sleep

Anni: yes dadi me too

Everyone left to their  rooms,

Geet was arranging her bed, Maan enter her room,

Geet stood and turned her face,

Maan : Geet tis is for u, he gave a box to her

Geet : wat is tis

Maan got angry seeing her  gussa : open it

Geet open te box uninterestingly, there was a diamond set , Geet know why he brought manofy her..for hurting her

Geet : for wat Maanji,

Maan : for u, why I cant buy gift for u

Geet : I don't need it maanji..

Maan hold her shoulder : why u always deny me, whatever I give , ahan,

Geet was wriggling, Maan  hold her close to him, like caging her in his embrace,

Maan slowly pushed her hair behind her ear, and asking her in huskily voice

Maan : say Geet why u r denying me,

Geet : wo wo

Maan : wat wo wo , Geet say me, he took her hand which had his mark, started  caress it with his hand

Geet closed her eye, and she was lost in some other world as Maan making her weak, he was teasing her sense..n he want to proceed more..he took her hands near his lips n was about to place a kiss...

At tat time anni barged to Geet calling her name

Anni : Geet t

Both got shocked and move away from each other , Anni saw Maan

Anni : bhai wat u doing in Geet In room,

Maan : wo I came

Before he give any lame excuse, Anni saw te box and she took it

Anni : wow Geet tis is very lovely, oh bro  u came here to give tis only Bhai, she teasing him

Maan : hmm, he left cursing Anni to ruin his moment

Geet took along breath and saw anni who gave her a  teasing smile..

Maan was having hard time..he couldn't sleep..he tossed on bed..his patience broke n he moved to geets room..this distance is making him insane..he want to be with her..his eagerness all went in drain seeing ani sleeping with geet..he walked back to his room in frustration..


Next day morning, Maan again enter to Geet ki room  and saw Anni was not there, he was waiting for that only..he slowly went near her and lay down next to her

Maan look at her serene face and started to caress her face, he slowly trace his finger on her lips and peck it

Maan (st) : wat u done to me Geet, I cant bear tis distance Geet, each min is hell for me without u, I will make u mine soon, today any how I will confess, he peck one more time and try to get up, but hearing some one near te door, he hide behind te curtains

Dadi came and wake Geet, geet wake up

Geet : ahan Dadi

Dadi : beta its already late get ready fast

Geet : hmm saying she left to washroom, anni too came barging, Maan cursed his luck, thinking now how he will escape

Dadi left te room, and Anni was waiting for Geet, Maan was thinking how to cum out as he was struck behind te curtains,


Maan (st) : Geet..u r making me  do things which I have not done before..msk chori chori chupke in his own house..i cant cum out now..or anni will tease me to hell..

Geet  open her door and ask Anni to pass her sari as she only took her blouse and skirt

Anni : Geet cum out and tie ur sari, only im here

Geet twisted her lips and came out making Maan eyes to pop out

Geet was standing only In her blouse and inner skirt n a towel hiding her front..though a little..

Geet:ani turn n sit..

Ani:oh ho..geet..u r so shy  before me too..what will happen when bhai will undr...


Geet was all blushing n turned red..

Anie turned giving her back to geet..geet took the towel..her mind started to wave on goa maan touched her ,she  blushed hard thinking about their Maan gulped his saliva , licking his lips. He  was  gazing her curves which struck to her blouse and her slim waist. Looking at her , he became hard, he cant control himself, he want to crush her under him and claim her till her breath got lost.

He was holding the curtain tightly In his fist like crushing it. he was drinking her beauty with his eye still Geet got ready and went with Anni down, leaving a numb MAAN

Maan came out of his lala land and went to his room  to cool his burning body..soon adi called him remembering his work n maan had to leave suppressing his  burning desires..



Geet Dadi Anni were sitting in te garden , having they coffee, Geet was smiling to herself thinking te way Maan holded her n showed his possessiveness

Dadi and Anni notice tat

Anni : nowadays some one is smiling often

Dadi : really Anni

Geet know they teasing her : Dadi

Dadi : wat Dadi I know wat is happening between u two,

Geet  face became red

 Dadi : Geet did u see how he is carving to be with u, so I played making him to crave more

Geet  got confused : dadi

Dadi : did u think we didt see wat u both doing at te Bf table tat day

Geet want to hide herself some were..they do noticed them..

Dadi : so I made u to stay at home and see I said he will cum, and he came tat day early

Anni : Dadi tats ur plan,  Geet u made arrogant MSK into majnu

Dadi kiss her : see Geet my plan worked

Anni : plan wat plan Dadi

Geet smile at her , Dadi wink at her

Anni : am i missing something

Geet : so much

Anni : pls yar say me

Dadi : ok fine she started to narrate everything, how they plan to trap Maan. Making him to crave for her and  then Geet will avoid him, which make him to cum behind her

Anni : oh so tat Maan bhai changed , Dadi ur great

Ddai : tats me, u have to watch his face wen he saw Geet with Ranbir and his jealousy, I was controlling myself not to laugh before my angry grand son..who has turned a loving teenager..

Geet giggled

Dadi : I thought he will burn Ranbir with his eyes , bechare his  hands,

Ani:bhai have broke it if he have not screamed

Ani : and he gifted to u that jewel showing he can gift u too, hmm..not bad..gud going geet..bhai is totally under ur spell..

Dadi : really Geet ,u  have succeeded in our mission,n  made him to long for u, now at any cost he will confess his feelings but don't give it soon, make him run behind u

Anni : dadi u r saying bhai  became love sick puppy who follows his master

Dadi : now his ego fly off, now he have too cum to u at any cost Geet.

Geet : yes Dadi, I wont give it up so soon, I will follow whatever u say..after all u r my guru..i will make him, crave little bit then wat is te fun


All were laughing, suddenly Anni stop her laugh and stare like seeing a ghost

Geet look at her : Anni why u staring like u have seen a ghost

Anni : yes Geet ghost.


All turned to see and shock to see Maan standing there with fuming eyes


Maan came early to give surprise and to take Geet out. But wen he enter ,he heard they were laughing and wen he heard his name , he became curious to know . wen he heard abt te plan to trap him, he became angry and felt betrayed thinking Geet have made fun of his feelings. Al the way he was like a fool he have been played by them like a puppet in their hands. He was angry on himself for becoming  like tis

Dadi : Maan u came so soon

Maan didt say anything..he went to his room

Geet got scared seeing his fuming eyes  and his silence

Geet : dadi he heard everything

Dadi : seeing him I too think yes

Geet : dadi I will go and see him

Dadi : no Geet he is very angry he can hurt you.. leave it for a while till he calms..then  i will talk with him

Geet : no dadi I wil face him..he must know the truth..


Maan (st):  I was craving to be with her, but she making fun of my feelings wat they r saying they trapped me,

he felt angry on himself te way he went behind her like puppy. Thinking about her 24x7..Te way he lost due to his desire for her.damit , he have lost in front  of  girl who  played with him,


He  heard  te way they plan to bend him , he got angry, on Geet

how she made him addict to her and made him lost in her thought.he got frustrated thinking how desperately he crave for her. And he felt jealous seeing her with tat ranbir and how he behaved with her like a despo. He closed his fist and started to break all te things

Maan : how dare , she will think abt me like tis. She thought she will make to bend in front of her, no no one can change MSK,  wat she thinks I will go behind her.all girls are same..trapping men with their fake innocence..i thought she feels for me the same way I do.. Again she crushed my feelings. Its all fake..She didt love me, she only want to me to bow In front of her, wen I  deny her she took revenge from me.   She is thinking tat she trapped me but she forgot im MSK, no one can trap, now I will  show her who MSK, is


His ego is hiding his feelings, he is angry te way he behaved in his love , he was angry tat msk became fool in front of them , he is going wild.

 She went to Maan ki room, taking a long breath , open his room and shock to see, Maan breaking all te things in his room. Blood was flowing from his hand,

















NEXT PART: 35, PG 65


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