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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 4)

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 27


Geet was roaming around te  KM, wiping her wet hair as she just now took bath.suddenly se heard some noise from one side, she went to tat place and stood frozen seing Maan

Maan was in his gym doing his tai chi, only in his track, with upper bare body. Geet who saw him, stood numb.

Geet  was watching his moves, te way he move and his muscle stretch. She holds her heart close to her thinking if she leave it will run, te way her eyes travel his body were his sweat travels.. she was  roaming her eyes on his body. Her cheeks were hot like fire and turn into red creek. She was blushing  seeing  Maan. She was hiding behind a pillar and  watching him.Her  chest heavy up and down seeing Maan ki manly structures. she hold her dupatta in her fist to control her  heart beat.

She don't know how long she was standing till she heard Maan ki voice. MAAN finish his exercise and went to take his towel,  but there was no towel

Maan : tis  Nakul , wont do  his work properly, he started to shout Nakul

With his yelling Geet came back to sense, and saw Maan was caling Nakul, for towel, she look at entrance if Nakul is cuming, wen he didt Maan ki gussa was raising, so Geet  in her  nervousness without thinking pass te towel.

Maan who was standing showing her back to Geet without knowing who is, he took te towel and started to wipe his body, and wen he took it near his face, he can smell, her. He at once turn back and saw Geet  was standing staring at him. Maan got angry at her , throw te towel and left te gym.

Geet who was  standing , didt notice Maan have throwed te towel until te towel fall on her face. She took te towel and smell him. she started to feel his smell,  she blushed and hide herself in te towel

Geet in Room

GEET was sitting in her bed lost in her thought. she was thinking te way Maan avoiding, she cant bear his  ignorance. Tears were flowing from eyes. Dadi who came to see Geet shock to see Geet tears

Dadi know something is bothering Maaneet  after te party. She decide not to interfere between them, as they will solve themselves, but seeing  Geet ki  pain, she cant resist

Dadi sat beside Geet and  caress her hair, Geet got   jerk from her thought seeing Dadi

Dadi : Geet beta why u sitting alone

Geet : that is te only thing I have in my life Dadi

Dadi : Geet, wat  happen,

Geet  smile at her : nothing Dadi

Dadi : Geet im thinking u as my beti not as bahu, but I think u didt accept me as ur mother

Geet  : dadi don't say like tis

Dadi : then u have shared ur  feelings with ur mother naa

At  once Geet hugs her and started to cry.Dadi know she is pouring her pain, and didt stop her cry, and caress her hair to sooth her. After some time Geet cry was subsided

Geet : im so bad dadi im so bad

Dadi :  no Geet

Geet : the why everyone  leave  me and go

Dadi : everyone or Maan

Geet tilt her head down

Dadi : wat happen Geet between u after tat party u both  didt look good, say me Geet

Geet stare  at Dadi and started to narrate  wat happen in te party, te way Maan proposed her and te way  she deny  coz of her fear and te way Maan ki gussa and te way he  avoiding her

Geet : now say me Dadi im bad naa, wen I got a light for my darkness im myself closed my door due to my stupid fear. Wen he accept me , I pushed him away from me, now im want him  Dadi  but now he is pushing me into my darkness again. I know I deserve tis, for wat  I did to Maanji. I  broke his heart, I hurt him, so he is doing te same to me. Its hurting Dadi, now I felt wat Maanji have been went through wen I deny him. He hate me Dadi , he hates me, who ever in his place will hate me for wat I did.

Dadi : Geet u didt understand him, still he loves u

Geet look at her : Dadi

Dadi : yes beta , Maan loves u , I can see it in his eyes, but his ego is hiding it. Geet Maan is not  man of emotions, he don't to express himself.. from small he have been brought up like tis.. he don't have anyone to  share his heart so he made himself hard like rock. he wont express himself so easily, , but first time he confessed his love to u, but wen it rejected , it hit his ego. Gents mostly like tis Geet, wen they ego been hurt, they will not tolerate, and u know abt Maan , how stubborn  he is. But don't wory Geet he will sure change. But it will take time.  U should make him to bend

Geet look confused : me Dadi how , im scare to go in front of him, u asking me to bend him

Dadi smiles : u know Geet , Maan ki dadaji  didt talk with me for 3  whole months , as I went to my relation marriage even  after he denied me. His gussa , no can stand in front of him, same Maan ki gussa too. Gussa is khurana ki birth  right. Maan also came from te same blood naa, so  u have to work little bit hard.

Geet : dadi wat u did to make dadaji to talk with u

Dadi laughs : I try hard to manofly him, but atlast I took te weapon, u know once mens get addict to us  for every small thing even though ego hit, they cant resist us, so I stop doing  all his need automatic one day he came to me

Geet smiles : dadi

Dadi : yes Geet Maan   is like coconut, outside how hard he is but once we break  it we will get  sweet naa, so u have to break him,then he will be so sweet to u, like his dadji

Geet murmured : sweet or Maanji

Dadi kiss her on hair : Geet from 2mor u do all his needs even though he deny don't stop it,  always stand in front of him,

Geet was listening like a baby : then

Dadi : then after one week wen he get use to u, stop all ur duties and don't cum in front of him for some days, see wat will happen, winking at Geet

Geet  blush at her comment

Dadi : so now one mission start to make te great MSK, TO BECAME MAJUNU

Geet : Dadi it will work, coz we talking abt Maan , im little bit scared to go in front of him

Dadi : if u want Maan u have to do tat,

Geet look at her

Dadi : don't wory Geet, first he will hurt u, but  later he will get use to u. see one day he wont leave u for a sec too

Geet : Dadi app bhi naa

Dadi : wat Geet

Geet hugs Dadi : thanku Dadi

Dadi kiss her: now cum we will have our lunch


Next day morning

Maan was working in te gym. He was doing his tai chi. His whole body is sweating. Geet  came with his juice stood frozen seeing his bare upper body,  te way his muscles stretch wenever he do te exercise. Geet was lost and forgot for wat she came. She  was admiring his body and te way sweat travel his body, her eyes to travelled all over his body. Geet hide behind te curtains and looking at him,

Maan sense some one behind him

Maan: who is it

Geet hearing Maan ki voice came to her   sense  and try to move, but Maan holds her hand and drag her.Geet  was shock and embrassed  get caught

Geet  try to hold te glass tightly , and lost in his smell. Wen Maan  notice she was staring at him, he jerk her as soon, Geet spill te juice on Maan ki chest.

Geet got shock and scared : im sorry im sorry Maanji

She kept te juice on te table , took her dupatta and started to wipe  te juice  on his abs. Maan even though chill juice was pour on him, but his skin is burning wen Geet touch him, he at once closed  his fist tightly, controlling himself,

Geet : im sory I didt see

Maan at once holds her hands together and look at her. Geet saw his hand holding hers and look at him. both staring at each other. Maan saw eyes and then her lip, Geet to saw Maan ki eyes , both were lost in each other

Maan was cuming forward closing te distance between them, Geet was going back, then Geet was hit te wall behind her. Now she was standing between MAAN and  WALL. Maan staring at her shivering lips, slowly started to close te distance between they lips, Geet too close her eyes and  waiting for his reaction.

Maan saw her closed eyes, he got courage to move further, they were standing so  close tat  they breath were falling on each other. Suddenly Maan ki phone rings bringing both of them  back to sense

Maan got angry  te way he lost himself, and jerk her away from him and turn his back to control himself. Geet was blushing te way they were tis close, and her cheeks are burning, she was  holding her  heart, tilting her head down

Maan calm himself and  turn to face her , folding his arms to his chest glaring at her

Maan : wat u doing

Geet : wo mei, ah I brought juice for, she took te glass and give  it to him

Maan : now im not a patient  and  ur  not my care taker, u stop doing all tis

Geet look at him, place te glass on te table and left, Maan  got angry te way she  didt react to him. He fold his fist

Maan : how dare , he throw te glass on te floor

Geet heard te sound and know tat Maan had throw ,  Geet know  she have to face all tis, but her only motive to win his heart , and make him to accept her love,  for tat she will face  anything.

Maan  went to his room to get ready and was shock to see Geet standing near te wardrobe selecting his dress, Maan  got angry

Maan: wat u doing in my room

Geet got shock hearing his voice : wo Im selecting ur dress, saying tis she took a dress and placed it on te bed

Maan got angry and took te dress  which she select, throwed it on te floor : I said stop doing all tis, in which language I have to say u Geet

Geet  didt say anything ,Maan got angry and went to washroom, Geet look at him, took a long breath

Geet : dust dhananv

She took another pair of dress and placed it on te bed and  went down, hoping he will  wear

After some time Maan  came from his washroom and saw a dress  was kept on te bed, he got angry. He didt touch tat, he changed into some thing else and went down. He saw Geet was arranging te table for BF. Geet saw Maan didt wear te dress she choosed, she got hurt but  she ignored it. Maan  came and sat on his chair

Geet kept te  his coffee on his side, he got angry and push te cup,  Geet got sad , tears were flowing

Maan yelled : Nakul Nakul

Nakul came running hearing his voice

Maan : from today if u don't want to do ur work, better u can quit

Nakul :  im sory sir

Maan  didt say anything, Nakul serve his BF, Geet stood still watching Maan. Dadi came there,  before she notice Geet wipe her tears

Dadi : hare Maan , u r joining today

Maan : hmm Dadi, were is  Anni

Dadi : she left to col

Maan : hmm im leaving Dadi

Dadi : ok beta

Maan went out, Geet too followed him behind, Maan got frustrated seeing her behind, suddenly Maan stop his walk which made Geet to bumb on him,

Geet : ouch

Maan : why u following me, I know te way to entrance

Geet didt say anything which made Maan to fume, he left, Geet went till out and saw him getting into te car. Maan too watched her standing near te entrance

Geet wipe her tears, Dadi touch her shoulder

Dadi : Geet

Geet : dadi

Dadi : im sory Geet

Geet : no dadi now it is my turn, I have to face, but sure one day he  wil accept me

Dadi hugs her

Geet : ok Dadi I have to go to temple

Dadi : Geet how long u will do tis

Geet : dadi u know naa, I have  have to do, wen he got shot , I was scared I have promise  to god

Dadi : but Geet walking all te way to temple and climbing te stairs in empty stomach

Geet : dadi wen we do something for our loved ones,we wont  feel te pain  pls dadi

Dadi : ok then but don't strain urself

Geet : ok dadi

Geet went  to temple , as  she have been prayed ,she will be walking to te temple and climbing te stair in her knees , for 21 days for Maan. So she went to temple to fulfill it


As Maan enter te KC, after one week ,  he was in foul mood, seeing his eyes everyone got scared and running here and there. He was pacing in te cabin, thinking te way  Geet torturing him for past few days.

Maan : how dare she , will show her attitude to me, how dare. Wat she think of herself im puppet in her hands wen she want she will cum to me, wen she don't she will leave me. No Geet im MSK,  only I will do wat I want no can take descision I my life.

He was trying to hurt her to cool his angry but seeing  her tears , some thing prick his heart

Maan : no , no one can affect me, no one

Lunch time, Maan was working in his cabin, he was engrossed himself I his work to cum out of Geet,  from already he have fired three employes due to his gussa. At tat time some one knock his cabin door

Maan : cum in

Driver came with lunch: sir Geet ma have send te lunch

Maan got angry : get out

Driver : sir but mam

Maan glared at him like he will burn him: get out

Driver run out to save his life

Maan  throw te paper weight on te glass window breaking into pieces.

Driver came home with te carrier, Geet took  te carrier and look at driver who tilt  his head down, Geet know tis wil happen, but she have  to do.she took te carried and placed it on te table and left to her room


At night Geet was waiting for Maan, it was 11 clock, MAAN  came . at once Geet  place te plate on te table for his dinner.  Maan was angry seing te way she  is waiting for him

Geet : Maanji

Maan came near her and hold her arms tightly , Geet was wriggling ,

Maan : watt is ahan, wat u trying to do, acting like typical wife.  U don't need to do all tis

Geet look at him : wat  I did

Maan : wat u did , arranging my things, sending lunch and  waiting for me

Geet : why I cant do tis

Maan : no , I know why u doing all tis, ur showing ur gratefulness  through doing all tis, for saving u

Geet was shock : gratefulness , before she peaks

Maan : yaa I know so stop ur  nonsense

He left , Geet  sat on te chair and looking at his hand marks on her wrist

Geet : wat ever Maanji I wont back off. I will win u

She too left to her room without having her dinner


Two days have passed , Geet didt stop her duties , which make Maan to fume further. she went to his gym, drooling him, and placed te juice on te table and left before he  say anything, Maan went to his room and  saw a dress was kept on te  bed. slowly he too getting used to her but eh is not accepting and  still trying to avoid te thing she brought for him

One day ,  as usual Geet palced te dress on te bed, BUT Maan avoid it and  he went to wash room to get ready. Wen he came  and try to open te wardrobe it was closed .

Maan : nakul nakul

Nakul came running, Dadi to came

Dadi : wat happen Maan , why u shouting

Maan : Dadi were is key

Dadi : key , hmm I kept it  down,

Maan : wat

Dadi : hmm I saw te wardrobe was  open  so I closed it ,  by mistake I kept it some were

Maan  : dadi im already late for te meeting now

Dadi send nakul to get te key and look at te dres on te bed

Dadi : Maan u  have  already took te dress now wear it, dadi  gave to him

Maan look at te dress  and dadi he know now he cant escape, so he changed into tat dres and came down, Dadi was sitting with Geet. At once Maan came Geet  saw te dress he wore , she was happy. She placed his coffee. Maan glared at Geet before he speaks

Dadi : hare Geet serve him his BF, he is already  late for his meeting

Geet place his plate and served his pasta, Maan saw Dadi  , in front of her he don't want to create any  scene. So he ate his BF and went , Geet followed him, which makes Maan angry and  glared at her and  get into his car

Geet saw te car and came inside and saw naughty Dadi winking at her

Geet : dadi wat happen

Dadi show te key to her

Geet : dadi wat we are doing is it correct,we cant force him

Dadi : hare Geet people like Maan, we have  to force  him, or else he wont open himself.wat we doing is correct, so don't think anything just concentrate how to put some sense in his brain. I already said Maan is like coconut we have to break him, if possible break with a hammer

Geet  giggled at dadi ki words.

Days went off, every day Geet   took his juice ad liitle bit drooling and  she arranged his clothes and  serving his BF,. in front of Dadi, Maan accept her,  but wen they both are alone, he will hurt her and throw te things. Geet got use to it. But she believe one day he will accept her . Maan wen ever he stay in km, Geet wil be roaming round him for any reason. Once  cuming to give  his coffee or some time folding his clothes or arranging his room. Maan first he try to shout at her, but wen  she didt respond he left , but only give glares. he slowly getting use of her.


Next part - 28,PG 11

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    me first yippeee
awsome update
geet winning maan love
bt maan ka ego he is hurting geet
but geet wants maan and she can do anything

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superv part 

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Dadi s so awsome..nice update

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awesome updtae  dear  :)

superb   :)

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Loved it

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