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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 38)

Parimishty Senior Member

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
lovely ud di...
Hayee maan ne kya surprise diya h geet he n his super ego...accept to karna nai hai...LOL
N maan getting 'J' from a kid...god knows kya hoga...LOL
N dat l'll child named guru..was soo cute...
N geet thanking guru for sending maan in her life...
Di kuch karo na taki dono paas aayein...both lyk each other...maan made a move from his side but geet pushed him away due to her insecurities...n nw wen both knw dat dey both luv each other...then atleast geet should try to make a move to get close to maan...
N i m luvng dis naughty maan...
Continue Soon di...

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 11:56pm | IP Logged




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   H2 - 33


Slowly wind flew, making Geet ki pallu to fly  exposing her curves. Maan who was staring at her eyes, slowly his gaze moved below to her bossoms, te way her blouse stick to her body showing her prominent curves . he was drinking her beauty with his eyes

Geet who was staring at  Maan , notice his gaze  and looks at her chest and at once she covers with her hands , tilting her head down, she bit her lips in shy

Maan slowly raised his hands ,  took te pallu and  covers her ,slightly brushing her bare tummy  making her to jolt. She was shivering. already  she is wet and chill air is making her more quiver..And over all, Maan ki touch make her to shiver

Maan staring at her making her to burn  with his desireful gaze making her curl her toes, she was blushing , red cue adore on her cheeks, te way she biting her lips, making him to arouse.

He slowly raised his  hands towards her face, pushing her hair strand behind her ear, which was teasing her cheeks for long

He cupped her face , with one hand , slightly rubbing her cheeks with his thumb softly. Geet was shivering , her blood rush to her cheeks making it more red, Maan's thumb was lingering on her cheeks, both were staring at each other


Slowly he started to trace te corner of lips, making her to  jolt  .Geet was shocked and felt current pass through her wen he touched her lips, she stares at his eyes which only showed desire. she was drowning in his eyes which makes her mesmerised in it, Maan  was burning her with his gaze,  he again started to rub her lips with his fingers staring at her. her lips was trembling


Maan was staring at her eye and then her shivering lips, Geet notice his gaze on her lips and blushed. Maan want to take tat soft petal inside his mouth, he want to crush, chew, taste it until he drain all her sweet nectar  from her mouth


Atlast his desire overtook him, he slowly  closed te distance between them , he place his wet lips on her cheeks making her to burn , she held her pallu in fist closing her eyes. Maan saw her closed her eyes, he so much wanted to see tat eyes, he slowly trace his lips from her cheeks to her chin and placed a peck  on her corner of her lips. Her both toes mingling to each other , she felt some thing rolling in her stomach, she was clutching her sari tightly


Maan saw  his effect on her , making him hard, he at once placed his lips on her shivering lips, , he just placed it making her to shock, she opened her eyes  to look at him, a current pas through her  vein wen he touched her lips with his.thousands of butterflies flying inside her,


Suddenly rain started to pour like blessing them, Maan was staring at her , seeking permission to proceed further, like sensing it Geet slowly placed her hands on his shoulder closing her eyes, giving him the acceptance of her submission. Maan took it as her permission and  started to kiss her lips. He was very slow and gentle .


He took her lower lip and started to nibble it,  chew it inside his mouth, then he took her upper lips and  sucking it , his one hand holding her face and other hand went to her back, he was tracing her bare back which  was teasing him from morning. Wen he saw her bare back in te morning he cant control himself , now after he feel her skin, he became insane,  squeezing her back muscle, massaging it,  making her sense weak.


She was melting under his touch, , her one hand went around his hair pulling his hair in fist and another hand holding his shoulder. Maan  took her both her lips inside his mouth and tasting it

Even te rain didnt help to cool their burning body, rather it add more fire to them.


Maan slowly parted her lips, tracing her inner flesh of lower lip with his tip of tongue, then his tongue started to touch her teeth making her weak. Geet cant bare te desire building inside her , she slowly lye on te sand taking Maan with her . Maan was lying on her pressing himself  on her more .  their wet body  rubbing each other creating havoc inside and burning them, making both of them to arouse to extent


Maan started to bit her lips, making Geet to jolt in pain n pleasure, his hand started to move from her face to her arms slowly and then touched her waist , then to her lower part, stretching her knees down, she was wriggling under him like a fish. Maan place his one leg on her ,  bringing close to him, locking her legs with his.

His other hand trace her waist and started to touch her bare tummy, as her pallu gone long before. He started caress her tummy ,  biting her lips, he is not getting enough of her. His leg started to pull her sari up feeling her bare leg,geet was totally under his spell..she could only feel his smooches that was making her more jelly.. he cant control himself, he squeezed her tummy, pinching her belly button harshly, making her to  gasp..

Maan took it as  advantage and enter her mouth with his tongue. He was pressing himself more on to her, completing lying on her.  Maan  was tasting her mouth, his tongue tasting her cheeks muscle and he pushed her tongue upward and started to trace te flesh under it with his tongue


Geet  was twisting ,and  she is drowning under his passion. She is digging her nails on his shoulder like piercing his skin, which made Maan to go aggressive. Geet was wriggling, Maan was tasting her mouth and reaching her deeply, he took her tongue inside his mouth and  started to sucking it, he was driving her insane with his pleasure. He was not leaving a single place inside her mouth without  touching with his tongue.

He is pouring all his desire till now he was controlling,  his hands slowly started to move from her tummy to upper rib cage, caressing there, Geet  cant bare his torture she bite his lips, making him hard and he started press more to her,  both their body glued to each other. His hardness was pressing  on her tummy, making her to shock and shiver, he started to press more to him.,no space was their that even air couldn't pass between them.. she started to moan

Geet : Maan


Maan hearing his name from her mouth felt heaven for him,still now he was in hell n geet has shown him the heaven..he started to kiss again n suck all her sweet nectar from her mouth. He wants her so badly. Geet was struggling for breath, Maan sensing it and , he slowly parted from  her lips ,he  placed his forehead on hers , both were panting heavily. Te rain stop way before but their desire didnt. 

He buried his face in her crook of her neck, inhaling her scent

Maan slowly open his eyes  and saw her. He realize wat he did. He  slowly parted  from her ,and was shock to see her , her eyes was closed , her swollen lips, her messy hair, her pallu was on te  sand, his hand was caressing her tummy, her sari was on her thighs, his leg was between hers. She was shivering  and  holding him


He slowly parted from her and sat beside her, pushing his hair behind with his hand

Maan : damit wat I did , wat she will think of me, like I took adv  , oh shit


Geet who felt te warmth missing , open her eyes, and look at him, who was sitting showing his back, Geet look at herself  and felt embarssed and sat straightening her sari covering herself. She was blushing, cant face Maan. There was awkward  silence lingering between them. Both are trying to control they  heart beats


Maan : hmm im sor, but wen he saw Geet ki messy form, he didt have te mind to say sory but instead he started to drool on her


Geet didt say anything, she was totally In some other world


Maan senseing her silence : hmm lets go

Geet didt say anything, Maan tap her , she look at him, at once tilt her  head down

Maan : Geet

Geet : hmm, wo

Maan : lets go

 Geet : Maanji u go..I want to be here for some more time, pls, without looking at him

Maan : hmm, he left.he too needed sometime for himself..


Geet was still  feeling his smell on him, she was blushing, her cheeks are burning , still her heart beat was pacing so high, any time it will jump out of her body. She lye on te sand enjoy te feeling, spreading her hands.

Maan who went inside opened the balcony to feel the fresh air..may be it can cool his burning sensation..instead he saw Geet from there, he was aroused seeing her wet form.

Maan : wat te hell i was doing, thank god  that i didnt go further..tis girl is making me insane, , wat she think abt me, but she too responded


  Maan  : Maan from wen u started to think abt others, she too enjoyed and u too, then why  I bothering . yes

Maan smirks : yes she tasted so delicious

Maan lick his lips and went to take shower to cool his burning body

 Here Geet was still lost in Maan ki touch, was blushing, she turn and touch te place were Maan was lying, she kiss it

Geet : I love u Maanji , She closed her  face  with her hands

Maan who  came from his shower look for geet,but she was not their..he looked outside n saw Geet who was still lying on te wet sand, he got angry

Maan : tis girl  became mad

He went to beach and  called : Geet t

Geet came out of her sense and look at Maan, and blushed

Maan : Geet we have to leave

Geet : hmm


She try to get up, but her sari stick to her and she struggling to get up n stumbled, seeing her Maan bend and carried her , at once Geet felt shiver and saw him. Both are looking at each other, as their body is burning,.her hands slowly circled Maan ki neck,  Both are staring at each other. Geet ki chest touch his bare chest and press to him, making him hard, as his hold on side of her breast and thighs tightened making her to jolt.

They reached her room, Maan place her down still holding her

 Maan : change , we are getting late

Geet didt say anything but  staring at his chest,  and his smell, as just now he came from his shower, so Geet was lost in him,Maan  notice her gaze on his bare chest and smirk, thinking proud of his effect on her, he coughed to gain her attention


Geet  embrassed te way she drooling on his bare chest,  hearing Maan ki voice she at once rush inside washroom, Maan left her room with a smirk

Geet in shower feeling his touch in her  and  smiling, she is touching her lips and blushing te way  he claim, her. She  stood in front of te mirror and caressing her lips with her fingers, she closed her eyes with her palm

its their first  proper kiss.. yes he have kissed her before but  tis was they first kiss we both are in sense, n first time they had come tis much  close..maan took the first step towards her as a husband..everything made her blush..the day is not so far that maan will make her his..her stomach had butterflies,thinking about the whole day..from maans surprise b'day gift till their kiss..he cares for me..she smiled at the thought..

She then got ready and came down, Maan was waiting In te car . te drive to airport was so silent.

They boarded in the jet. Maaneet seated on they seats. As te flight took off, Geet got scared and hold Maan ki hand, Maan saw her and her hold, Geet too look at him. She  pulled her hand away from him , knoting her dupatta,

Maan at once hold her waist and brought her close towards him, like hugging her , Geet  holds him tight hiding her face inside his chest. As te flight  started, but none want to leave  each  other.. she was lying on him, after some time Maan saw she is sleeping on him. He smile at her


He slowly pushed te hair behind her ear , and saw her swollen lips, he slowly started to caresses her lips with his thumb,.he cant control himself, he suddenly pull her on his lap, now Geet is sitting on his lap and sleeping on his chest. He brought her close to his face and started to nuzzle his nose inside her hair  and  inhaling her scent.

Maan : wat u did to me Geet

 He nuzzle his lips on her neck and  started to kiss, she is stirring.He slowly placed his lips on her lips and kissing and licking her lips with his tongue for some time.he still had the urge to take her more..but he dont want to disturb her sleep..he pressed a soft peck on her lips.. After tat he  leaned on his seat hugging her close.


They reached delhi, Maan woke up and saw she is still sleeping on him, he kissed her lips softly..and carried her to  car. Geet was still sleeping resting her head on his shoulder, Maan holding her waist

They reached km, driver blow te horn ..making Geet to wake up from her sleep, Maan was glaring at driver for waking his sleeping beauty, te way he  spoil his plan to carry her to his room.  Driver was gulping his saliva, seeing Maan ki fuming eyes.

Geet open her eyes  and shock to see she lying on Maan ki shoulder , she  at once pull herself  aside creating   a little gap and straightening

Geet : sory Maanji

Maan : hmm

They went inside, Dadi and Anni were sitting in te hall

Dadi : both came, how was ur trip mean party, in teasing tone

Geet blushed thinking abt they moment , Maan went to his room

All were seated for Dinner

Maaneet were sitting silently, as they avoid looking at each other, if they look once, they will drown in their desire.

Anni : Geet how was ur b'day party

Geet glared at her : so u both know abt it, u didt say to me, she twisted her lips

Dadi : Geet if we said , then how it will be surprise for u

Geet : hmm, but u both had cum  with me, we had so fun, we went to beach too

Maan chocked water , Making Geet to realize wat she is about to blabber.

Dadi : wat Maan u went to beach

Geet : ahan no dadi I went to beach , I was playing, he came to call me

Anni : then

Geet : then ,  she blushed thinking wat happen then, Maan was staring at her and smirk

Geet : then we came, she try to change te topic, u know anni there is private beach in te gh, it was  so nice and it was raining too wen I was in beach

Anni : wow how romantic, rain and beach, she went to her dream land


Geet look at Maan, and Maan lick his lips indicating her, Geet blushed and tilt her head down

Geet : Dadi im tired im going to sleep, saying gudngt to all she run away to her room and lock herself

Maan smile at her retreating figure, he too went to his room

Both are rolling in the bed craving for each other. Maan wants her badly, after tasting her lips he cant bear tis distance. He can feel her lips still on him. He want to taste her lips once more, he want to touch her, kiss her whole body and claim her. He was craving to feel her body under him.this sensation of making her his did not let him sleep...he went to take shower to cool his burning body

On other side, Geet too  rolling on her bed, thinking abt Maan and his kiss. She can feel his smell on her still, she is licking his lips and blushing. She was sweating thinking of his desire, she was already wet with the thoughts n burning desire..she thought to take shower, she went to shower and stand under te water in her sari drenching herself, to cool her desire.Both were standing under te shower to cool the burning hearts

Atlast after so much of struggle both droze off, late night



Maan who was waiting for te morning as he can see his Geet and kiss her , she went to her room, but to his luck te door was locked, Geet forgot to unlock. Full night he was waiting for tis, but she locked te door

Maan : why te hell she  lock te door, he hit te door with his leg ,getting frustrated he went to his gym

Here Geet woke up early but waiting for  her morning dose, but wen te time is up, she got ready and  about to open te door, she realize she locked it

Geet : babaji I lock te door, so tat only he didt cum, now wat he will think I dont  know. But tis also good to be away from him for some time, I cant bear  his look which will burn me

She went to kitchen, prepare his juice and send it through Nakul. Maan who was waiting for Geet got disappointed seeing Nakul

He got angry, from night he  Is carving to be with her but madam avoiding me , I will se how long u will hide from me, thinking she have to be with him, wen he drop her to school. He went to his room got ready and went to have his BF

He sat on his chair, Geet started to serve him, he saw her waist while serving, a  naughty thought came In his mind, he slowly started to caress his  finger on her bare waist, making Geet to drop te spatula she is holding. Geet was shocked wen he touch her waist, she look at him, but  he pretends to look some were esle.

Dadi : wat happen Geet

Geet : nothing Dadi I just by mistake

Dadi : hmm

Geet pleaded to Maan through her  eyes, but he  didt care about it and started his antics. He slowly started to trace her bare tummy making her to jolt. She hold te bowl tightly to control her shiver.

Dadi : Geet why u standing still, serve him

Maan : hmm Geet im getting late , serve me. With naughty teasing look

Geet started to blush and bite her lips, sensing wat he meant by serving, she slowly bend and started to serve him, whispering In his ear

Geet : pls Maanji

Maan : no tis for teasing me for morning

Geet : wat I did

Maan : wat u did hmm, glaring at her

Geet showed her puppy face but he didt melt. Geet saw Dadi and Anni who was busy chatting, she slowly move from there and sat on TE chair away Maan, making Maan too glare at her. She gulp her saliva  and started to have her Bf

Maan finished his  BF,: Geet lets go im getting late

Dadi : were Maan

Maan : to her school

Dadi and Anni started to laugh and Geet smile at him

Maan : wat is so funny here

Dadi : Maan beta today janamshtami, gov holiday

Maan : so wat

Dadi : MAAN u r office is working for 24*7 , tat does't mean all should work like u

Anni and Geet giggled , Maan glared at them

Dadi : Maan today , Geet and Anni ki holiday, so u have to go to office alone

Maan was shock  : wat why, I mean, ok Dadi

Dadi know te way he longing to be with Geet but she want to play little bit with her grandson, till he confess himself

Dadi : ahan Maan we are planning to go for movie and shopping so we will be  late tonight

Maan : wat , hmm, he left to kc, with fuming, before Geet follow him  he left in his car

Geet :wat happen to him.















Next part : 34, PG 55

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Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awww Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
Such a intens n superb n romantic updateClap Clap  Clap Clap
maaneee moments were too gudEmbarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
they are sharing thefirst (logically nt)best  n super hot n lovable kissBlushing Blushing Blushing Blushing Blushing
OMG is it maan who is platying wd her in dining tableEmbarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
poor souls cud nt slep at nyt Confused LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
why cant they share a roomEmbarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Embarrassed
Dadi id so cunning Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch ShockedBig smile
iritatig poor maanConfused EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
Do i need to say u were awesome here dearBig smile Big smileBig smile  Big smile
jus enjyd the updateSmile Smile Smile Smile

OMG i entirely forget in this inrtense update to do a danc fr commenting first
 Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing

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sri91 IF-Dazzler

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lovely update di...
Super scene btwn maaneet...
Such a wonderful romance...
Maan and geet kissed first tym with full passion...
Both were thinkin abt each other...not bad...
Geet lockd her room...maan is angry for it...
Maan is teasing geet...
Dadi is cute she is makin maan more restless...
Continue soon di...

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hira2010 IF-Dazzler

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ohhh my god apiya finaly they kisse sooo passianate omg
geet blushing n maan feel gulity 
maan angry on driver hahha hona bhi chiya uska plan bigar diya
ani know about the surprize   they miss each other 
morning geet lock the door  hhaaa unka morning romance khrab hogya 
geet avoid maan how much she aviod him 
janmashtimi ki leave maan work n geet in leave yaha pai bhi uska plan flop 
dadi teasing him 
new entry??????????????

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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update maneet romance geet shy maan teasing

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