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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 33)

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H2 - 32


Evening Dadi, Geet and Anni were sitting in te hall, Maan came,

Maan : Geet get ready 2mor morning we have to go to Mumbai

Geet was shock : Mumbai, but for wat

Maan : I said get ready not  to ask questions,

Geet : hmm

Maan went to his room, Dadi and Anni giggled seeing Geet ki pouting her lips

Geet : hmm I will  also get a day to tease my dear

Anni : we will see it, but u kow Geet no one will be like Maan bhai who is sadu

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Geet got angry : oyiee don't call  My Maan sadu

Dadi : ohh Ur Maan

Geet bite her tongue and hide her face in her palm

Dadi was hapy : im happy for ur Geet , she hugs her ad kissed her on her forehead

Geet went to pack her bag, she was placing her clothes inside te bag, Maan came out of te washroom and shock te see te way she packing for a month

Maan  hold her hand to stop her , making her to shiver with his touch, Geet look at him, Maan slowly came close to her, his breath fanning on her ear, making her to curl her toes, she hold her dupatta in a fist,  

Maan whisper in her ear huskily : no need to pack anything we will get everything there

Saying so he left te room, leaving a shocked Geet, Geet who lost in his smell, came back to sense wen she felt his warm is missing . she open her eyes to see him moving out of te room, she open her mouth to ground cursing him  for teasing her

Geet : dust dhanav, she started to pack her ,

Geet : Geet we will get  everything  there, wat if we struck I some place , no babaji



Geet came with her two bags of her dresses, Maan who was waiting for her got shocked seeing her luggages,

Maan :  Geet why u packed these much dresses, I said naa no need

Geet : then wat I will wear there

Maan : Geet we are going for one day, today night we will return

Geet twisted her lips: u have to say before itself, see  I packed whole night, hmm

Maan : I said yesterday naa

Geet : but u didt say we are going only for a day

Maan : I said but I think u lost in some thing else, he smirks,

Geet blushed thinking wat happen yesterday and were she lost, she tit her head down, Dadi and Anni giggled seeing they cute nok jhok

Maan nodes his head ask Nakul to place her bag in her room, they bid to Dadi and  Anni and left

They reached te airport and  private flight was waiting for them, they get into it. Geet was nervous thinking abt te flight journey, first time wen she enter she was lost in Guru ki thought, second wen she came to delhi was worried abt MAAN so she didt notice but now , she was scared to travel in flight

They seated in they seat, AH came  to receive them,

Maan : don't  disturb us , till I call u

Ah : ok sir, flight is going to take off

Maan : hmm

Wen te flight start , Geet got scared and hold Maan ki hand, Maan look at her shock and then notice her fear, geet look  at him and with draw her hand from him, thinking wat he will say. Maan hold her hand  and brought her close towards him, like hugging , Geet was first shock and then shiver with his touch, she slowly relax inside his embrace. 

Both hug each other , Geet was  snuggling closely to Maan. Her breath was falling on his bare chest as his first three buttons were open, Maan  pulled her closely to himself, he was aroused , his  lower member became so hard with her closeness, Geet too felt some thing bursting inside with his touch which making her  shiver

Suddenly AH came to them

Ah : sir did u want something

Maan and geet came back to sense, and Geet  felt shy and turned her face towards te window biting her lips, Maan felt like strangling Ah ki neck.

Maan glare at her making Ah to gulp her saliva,

Maan : Geet do u need something

Geet : hmm, I want tea

Maan smiled at her  and to Ah : hmm one tea and one black coffee

Ah : ok sir

Geet was seeing outside through te window and was so excited to see all tiny things, Maan was admiring her childish nature, till now he have not seen her tis side of her. Te way she smiling  and her glowing face , te way she bite her lips, he was aroused seeing her antics.


They reach te place, they got down from te  flight, Geet at once saw te name , she was so happy and excited . she want to ask Maan but she scared will he allow her. She was so tensed, here Maan was smirking seeing her reaction but didt say anything


They reach they GH,

Maan : Geet get ready we have to go a party

Geet fridgeting her dupatta: MAANJI , u said we are going to Mumbai but we r in goa

Maan : so wat if I changed te place, but we are going to party, 

Geet : Maanji wo

Maan : Geet we are getting late wat u want to say

Geet : wo I want to go to orphanage will u take me

Maan : no Geet , we cant go , I have no time. now get ready for te party, saying tis he left her

Geet was angry: no time, he have time for his stupid party but no time for me. I wont go to his party wat he will do

Geet : Geet u go and say tis to  Maan, no baba no he will eat me alive.

She saw a packet placed on te bed , she open it and saw a beautiful white sari and  she was shock to see te blouse it was sleeveless and one knot at te back,

Geet  : how will I wear tis, no I wont chi chi

Geet was sitting wat  to do, Maan came to her, and got angry seeing her not got ready still

Maan : Geet wat is tis, I ask u to get ready u still sitting,

Geet : wo

Maan : wat u think of urself

Geet took a long breath :  Maanji how will I wear tis blouse, she showed te blouse in front and then she felt embassred and hide it

Maan  smirk : wat is there its nice Geet, now don't  give damn excuse and get ready fast

Geet : no I wont

Maan came near Geet, Geet got scared and going backwards

Maan came close to her and   Geet felt shiver , holding her dupatta wen he face his lips near her ear, his breath was fanning on her ears making her to jolt

Maan : or I know how to make u wear

Geet got shock and  look at him who is smirking at her, she at once took her sari and rush to washroom

Maan was waiting for her ,and Geet came in white sari like a angel descending from te heaven ,she was cuming down from te stairs, Maan lost In her  and stood like statue drinking her beauty. He was aroused to te extreme seeing her in these sari, she was trying to hide her back,  so she cover it with  her pallu.

Geet was nervous to cum in front, she was  burning with his gaze on her. She stood in front of him , tilting her head down. Maan slowly pull te sari from her shoulder which was covering her back. Geet was shock and try to take te pallu, but he stop and brought her hair back like covering it. Then  he hold her waist

Maan : cum we go

Geet throat was dried words not cuming his smell, his closeness making nerves weak

They both got into te car and went to party. Wen they reach te place, Geet eyes are wide and  her eyes welled up, her words struck in her throat. She look at Maan who was giving her his attitude

He park te car , and got down , open te door for Geet

Maan :  te party time changed ,  so I thought till then we will stay here

Geet look at him,  before she ask further,

Maan : can we go inside, or u want stand here itself

Geet : hmm, she thought he wont cum inside but he , really he is misery to her

They both went inside, it was very dark, Geet thought in daytime why it is so dark, were is Father and  no one is there. She was scared to see te darkness , she hold Maan ki hand

Geet called : Father Father

At once all lights came suddenly making Geet to frightened, all started to shout

              Hapy birthday Geet didi

Geet was shocked and surprise to see te arrangements, te hall was decorated with her name  on te wall, and everyone standing there with roses and Father too. Suddenly roses started to flow on them, Geet look up and hold te roses in her hand

Geet smiles with tears in her eyes, father came to her

Father : happy b'day beta

Geet hugs him and started to cry : thank u father

Father kiss her on forehead, Maan who was standing there some wat didt like te way she left his hand and hugs Father. He know he is her father but te way she left him , he didt like it.

Father : how r u Maan

Maan : hmm fine

Kids rush to Geet and hugs her , Geet to hug them , all showering kisses on her , making Maan to fume

Maan (st) :  if I hold her hand she will run away but here she is kissing everyone,

Kids drag her to te centre, Father assi brought a huge cake in front of her, Geet was overwhelmed with all tis, she totally forgot Maan , who was standing in te corner cursing himself to bring Geet here

Geet : thanku Father

Father : say thanks to Maan, he is te one who arranged everything

Geet : father

Father : hmm, yesterday he called  and said abt his surprise for u, and he send mens to decorate te whole hall

Geet  look at MAAN who was pretending to look some were.Geet was staring at him, she was so happy and words struck in her throat , she didt know wat to say. She was  so happy today.

Father ask geet to cut te cake , Geet look at Maan, Father understood

Father : Maan cum here

Maan came and stood beside Geet

Father : now cut te cake Geet

Geet felt embrassed and mouthed thanku to Maan, Maan just noded his head. Geet cut te cake , everyone sang . she fed first  piece to Maan , Maan look at her and her hand, he hold her hand , Geet was blushing,  wen he took it near her his lips, he took te cake slightly licking her fingers, sending shiver to Geet. then he fed her 

They both were staring at eachother. Everyone's  applause brought them back. Geet pull herself away looking down. Maan was smirking.

Then Geet fed Father and to all kids. Everyone gave her te gifts. Tat time a small boy came to Geet and give her red rose ( he  is Maan who was named by Guru, he already came in  before part)

Small Maan : tis for u didi, and he kissed her on her cheeks

Geet : thanku Maan and she kissed him

Maan who was talking with Father got shock hearing Maan from her mouth, he look at her who was hugging a small boy

Geet  : thanku Maan , kissing te small boy but looking at Maan ,

Father : Maan , he is small Maan, Guru named him,

Maan hearing Guru ki name, he stiffen  and went near tat small boy, seeing Maan, small boy gave one rose to Maan

Small boy : tis is for u uncle for bringing  our Geet didi here

Geet  was scared wat  will be Maan ki reaction as he don't like tis things, but to her utter surprise, Maan  took te rose from him

Maan : thanks

Small, boy pull his pant and ask him to kneel down, Maan  knee down in front of him, Small boy kiss him on his cheeks,Maan smile at him, making Geet to open her mouth to ground

Small boy : Geet didi close ur mouth warna flies will go inside ur mouth,

Maan chuckled ,  Geet  look at Maan and tat small boy, both are making fun of her, she hold te small boy and started to tickle him making him to  laugh.

Small boy : pls didi stop it pls

Geet stop and kiss him on his cheeks looking at Maan and left, Maan touch his cheeks and smiled

They spend te time with them,  at times stealing each other gaze.Maan wwa talking with father, but his gaze was on Geet, who pretend to play with te kids but looking at Maan and feeling shy te way he looks at her

They had they lunch, Maan went with Father to  check te construction work

Father : Maan im so proud of u

Maan : no father it is my duty to fulfill Guru's wish

Father : if he was here he will be so happy to see tis, but

Maan : father

Father : yes Maan, he was so fond of tis children, he spend  most of his salary for them, he want to built is school for them, but he left us before his dream cum true, father  cant talk further a his throat chocked thinking of Guru ki death, he wipe his tears

Maan : father

Father : I thought after me he will take care of tis home, but before me he left

Maan look at him, he don't wat to say, he is not te man who know to console others , so he stood still

Father : Maan I have to say thanks for bringing Geet here ,  I know she is hapy now, im seeing my old Geet back

Maan : no need to thank me

 Father : no Maan u don't know in which condition she came here

Father narrate abt GEET KI  family, Maan got thinking how her chacha brought her here taking all her property, he closed his fist

Father : but now I know why god give so much pain to a small baby, so tat  only she got a love form u

Maan look at him

Father : take care of her Maan

Maan : hmm


Her inside , geet went to they prayer hall and saw Guru ki photo, in front of tat candles was placed

Geet stood in front of te photo and caress it with her hand

Geet got tears : thanku Guru for giving em My Maan , thanku  so much, do u know he is very nice, he is like u,  he look after me so well, like u he too hate my tears ,  he love me so much Guru, at  first I was angry on u for marrying me to Maan, thinking how they life started  

Geet :but now I came to know why u did tat, u know tat he will take care me and love me more.thanku for giving tis life to me. I will fulfill ur promise Guru, I will not leave Maan, I will stay with him forever and give him all  happiness wat he lost tis much years, she wipe her tears and went out before any notice

They some time, At evening they bid goodbye to leave , but kids not leaving Geet, Geet too crying holding them, Father  console them and said he will take them  to delhi once, after so much of pampering they left Geet

Maaneet in car to GH, Geet was so silent, MAAN  didt want to disturb her. They reached gh , Geet went to her room, and MAAN, followed her

Geet was feeling so happy, she was feeling each moment inside her, she don't want to spoil it by saying it in words. Her eeys were welled up

Geet was watching outside te window, Maan came inside

Maan : Geet we are leaving at 8, if u want u can take rest

Geet : hmm

Maan was about to leave, Geet stop him

Geet : Maanji  can I go there , showing a beach

Maan : hmm

Geet got excited like a small kid : thanku so much

Maan : hmm

Geet : but why   no one Is there

Maan : it is our private beach

Geet smile at him :  Maanji can u cum with me

Maan : no Geet I have an imp call, u carry on

Geet got disappointed : ok ji

She went beach, Maan got a call  but notice her sad face

Geet went to te  beach and stood In te water. Te way chill water touch her bare  feet , making her shiver  , she is enjoying te breeze which flowing and te chill water under, she felt so nice , making her heart to swell in happiness

She was thinking how Maan made her day, , a smile creep on her lips. She bend down a little and touch te water with her hands feeling te chillness. Te water was so chill making her to shiver , te sun is going to set , it was a lovely moment. Te sky was little bit dark like it is going rain. Cool breeze was flowing

Maan who was talking in his phone, stood freeze seeing Geet in water, te way she touching te water with her fingers and her lips craved to smile and te way her sari flying in air  showing  her waist  bare, making his mouth dry. her back which was teasing him from morning made his to slip te phone from his hand. He want to taste her back once, he started to lick his lips


 How much ever he control but his legs took him to Geet

Geet who was playing with water, saw a shadow next to her, she look at te shadow and surprise to see Maan standing there . Geet became happy to see him

Geet got up : Maanji

Maan : hmm my call  got over so I thought to cum here

Geet smile at him, both were standing together watching te waves. Geet slowly started to go inside te water

Maan : Geet don't go inside cum here in stern voice

Geet : I want to go inside , pls Maanji

Maan : no Geet

Geet didt listen to him, she slowly go inside,  she got wet, her sari stick to her like another skin. Suddenly a wave hit her making her to trip, but before she falls, Maan  catches her by holding her waist. Geet got scared and look at Maan. Both are lost in each other. Both eyes were glue on each other, mahi .

 Another wave hit them, making both of them to drench in water completely

Maan was wearing white see through shirt , and Geet In white sari, both they clothes stick to them, Geet started to laugh making Maan to glared at her

Geet got a naught idea and look at Maan,  suddenly she smash water on Maan  making him  shock. Geet first got scared and then later she started  to smash more making Maan to show his big big eyes. Geet was laughing,  Maan came near her , Geet showed her tongue and started to run

Maan : I wont leave u Geet, he too started to chase her

Geet : we will see,

Maan was  chasing her and try to catch but every time she escape from his hand.They were running like kids  and playing, teasing each other

Atlast Maan catch her holding her waist and  twirl her, both fall on te sand . both were  panting heavily, Geet is laughing and Maan to smiling at her.Geet watch his smile

Geet : u look nice wen u smile Maanji

Maan stop his smile and look at her , Geet smile at him , Maan turn his face

Geet  biting her lips inside her mouth : Maanji, wat happen to ur party

Maan : wo wo, it got canceled , he turn his face pretending watching te sea

Geet : thank u Maanji,

Maan : for wat

Geet : for ur surprise,

Maan : wat surprise Geet

Geet : pls Maanji, I know u brought me here to celebrate my b'day with them,

Maan didt say anything

Geet :u dont know Maanji how happy im, after long time im feeling so happy, thank u so much

Maan : u no need to say thanks Geet , tis is my compensation for not wishing u on ur b'day

Geet : if ur compensation will be so beautiful, u can forget all my b'days

At once she felt embrassed saying tat words, she don't why she said tat, Maan too got shocked hearing her and look at her , both staring at each other, drowning In  their eyes. They both turn they gaze from each other to hide they embrasse

Slowly wind flew, making Geet ki pallu to fly  exposing her curves. Maan who was staring at her eyes, slowly his gaze move to her curves, te way her blouse stick to her curves showing her prominent curves . he was drinking her beauty with his eyes

Geet who was staring at  Maan , notice his gaze  and look at her chest and at once she covers with her hands , tilting her head down, biting her lips in shy

Maan slowly raise his hands ,  took te pallu, slightly brushing her bare tummy and  covers her , making her to jolt. She was shivering, already  she is wet and chill air and over all, Maan ki touch make her to shiver

Maan staring at her making her to burn  with his desireful gaze making her curl her toes, she was blushing , red cue adore on her cheeks, te way she biting her lips, making him to arouse.












Next part:33,PG 47

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me first..yippeee

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maan giving her surprise
in his own way
whenever we think he is not listening to geet
he is satisfying her wishes
taking her to goa instead of mumbai
n making her celebrate with kids n father
their happy moments in goa changed into a romantic passionate one
as they started to play in beach..
maan lost in geet n moving on with relation..
he kissed her..
will they consumate..
awesome blossom update

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maan taking geet goa and celebration maneet hide and seek romance

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Omg beautiful part too gud me want next part asap nd SH TOO
-BreakingDown- IF-Rockerz

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awsome update
maan brought geet 2 goa
i like his nature
he always does things without showing off
geet is soo much happy

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lovely update...
Maneet were so good...
Maan's surprise it cute...
Geet and her antics...
Small maan and maan were naughty...
Maneet in beach...
Wat happens next???
Cont soon...

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