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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 33)

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waiting dear...

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 31

Maan got angry thinking why te hell she wants to go to work, he took his car and drove to her school. He stop at te entrance , Geet was walking out , she didt see his car ,   she crossed te road and went to bus stop. Maan thought to call her , but he don't have her number

Maan : damit I even don't  have her number

Maan start te car and took u turn to get her , but before he catch, she took te bus and went. Maan got angry

Maan : why she is travelling in bus and were is her bgs

Maan called her bgs : were te hell u  all

Bgs : sir we are following Geet mam

Maan : wat

Bgs : yes sir we ask her to use te car , but mam denied  and we have to follow her bus

Maan : hmm, he went to km, waiting for Geet

After some time, Geet came and sat on te couch tired without noticing Maan is sitting next to her. Maan saw her tired face ad his gussa raised

Maan : Geet

Geet who was relaxing got scared of sudden voice and jerk, Maan hold her . Geet was shock to see him

Geet : Maanji aap ,

At tat time Dadi  CAME

DADI : HARE Maan beta u came early

Maan : were u went Geet

Geet : to school, I cant take leave for so many days naa she said casually

Maan hold on her was tighten making her to winch

Geet : Maanji ur hurting me

Maan : why te hell ur going to work wen im there

Geet got shock : so u think I should not work, ladies should not to go to work

Maan  left her hand : I didt mean it,

Geet : then

Maan : why u have to go to work in tat place, if u want to work u can join kc, not some low graded school

Geet  got angry and stood up : wat u said Maanji low grad then me too a low grade person who working there  for months

Maan : Geet wat u saying

Geet : I cant work in ur   office , were high grade girls were there to entertain u

Saying tis she left to her room, Maan know he is saying abt tat incident and he became angry and followed her, leaving Dadi shock.

Dadi who was standing silent  smiled seeing they argument

Dadi : so Maan started to behave like typical Indian husbands, good Maan keep it up

Maan went to Geet room, she was so angry how can Maan say like tat

Maan turn her to face him : wat u said

Geet : I said te truth

Maan got frustrated : Geet from were to were u r taking te topic, I ask why u want to go to work, in tat school, I ask u join in kc, but

Geet : I don't want to join in  ur office

Maan  didt like te way she said ur office

Geet : I want to do service not to work, if I join kc, I will became like robo I don't need tat

Maan gritted his teeth: Geett

Geet closed her mouth realizing wat she said : im sory

Maan glared at her

Geet : Maanji pls I want to work in school, seing te kids I feel peace , and relax , but if work in kc I will get stress and tension I don't  want tat, im so happy to work there

Maan  was just staring at her

Geet : ok Maanji if u think im working in school , it will spoil ur reputation, from 2mor im not going enough

Maan : Geet I didt say in tat way

Geet : it is ok Maanji I know , u didt like

She turn to leave, but Maan hold her wrist

Maan : u can go

Geet : it is ok Maanji no need to say anything

Maan pulled her towards him : Geet it is ur wish to deny wat ever I say

Geet : no

Maan : then first i said not to go, u said u wants , now I saying u to go but u r denying

Geet didt look at him

Maan : really Geet u can, I just got worried seeing u there

Geet was so happy : really I can go

Maan smile : hmm and settle himself on her bed

Geet : thanku Maanji

Maan : but on one condition

Geet face fell : wat

Maan : u have to go in car , not in bus

Geet : no

Maan : why

Geet : Maanji I will go in bus only

Maan : Geet  I didt ask u

Geet knotted her dupatta: Maanji pls

Maan : why Geet u still didt trust me, thinking im behind tat girl, tats why u avoiding me 

Geet : no Maanji

Maan : then wat Geet

Geet : Maanji, how can I go in car

Maan : why

Geet  took along breath : Maanji how can go in 80 lakhs car wen I get 8000rs  salary, wat they  ill think abt me

Maan was shock to hear tis , te great MSK , multimilloinairer Wife working for 8000rs, shame on him

Maan : wat u r working for 8000rs

Geet : hmm

Maan : Geet did u know wat my driver is getting, 20,000, but ur working for 8000

Geet : hmm so

Maan : pls Geet if u want I will build a school for u , but pls

Geet got irritated : pls Maanji , if u feel ashamed thinking im working for 8000, I will quit , but I don't want anything,

Maan : ok Geet go do wat ever u want

He turn to leave her room,

Geet :  Maanji , pls, im so happy being with te kids, if I feel uncomfortable I will stop

Maan calm down little, and face her

Geet : I know Maanji u didt like, but I love to work there, wen I was in goa, i use to be with kids , so I took tat job. It is one of te trust of khurana, so indirectly im working under khuranas

Maan look at her

Geet : if u didt

Maan : it is ok Geet u can go, but 8000

Geet : it enough for me and Anni

Maan : anni

Geet : ahan her pocket money

Then Maan realize still he didt get cards for Geet and Anni

He left te room, Geet wonder wat happen to him suddenly

At evening Maan came, Anni and  Geet was sitting in te hall, Maan sat beside anni

Maan : anni tis is for u

Anni  saw te card: wat  it is bhai

Maan : u r own card u can use it and buy wat ever u want

Anni : but  bhai

Maan : take it Anni

Anni look at Geet, Geet node her head and Anni took te card. Maan was hurt te way Anni ask permission from Geet

Maan : Anni u want permission from Geet to get  something from me

Both sense his hurt and felt sory

Anni came near him: bhai u took me wrong

Maan : it si ok Anni

Anni : bhai , pls listen to me, till now I was use to  have  pocket money which Guru bhai give and now Geet giving me, suddenly u gave te card I was shocked  and don't know wat to do. So I ask her.  Bhai I didt see our mumma papa,  I think u as papa and Geet as maa

Maan was overwhelmed with her words

Anni : so I ask her, wat ever I do and get something from any one, even Guru bhai  I will ask her, she know wat is good for me, tats why Bhai, if I hurt im sory

Maan hugs her : no princess im sory

Anni was happy : thank u bhai for te card, first I have  to buy a cell for Geet

Geet : no I don't need

Maan (st) : so madam does't have cell

She went inside to show to Dadi, Geet stood to go

Maan : Geet tis for u

Geet saw te card for her : no Maanji I don't need

Maan : Geet have it

Geet : pls Maanji, I don't want to stay with u for money,

Maan got shock hearing her words  and look at her : Geet

Geet : yes Maanji,  why I need card, im going in bus, if I need something Dadi is getting ,  anyhow I dont go out alone, so no use of tis card

Maan was quit,  Geet saw him

Geet : Maanji if i want some thing u there naa to buy then why i need it 

Maan was felt happy hearing her words he is grinning 

Geet : why u buy for me

Maan smile at her : hmm ok

Geet smile at him and went to her room

Morning , wen Maan  was getting ready for office , Geet stop him

Geet : Maanji wo

Maan sense she want to say some thing : hmm Geet

Geet : wo can u cum early tonight

Maan : why

Geet : I want everyone to have dinner tonight, as im cooking it

Maan smile : hmm

Geet : thanku

He went to kc

Anni came running and hug Geet : HAPPY BIRTHDAY Geet

Geet hug her : thanku but don't say to any one

Anni : wat Geet u already said not to  celebrate and now u saying don't say to anyone

Dadi : wat today ur birthday but u didt say me

Geet : no dadi im sory

Dadi came and hug her and kiss her : happy b'day beta

Geet : thanku dadi

Dadi : ok  we have to celebrate I will arrange a party

Geet : no dadi we three will celebrate tats enough pls

Dadi : hmm ok then lets go out and enjoy

Geet : dadi I want to cook dinner for everyone

Dadi smile : ok , but now we are going out

Geet and anni : yes 

They all went to mall, shoping and  enjoy themselves, they came home evening, Geet started to make all  of them favs

At dinner time, all were waiting for Maan, but he didt cum, Dadi called his mobile but it can switch off

Dadi : I think he is busy so lets have our dinner

Geet too know tat Dadi cant stay long in night, so she started to serve them , but  Anni brought cake  and ask her to cut it. Geet cut te cake , fed each other. Then they sat for dinner, she sat quietly

Dadi : Geet beta u have  ur diner

Geet : Dadi pls I want to have with Maanji

Dadi smile and Anni started to tease her.. they both had they diner and left. Geet was waiting for him

Geet want to celebrate her first b's day after marriage with Maan, she know he don't know, so she thought to cook for him. But today too he didt cum. She waited and waited and slept on te couch

At 12 clock Maan came and saw te lights were on, he saw Geet was sleeping on te couch and dinner was kept on te table, then he realize tat Geet ask him to cum early. He closed his eyes,  thinking today he got struck in his noida project and he have to go there personally, and then he have to attend one of his client party.he totally forgot  wat Geet said. 

Maan saw Geet , te way she sleeping, he started to admire her, he slowly trace te hair strand behind her ear and looking at her angelic face.He saw her sari and te way her  bare waist peeping out of her sari, he cant resist and he touch her bare waist caressing his fingers there for some time, she stirr in her sleep making Maan to pull his hand.

 thenHe try to take her to his Room, Geet wake up and stare at him

Maan stood up : wo Geet Im sory i

Geet : it is ok Maanji I should have not wait for u even knowing u wont cum.

Maan : no Geet im little bit busy and tat client party

Geet got angry here she waiting for  him and he enjoying in party

Geet :I got use to it. Wenever  I cook u wont eat, it is ok, she started to take te food inside kitchen

Maan stop her: Geet I said I went to party , did I said I had my dinner

Geet : u don't need to make me happy  by  saying u  didt have anything 

Maan  sat his chair : here im starving and  no one cares for serving me. Hmm multimillioniar ,  but me sleeping with empty stomach

Geet stare at his nautankis

Maan :ok Geet if u don't want to serve leave it, I will serve myself , he took te bowl from her hand, but Geet hold it and started to serve him

Maan smile at her : u too sit with me Geet, I know u have  not ate anything

Geet was overwhelmed  and sat beside him, both had te  dinner silently,  after they finish, Geet place a cake pieces  to him

Maan : wat special

Geet :  nothing just we went out so we brought it

Maan : hmm, he had it 

Saying gudgt to Geet, he went to his room. Geet stared at his retreating figure after he went, she lick te cake from his spoon, which he  ate  and smiled

Morning all were sitting , Anni came running to BF

Anni : Geet wat gift did Maan bhai give u yesterday

Geet  node her head to not to say anything, Maan was confused abt gift and look at Geet and Anni

Anni : don't say Bhai didt give any gift for ur b'day, bhai wat is tis, Geet ki first b's day after marriage but u didt give her anything, so bad

Maan was shock and felt bad and look at Geet, Geet felt bad to hide it from him, she didt want to do intentionally, but she is embrassed to say her b' day to him, here Maan was thinking why he don't  know her b' day date too,  he didt say anything, he left his BF and went . Geet felt bad

Geet  got ready for her school, she went out and saw Maan was waiting for her

Maan : can I drop u to school

Geet didt say anything sat in te car, Maan drove, they both were silent

Geet : im sory Maanji

Maan was shock , here he is trying to say sory but why she  is saying it and look at her

Geet : I know  u don't my b'day, I should have  told u , but  how will I say, I felt embrassed to say

Maan : im sory Geet I should have know ur b'day but im sory

Geet was shocked hearing sory, she thought he was angry but te way he said sory he is feeling bad for tat, she was in cloud nine, by Maan ki words.

Maan : happy b'day Geet

Geet : thank u Maanji

Maan : wat u want ask me I will get it

Geet : nothing Maanji, ur wish is enough

Maan look at her how she is happy with his small wish, now he have to do something to  make it out for te damage

He stop te car, Geet bid to him and went inside . Maan about to start te car, he notice her bag, he took it and  went inside to give it.

At once Geet enter inside everyone, started to sing happy b'day song and brought a huge cake and ask her to cut it. Geet was overwhelmed  with they love,she  miss her orphanage and father and kids, but te kids here fulfilled her with they love. They all give her gifts.

MAAN  who came to give her bag stood watching all tis, he felt guilty for not giving anything to her.  Many girls  celebrate they b'day with him and he too spend money on them like water but here  his wife b'day but he don't know, he was angry on himself. He was lost in his thought

Te principal  who saw Maan went to him : hello Mr. Khurana, how are u

Then only Geet saw Maan standing there

Principal : im so happy to see u

Maan : hmm I came to give te bag to Geet

Principal : GEET, do u know her

Geet closed her eyes , she didt say anyone tats he is his wife, Maan look at her, Geet felt bad

Maan : yes mr.khanna, she is my wife

Princ  and everyone was shocked to hear tis, Geet was happy to hear wife from his mouth, she look at him.

Princ : : wat she is ur wife, geet u didt say us

Geet : no mam, I

Maan :  no she don't like unnecessary attention so, saying he left from there, Geet run behind calling him

Geet : Maanji

Maan stop : wat Geet

Geet : im sory Maanji, u know at first I was not in sense to say anyone abt us, now I totally forgot abt it, I didt do it intentionally Maanji, im sory

Maan : it is ok geet it is my mistake, saying tis he left

Geet  felt bad ,she know  he have hurt him, but she didt do knowingly

Maan (st) : wat kind of man im ,don't know his wife b'day and no one know she is MSK ki wife, every girl craving to join my name  with them but my own wife hiding it, now wat I will do to  make her accept me fully. I have to do something

He is thinking and got a idea, he smirk,

Maan : Geet wait for ur surprise, he went to kc, smiling


NEXT PART : 32, PG 40


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me 1st nice update

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fabulous update dear :)

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem update maan angry because geet working in school but permit her geet birthday maan missed

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azaina Goldie

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Wow so maan planning something big ...    me very curious 
N maan geet fighting like couple awesome

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-Mitu- IF-Rockerz

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Hey updqte
It is feeling like first rain drop in desert
Becoz I read only 2 writer valli dii and u and u both are invisible
Ok come to update
I am feeling like ye kabhi khatam naa hu
Cute sweet painful hurt , manna
Every emotion is in the update
Maan is also right
Maan had many enemy and geet cant continue like riding in busand all
But I love it

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