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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 26)

Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 30

Geet look at him, suddenly she saw te lipstick marks on his chest , neck, lips, she got hurt. Controlling her tears she  took her pallu and  started to wipe te marks

Maan who got shock seing  her wiping him, and then he realize wat  she doing and felt guilty,

Maan : Geet im

Same time Geet said : im sory Maanji , her words struck in her throat, she took a long breath

Geet : wo lips mark was there on ur face so I rubbed it ,wat if dadi see she will think bad abt u

Maan : why she can think u kissed me

Geet : she know I wont use lipstick

Making Maan to regret to ask tis,  she open te door and before getting down

Geet : im sory Maanji , I should't have cum between u both, I have disturbed u, I thought to give surprise to u, but. Im sory here after I wont cum to KC again

Saying tis she run to her room, crying

Maan was feeling guilty seeing her tears he hit te sterring : wat te hell she is thinking , why she said she wont cum between us now wat I will do , she thought to give me surprise but I , damit, now how I will clear her.

Maan took his mobile calls ome one : make all her contracts cancelled, she have to beg in te streets, Pari  name  should ot exist in modelling world. Atlast she have to do w** job to survive

He cut te call, throw te mobile, lean on his seat

Maan (st ) : how dare u say my Geet as bitch, now u will became a real bitch, u have to see ur hell for messing with MSK, count ur mins Pari

Geet run to her room, locking herself and crying sitting in te floor, Maan came inside and rush to her room. Knocking te door

Maan : Geet listen to , open te door

Maan heard her crying : Geet I said open te door , or

Geet wiping her tears : pls  Maanji I want to be alone, pls leave me

Maan  shouting : Geet t

Geet : pls  Maanji

She got up and lyed on her bed hiding her face In her pillow

Maan : damit why she cant listen to me once

Maan went to his room, frustrated , breaking all te things in his room

Maan :  I want to kill tat Pari,

Maan changed into his track and vest went to his gym. He was punching te  boxing bag. Wenever he imagine her tearful eyes he  punch harsly.  After some time he became exhausted and fell on te floor

Maan : geet why cant u listen to me once


All wer sitting,

Dadi : wat happen Geet u look so tired

Geet : no Dadi im tired

Then only Maan saw her pale face and swollen eyes, may she was crying , till now. He closed his fist

Anni : why not , afternoon, cooking for whole mansion naa u will  get tired, winking at her

Dadi : Anni u wont understand until u cook for u hubby, wat it feels

Anni smile at her , Geet tilt her head,  Maan   watching Geet who avoiding him.

Dadi : Geet how was ur visit to kc, u were so excited in te afternoon, did Maan got surprise

Geet : I got  a big surprise Dadi

Maan look at her with guilty,

Dadi :wat

Geet : no wo me, ahan , te way they welcomed me I got surprised

Maan know he is taunting him. He want to get a glance from her but she I not at all looking at him,and playing with her food

Dadi : then wat ur MRS.MSK, it will be like tis only

Geet smiled sadly

Geet got up

Dadi : Geet beta why u not eating

Geet : no Dadi im not feeling hungry

Dadi : r u not well

Geet : no im fine

Anni : wat Dadi she had her lunch with Maan bhai ,  may be she had full, so she is not hungry

Geet : hmm Anni, I had full lunch so, im going to sleep

Dadi : ok beta

Maan know she didt had her lunch to, and now she didt have her diner, he left te table.

Anni : see Maan bhai going behind his wife

Both hi-fived

At night, Geet ki room

Geet was sitting on her bed, Maan came inside with her dinner, Geet turn her face.Maan sat next to her and  place te tray in front of her

Geet : im not hungry u can Maanji, saying tis she went and stood in front of te window

Maan  place te tray on te table , went near her, he place his hand on her right shoulder, she snapped. Then he touch her other shoulder , again she snap. Maan got angry, hold her shoulder and turn her harshly. Geet was wriggling, trying to push his hands , but Maan was holding it tightly and looking at her with angry

Maan : Geet once listen to me

Geet became angry pushed him, which made him to trip

Geet : wat u want to say Maanji, tat wat u were doing correct and  im wrong in disturbing u, im sory for tat, u can continue wat ever u were doing with her and if u want u can bring  her and   make her stay with u, before she finish,

Maan shouts : Geet

Geet who was angry   on Maan ,  for being with another girl so she started to pour her outburst , but wen Maan  shout at her, she realize wat she blabber in angry , she at once closed her mouth

Geet : im sory Maanji, im sory, pls leave me alone

Maan know she was angry and felt happy thinking she showing it on him. He smirk.  He try to hold to stop her cry, but she is snapping him. Maan was going forward to touch her , Geet is going backward pushing his hand

Geet : no don't touch me, no

Maan didt leave her , he went  forward to her , he at once pulled her with a jerk and  hugs her . Geet was  wriggling and  hiting him. Maan still hugs  her so tightly , Geet after some time stop her wriggling and hugs him crying

Wen she stop her cry, Maan broke te hug and cupped her face, wiping her tears

Maan : Geet listen to me once

Geet look at him

Maan : Geet my past was not good, I had many GFs

Geet ki hold loosened, MAAN pulled her towards him,

Maan : all are one night stand, her hold was stiffened

Maan : but I did cross my limits with any one, I want them to relax myself and   they  want me for money and fame, nothing else. But Pari she was staying with me for 2 years, as she is different from others. But she too had many  bfs, I didt mind. As im not interested  to bed with her. Today she came after 2 months, she only hugs me, im trying to push but it  turn  other side.wat u saw was not  real geet. Really Geet after our marriage, I didt take any girl.

Geet was watching him, Maan got worried abt her silence

Maan : damit I have not given explanation for anyone In my life, if u want to believe me or

Geet  :  u don't need to give me explantion Maanji

Maan became angry : Geet im trying to tell but u r not understanding

Geet : yes Maanji, I trust u

Maan was shock to hear tis words from her and happy

Geet : but I cant take it, I need  some time

Maan : but

Geet : pls Maanji I wnt some time

Maan : hmm ok,

He try to leave  te room, but seeing te plate

Maan : Geet have ur dinner

Geet : im not hungry

Maan : I didt asked u, he pulled her to te bed and  place te plate o her hand

Maan : now have it

Geet glare at him: if u have I will have, I know u also didt have till now

Maan smile at her and both had they dinner, Maan went to his room . Geet went to sleep, but sleep was no were for both

Maan was thinking abt  te way she brought lunch for him but he like  moron spoiled everything . now he cant sleep also, tis many day he got use to sleep with her, but now he felt empty without her. He was rolling I his bed

Maan got up : damit why she  cant shift to my room, she can atleast say me to stay I her room naa no ,

Here Geet was thinking his words and  she too felt empty without him

Geet : here im angry and  he showing his attitude and Geet u forgive him  so soon, hmm, I  had made him to struggle little bit,wat I felt wen I saw him with tat bitch, hmm, but he is showing his attitude. Dust dhanav. Tat day one man hit me on my shoulder , he was beating but today he was hugging her.

Geet : but Geet he said naa, its all in his past , hmm  but he said they  all were with him for money, hmm, oh god Geet dot think too much now sleep, 2mor u have join ur school too, hmm, but how can I sleep, tis many days I was sleeping with him, he can stay here naa. Geet u only said u want some time

Geet : I said I want time, I didt say him to go to his room.

Both are cursing each other and slept.


Maan got up and got ready for his workout, before going to gym he went to Geet's room silently like thief and saw her sleeping

Maan(st) : hmm so madam sleeping  peacefully giving me sleepless nights

He went slowly lye on te bed  next to her , taking her in his arms and hugs her feeling her for some time.he placed her one te bed ad slightly brushed his lips on her and got up, went out before she wake up

Geet who was wake up early saw  Maan silently opening her door, she at once closed her eyes and pretend to sleep.Geet felt happy wen he hugs her , but wen  he kiss her she felt shiver and controlling herself not to moan holding her pallu.

After he went out, she open her eyes blushing , touching her lips. She got ready and went to kitchen. She took te juice glass  for him, but suddenly tops

Geet (st) : Geet better u stop ur feelings and give him his medicines, how dare he will hug tat girl, hmm now he have to get my punishment. Yesterday I prepared everything for him, he have ruined  it, so now its my time to pay back, hmm she smirk

Geet called Nakul and  gave te juice asking him to take to Maan

Maan who was  waiting for Geet shocked to se Nakul bringing his juice

Maan : were is Geet

Nakul : sir Geet  baby cooking so she ask me to give it

Maan got angry : hmm

He  went to his room and  saw his  dress was in his bed : Geet Geet

Nakul came running : sir

Maan : were is Geet

Nakul : sir she is busy in kitchen

Maan : hmm, he was angry

He was standing in front of te shower : damit, why she is avoiding me, yes she asked me  she need some time, for tat she cant cum in front of me , wat she think of herself. I will se how long she will hide from  me

He got ready and went to BF table, and shock te se Get is having her BF with dadi, he got angry and start on te table, angry

Nakul serve him, Maan was looking at Geet who was eating her BF without  looking at him, he got frustrated with her behavior

He finished his Bf and left biding Dadi and  giving  Geet a glare, he went near te entrance and turn to see  if Geet is  following but she didt , he got angry and went to kc, thinking whom to pour his frustration


Lunch time, Maan was waiting for his lunch, he know Geet wont cum but atleast her  hand made food will cum to him.  He was , Nakul came with his lunch. He smiles

He went to wash his hand and sat on te couch anxious to eat his lunch, Nakul served , Maan kept first spoon and know it  was not    made by Geet and spilt out

Maan : who made it

Nakul : sir me

Maan got angry : why wat happen to Geet

Nakul  (st) : till she cums im only cooked now he didt like my cooking all mens are same change after they wife cums,

Maan  saw nakul who lost some were: Nakul were  u went

Nakul : ji saab

Maan : I ask were is Geet

Nakul : saab she went to school

Maan : school?

Nakul : yes sir till now she took leave, yesterday they called her from school asking wen  she is joining so she went to school today

Maan (st) : oh so madam started to going to her work but she didt inform me, hmm why te hell she want to go to work wen im there

Nakul : saab

Maan came from his sense : u can leave

Nakul packed everything and turn to leave

Maan : which school

Nakul : xy school

Maan : hmm , lost in his thought

 NEXT PART- 31, PG,33

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Ash1991 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update...
Loved it alot...
Geet trusts maan...that pari cheap girl...
Geet avoiding maan...waiting to see what maan does...

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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Fabulous part maan consoling geet and missing her presence bcoz of her ignorance

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Maan has destroyed pari...very good...

now Geet is showing her power...

waiting for Maan to manofy her...

wonderful update...

thanx for pm...

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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good maan gave orders for pari destruction maan giving geet explainatio geet asking for time

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sweetsampa39 IF-Rockerz

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Thank God the MU got cleared.That ***** Pari had to be punished.
Felt really bad for Geet but the good thing is that Maan cleared every thing to manaofy Geet.

Now Geet is taking her revenge mmm sweet revenge.

Loved d part.

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drashtimeetu IF-Dazzler

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Welcome back
Awskme update
Geet ka revenge lolz

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