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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 17)

Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 29

Maan started to cum close to Geet , slowly his hidden love cuming out

After one week Geet was fully cured, coz Maan ki care.she felt happiest person  being with Maan,


Maan wake up with Geet in his arms. Now a days he is used to sleep  holding her. He kissed her on her lips and went to his work out. Geet  wake up early , was waiting for his kiss, wen he left she wake up blushing and touching her lips. She went to washroom , freshen up ,and went to kitchen to take his juice

Dadi saw her : hare Geet , wat u doing in kitchen

Geet : pls Dadi im fine now, pls

Dadi smile at her : ok but don't strain urself

Geet smile at her : ok Dadi

She took te juice and  rush to gym to have a look at Maan ki bare chest. Maan was working in his gym, heard her payal sound , he stop and turn and saw her standing with juice glass

At once Maan saw Geet he got worried , went towards her , touched her  forehead and neck to check her temperature, making Geet to blush. Wen Maan touch she was shocked and his touch made her weak, she closed her eyes holding her pallu in fist feeling his smell, his touch

Maan got angry :wat u doing, who ask u bring juice go to ur room and rest , in stern voice

Geet came back to her sense hearing Maan ki yell, and stare at him, Maan was folding his arms and staring at her

Geet In high voice: pls Maanji im fine, im bored sleeping  all te time. Im not stressing myself, I brought only juice, but

She saw he didt say anything but staring at her, thinking he didt like her bringing juice for him. Maan was shock to hear her high voice and just staring at her

Geet (st) : some things never changed

She placed te juice on te table and turn to leave, Maan hold her wrist and pull her towards him. Geet with her force land on him, she placed her hand on his bare chest , , at once she felt some jolt in her feeling his bare skin under her hands. She stare at his chest

Maan : give te glass in my hands

Geet was lost in him didt hear wat he said.

Geet : hmm wat

Maan : I said give te glass in my hands

Geet got happy , she at once took te glass and give to him. He took it and slip. Geet turn to leave but saw Maan was still holding her hand, she saw him who was  slipping is drink . Geet fridging her dupatta

Geet : wo Maanji me

Maan : wat

Geet : my hand

Maan saw his hand which holding her hand, at once he left she run away holding her  heart. Maan smirk at her

Geet  went to her room ,  saw her hand were his hold was and started to blush: jalli idiot, why u said, if not he have been holding for little longer, u missed it, she cursing herself for ruin it

Maan came to his room and saw  his dress was placed in his bed , he went to washroom, freshen up and came out

Maan started to shout : Geet tt

Geet who was arranging te table, for BF, shock to hear Maan  calling her. Geet at once rush to his room

Geet stood numb seeing  Maan only in his track, with hair and only towel place on his neck. Her mouth went dry, she was staring at him without blinking. Maan was smirking seeing is effect on her, he went close to her and jerk her from her  staring sessions.

Geet felt embrassed getting caught , she at once tilt her head  down.blushing biting her lips. Seeing her Maan want to eat her, but he control himself

Maan : I said give in my hands

Geet was confused and look at him

Maan point at te dress placed on te bed , Geet was hapy, at once took te dress and give to him. Maan took te dress from her , but holding her hand still, Geet was wriggling, she was shy , and Maan making it hard, by teasing her. Maan slowly took te dress from her hand and stood away from her

Geet who was not looking at him : Maanji pls leave my hand

Maan smirk : Geet I didt hold it

Then only Geet notice  te dress was in Maan ki hand and her hand was in air, she saw him who was smirking at her , she at once rush to kitchen

Geet (st) : babaji wat happen to Maanji , from morning he is teasing me, he is behaving different. His dust dhanav avatar is better  than tis..

BF table, Maan came and sat on his chair

Dadi : gm Maan beta

Maan : gm Dadi

Maan saw Geet, she slowly place his coffee cup on his place, he took it, Geet felt hapy and  place his plate and started to serve.  Maan silently ate his BF, Dadi was watching tis and felt hapy

Maan had his BF and left, Geet followed him till entrance. Maan know she wil not look at him, He at once stop his track, Geet who  following him bumb on him, hitting her head on his back

Geet : ouch

Maan turns : u always keep ur eyes on ur back  and walk,

Geet who was rubbing her head : no, on u, and just close her mouth

Maan who heard but pretend not to : wat u said

Geet : nothing

Maan smirk and  turn to leave

Geet : Maanji 

Maan : hmmm

Geet : hmm wo mei

Maan : Geet im getting  late

Geet : can I send ur lunch

Maan : hmm in stern voice and left smiling

Geet was so hapy , twrilling and dancing ,

Geet : I will cook all his fav. He have to eat till his throat.

She jump and went kitchen, Dadi stop her and look at her

Dadi teasing : hare Geet beta why are u jumping

Geet bite her tongue and blushes

Dadi : hmm ur blushing so some thing is there

Geet : pls Dadi

Dadi hugs her and  kiss her : khush rago

Geet  send all te servants and kept only Nakul to help her , she started to cook all his fav food.she was so excited to cook for Maan , for her husband. Te word  husband  send a jolt inside her . atlast she finish. She packed it

Geet (st) : wat if I take lunch for him, giving him a surprise.hmm ok

Geet went to her room, took bath, came with towel, standing in front of te wardrobe. Searching at to wear. She throwed all te dresses on te bed, atlast she took a red and white sari.she put te pallu on her head and thinking abt they morning incident , blushing and closing her face with te sari

She  wored te sari, standing in front of te mirror, waring her bangles,  wear her chain, took sindoor and kept it on her forehead, looking at herself and blushing.

Geet  now perfect

She was excited and hapy thinking first time she is getting ready for her husband. Geet came running own and went to kitchen, Dadi saw her and felt hapy seeing glow on her face. She went to kitchen , took te carrier and ask te driver to take her to  KC.

Geet was little bit nervous  , as she is going to kc for first time, she is thinking how they will behave with her  and wat will be Maan ki reaction after seeing her.

Geet reached KC, Bgs  open te car door for her, she went inside, and ask reception abt Maan

Geet : can I meet Maanji

Rec : Maanji, and look at her

Geet holding her pallu

Rec: do u have an appointment

Geet  : no but

Rec : sory mam, I cant allow u too meet him without appointment

Geet : but

Rec : u can fix ur appointmet next month

Geet was about to say , but a stern voice made her speechless

Maan : Mrs.GMSK  don't need appointment  to see her husband

Geet saw Maan who was standing folding his arms In his chest , and with fuming yes looking at te rec

Maan signal Adi : she is fired

Rec : sory sir, i

Maan glare her once and left to his cabin taking Geet with him. Geet was nervous, Maan closed te door and blinds with his remote.

Maan was standing and staring at Geet, who not looking at him, knudging her pallu, looking here  and there

Maan was glancing  her head to toe like eating her. Making her to bluse. Geet heart was running marthon, feeling his burning gaze on her .Geet was avoiding to look at him. Maan came near her , Geet was going back holding te carrier close to her heart. Maan came so close , tat she lost her balance , trip and sat on te couch

Geet : wo mei, I brought lunch for u sory to dirturb u Maanji,before she completes , Maan placed his finger on her lips


Geet  look at him and his finger on her lips which send current through her veins, Maan slowly took his finger from her lip , tracing her cheeks, push te hair strand beside her ear, caressing  his finger on her ear making her to shiver, Geet was melting in his touch, closing her eyes, she was blushing, she felt 1000 walt current pass through her.

Maan slowly  came close to her and about to place his lips n her , some one knocks his cabin door

Maan   closed his eyes getting frustrated for disturbing him, he sat beside Geet, Geet straighten herself

Maan ask te person to cum inside, adi came inside

Adi : sir today , but his words struck in his throat seeing Geet ki blushed face and Maan ki fuming eyes, sory sir he run away to save his life

Geet was giggling seeing Adi, Maan look at her like wat, at once she stop her giggle

Geet open te carrier, and serving him, Maan was staring at her, te way she wore te sari. Te sari was teasing him, , wen ever she serves , te sari flew little bit showing her bare tummy which make him hard , he want touch her tummy, kiss it bite it till she scream his name

Geet served : Maanji have it

Maan started to have his lunch, staring at Geet , she was avoiding to see him. Suddenly Maan coughed , Geet got worried and give him water.

Geet : Maanji are u ok

Maan : hmm

Geet saw some food cramps on his corner of lips, she slowly raised her hand to wipe it. Maan saw her and her hand, she slowly placed her  finger on his lips and started to wipe. Maan was shock wen she touch his lips, he felt aroused . Maan staring at her and Geet looking at him, both are staring at each other

Maan slowly took his hand and placed it on her waist, giving a slight squeeze, making her to shiver. Geet at once closed her eyes. Maan slowly started to trace his finger  from her waist to her tummy,  pinching her near her belly button, making her to scream

Geet got shock : MAAN

Maan love his name from her lips, which made him to lose his control. With a jerk he brought Geet on his lap, holding her tight inside him. Geet  was wriggling and hold his shoulder for support

Maan started to nuzzle Geet ki cheeks with  his nose and tracing to her ears and sulking it. Geet closed her eyes , breathing heavily  and hold his hair in fist and pull him towards her, Maan lost his control and placed his lips on her and bite her lower lip

Geet scream : Ahhh

Geet  went and  hit her head on te front seat as driver put a sudden break, he was rubbing her head and open her eyes and saw she was still In te car

Driver : sory mam

Geet : hmm ok

She felt embrassed thinking at she is dreaming bt

Geet (st) : babaji nowadays I became so shameless, chi chi wat  im thinking . u became shamless Geet , pls babaji I should not do any stupid things in front of him, pls pls

She started to blush biting her lips, she was nervouse how to face Maan

Geet (st) : why I have  to cum, babaji wat will I do now


Maan was lost in Geet ki thought, he was  leaning on his chair and thinking abt Geet , te way she blushed wenever he holds her, his teasing, how he spend tis few days with her. Admiring his sleep, sleeping together , his morning kiss, her lips, her smell, he was rotating  paper  weight and thinking abt her

He wants to taste her lips  , he wants to claim her and mark her as his,thinking tis he was aroused and hard

Maan (st) :damit, he closed his eyes to control his desire

Suddenly his door open, and a girl with mini skirt and low top came inside his cabin, Maan open his eyes thinking who te hell disturbing him and shock to see te girl

Maan : pari

Pari : hai Maan she rush to him and hugs him tightly

Maan : wen u came from singapore

Pari : yesterday night, I cant stay with out seeing so I  came  to see u, how are u Maan

Maan moved away from her : hmm fine

Pari can sense his ignorance

As Maan had many girlfriends , for one night , but Pari was hanging with him for2  year. He don't  have  any feelings, wenever he want to relax he wil be with girls. Many girls throw themselves o him,   He will only have some smooches , hugs and touching her and there, beyond tat he wont cross his limits, from his point no  girls Is worth to sleep with MSK.

But pari is lucky she is staying with him for 2 years, coz of Maan now she is best model. She  bedded with many mens, but her one dream to sleep with Maan. Many times try to seduce Maan to sleep with her, but always he will push her wen it goes to beyond

Maan know abt her and he is using her just for time pass

Pari : wat happen Maan, u are not happy seeing me

She went close to him and  started to open his shirt buttons

Maan : I already said u not to cum to my office

Pari : wat Maan after long I came to see u , u so rude

Maan : now im busy , u leave

Pari came near him : Maan I missed u so much

Maan smirk : why u got bored with all ur mens

Pari smiled : they all cant stand in front of MSK

She successful, open his shirt button and started too kiss his neck and chest, she was seducing him. Maan pull himself away from her

Maan in stern voice : I said im busy

Pari smirk and pull his collar towards her , Maan didt expect tis, he lost his balance and fall on Pari, they both lips touch, at tat time his cabin door open

Pari was still kissing him and pulling his lower  lip. Maan saw te person on te door, he got shocked   and worried  to see her painful eyes filled with tears

Geet who came to see Maan , got down from te car and  Adi saw her and  took her to Maan's cabin, she open te door and stood freeze to see Maan kissing some other girl,

Geet felt her ground slip from her feet, all her happiness from te morning , her excitement everything crushed., her hold on te carrier loosened and fall on te floor crushing like her heart She felt hurt and  tears were flowing from her eyes

Maan pushed Pari at once and staring at Geet ki painful eyes,

Maan : Geet

Geet holding her mouth with her pallu to control her sob and run outside. Maan saw te food on te floor

Maan : damit

Pari came close to him: who is tat bitch disturbed us

At once tat word came out of her  mouth, Maan  hold her neck tightly and lifting her.Pari was shocked and  shocked to se Maan ki red fuming eyes which will burn her. Her throat was chocking, her eyes were popping out, she was wriggling

Pari : Maan leave, her word struck

Adi saw it and  came and hold Maan , his Bgs too try to pull Pari , but his hold is tight on her

Adi : sir Geet

Hearing Geet ki name Maan , he throwed Pari on te floor, she cuddle on te floor

Maan : throw her out before I cum

Saying tis he rush out to see Geet, he was standing on te car park and searching Geet, he was frustrated , pushing his hair back

Maan : damit

Bgs came  : sir mam went tis side , she didt take te car , sir

Maan at once took his car and followed te direction.

Geet really felt hurt seing Maan with some other girl

Geet (st) : wat if I came between them, oh god he was forced with me in tis relation, no I should not ruin his life. Seeing her she is best for Maanji, then why he is behaving differently with me

She was crying , and walking on te road , covering herself with her pallu and  hugging herself

Maan saw her walking on te road, he felt relief seeing her, he went and stop te car beside her. Geet  got scared and jump , then he saw te car and him. She avoid him and started to walk, he again follow her and stop in front of her. She didt respond and try to walk , now Maan stop te car blocking her.  He open te door and staring at her, Geet at once sat inside te car

Maan started to drove te car. They didt speak. Te drive was silent. Maan thinking how to explain her and Geet did not want to talk with him abt it. She avoid looking at him and watching through te window, now and then  Maan was watching her , she was trying to hide her tears from him which make him worry for her

They reached KM, Maan stop te car, he try to talk with her

Maan: hmm Geet

Geet look at him and got hurt seeing him, she was staring at him holding her sob.










NEXT PART : 30, PG 26



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    ME FIRST    YEPIII                               

HAYEE geet so happy shappy maan kiss in morning.  
geet thik hogaye becoz maan ki care  
geet in gym aur maan ka laganga giri shuru  
ajj tho maan geet tease karengay ki mood par hay 
ohoo ajj maan ko kuch kuch horaha hay WinkWink.
geet making launch for maan EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
le muje laga ye sach mein hoing but ye tho sapna tha OuchOuch.
ooo kamini pari kider se agaye AngryAngry
maan ke sath zor akingAngryAngryAngry.
ops geet ko bura laga CryCrygeet chali agye CryCryCry
maan kya karega OuchOuch

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update geet happiness in maan talking and daydreaming bi... pari geet hurt

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SweetestPari Goldie

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Awesome update ...
Starting me kitna acha tha...
Maaneet being gudy gudy ;-)
Vo geet ka dream tha...
It was awesome ... Lol... ;-)
Ye pari ko bi abi ana tha... Huh..
Precap is interesting... :-)

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Jane523 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome dear ...
Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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 this is so sweet oneWink Wink Wink Wink
jus loved the way maan is drowned on herEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 
the way he makes her do all his wrks..Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile
Geet s such a cutie [ie njying wen maan said she cud bring lunch..Wink Wink Wink Wink
She was dressing fr maanTongue Tongue Tongue
poor geet so much into her hubby tht she strted having dreamz oops hot dramzzzEmbarrassed Embarrassed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
PariAngry Angry Angry Angry Angry
Poor geet now heart broken Cry Cry Cry Cry
hope to see maan wooing her Tongue Tongue

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awww...just when maan and geet were starting  to  get close together, pari had to come inbetween and what a timing!!!  Poor Geet  and Maan, hope maan is able  to manofy geet and make her understand...

loved the update

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