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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 131)

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H2 - 43

 They all had nice time there, Maan was with father talking abt te construction work and Geet and Anni was with kids along with dadi..

Father ask everyone to take rest as all are staying here tonight

Geet was showing her room to Maan, once which was her home, she was so excited to say abt her childhood memories , she was engrossed in her speech without knowing tat Maan was watching her without blinking.. he was lost in her.


Once Geet saw him wen he didt respond and  felt shy seeing his intense eyes, 

Maan came near ,hugged her  , and nuzzling her shoulder with his nose making her to moan, his hands were playing with her  bare tummy. He is kissing her shoulder making her to jolt. Geet holds his   shoulder and  moved  her face to other side to give him more access and moaning his name

Geet : Maan

Maan , gave  a sulk to her earlobe , before he continues they heard Anni shouting for Geet,  Geet pushed Maan and rush outside holding her breath

Maan frowned and went out  they all had diner together. After they finished , all retired to their rooms

Geet decide  to sleep with kids , Anni and Dadi,  but before she moves , Maan holds her, and closed her mouth, Geet who was  shock due to sudden pull and was about to shout but Maan closed her mouth . she  signed seeing Maan

Geet : ma meis meisgn

Maan raised his eyebrows : wat

Geet showed his hand, Maan removed it, geet took long breath, Maan kept his hand on his hip and glaring at her

Maan : where u going

Geet : to sleep

Maan : where

Geet : with kids

Maan : dare u think tat

Geet got confused and seing his eyes she know wat he thinking : Maan

Maan : we are going some were

Geet : wat at tis time, wat will other think wen they notice we are not here

Maan : I don't care, now cum

Before she says anything, he drag her to his car and start te engine

Geet : Maan pls say me where we are going

Maan: a place were I left my work incomplete

Geet got confused : incomplete

Maan : hmm

Geet : but we can go 2mor naa

Maan : no now only I have mood to complete , with a  smirk

Geet : wat im going to do in ur work

Maan : Geet only u can help me  to complete my work  and wink at Geet

Geet now  know  something is crooking in his devil mind: Maan wat others will think, pls  we  will go In te morning

Maan : if I decided once I wont change

Geet murmured : dd

Maan : wat

Geet : nothing

They  soon reached te destination, Geet was shock to see were he brought her , it was their Gh in goa. Maan open te car door and took Geet in his arms and carried her

Geet : Maan pls leave me

Maan : no

Geet : Maan why u brought me here

Maan instead of going inside te GH , but he went other side  it was so dark, Geet cant recognized te place, were they are going

Maan took Geet towards te  beach , they reached Geet eyes popped out of her socket seeing te decoration, Geet looked at the sight in front of her and then at Maan with awe ,she was shocked and surprised  to see a bed  was placed on te sea shore with full of decoration, roses were spread on te bed, te whole area was dark, but only te place where they stood was light

Geet look at Maan with confuse look , Maan placed her on te bed and sat beside her

Geet : Maan hey

Maan : u remember , our first kiss

Geet thought abt they first kiss and how Maan was kissing her and she too responded, she felt shy and  tilt her head down

Maan : u know Geet how  hard for me to control, tat day I thought to crush u and make love to u till u exhaust

Geet felt shy , her face turned more red hearing his words : then why u didt do it

Maan was shock to hear her words : wat wat u said

Geet at once hugged him, he brokes te hug

Maan : tats why  I  want do it today, I want to fulfill my wish and finish my left over work, MSK  wont leave any work incomplete , while pouring a drink for him

Geet : Maan wat is tis, she  holds his hand

Maan : Geet don't stop me today , im so happy I  want to enjoy it

Geet nodes no : pls Maan

Maan : only one sip

Geet : ur wish  and turned her face , thinking he will obey her, and watch him thru her corner of her eyes and shock to see Maan drank te drink in one go and smirk  at her

Geet open her mouth,

Maan : u only said ur wish , so I did,  how can I deny my wifey,he came close to her, geet back off , trying to push him, wen he came near her as his air was fanning her face , 

Geet closed her nose : chi ur strinking,

Maan got angry and just he slammed his lips on her not allowing her to speak any further . He kept on sucking her lower lip and kissing her aggressively biting her lips, at first Geet try to resist, but later she too join him. Both are kissing like there is no 2mor. Their bodies fused and their hands searched each other wildly

Maan left her wen he feels she was struggling to breath, Geet look at him, he  nuzzle his lips on her ear and came down to her neck, he try to take her pallu, but she stops him

Geet : Maan wat if any one see us

Maan : do u think I will let some one to see  us

Geet nodes no

Maan : tis is our private area , no one  dare to enter my denand lean over her. Soon both they clothes were shattered on te ground and both are drowning In each other

He  sensuously  started to rub her body with  his all the way down. He came down sulking her throat and then kissing her neck and  bitting it . She entwine her hands behind his nape lightly caressing his neck, sending goose bumps down his body. He attrack her breast and then started to bite it with his teeth,  he was burning her with his desire and he enter her with sudden jerk making her to scream

Maan was thrusting her harder and harder , Geet was just moaning and hugging him more ,digging her nails on his back

Both hit te climax together and Maan lyed on his side,  Maaneet staring at te sky which was shining with te stars. Geet turn and saw Maan who was looking very calm. She moved and lye on his chest. Maan hands went around her holding her.

(imagine tis place were maaneet stay)

Geet kissed his chest : thanku Maan for making everything very memorable

Maan hands was roaming on her bare back making her to shiver.

Maan : Geet  wen we kissed tat day, at tat time  I realized wat  I felt for u,  his fingertips caressing her breast  making her shiver but she love to hear his confession

Geet kissed his chest hearing his words : I love u Maan

 Maan : don't and he  pinched her nipples ,

Geet snuggled close to him : Maan  .

 Maan finger went on her waist and went down, near her v shape of her back, making her to gasp, he was caressing her bare skin there

Geet bite his chest  moaning: Maan  

Maan : Geet I want u again,before she say anything, he hover on her to take her to another round of passion. Her moans were suppresed   over te sound of water waves

Both were drowning in they passion , and burning they body till early morning. Then both got dressed and sneaked into orphanage before anyone sees and went to they room

It was time for them to leave , Geet  and Anni was so emotional to leave  them, they  was hugging everyone and crying. Dadi brought gifts for everyone, they gave to them. Father was over whelmed to see they love for te kids

They bid bye and left to delhi.




After they reached , Maan back to his work which was lacking due to his absence.  He became so busy tat he have to leave early in te morning and cum late nights. Geet was waiting for him at nights, after they dinner both will cuddle each other in they bed and warm they body.. Maan will not leave her till she get exhausted

Anni too joined her college , and Geet missed Maan like hell , after they confession he was always with her and  now she was feeling him in every things. She too started to feel bored sitting in home. some time she  will be talking to dadi , but how long she can give her company. So one day she ask Maan whether she can join her school again, but Maan denied and asked her to wait for some more time and left to his office , actually he was planning some thing for her. Geet started to curse him

One day evening, trio sitting in te hall and having they coffee, Maan came early today and sat beside them

Dadi : Maan ur so early

Maan : yes dadi I have to say some thing, I have to leave to London for a week for business meeting

Geet was shocked and felt sad thinking he is going leaving her

Dadi : wat Maan now only u got married , u r  leaving

Maan :wat to do dadi its very important

Geet look at him and left to her room

Maan got confused : wat happen to her

Dadi : then u leaving her and going she felt sad tat ur going for a week

Maan : who said im leaving her

Dadi : then

Maan : dadi I already said I will go to London for my HM,

Dadi chocked her coffee : wat

Maan wink at her and rush to his room  leaving grinning dadi

Geet was pacing , cursing Maan

Geet : see babaji not even two weeks he leaving me and going. He didt inform me also, he will do wat he thinks ,dustdhanav  wat I will do without him, he even deny me to join school, she was going on cribbing abt him

Maan who came way before , stood near te door watching his Geet talking to her babaji, he slowly closed te door and came near and hugs her back. Geet got shock and then who it was.He hugs her and started to nuzzle her ear .

 she pushed him and went to pack his bag. He came near her and hold her hand, Geet was crying, tears were flowing her eyes. Maan raised her chin and look at her

Geet pushed his hands , wiping her tears and turned, BUT Maan  pulled her towards him , with a jerk she fall on him, Geet was wriggling

Geet : leave me Maan u don't love me, leave me, she started to wriggle but his hold was very tight

Maan  came close to her face and started to lick her tears with his tongue., Geet stopped her wriggle and hold his shoulder

Maan : do u really think I will leave u and go

Geet look at him with confuse

Maan : u also cuming with me

Geet felt happy  about to hug him but thinking he is going for meeting she twisted her lips :wat I will do , u r going for ur business meeting

Maan came near her ear , giving her sulk to her ear making her to shudder  and her hold on his shoulder was tight,

Maan : u will warm me

Geet felt shy and hugs him

Both packed they bags, took blessing from Dadi , bid Anni  and went to airport to board they flight.

At once te flight started, he carried her to his  room, Geet was awe to look  at te room, it was  very elegant and rich. He made her lye on te bed . During  te whole journey Maan didt leave her for a sec too making her breathless . she was shying and her body was red due to his passion

They reached London, wen they came out there was BGS to welcum them ,and huge limo stood there. They got into te car  and went to Maan's mansion


At once they enter Geet was shock to see a huge mansion and she was staring at it. Maan look at her who was standing and, he rolls his eyes and carried her inside.

Geet felt shy : Maan wat is tis

Maan : u were standing out  so I thought u want a  ride from me  I took u

Geet : ok now leave me,

He made her stand on her foot

Geet : Maan  whose mansion is tis

Maan : ours

Geet :wat , its very lovely Maan

Maan : tis was dad's first gift to mom

Geet felt emotions and saw Maan who was looking at his parents portrait which was hanging in te hall, she hugs him . Maan felt peace  and kiss her hair

Geet : Msk tis senti type reaction didt suit ur face

Maan hug her : really

Geet : hmm,  were is our room

Maan : oh so much desparte to have me

Geet smack his arms : don't day dream Mr. khurana, I want to take bath and have a nice sleep, im feeling tired

Maan : hmm, then I will give u a nice bath, before she protest , he carried her to they room and to  their washroom

They moans echoed te whole washroom and they breath started to warm te room. After like ages they came and slept

Next day morning after a long session of they love Maan left to his office for his meeting. Geet took bath and started to expole te mansion till he cums. Night he came late and had dinner.They had  a very  wild love. He is not leaving her for a sec too, as he became very addict to her. She have became his breath who cant leave without it . he was frustrated thinking abt te meetings. He wants to finish te meetings and have to take her for te real HM...











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Originally posted by Desigirls12

 me updating

Day Dreaming

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nice part..maan took her to the beach..
n he had planned their night there..
his work is done which was incompleted :P
now maneet in london..he couldnt be away from her..
he is waiting for his works to finish soon
so he will go for hm..
if now itself he is behaving like a love sick puppy then what will happen in hm..
24x7 in bed...

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awsum update
n passionate too
maan planned their night in beach n nw london
luvd it
update soonSmile

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Oyee this maan is really naughty and passionate...
He just loved to be with geet.. anytime and anywhere
I got the hint before only of his incomplete work
And think what I was damn right..
He just need a chance to take Geet all raw himself
Now too making her life hell with his busy shedule
Once again made her worriied and cry baby starts crying
Batao flight mai bhi nahi choda...
They landed in mansion ...
Love gert dialogue there !!!!!
Over all mast update

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Simply great.

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awesome Wink

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