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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 122)

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 42

  warning 18+


  Geet lite te diya in front of her parents photo. Maaneet stood in front of them and prayed to them

Geet (st): maa papa i have no memories of u but i was happy today,  i feel sad thinking u were not there with me, but i promise u tat i will never let u down.

Maan was just watching her, Geet open her eyes and saw him who was staring at her. She felt shy seeing his intense gaze

Maan: Geet  r u hungry

Geet node no , still shying,

Maan : good then go and get fresh and wait in ur room, I will cum

Geet : hmm

Geet  was sitting In te decorated bed still wondering how he decorated te room. Wen she first entered te room was not decorated , but now it was decorated for their sr. how he did, he was talking to me , oh babaji  thinking of his action I will became mad one day.. from morning he is making me hell bent giving so much surprise , I cant understand wat is running in his mind te next sec and she thinking abt his confession and blushed

Geet : dust dhanav and smiled .. from te day their confession he was making her to feel so special with his surprises one by one.. tis one week whatever he did , she thought to keep him  happy forever

Geet heard te door sound, she know he enters, she heard te sound of closing te door . Maan saw Geet who siting In te middle of te bed . te room was  dark and  silent, it was echoed only with their heart beats. It was filled with candles.. Maan came and sat next to her, Geet at once pulled her legs together , and her toe inside her lehenga, she joined her  hands  together , shivering. Tis is not first time, but still she felt shy  like first time.. his intense gaze burns her body , even though she covers her face with veil. She is shivering, but she know no one can stop him today

Maan removed te veil from her face and blown with her beauty in tis candles light, she look breath taking and he felt proud thinking all tis beauty is only for him.. he was staring at her she tilt her head in shyness. Maan   was watching her from head to toe, he slowly bend and kissed her toe and ankle taking her payal, Geet shuddered , he slowly saw her face and kiss her forehead taking her mang tika and he unclasped taking her necklace and kissing her back neck n sucking her nape

shhh..she moaned.. ..he removed her by one.kissing her arms ..his eyes looking her very intensely..slowly kissing her n torturing to extent he reached her neck.she was going insane...geet's heart paced fast..its not new for her..but today he is going slow..he was not wild as he used to be..but today he was showing his another side..his passion in torturing her. .making her feel vulnerable..

Maan  bite on her shoulder making her to gasp and she at once hugs him. Maan slowly made her lye on  te bed without breaking te hug , pressing  his full body on her. He was staring at her burning her soul with his gaze. She was feeling shy and looking at him. he came to her waist chain..he touched the rib of material feeling it for long time..but its her waist chain he was feeling..


he smiled feeling his effect on her..he slowly traced his fingers on her silky bare waist n took of the chain..geet bite her turned up maan more..her pink luscious was inviting him..Maan hover to capture her lips but Geet stops , Maan frown and glare at her

Geet  got up and sat : Maan first u have to find ur name in my mehendi

Maan got angry here he is in verge of  desire  but she  is testing him  : I will do it later, he try pull her to te bed, but she hold him and pout her lips

Maan  was angry on her but  suddenly smirks : hmm I know, were it is , he trace her chest over her blouse making her breath heavy,

Geet moaned : maan

Maan :wat Geet u said to find  my name I find here, giving little squeeze on her breast, she hold his hand

Geet : not here

Maan:  then

he touched her triangle part..between her thighs making her scream..

geet:aahh...maan..she moaned again..

but soon got her sense..maan is making her lose in his passion to forget it..

Geet : not there..In my hands

.she is not going to give up till he find it..Maan hold her hands ,and started to search Geet was smriking and at te same time she was nervous wat he will do wen he see . Maan was searching the  four te letter M, HE started to read te letters loud  ..

         M    A     A      N    J  I ...  MAANJI

HE  realize wat she did and glared at her who was giggling

Maan : ur gone

Geet got scared : no Maanji , just it was for fun

Maan  pushed her  on te bed and hover her like a hungry lion,

Maan : but I was dam serious,

Geet try to push  him by placing her hands between them, he took her hands and locked it above her head

Maan  removed his pant and  boxer rolling over his legs, he lifted her lehenga over her waist and tore panties,  Geet was shocked .she has awaken the beast inside him..she has made him again wild..but what she dont know was the torture she is going to get now..

Geet : Maan 

maan smirked :payback time...she want to hold him but he was not leaving her hands..before she knew whats happening she saw her hands tied up to the post..


maan:its too late now..u must have thought about the sequences before doing pls.., before she think anything he enter her core with his manhoood  suddenly making her to scream but he close her mouth with his , sulking her screams in his mouth. She wants to hold him, but he didt let her do it

she was wriggling under him.she wrapped her legs around his waist..

Maan took her legs n parted it away from him..

Geet :Maan i want to feel you..pls leave my legs atleast..

Maan :not so soon dear..still ur payback is there.

he teased her core with his length  holding her legs.. she cant bear his passion, she wants to hold him and bite him  to show her desire but he not letting her ,he again entered her suddenly when she didnt expect him..

Geet :maan.. her scream filled the room..

Maan penetrated deeper n deeper making her feel the extreme passion..she shuddered under his every thrust..he was wild n she loved the way he was loving her..he gave immense pleasure to her.

Geet : Maan pls free me.. she was pleading him to free her.

Maan:now u call me maan.. i love it..her body heated with his burning passion.

Geet:maan pls..she was still trying to free..her legs wrapped around his waist ..

He increase te  rhythm  and thrusting harder and harder driving her to another world, n soon she flooded out

Maan:not bad so soon..

soon he too hit te climax  , Maan lyed on her chest holding his breath, Geet was breathing heavily, he left her hand free , she glare at him, she pushed him and turn te other side showing her back to him.

Maan spooned her from back, sulking her earlobe, 

Maan : r u angry

Geet node yes

Maan turned to face him : only I have rights to be angry on u , not u

Geet : why so

Maan : coz ur mine

Geet : and u

Maan : urs  

Maan : now let me have a proper sr, u have spoiled it andcapture her lips for  passionate kiss, 

he took her lips in his extracting her juice..n she too was doing same showing her right on him..both their tongue danced n fought with each other in love..Geet pulled him closer massaging her hand on his nape making him wild 

They  both parted away after a long searing kiss, both were panting,  Geet was staring at him, he made her lye on him looking at her, Maan was lying on te bed, Geet raised herself little bit to see him and trace her finger on  his face and cheeks, his lips, Maan kissed her her fingers

Geet : Maan thanku

Maan was confused  thinking why she  said thanku

Geet kissed his forehead : thanku for cuming into my life

She kissed his nose : thanku for giving  a meaning to me

Maan was just staring at her and burning with her kisses

Geet kissed his cheeks : thanku for giving so much surprise

Geet  kiss his lips : thanku to show my parents to me

Geet kiss his neck : thanku for touching my soul

She ripped opened his shirt  and kissed his chest over his heart, Maan hold te bedsheet in fist

Geet : thanku for giving me so much happiness In my life

Kissing his nipples : thanku for making me to feel so special

He was groaning

Geet kissed his abs : thanku for everything

Geet look at Maan who was closed  his eyes and gritting his teeth,

Geet : I love u Maan and she kiss him on his length pushing his kurtha above his waist to get better access away making him to graoning loudly,

Wen Geet started to kiss him, he felt currents waves rushing through his body, he for first time feeling te pleasure inside him, he don't want to spoil it as she opening up for first time so he control his desire to take and make her scream , but he cant control so he closed his eyes gritting his teeth to control his urge to make her lay under him n thrust harder..

she was shy but he has made her feel special n she can thank him this way him all happiness..


Geet tilt her head and came on top of him, kissing his closed eyes

Geet : thanku for making most happiest person in world, im happy to die at tis moment in ur arms, im ready

Maan till now     he was  feeling her lips all over him n let it be to feel it..-but wen he heard her saying abt death, he got angry, he at once pull  her hair in tight fist hurting her , Geet winch In pain seeing his red eyes, He turned and hover on her, he smack her lips with his and biting her showing his angry on her , he cant think  a life without her, how can she say like tat him

Geet : Maan I just

Maan : ur mine how dare u say tat words ahan, he was still biting her lips making her to whimp

He is very possessive , Geet can feel it on his hold  on her which was nearly breaking her bones, she too hugs him close to her feeling happy

Maan pulled her tongue out of her mouth and bite it

Geet : ouch

Maan : tis  only making u to utter all tis stupid  words naaindicating her tongue , tis is te punishment

He again bite her tongue and started to kiss in  her in aggressive way.

Geet smiled : I love u which calmed his cells

Maan look at her : I love u

Both again started to kiss, te kiss first started with slow and passionate but soon it became aggressive ,  don't know whose tongue was inside whose mouth, . they were bitting, sulking and rolling they tongues in each other's mouth . after some time wen they felt lack of air , Maan left her lips , both are panting

Maan slide down and started to kiss her neck, moving form one side to another making her jolt, she was holding his hair in her fist and giving him more space , he was bitting her and kissing te place were he bite to sooth it.  He was sulking her collar bone and biting it making her skin red with his passion

Maan : today I don want u to stop me  , I want to cherish u more

Geet : no Maan today I wont stop, u did to much for me, but I don't have anything to give u, except myself

Maan placed his finger on her lips : no Geet u te one give me everything Geet

Maan kissing her cheeks, n nape..he bite her earlobes..his  hand went behind to remove her blouse, he was so desperate ,and try to tear it but Geet holds his hand

Geet : Maan pls don't tear tis,  is our wedding symbol ,

Maan  frowned: I don't have tat much patience

Geet : pls Maan, showing her puppy face

Maan pulled her lips with his teeth : tis wont work always

He sat taking Geet along with him, removed her dori n took off the choli..her perfect curves were visible hiding behind the small cloth..his mouth went dry ..he unhook her bra, seeing her bare skin which shines like gold,, he started to lick her skin ,  Maan hand went front of her body and removed her blouse, and started to pinch her nipples making her to shuddered,

Geet moaned his name : Maan

Maan still licking her  back,  she leaned on him.his hands wandered on her front  feeling her every bare skin..his lips teasing her back..she felt shiver ran thru her spine She hugs him, he push her on te bed and he was on  her. He pulled te string of her lehenga and removed it,  he then removed his kurtha , both are bare now, they body was rubbing each other making fire ignite inside them. He stare at her breast , making her to shiver, he slowly trace his index finger on her breast circling her nipples sending shivers through her spine, he replaced it with his lips n sucked it hard..his other hand massaging the he moved to next giving the same treatment..he sucked n  teethed it hard  till her bud was sore..he trace his name on her breastwhich became red

Maan slowly placed his cold lips on her breast and  nuzzling it, he then started to lick it and  licking it with his tongue. He was taking his time to cherish her . he then took her whole mould inside his mouth and started to latched. Geet flinched when his teeth pulled her nipples hardly , she  just closed her eyes and ached forward to give him more access

He  sulk , bite and  latching her breast  till it became sore and he gave te same attention to te next one, geet was drowned in his passion.. Both had never felt such pleasurable ecstasy in their life. Their hands moved over each other she forget where she was..she was totally under his spell  submitting to his lead..He  slide down slowly down, he lick her ribs..making her shiver.his smooches drove her to extreme passion.., He kissed her stomach and started to insert his tongue inside her belly button and he sulking her tummy and biting it, he went down still kissing her  thighs and leg, he reach her toes and kissed her toes and  kept her toes inside his mouth and started to sulk it, she is twisting her head from left to right, holding te bedsheet in her fist.  He is burning her soul with his desire

He slowly came up slowly kissing her legs, he sulk her thigh and lifted himself and saw her eyes were closed, he slowly  placed his lips on her core making her to shuddered, she open her eyes and fattered her eye lash, she try to close her legs together

Maan  parted her legs : I said no stopping, she look at his eyes which was looking at her with intense, she slowly parted her legs still watching him

He slowly placed his lips and started to sulk her core, she was damn wet, he was extracting her juice and sulking it,  He parted her  vaginal lips with his fingers and insert his tongue inside her core making her 100 volts current pass through her body, she hold his hair in his fist and pulling it , she was biting te pillow,.he started to trace her inner walls with his tongue ..n plunge it in n out making her to gasp.. that was too much to handle she arched her back..moaning his name again n again 

she  hit her  orgasm,

Geet moaned : Maan, pls

He know he cant last and he climb above and took her nipples In his mouth and give a sulk ,  and started to latched , he enter his manhood inside her core and started to  thrust  harder , trying to increase his rhytm..geet's moan filled the room n it was making him insane.. His hands grasped her, lacing his fingers through her own pressing them on either side of her head, into the mattress...she held him tight ..her body crushing him in her hug..she bite him didnt pain him rather it made him go more wild..his every thrust was deep n harder. . In one swift motion, he plunged the rest of his gender into her.he rose up above her n plunged into her once more.

 Waves of pleasure passing through the bodies, both hit they climax together,

He lyed next to her taking her with his arms,he entwingled his fingers with her, both are feeling they passion.. they both were lying holding they uncontrolable heart beat. she  kiss his chest

Maan shocked : Geet pls don't tempt me

Geet : I have to finish wat I left in te middle

Maan  was shock to see her boldness , he saw her even though she talk boldly but still a red cue on her cheeks, he smiled at her

Maan : Geet

She didt reply him rather started to kiss his nipples making him to shiver with her cold lips on his burning body

Maan : Geet pls stop it, already I was so wild , now u making me wild  and I wont leave u

She know he is controlling for her but today she don't want him to control any more and took his small nipples inside her mouth and bitting it, kissing it, sulking it. Maan was graoning, Geet sulking his nipples , he hold her hair in his fist . she went down still kissing his every part ..she stopped looking AT HIS PELVIS..

she slowly kissed his full length n was growing harder by her touch..she smiled..she affects him same like he do for her..she rocked it slowly with her hands making it full hard..She sulk his length making him groan.she slowly lifted herself n placed over him..he groaned feeling her all over him..she moved up n down giving him his pleasure. Maan helped her by holding her butts..he enjoyed the view of her dancing moulds her shy face the way she is trying to give him everything..she moved fast n HE COULDNT CONTROL MORE

  Maan  at once pulled her up holding her hair : enough now my turn

 He  hover on her , and started to thrust her , he was reaching so deep inside her which makes her to ripples pass through her and she started to bite him scratching him.. te whole night they both didt let te other to sleep and they room only echoed with they moans.


She woke up early morning and saw he was sleeping on her on his stomach hugging her, she stared at him and felt shy thinking how  he claimed her , she kissed his hair and slowly made him to lye on te bed and got up. She was winching in pain, but she control and went to washroom. Her whole body was burning  due to his passion. She took bath ,and thought she didt bring any clothes, she came out wrapping herself in towel . she saw a wardrobe and know he have  arranged they dress . she open te wardrobe and her guess was correct , she have brought  they dresses. She saw all her dress were sari, she smiled and took a red sari and dressed herself. She stood in front of mirror , she took sindoor and placed on her manga and saw her mangasutra, hold it in her hand and kissed it . she was happy

She decide to go down and look everything and prepare some thing as tis is her first day after her wedding

Wen she came down , she was shock and confuse to see a person was cleaning te table

Geet went near him : app

Te man who was cleaning look at Geet and felt emotional, he smiles at her. His eyes welled up with tears, yes he is te one who was serving  for handas  from his childhood. He was seeing Geet from her childhood, she too love to be with him. She was happy to see his gudiya after so many years, he thought she look dido like her mother

Man : gudiya

Geet staring at him

Ramu : Im ramukaka, gudiya

Geet ddit remember anything : im sory kaka I didt remember, she felt sad for tat

Ramu : its ok beta , Maan baba said everything

Geet got shock : Maan

Ramu : hmm, wen he brought tis house , he  made me to work here and he ask me abt ur chidhhood and arranged  everything how was it before 15 years  back

Geet was  overwhelmed wat all Her Maan did for her , but always mask his face  and murmured : DUST DHANV

Ramu : gudiya u look like ur mother, same eyes

Geet smile : hmm, kaka I want to see whole house will u take me

Ramu : sure cum gudiya

He showed te whole house and said all te memories which tis house , Geet too felt happy to hear each and everything abt her family and her childhood

She  saw a small mandir  near te living room

Ramu ; ur mother wake up early and do pooja, making tis  whole mansion light with her smile, but after they went, no one there to lite te diya

Geet eyes welled up, she went to te mandir and, she look at Ramu as it was cleaned and flowers were placed

Ramu smile at her :  I know once u see tis u will like to do pooja so I cleaned it

Geet smile and  started to do te pooja, she took te arti and Ramu too took te diya, she  spread te diya to te whole room

After she finished her pooja , she came to kitchen  to prepare Coffee for Maan, Ramu was about to prepare coffee, she stops him

Ramu: wat gudiya, I will make coffee for u both

Geet blushed : he only drink te coffee which I prepare

Ramu smile : kush raho beta, he moves and she started to make his coffee and took it they room

She saw him sleeping on his stomach, she placed te coffee on te table  and open te curtains. Maan stirred little bit , she sat beside him and looking at him, she traces his face and kissed him on his cheeks, wen her wet lips touch his cheeks, he woke up and  saw at her who   look fresh flower. He was staring at her

Geet : gudmorning Maan

Maan :gudmorning sliding her curls behind her ear sending shivers

Geet : Maan coffee

Maan look at her : before tat , before she realize she was under him and they clothes were on te floor and he was thrusting her. Both hit te climax

Geet  : Maan u r so bad, again I have  to take bath, she try to push him

Maan holds her  : tis is te punishment for bathing with out me, now I will give a  nice bath

He carried her to washroom, they came after like ages bathing together and fulfilling they desire which is never ending..

Geet was serving Maan his  BF and Ramu was watching them and  felt happy to see his gudiya so happy, he know  how his 5 year gudiya was playing wen her parents died and her  heartless relatives  send her to orphan. He was praying to god to keep his gudiya happy forever

They both te spend te whole day there and Geet was feeling her parent's  breath in each and everything. Maan too felt happy to see her. Next day Maan decide to leave, Geet felt sad, but he promised he will bring her often,

They both got ready and came down, Ramu was there , she went to him and hugs him crying, in one day he have given all her memories of her life spend with her parents

Ramu : gudiya don't  cry, I will miss u, often cum here to see tis old man

Geet : sure kaka, she took blessing from him, he gave her small  ganesh statue

Geet looks at him

Ramu : tis is ur morther's ,wen she enter handa mansion, she brought tis for her mika, so I giving tis to u as ur mother's  sahgun

Geet felt overwhelmed and look at te ganesh statue and smiled : thanku kaka

He node his head  and  both went to get into te car

Whole drive Geet was carrying te statue and leaning on Maan. They both reached te airport 












NEXT PART : 43, PG 132















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Me 1st

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2nd hayee

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Chalo wil read it later typing az just came as power cut per agaya :-)

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nyc update dear

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