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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 113)

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H2 - 41


Maan  carried  Geet to his car and ask te driver to start te car making Geet to shock and confuse

Geet : Maan were we are going

Maan : u will cum to know, till then no more questions

Geet :but Maan

Maan placed his finger on her lips :chup bikul chup, I said no more questions

Geet know he wont answer her, if he decide something, until he finish tat work he wont speak, dustdhanav and turns her face to window, Maan pulled her with a jerk, tat she fall on him and he hugs her. Geet too hugs him and rest her head on his chest

They reached te airport

Geet was confused to see te place, Maan came out and open te door for her to get down. Geet was hesitating to cum out In her bride dress. She was looking at Maan, at once he took her in his arms and carried her inside. As they enter inside , no one was present as it was khurana's private area. Maan's jet was waiting for him, he carried her inside , placed her on te seat

Geet : MAAN were we are going

Maan didt answer, he just ask te pilot to start te flight

Geet was very anxious and eager to know were he is taking her, but he is irritating her to te core by his silence. She know how adamant he is, so just decided not to ask him any more and let him do wat he wants

The flight started, Geet got fear and hold Maan, he pulled her towards him and hugging her, after te flight started to fly he took her inside his room and made her lye on te bed

Maan :  do u want something to eat

Geet : no

Maan : take rest Geet, u need energy tonight

Geet know wat he meant, her body burnt with his intense gaze, she felt shy and lye down

Maan went out to call someone

Geet (st) : dust  dhanav, cant say were he is taking, wat kind of husband he is, kidnapping his wife on his wedding night, wat is running in his devil mind. Babaji were we are going, If I ask, he will burn me with his big big eyes, hmm she pout and slept as she was so tired

After an hour, Maan came to check Geet and saw her sleeping like a baby, smile was adoring her lips. Seeing her,he felt hard and want to take her , but control himself  not to spoil his plan.  Te plane landed, Maan sat beside Geet, she was sleeping, 

he didt have heart to wake her, so he carried his sleeping queen in his arms and took her to te car which was waiting for them

Maan ask te driver to start te car,, hugging Geet as she was sleeping on him. Geet woke up after some time hearing te noise, she rubbed her eyes , looking so cute, Maan want to pull her cheeks, he was staring at her

Geet open her eyes and saw they were in car , she pulled her away from his hug and watched through te window to see were they are

Maan : had a good sleep

Geet : Maan why we are in Mumbai

Maan : Geet will pls  stop  ur enquiry commission ,

Geet : Maan

He didt answer and  looking at his  mobile,

Geet murmured : dd

Maan smirk

After like an hour  they reached , te destination. They enter a big mansion, little far away from te city.

Geet was surprised and shock to see a big mansion. It was not big as KM but it is big enough. Te driver open te door for them. As soon Geet feet touched te ground and inhale te air, she felt familiar. She have feel tat she have cum here before but she didt remember wen she came here. Maan was watching her confused face

Maan : Geet

Geet : ah Maan

Maan : cum lets go inside

Geet : Maan were we are , whose mansion is tis

Maan : u will cum to know , lets us go inside first

Maaneet stood in front te door, Maan gave her te keys to open. Geet got confused and thought he brought tis mansion for them but she was confused why he brought in Mumbai

Maan saw her standings till : Geet open te door or u want us to stand out forever

Geet came back to sense and open te door and confuse to  see two kalish pots on te entrance

Geet saw Maan with full of confuse, Maan chuckled to see her  face

Geet twisted her lips (st) : dd he was laughing seeing my plight her here im so much confused  and  thinking  anytime  my head will burst  , but he standing cooly and smiling at me dustdhanav

Maan : Geet u can curse me afterwards , now cum we will go inside

Geet : but Maan, who, she stops thinking he wont answer her, why two pots

Maan smirk : then im also cuming to my sasural's house for te first time, i too want to hit te pot

Geet got shocked  : sasural's home

Maan hold her hand and gestured  to hit te pot, both hit te pot together and placed their felt on te wet plate and enter inside. Geet heart was rolling with so much of emotions. She saw a portrait of two persons, as a lady was sitting in te chair and a man was standing beside her. Geet went near te picture and stood in front of them

Geet : Maan who are they

Maan : they are my mother in law and father in  law

Geet : maa and papa

Maan : hmm urs

Geet  staring at te  frame , tears were flowing from her eyes, she was tracing they face on te portrait, she didt remember they faces , she didt remember anything abt her parents , and her childhood . she only have memories abt she living in orphan with father, Guru and Anni. She was hurt so much feeling that she  dont her own parents. She was cursing her fate thinking no other child should get a situation asking   abt  her own parents  to others. She rest her head on te portrait  and started to cry. She was  feeling happy and sad, happy like she have got a meaning of her birth and te way she is sad  thinking she don't know anything abt them. Wat kind of situation she was now.

Maan heart pricked seeing his Geet crying, he curse himself for letting her go through like tis, he want her to feel happy but not to cry. He hold her , Geet hugs him and started to sob

Geet : Maan wat kind of a kid im who dont know abt her own parents, Maan I don't know anything abt them, why babaji is doing  tis with me

Geet ki each words pricking  Maan

Geet : Maan u gave te world's best surprise, no one can do like tis.  Cant express how hapy im, thank for giving tis happiness to me  Maan

Maan broke te hug ,wiped her tears,  and nodes no

Maan : cum Geet we wil  see other rooms

Maan took Geet to gave her a tour, wen they reached her parent's room , she rush inside like a small kid and touching all te things like she was feeling her parents in them. Maan was watching her without blinking. Geet saw all te pics , 

all was her childhood pics, wen she was 3 months ,her first crawling, her first walk, she was sleeping in te cradle, everything abt her . Her 1st year b'day  and second, but its top in her 5th b'day, she started to cry thinking her parents died and  how she was left in te orphan. She looking at te pics and kissing her parents pics like small baby

Geet : maa papa why u left me , why , I missed u both so much. U were not  here with me in my most precious moment, maa papa u both left thinking u have left me in safer hands naa, who will protect me and give all te happiness in tis world,  looking at Maan she said tat words,

Maan  look at her, Geet runs to him and hugs him, started to cry, Maan pat her back

Maan ; chup ho jao Geet, I thought u will feel happy seeing all tis but, I made u cry , im sor, before he completes Geet closed his mouth and noded no and hugs him tightly

Geet : Maan u don't know wat u given to me , u know till now I dont know my identity, only identity is im an orphan, but cuming here I know who is my parents and who  Iam

Maan tighten his hold : dare u say it again, ur GMSK

Geet : I know Maan  but, wat if some one point finger on u  for marrying a girl who dont know abt her own identity, but now I can say who iam , thanku so much for giving tis happiness

Maan : no one dare to point finger at  u, before tat he will lose his hand, he said with authority, Geet smiled at him and hugs him seeing his possessive love for her

Maan : I have some thing to show cum with me

Geet: wat

Maan : cum, he took her to next room, he closed her eyes and took her inside te room, wen she open her eyes , Geet slowly focus on te things an she know whose room is tat

Te room was fully coloured in pink and te things placed were also in pink. She went inside and touch all te things, te bed was pink in colour and it look like a princess room, she open te wardrobe and saw all te dresses, most of her dresses were in pink. There was a teddy cuddle in te corner, she took it and hugs , te wall was painted in pink with so many pics of her and with her parents. A pic were she was sitting in te bed and another pic were her  father was helping her to ride a cycle. Geet sat on te bed hugging te teddy closed to her eyes, she was smiling and tears were flowing form her eyes

Geet : Maan u know my fav colour is pink tats why u select my wedding dress in pink

Maan came and sat beside her and Geet  rest her head on his chest, entwingling her hand with his

Maan : and u select my fav white

Both look at each other and smiled

Geet : Maan how u know and how u got tis house

Maan : pls not now, I have so much work to do, 2mor I will answer all ur questions

Geet : no I want to know now or else thinking all tis I will became mad

Maan : who said ur not

Geet smack his shoulder : im mad, twisting her lips she try to stood , Maan hold her hand, he stood in front of her and hold her face in his hands

Maan : I love u Geet

It echoed te whole room, Geet whole body got numb hearing his words, tis wat she was carving to hear from te day she confess her love, but we she heard tat from his mouth, it stops her world

Geet whisphered : Maan, as her throat became dry

Maan : yes Geet I love u , tears were flowing from her eyes, Maan wipe it and noded no

Maan continue :Geet I already try to confess two times, but everything messed, first time by u and next time by me,

Geet : wo mein Im sory

Maan placed his finger on her lips : let me complete Geet,

He look at her

Maan : hmm, she node yes

Maan : Geet after my parents left, Guru and Anni too left me, I became lonely, dadi was there but she have to look after te business too, so I left alone. Wen I came to know abt Rahul, I started to crave myself so hard tat no one can defeat me. I became so powerful to destroy my enemy and I did too, for tat I engross in my business and I learned all te routes to reach my goal, one day I reached my goal but I was not happy, u were staying in orphanage and I stayed in mansion tats te only difference between us. But u atleast had some one to share ur  feelings but me, so I started to bury all my emotions and showed tis world im hard, everyone should fear me, I want to became king of tis business world

Geet was staring at him

Maan : I grow myself and searched tat b****rahul to kill him. I have searched my peace In drinks and girls, but never felt tat peace in any one, then one day I got my family back, but it didt  last, as my bro my half soul left me, tat time I thought to destroy tis world for making me like tis and u came in my life as a angel

Tears were flowing from Geet's eyes hearing his confession

Maan : first I took u as my responsibility, but wen and how I fall for u I don't know , wen I confess to u for first time and u rejected , my ego hit me thinking tat a  girl reject MSK

Geet smiled seeing his attitude

Maan : later u came again and started to do wifely things , first I thought u showing pity on  me and In my ego I hurt u , but wen we both kiss  tat day , all my ego went off and  I decide to confess u , but again my gussa came in front and destroy everything , but ur one slap brought me to sense

Geet smiles and touch his cheeks were she have slapped, Maan holds her hand kissed  it

Maan : Geet I don't know to live or show my emotions, I have made my heart so hard to face tis crule world ,I want to give tis world wat it gave me . I want tis whole world under my feet. I thought love  , affection are  rubbish, tat will give only pain and destroy us, so I started to destroy everyone who cum in my way, before they think to near me, until u came into my life

Geet can feel his pain

Maan : Geet I have been with many girls to relax myself, my kiss with u is not first one, as I have been kissed many girls, Geet pouted her lips

Maan : I have used them  for pleasure , but never crossed my limits with them, if I try also I can go close to them. Why I don't know if I try also I cant go beyond than a kiss . some thing stops me , now I know wat is it,

Geet look at him

Maan : coz I think im urs only urs so tat only I cant cross my limits with any girls

Geet smile with his words, she kissed his chest

Maan : wenever u say I love u , my heart will jump In happiness, thinking i won te world, I want to say u , I thought to confess u  my love but thought it should be In special moment ,with some thing special which make u feel happy and memorable forever. So I thought tis and abt ur past, I came to know through Father , I kick them who throw u in orphanage and brought tis mansion, as it was in ur name, it was easy for me, and now u are standing in u r own home

Geet hugs him  wetting his sherwani

Geet : if they didt  send me to orphan I  have missed u Maan

Maan hugs her and kissed her hair  : I love u Geet

Geet : I love u MAAN

After some time Geet thought  some thing and smack his chest

Maan : ouch wat for tis

Geet : dare u see any other girls, or esle

Maan  stare at, he was happy seeing her possessive side : or esle eyeing her lips

Geet : i will leave u and go far away form u

Maan smirks: can u

Geet look at him node no and hugs him, Maan too kiss her hair and hugs her , they know they cant live without each other

They stood for some time , Maan broke te hug  and wipe her tears

Maan : now enough of ur crying , I want u to look fresh for our sr

Geet felt shy and hugs him more hiding herself in his embrace

Maan : why Geet u don't want our sr as we already finish everything

Geet face became red  hearing his words : Maan

Maan : I know u will think we have already finish everything wat is special but don't wory baby I have many things to do , so better be ready for wild round

Geet don't want to hear anything as already heat is  raising inside her body

Maan : Geet I want have our sr In my sasural's home , different naa, he wink at her ,and tat too in ur room, so now get ready , I will cum

Geet : but Maan how will u sleep in tat small bed, she bite her tongue thinking wat she blabbered ad tilt her head down

Maan smirk , came close to her ear, licking with his tongue sending shivers down her spine, Geet hold his shoulder

Maan : dont wory Geet, u can sleep on whole bed, i will sleep on u

Geet felt shy moans : Maan

He pulled himself away from her and stare at her 

Maan: Geet dont tempt me then i will lose my control, u better go and wait for me i wil cum

Geet node and about to leave but Maan holds her hand, Geet look at him, seeing his smirk she felt shy, she try to pull her hand but his hold was strong. He left her hand, at Geet rush , as she cant face his intense gaze

Maan called to dadi and inform they came and ask to arrange everything and then cut te call













NEXT PART :  42, PG 123

































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Amazing awsum update

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super update maan confession about his feelings fab

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awesome update

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Nice dear
Wow maan bought geet real home
Geet is so happy to see hr home
Maan is so shameless n naughty

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