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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 11)

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sabki ghar mei yesa hi dadi ho

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H2 - 28


After one week, at night Maan enter to km, he saw all lights are shut, Nakul was waiting for him. Maan saw here and there to see  geet is waiting for him, but he didt see her ,

Nakul : sir diner

Maan : hmm

He had his dinner and  went to his room. He was rolling on te bed thinking why she didt wait for him

Maan : Maan wat u thinking . she is nothing to u

Next day  he was waiting in his gym to see her, but Nakul brought te juice  , he got angry and  went to his room, his dress was not placed on te bed. he came down for his BF, he didt see Geet once , he left to his office without having his BF


Maan  was frustrated  and thinking  for past few days , even though he hurting her , but she use to cum in front of him, but now wat happen, did she left . no I can feel her presence  then why she is hiding

Maan (st) : wait wait Maan did she trying to make me get use of her.  Doing all my needs , once I got use to  her,  she is avoiding me, thinking I will go behind her,

Maan smirks : so madam is trying to play with me, I will see how long tis game goes,

At tat time he got a call from his BGS

Bgs : sir madam , fainted

Maan was shocked : wat

Bg s: sir madam  was in temple wen,

Maan : im cuming

Maan rush to temple, he break all te rules and driving to reach te temple as soon as possible. Te way his angry, his worry

Maan (st) : wat happen to her, why she doing tis, ,

As he reach te temple , he jump out of te  car

Bgs : sir mam came all te way from Km walking to temple, she fainted ,  we wake her and ask her to cum home, we tried but she didt listen to us

Maan  was fuming : now were she is

Bgs pointed to a direction, Maan was shock to see te sight, Geet in wet sari climbing te stairs with her knees. She was  very weak and pale,te steps were covered with her blood, she was struggling , suddenly she about to fall,

Maan  rush to her and holds her : wat te hell u r doing

Geet didt pay attention to him and started to walk , Maan holds her and try to stop her

Geet : pls Maanji only 4 steps, pls

Maan saw her pleading face and her hands on her was loosened, she climbed te stairs and reach te temple ,  she stood up, with holding te wall, but she tried to trip, but Maan hold her

Geet catching him, move inside  and stood in front of god, beside  with Maan holding her and staring at her. Geet closed her eyes

Geet (st) : thanku maa, for making Maanji to cum with me to temple, and for making me too finish my promise.. pls keep him well,

Pandit gave te arti to Geet

Pandit : beti u finish te pooja for 21 days without any disturbance ,durga maa will  make all ur wishes cum true

Maan (st) : wat she is doing tis for 21 days, and he glaring at her

Geet took te arti and Prasad . bid to pandit and turn to leave , Maan about to carry her

Geet : pls Maanji I have go down, pls

Maan glared at her without any other word, he just carried her  in his arms , and place her in te car, before getting into his seat, he glared at his BGS, and he drove to Km

They km, Maan carried her to her room, her sari is soak in her blood, he place her in te bed , but then he notice she became unconscious,

Maan : Geet Geet ,

Hearing his voice Dadi rush to her room, she was shock te see Geet

Dadi : wat happen Maan, Geet

Maan :  Dadi she fainted , he called Dr and yelling at him to reach  asap


Dadi caressing her head : I said her , yesterday she wa ssuffereing from high fever, and today she walk to temple in empty stomach, wat to do , bechari

Maan was fuming (st) : oh yesterday she had tats why she didt  do any my works

Maan : dadi r she became mad, why she is doing all tis, wat she think of herself, doing all ti swill she gain sympathy, actually Maan  cant see Geet like tis and in his frustration he saying tis words

Dadi : shut up Maan, she did tis for u

Maan was shocked : for me

Dadi : yes , wen u were in hospital she had prayed to god if u cure soon, she will walk to temple and climb te stairs  with her knees, for 21 days

Maan : wat rubbish who ask her to do tis, now see wat she made herself

At tat time dr came : wat  Mrs. Khurana , I said yesterday she is having high fever not let out ,

She started to examine, she ask Maan to go outside

Inside Dadi changed her dress and dr dressed her wounds and gave her injection.

Dr came out : Mrs. Khurana , gave her some thing to eat and she  should  rest for some days, she is very weak. Maan was hearing

Dadi : ok dr

Dr left, Dadi went inside , Geet open her eyes

Dadi : I said , see wat u did to urself

Geet : Dadi u know naa, today last day , so

Dadi : ok ok now take rest, I will something  for u to eat

Geet : dadi pls,  after 12 only I will eat

Maan who was hearing barge in : wat u think of urself, Dadi bring her lunch, now

Dadi went to bring her lunch,

Geet : murmured DUST DHANAV, and she hide herself inside te duvet

Dadi brought her lunch : Geet have it

Geet didt reply

Maan : dadi give to me,

Dadi gave te plate to him, her idea struck in her, and smirk : Maan I will get her medicines

Maan : hmm

Dadi left both of them

Maan sat beside on te bed : Geet get up have ur lunch

Geet didt reply but node her head no inside her duvet

Maan : Geet im warning u or else

Geet hide more ,

Maan place te tray on te table, pulled te duvet in one jerk, making Geet to open her mouth to big O'.

Maan : now get up

Geet saw te clock : Maanji only 5 more mins pls

Maan : I said get up

Geet got up : hmm I want to go to wash room

Maan : not now first have ur lunch

Geet : hmm I want to go to wash room

Maan  sense her intention , so he took te plate in his hands and took te spoon near her mouth

Maan : now open ur mouth

Geet closed her mouth and node her no and saw te watch

Maan became angry seeing her childish antics: Geet leave ur childishness and eat

Geet node no

Maan pull her hand from her mouth and  took te spoon near her mouth but she turn her face, Maan got frustration , he pull her cheeks and force her mouth to open, Geet saw te time and she herself open te mouth ,Maan fed her , she too had it, she suddenly cough , Maan gave her water. He fed her some more morsel, wen he again fed , Geet hold her mouth and rush inside te wash room

Maan got panick and went behind her, Geet was throwing up wat ever she ate, he was struggling to stand, holding te wall in one hand and holding her stomach in another she was standing. Seeing her like tis his ego, his gussa all vanished

Maan holds her and make her rest on him, he holds her tummy, , she was throwing, Geet was trying to wash her  face , she cant, Maan holds her and wash her face and carried her to te bed

Geet was watching him and feel happy to see his care and concern, even though he is angry but she can feel his love for her

Maan called Nakul and order soup for her , she was lying on te bed

Maan : after long time meal u having lunch na, so u throwed up now have some thing light

Geet : pls Maanji I have later, now I cant eat anything pls

Maan : I didt ask u,

Geet turn her face, tis watched by Dadi. Dadi who came  running hearing Maan ki voice, and wen she saw  Maan carrying Geet  and ordering soup and threatening her , she stood near te door watching them and had tears . she left them to have some privacy.

Maan made her rest on te bed post and fed te soup, Geet was having it and watching his eyes which shows only love for her which he was trying to hide. After he fed , he made to lye and cover her with duvet. Dadi came with her medicines

Dadi help her to have her medicines , then she lye down

Geet : Maanji im ok, u go and rest

Maan : did I said im tired no naa

Geet nodes no

Maan : now u sleep, dare u get down from te bed

Geet  saw Dadi for help, but Dadi turn her  face giggling, Geet  cover te duvet on her face like hiding herself from his glare

Maan : Dadi now u go and have ur lunch I will look after her

Dadi : but Maan u have office naa

Maan : is there anything tat all ur ladies decide to  deny me

Dadi : no, ok ok im going

She left, Maan sat on te couch looking at Geet , how pale she is, with in few days his life  started to revolve around her , he slowly remove his tie, loosened his shirt opening his few buttons, and stretch himself on te couch spreading his legs on te table, leaning himself on te couch. After some  time he too droze off.

Dadi who came to check Geet saw Maan sleeping on te couch, and  she was shock to see Maan sleeping at tis hour. She slowly left te room

It was evening Geet open her eyes and saw te time, she saw Maan was sleeping on te couch

Geet : dd, I said to take rest he said no, but see now how he is sleeping, but he look cute while sleeping but wen he wakes up, dd

Geet slowly  brought her gaze down , seeing his  bare chest , as he have open his few buttons, her mouth went dry

Geet : babaji, while sleeping also he looks so hot, chi chi

Geet wants to go to wash room, she try to get slowly , not want to disturb, wen she kept her legs down, she started to scream due to pain in her knees

Geet : ah aha h

Maan got up at once hearing her voice and rush towards her , holding her

Maan in stern voice : wat u trying to do

Geet showed her baby face : I want to go to wash room

Maan : u can call me naa

Geet : u were sleeping, I don't want to disturb u so

Maan glared at her and  carry her to wash room,

Geet felt embrassed : no I will, before she deny, Maan place her inside

Maan : after finish call me, don't lock and he went out

Geet felt shy : babaji wat he think how can I use , wen te door is open and he is standing outside but he wont listen , dd

Geet called him, he carry her to te bed and made her lye

Maan : I will order milk for u

Geet shout : no

Maan stare at her

Geet : I mean no I will have  tea

Maan : tea ? u r not well, u going to have tea, , he call Nakul and ask him to bring milk

Nakul got shock, he know Geet dont like milk and she will throw up, so he went and informed Dadi, Dadi ask him to bring horlicks

Dadi went to Geet room,  caressing her hair

Dadi : how u feeling Geet

Geet : fine Dadi

Nakul brought te  horlicks for Geet and coffees for Maan and Dadi,

Maan : wat u brought

Nakul look at Dadi

Dadi : Maan Geet does't like Milk

Maan : so

Dadi : don't wory I have brought horlicks for her

Maan : hmm, he took his coffee

Anni came and chatted with Geet for some time, they all had dinner with Geet. After dinner

Anni : dadi u go and sleep I will take care of Geet

Dadi left, but Maan got shock, he want to stay with Geet but Anni

Maan : Anni u have col 2mor, so u too take rest I will look after her

Anni : its ok bhai, I will look after her

Geet : Maanji u go and rest

Maan glared at her (st ) : here im trying be with her but she asking me to leave

Maan : Anni 2mor I will work from home, so I will look after u go and sleep, if anything I will call u

Anni look at Geet and Maan : ok bhai, she left te room

Maan : now  sleep

Geet murmuring : he can say softly, she closed her eyes

Maan sat on te couch, after some time she heard some maoning sound she saw Geet moaning in pain and shivering, he went and sat beside her, touch her neck and slight fever was there , she was twisting her leg with pain

Maan pulled her sari above her knees and saw te bandage , he caressed it and kiss her on tat place. He hugs her caressing her back, wen Geet felt some warmth, she at once hug him, making him to lye on her. Maan was wearing vest so Geet was touching his  bare shoulder like seeking warm from him, she is searching his bare skin, and wen her hand went inside his vest making Maan too pop his eyes and he stare at her, she was sleeping peacefully

Maan removed his vest and now lyied on her without putting weight on her knees, Geet hugs him, her lips were placed on his neck, making him to burn in desire. At last Maan lost himself and started to nuzzle in her hair feeling her smell, slowly he kiss on her earlobes sulking it , slowly he kiss her chin, he came down and saw her swell which was visisble as her sari came down, he kiss on her left chest were her heart lies, lingering his lips there for some time

Maan : tis is mine

He  saw her  shivering lips, he placed his lips on her lips , he started to kiss , and started to nibble tasting her lips , his hand went inside her sari to feel her bare tummy

He cant get enough of her, he slowly hold her lower lip in his lip like pulling it,

Geet moan : MAAN

Maan suddenly left her lips and stare at her , he saw she is sleeping, he smile at her and once he peck her lips and lye beside taking Geet in his arms, Geet was snuggling in him, as he holds her  close to him, like Geet is lying on him. Then he slept holding geet

Morning, sun rays hit them, geet slowly open her eyes and saw te way she is sleeping on Maan, Maan upper body was bare, Geet was lying on his chest, Maan's hand on her waist, Geet ki hand on his waist, her legs were in between his legs.she was  blushing thinking te way she sleeping on him. She caress his face with her hand slowly

Then she started to stare at him, Maan stir in his sleep, Geet at once closed her eyes pretending to sleep, Maan slowly open his eyes and saw te way Geet sleeping on him, he thought te night how he lost his control and even in her sleep she moaning his name, he smile and look at Geet, her lips were little bit swollen, he caress it with his thumb  for some time and kiss her her on her lips

He made her to lye on te bed , wear his vest and went to his room, before any catch him like tis

After he went out Geet open her eyes, she was shock wen Maan caress her lips and suddenly he kissed her ,  a current pass through her whole body ,and she started to blush . She touch her lips were he kiss , feeling his lips still on her and closed herself inside te duvet , giggling.

The  Dadi came help her to get ready, dr came and checked her and changed her dressing and left,

Maan came and sat on te couch

Geet : Maanji u didt go to office

Maan : any problem for u

Geet  node no: im fine u can

Maan : don't think im staying here for u, wen I was ill u were looking after me, now it is my turn to pay back,

Geet smirks  but she know why he is here, she have seen te love in his eyes for her, tats enough , now wat ever he says she don't bother

Maan : why r u smiling , now sleep

Geet : I  not feeling sleepy

Maan : I don't care, now sleep, he made lye and cover her with duvet

Geet murmuring : dd wat he think of himself he I taking revenge for wat I did wen he is ill, wait Mr. Khurana I will see ur later

Maan was taking care of Geet, at night he wil be holding her and sleep and morning before she wake up he wil leave thinking she is sleeping, but Geet was enjoying they closeness and everyday waiting for his kiss

Maan started to cum close to Geet , slowly his hidden love cuming out








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maaan is shocked seeing geets state
n knowing her prayers for his well being..
he forcefully feeds her n taking care of her..
he is lost n coming close to her
geet is enjoying it..
precap:again hurtAngry

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it maan love care

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thouroughly njyf thid updateBig smile
poor geet s nt wellCry
maan taking care f herWink
thy kissed oops maan kissed hrEmbarrassed
she z hurtShocked

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