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MG,SS HEAVEN IN HELL, THD-2. PT- 43,PG 132, JAN 8 (Page 103)

preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 12:02am | IP Logged
loved the update
loving to c this playful maan.. he drew a building design 
waiting for next

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 1:06am | IP Logged


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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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H2 - 40

Next day it was haldi. And Gurmeet ki first anniversary. Dadi have arranged it in te temple and Maaneet with Kids attended it. Maan did te pooja in front of Gurmeet's picture and Geet was hugging dadi and crying , anni to hugging dadi and crying . Maan finished te pooja and look at Geet who wipe her tears and node she is ok. They finished te rituals and came home as it  was haldi for Maaneet. Geet was praying to god to give peace to Gurmeet and thanking him to give her a  new life

 Dadi was arrange haldi in outhouse as Father and kids were staying they. She want Geet to  feel like she was with her family. Maan too made to sit on te chair and Geet sat next to him. Boys surrounds Maan. Maan look at Geet who was little bit gloomy coz of te morning pooja.  Suddenly Maan stood and went near Geet,all started tease them. Geet got shocked thinking now wat he is going in front of all and cursing him for making her like tis.

Dadi : Maan wat u doing go and sit in ur place u can see Geet after ur wedding

Maan : dadi I should be te first to apply haldi on Geet

All whistle , Geet felt red hearing his words she tilt her head down in shyness

Man took te haldi and applied on her cheeks, wen his cold finger touched her cheeks she felt jolt and stared at him. Both are looking at each other. Anni cleared her throat to bring them back. Both felt embrass , Maan was about to turn to go, Geet hold him . Maan raised his eyebrows like asking wat, Geet took haldi and apply on his cheeks, Maan glared at her. Geet got sacred thinking he didt like , tat too in front of others she done tis. She look at him, but Maan smile at her making her to glare at him for teasing her . all clapped for them

Haldi function started. Boys started to apply for Maan. First Rk applied and then Adi. For Geet Dadi applied for her and then Anni, Pinky too became close to Geet and she too started to apply haldi. Kids too came and apply haldi to Geet and Maan . 

Geet was now and then watching Maan who was staring at her and smirking making her to shiver with his gaze. Geet was blushing . father was watching all tis and felt happy for Geet and prayed to god to give her all happiness. Haldi was over all went to they rooms

As evening was wedding dadi , ask both of them to take rest. Anni  had arranged te  beauty parlour for Maaneet in km itself

It was evening, te parlour lady arranged a milk bath for Geet. She changed her dress and went inside te tub, girls went out making her relax in te tub. Suddenly te door opens and Geet shock to see Maan

Geet : Maan wat u doing, she covered herself with her hands

Maan was staring at her, his words struck in his throat to see Geet in milk , as her soft white skin is drowning in te milk making her more glow. He became hard seeing her like tis. His slow steps made Geet to sent shivers through her spine making her body to burn. Geet  face became red ,

Maan slowly came near and sat beside her ,

Geet : Maan some one wi, before she finish , Maan kept his finger on her lips

Maan : chup bikul chup, in huskily tone

Geet felt jolt wen his finger touch her lips, he touch her forehead with his

Maan : Geet wat u doing to me, I cant control myself , now I want to make love to u in tis milk

Geet whisper : Maan

Maan : happy anniversary Geet

Geet came back to her sense and look at him, Maan showed  his watch to her, Geet know  at te same time  last year  he married her, Geet eyes welled up and she became overwhelmed

Geet : hapy anniversary Maan, I love u

Maan wipes her tears , and noded no, geet expect he will say I love u too, but he didt say she pouted her lips. Maan  know wat she is thinking but he  want her to wait for his words and smirk

Maan : Geet  don't do like tis or else

Geet : now pls Maan go out some one will cum

Maan suddenly smack his lips on her and started to kiss swallowing her words inside her mouth. They both started to kiss. He left her wen he felt she is lack of air

Maan wiping her lips : ur very sweet Geet, making her to blush,

Maan : get ready we will meet In te mandap

Geet holds him : Maan did u forget some thing

Maan pretending like thinking : no nothing

Geet twisted her lips and left his hands

Maan : ok Geet bye, he left te room

Geet : dust dhanav, how many times I said  I love u to him ,atleast once he can say naa, im craving to hear tat words from him, but he always want to tease me. Or he is taking revenge, babaji wat  is running In his devil mind, haan

She took bath and came out to get ready. She took her wedding dress and started to trace it with her fingers . she was blushing thinking how Maan will react seeing her in tis dress. She closed her eyes. She wore te dress and stood before te mirror and staring at her. She started to trace te chain which Maan wored her during they wedding. She took it in her hand , tears welled up in her eyes, she didt think  that her life will get a meaning

Geet : thank u guru thank so much for giving so much happiness In my life. Now Im going to start a new life Guru bless me and I wish no harm should cum to Maan, u know he is very nice person like u. He is very nice

Geet wipe her tears ,as she heard te door was opening ,Girls came to dress her. Geet compose herself and started to get ready .Anni hugs her

Anni : Geet u look very beautiful like angel

Geet : Anni


Maan's room

Maan was getting ready, taking bath  and was trimming his stubble. He came out and wipe his hairs. He stood in front of te mirror, seeing his body structure and smirk, thinking abt his plan for sr, waiting to see her golgappe face wen she came to know wat he have arranged for her

Both are thinking abt each other

Maan was spraying te colgne on his body, wore his sherwani, he wore his rolex watch. He was combing his hair wen adi and Rk enter to his room. Adi  felt happy seeing happiness in Maan and his smile , he suddenly hugs him making Maan to get shock, but he know abt his friend he too reciprocated  te hug

Rk : ok ok now u control ur emotions yar, and cum down Dadi is waiting for u

Maan and Adi broke te hug , Adi wipes his tears

Adi : im so happy for u Maan

Maan : hmm

Rk : Adi don't wory wen u get marry with Pinky naa, Maan will hugs u like tis

Maan got shocked and look at Adi, adi got scared and wants to run away, he try to leave  but Maan holds him and  raised his eyebrows

Adi was stammering : oh wo me me

Maan smiles and patted him : im happy for u adi, I thought my friend know only abt accounts and files but im wrong u know to love also

Adi got shy and started to laugh in his style : he he he

Maan : but Adi how u fell for pinky, Adi face fell down

Maan : I mean u are very silent and pinky if she opens her mouth wont close how u will manage

Rk : wat to do, god have written both te friends fate with non stop chatterbox

Maan and Adi glared at him, before both pouch on him, Nakul came to inform tat dadi called Maan

Adi and Rk took Maan down, Dadi was feeling  happy to see him. She hugs him and kissed him on his forehead. She made him to sit on te chair, took aarti and placed kajal behind his ear. She placed te sehra .

Dadi : Maan u look so handsome

Then all took  him out as horse was waiting for him. Te barth started , all stared to dance. Maan was sitting on te horse with a sword . as he neared km. all girls went to see him leaving Geet alone

Geet pouted : me too want to see

Dadi : not now later

Geet felt embrassed, Dadi smile at her , Geet bend to take blessing from her

Dadi hugs her : kush raho

Dadi kept kajal behind her ear  and ask te girls to  look after her

Barth stop at te entrance, Maan got down from te horse , Dadi took aarti. Anni and pinky stopped him on te entrance and asked money, Ranbir too asked Money

Anni : r u a girl to ask money

Ranbir : hello im girl's brother only I have full right to ask

Ani pouted : im her friend

Rk : im her brother

Hearing they argument , all kids came in front of Maan asking for they gifts

Kids : we also girl's side , we want our gift

Anni open her mouth to ground, all started to laugh

Maan bend down and ask little Maan : wat u want

Little Maan  : our Geet  dii ki happiness

All felt overwhelmed seeing a  small boy ki wish, Maan hugs him , then he took his hands and promise

Maan : I will keep ur Geet dii happy forever

Little Maan thank him and kiss him on his cheeks. Maan stood up and gestured  Adi to give  blank cheque, and gifts to kids

Pinky was scared : wo me sory sir, Anni only dragged me

Maan : pinky u r also my sister

Pinky felt overwhelmed : sir

Maan : yes as u r going to marry my friend Adi then u r my sister naa

Pinky was shock and felt shy and Adi too blushing

Anni : oyiee Pinky u hide tis form me

Dadi : ok then next marriage is urs

Pinky and Adi looking at each other and blushing

Rk : now u both stop ur blushing session, let Maan cum inside ,my sister is waiting for him

They took Maan inside and made him to sit in te mandap. Pandit started to chant te mandras,. Pandit ask te bride to cum

Rk and Adi brought Geet down, te song started dulhan ki sehra

As Geet  descending down te steps , Maan was lost in her . Geet  saw Maan's gaze and felt  heat rushing through her body, she blushed and tilt her head down

They made her to sit beside him. Maan was watching her like burning her with his eye.His closeness sent a shiver through her spine. Her hands were sweating , she was blushing, Maan was tracing his finger on her hand making her to shiver more and smirk at her

Pandit ask them to do te pooja . pandit called Geet's family to do kanyandhnan

Geet felt sad  and tears welled up in her eyes, Maan hold her hand pressing it, Geet look at him wiping her  tears. All started to talk among themselves

Dadi felt sad and was about to say , before tat all heard two voice


All look at them, yes Tat voice is form Father and Rk, wen all started to talk, Father felts ad for Geet and Rk felt angry on others

Father : im her Father

Rk : im her brother

All kids in chorus : we also Geet dii family

Dadi wipe her tears : yes yes ur also her family cum

Father, Rk and kids came behind Maaneet.  All felt  emotions to see tis. Tears were flowing from Geet's eyes in happiness. Father wipes it

Rk : Geet stop it yar or whole hall will became a swimming pool

Geet smile at him,  and mouthed  thanku , he glared at her and then smiled . Maan dont know how to react, he just watching they love for each other and he know wat they all meant to Geet

Father and  Rk took Geet's hand and placed it on Maan's hand and did wat pandit said to do and did te rituals. ALL kids touch Maaneet's hand one by one , after they finished te khanyadanan, pandit ask Maan to keep sindoor. Maan took a pinch of sidoor and placed it on Geet's mang, she closed her eyes feeling te divine moment.

Dulhan ki sehra song started

Then pandit ask Maan to tie te mangalsutra. Maan took te chain , and tie around Geet's Neck, Geet eyes welled up, she was very happy, she felt she is luckiest person in te world right now . all started to shower them with te flowers. Geet hold her mangalsutra, tracing it with her fingers , she look at Maan who was smiling at her.

Pandit asked them to take sath pheras, Anni ties they duppattas together, and both started to take te pheras. Maan hold her had tightly , 

First Maan took four and then Geet three. Geet was staring at him  without blinking, all felt emotions and Dadi and Father eyes welled up seeing they children ki happiest moment

It was photo session, Kids too joined them, Maaneet were standing alone and giving pose, atlast family photo were , all stood even Adi , Rk And Pinky... it was te best moment for Geet. They had they dinner together . Maaneet feeding for each other. It was time for bidai, even thought Geet is going to km from outhouse but She was crying hugging Father , Father was crying, he patted her back. Then she throw te rice and Father and Rk catched  it .Maan hold Geet who was crying on his shoulder


Father was thinking, how a small 5 year girl Geet came to his orphan, and now he is doing her kanyadhnan, even though he have throw all his family relation , but he was very much attached to Gurmeet, Geet and Anni who made a special place in his heart. He brought them as his own kids. He always thought Gurmeet will do all rituals for his last journey , but destinty made him to see Guru's  last journey. He still remember how Geet's relation took her property and thrown her to orphanage after her parents died . Small girl don't know wat happen to her, but she was very happy with other kids.

Mainly with Guru and Anni, trio was together, she have grown along with them . wen he first arranged her marriage with Gurmeet he was happy , but wen he died he  was sad thinking how destinty snatched tis girl's life, but same destinty made her tie with Maan. He know Maan will keep his daughter happy forever.

Father came back to sense  wen Geet hugs him, he too started to cry holding her . Maan holds her and took her to km. they were standing on te entrance, Dadi took aarti, Geet hit te rice pot and enter inside.

Dadi : stop Maan, u cat cum inside like tis

Maaneet got confused, and look at Dadi who was smirking

Dadi : carry Geet  in ur arms and cum inside

Geet felt shy , all started to whistle, Maan  bend to take Geet, but she deny it

Dadi : Geet its ritual

Maan took Geet in his arms, Geet felt shy and tilt her head down. Te way They both bodies rubbing  each other like rubbing te heat inside te body , MAAN was staring at her and  went inside,. Then dadi ask Geet to print her palms on te wall, she did it

Then all stood In front of Maan's parents portriat and Guru's , Geet lite te lamp and , both Maaneet started to pray, dadi eyes welled up and she silently prayed to her kids to bless Maaneet.

Anni arranged some games for them

Maan : Anni its enough im not interest in all tis

Geet glared at him

Ani : bhai  pls

Maan  sat for te games, first Dadi kept te milk bowl in front of Maaneet and ask them to search te ring, first time Geet won and them Maan. For third time both are searching but suddenly Maan holds Geet's hand . Geet look at him  and wen she saw his smirk felt shy and tilt her head down. Maan was tracing her fingers with his making her to shiver

All are looking at them ,

Ani : hare Geet u can blush afterwards , now search te ring

Rk : if ur brother leave Geet's , hand then only she can search naa

Maaneet felt embrass and pulled each other's hand. Maan took te ring and wore on Geet's finger

Ani : now apple game

Maaneet : apple game

Anni : hmm, all others are old, now we will play, it

Anni and pinky , adi and rk  tied Maaneet hands at back,

Ani : now who catch te apple is te winner

Geet got shocked, MAAN smirking at her . Maan was teasing her with his lips and eyes making her shiver . Maan was looking at her lips and then her eyes , drinking her beauty with his eyes.


Maaneet try to catch te apple suddenly it moved, making Maaneet lips to touch, geet pulled back at once, Maan lick his lips, and Geet bite her lips in shyness. Again they try to catched it, geet fall on MAAN kissing his cheeks, Maan stood still wen her lips touch his cheeks, Maan lost in her, Geet smirk and took tat as advantage and bite te apple and started to jump In happiness

Geet : I won I won

Girls : we won we won

One by one guest started to leave. Maan was looking at his watch, it was 8 clock and then at Geet who sitting between girls and chatting

Maan (st): tis girls will have something to talk 24*7, no Maan don't waste ur time, if u leave her , then she will be sitting with them whole night and ur plan will flopped, I wont let it happen

Maan went to girls side were Geet is sitting

Anni : bhai wat u doing go to boy's side

Maan saw everyone and went near Geet, took her in his arms and carried her like sac  and about to turn, making all te girls to open they mouth to ground

Maan :  get ur gifts from Adi ,and dont  disturb us

Saying tis he left with blushing Geet,who turned full red coz of Maan, she was blushing but she know no one can stop him wen he decide something

Geet murmur : dust dhanv

He carried her to his car and ask te driver to start te car making Geet to shock and confuse


























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Mahimaan IF-Rockerz

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me first

so msk in full teasing yaar rk ne to adi ka secret khol dia and adi get emotional best part of ff maan took geet in his hand from all girls

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Jane523 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb dear

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nostalgicmoon Senior Member

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Awesome one,so finally d marriage has done,bt where's maan taking her on deir Sr,waiting for nxt part

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awsem update maneet romance and wedding maan taking her for honeymoon

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