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Arhi:Bringing u back chap 15 up, pg 49 (Page 25)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Groupbie

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Posted: 07 June 2014 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Smile nice update... Garima's reaction to Arnav Khushi forced wedding always disturbed me.. i wanted her to now the truth in the show too... but what i really want to know is Babuji's perspective about all this... i feel like he is the one person who would not only understand her but also support her... try to squeeze in his thoughts if you can plz!!!Smile

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shelley_45 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 June 2014 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
This story is absolutely heart breaking. Poor khushi to be an orphan and then to sacrifice the want to belong to someone and finally to be made orphan again. I'm sure her smile is making others happy out there somewhere as that is her nature, but I am also sure she is a crumbling mess on the inside. To have and to have lost before you made it your own. Feels like sand slipping between the fingers. Absolutely heart broken for her! Please let me know when you update again. This story is brilliant!!!

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srsan12 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 June 2014 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
      Very heart warming and touching, mainly Payal, Buaji and Garima's perspectives. Hats off...

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2014 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Nice Story
Its painful to see everyone in pain n guilt
But they deserved it
I hope Khushi is good n well where ever she is 
P.S Plz add me to ur PM list

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musicfan5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2014 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
I have always wanted buaji and garima to regret treating Khushi the way they did...and u have potrayed it beautifully...
Hope khushi is safe...

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kutkut12 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2014 at 11:42am | IP Logged
                                              Please buddy me for PMs.

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kutkut12 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2014 at 9:46pm | IP Logged



Shashi had never forgotten the day when he had first met Khushi. At that time he had not known that after a few years Khushi would become his own daughter. It was the day of his wedding with Garima. He had loved the sweet little chatterbox who was running around here and there, excited abt her masi's wedding. Garima's mother introduced him to Garima's sister, Reva, and her husband, Anmol and their little girl Khushi.

After his marriage to Garima, Shashi found his lost happiness and his 7 year old Payal...she bloomed under Garima's love and care. No one could say that Garima was her stepmother. Payal was only 4 years old her own mother(Shashi's first wife) had died of Dengue and since then she and Shashi had been really lonely. After his marriage to GArima Payal not only got a mother but a grand mother, masi, masaji and Khushi as a sister. Though there was a difference of 4 years between Payal and Khushi they had become the best of friends.

They both adored each other and soon became inseperable. Almost 2 months after Shahsi's marriage to GArima Reva changed her house and shifted in the same locality as Shashi so the girls became even more close.

After a few years Reva became pregnant again. Both the parents were really excited abt the coming child.

One morning Anmol asked Garima and Shashi to take care of Khushi while he took Reva to the doctor for her regular check up. In the afternoon when Shashi was at his shop Garima reached there with Khushi and Payal. She was out of breath and hysterical. Both the girls looked bewildered. GArima told him that Reva and Anmol had met with an accident and were admitted in the government hospital. All of them rushed to the hospital but they were too late Reva and Anmol had died and left little Khushi all alone in this world.
When Garima went to see the bodies of her sister and brother in law Shahsi took little Khushi in his lap. She was so innocent that she did not even understand what had happened. She asked him, "Masaji why was masi crying?"

Shahsi could not give any reply to this innocent question of little Khushi. He just hugged her and said, "Masi has lost someting that was really dear to her."

Khushi said, " Amma says that when Devi maiya takes away something from you then she gives back even more in return."

Shashi just hugged her and promised himself that he would always take care of her.

Garima told Shashi that Anmol had a brother but they were not close and he did not want the responsibility of Khushi so Shahsi proposed to adopt Khushi. He knew that even Garima wanted to adopt Khushi and Payal had always loved Khushi so that was not a problem. The only problem was Khushi herself. Payal was old enough to realize what had happened but Khushi did not understand.

For the first few days she was really happy to be with Payal and GArima and thought of the whole arrangement as a picknic but later on she started becoming restless and started asking questions like why was her parents not coming to take her home and that her babuji had promised to bring sweets for her if she behaved well at GArima masi's place but he seemed to have forgotten to pick her up on his way home. GArima could not bring herself to tell litlle Khushi that her parents would never come back but it was becoming difficult to answer Khushi's questions.

One day when Shashi returned home he saw that Garima was crying. She told him that Khushi had refused to eat till her amma babuji came to take her home. Shashi entered the bedroom shared by Payal and Khushi and saw Khushi sitting on the bed facing the other side of the room while Payal was standing beside her with a plateful of food. Payal seemed to be trying to feed her but Khushi was really angry. As Shashi enterd the room Payal looked up and Shashigestured her to keep quite. He took the plate from Payal and signalled Payal to leave.
Then asked in a soothing voice, " What happened bitiya? why are you angry?"
 As soon as Khushi heard him she turned and said sulkingly, " See masaji! amma and babuji don't love me anymore. They love my unborn brother more than me that is why they are with him and not me. I also want to be with them but they are not bothered abt me. I want to go to them and I will not eat till they take me with them."

Shahsi felt a pang as he heard those words. He kept the plate down and hugged Khushi and said, " No bitiya! you cannot go with them."

Khuhsi detached herself from Shashi's hug and said , "But why..don't they love me anymore? Where have they gone?" With this her big eyes filled with tears.
Shahsi could not bear it but he knew that Khushi had to know the truth so he held Khuhsi's hand and took her to the window. Khushi looked at him in confusion and he pointed towards the sky. It was a clear night and there were a lot of stars. He said, " Look bitiya...your amma babuji and your little brother are there."

"Where?", Khuhsi asked in confusion.

"They have become stars." , said Shashi.

Khushi looked confused, " stars? but why?"

" Because they were very nice people and nice people shine brightly so Devi Maiyaa makes them stars so that they can provide light to others during dark nights" , said Shashi.

Khushi looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said, " Why didn't Devi Maiyaa make me a star like them then I would have been with them. Am I not a nice girl"

Shahsi hugged her and said with emotion, "No bititya...she left you with us so that u could be our Khushi...our happiness. And don't worry... your amma  and bauji love you a lot and they will always look after you. They are near to Devi Maiyaa now and when you need something you can ask them and they will ask Devi Maiyaa to give it to you."

Khushi asked tearfully, " But then whom will I call amma and bauji?"

Shashi said, " From today I am your babuji and Masi is ur amma and Payal is your sister. "

Khushi broke from the hug and smiled at him through her tears and said, " From today u will be my babuji and masi will be my amma but Payal jiji has always been my sister. "

That was the day when Khushi officially started calling him babuji. From the day he adopted Khushi he had never felt any difference between the two of his daughters. Khushi had a big heart and great capacity to love everyone and soon enough she had accepted them as her own family
 and started loving them like her own parents.
As Khushi grew up she had a tendency to get into trouble without any fault of hers. Shashi beleived that it was more because of her goodness that she got into trouble. She would try to save people in trouble and go over board and then get into trouble herself.

Madhumati started calling her Sanka Devi and Garima used to scold her for her stupidities but Shashi knew that Khushi had a heart of gold. He knew that Payal was a good girl but Khushi was among those who would sacrifice their lives to make someone smile.

When Payal's first marriage broke everyone blamed Khushi but Shashi knew that Khushi in a way saved Payal from greedy in laws.He was alreay uncomfortable with their demands but he could not back off after the wedding cards were distributed. He had thanked Devi MAiyaa for sending Khushi in his life because he knew that if Khushi would not have taken the papers with her Payal would have got married. Then if Payal's in laws illtreated her for money Shashi would not have been able to do anything...but... even there Khushi got into trouble. She got mixed up in a scandal involving a rich business man named Arnav Singh Raizada.

People made her life miserable and it was during one such incident Shyam saved Khushi from goons. Shahsi was really grateful to Shyam for what he did but when he heard that Shyam had become Madhumati's paying guest he became supicious. It seemed like too much of a coincidence. However he let it go till Madhumati started presurising them to marry Khuhsi off to Shyam.

 He just could not uderstand why but his sixth sense did not let him trust Shyam and then when he saw Shyam with Anjali and realised that Shyam was already married he got a stroke. He was really frustrated because he could see Shyam's evil face but his family could not and he could not even tell them as he was paralysed. Shyam tried to make the most of the situation and got engaged to Khusi but Shashi knew that Khushi was not happy.

He knew that Khushi did not know abt Shyam's real face so he was confused abt Khuhsi's refusal but he thought that probably Khushi also felt that something was not right just like him nd then came the day when he met Arnav Singh Raizada.

Raizada family came to ask for Payal's hand in marriage for Akash and Shashi instantly liked Akash but the person who caught his attention was the quite Arnav, Akash's cousin. He had a stong persona and Khushi seemed to be drawn to him as he seemed to be drawn to her. Even thought they did not talk much to each other Shashi sensed a kind of tension between them...and it was not fact it seemed like a strong reluctant attraction and then Shahsi knew why Khushi did not want to marry Shyam. But the biggest shock was Anjali, as Shashi realised that she was Shyams' wife. He tried to tell everyone but no one could understand him and he was taken away from there.

Anyways, Devi Maiyaa was kind and Khuhshi came to know abt the real face of Shyam before marriage and she was saved from him much to the relief of Shashi. However when Khushi married Arnav on the day of Payal's marriage Shashi could not beleive it.

He knew that both were in love but he knew that something was really wrong with the marriage thing. Everyone blamed them but Shahsi knew that his daughter would never have done such a thing without any strong reason. He knew that Khushi would prefer to die before hurting her family . When everyone was blaming his daughter he wanted to stand up and say, " I trust my daughter and she would never do anything wrong. Let us sit and ask these 2 kids why they took such a step." but he was helpless and like always he was wheeled out of the room.

In time Khushi won back everyone's heart as she was such a sweet child. No one could remain angry with her for a long time but he knew that she had to go though a lot of rejection and pain before everyone accepted her. He wanted to comfort her, tell her that her babuji beleived her  but he was helpless.

His blessings were always with her and when she came to stay at Gupta House he realised that Arnav was also  gem of a person. After a few initial hiccupps he adjusted very well with the lower middle class Guptas. He also realised that Arnav loved Khushi but there was a strange tention between them. He feared that it was because of Shyam and he was right.
When Khushi went away from their lives, Arnav told them abt their contract marriage. Shashi was really angry with Arnav and refused to see him for days. HE was very proud of Payal and the way she ahd stood for her sister but he was more proud of Khuhsi who had sacrificed her life for her sister and her family. He was ashamed of himself. He felt that he had failed as a father to protect his daughters.  

One day Anjali visited them and told them how her father had an affair with another woman and how their mother had committed suicide after this revelation.After knowing abt Arnav's past the father in him really felt bad for the little children who were left alone because of the selfishness of their father and cowardice of their mother.According to Shashi, Arvind Malik(Arnav's father) was not the only one to be blamed for what happened with the kids. Afterall Ratna Malik(Arnav's mother) was not a teenager and she should have thought abt her children before committing suicide. Why did she give birth to them if the only thing that mattered to her was the fidelity of her husband? He realized that since Arnav had lost both his parents because of the infedelity of his father he must have been really scared for his di. He would have thought that his di might also commit suicide like his mother.

He undertood why Arnav did what he did but he still could not forgive Arnav completely. He remained cold with Arnav though he allowed Arnav to enter Gupta house. After Khushi left Shashi gained back his power of speech slowly and then he told everything that had happened to him and how Shyam had tried to kill him. HE also told Arnav that Khushi was never happy abt getting engaged to Shyam.

Shashi was helpless both bodily and financially. He knew that Arnav was a very powerful man and if anyone could find Khushi it was Arnav. He knew that Arnav was madly in love with her and a man with determination like Arnav would definately find her. All Shashi prayed for was Khuhsi's safety till Arnav found her. He knew that after that there would be no need to worry for her as Arnav would keep her safe. The guilt, pain and love he had seen in Arnav's eyes were enough to vouch for his sincerity.

NOTE - Here I am assuming that Garima was not the woman who had an affair with Arnav's father.



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Divyahet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 June 2014 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Last two updates were simply awesome as usual,
And this one too Shashi a dear father of Khushi,
The one who believed her ..loves her,...
I loved his cold behaviour towards Arnav...
And his faith in Arnav...
Lovely update n very beautifully written.
Thanks for not making Garima as Arvind's lover. 

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