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Arhi:Bringing u back chap 15 up, pg 49 (Page 2)

prabha75 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
loved it.continue soon

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kutkut12 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
                                                          The Confrontation
As Anjali sat down nani looked at Khushi and said, " Do u have any proof that it was Shyam who had kidnapped Chhottey?"
Khushi - " Naniji the pendent he has around his neck is a pen drive. He has all the information about Arnavji's properties and financial affairs in that. If he is innocent then why does he require information about Arnavji's finances."
Shyam - " What r u saying Khushiji? ?
He took out the pendent and showed it to Anjali.
Shyam - See for yourself Ranisahiba. Is it a pen drive or just a pendent?
Anjali took the pendent and examined it.
Shyam - Khushiji has become delusional.
Khushi was shocked. She took the pendent from Anjali and examined it. It was only a pendent.
Khushi - I know he has changed it.
Shyam - Now you will say that you met me where you found Arnav.
Khushi - Yes I met you and you confessed that you had kidnapped Arnavji and you wanted to kill him.
Shyam - Oh really? Why would I want to kill him?
Khushi - Because you wanted his property...
Shyam laughed and looked at Anjali.
Shyam - Have you ever heard such nonsense? How would I get Arnav's property if he was killed.
Then he looked at Khushi and continued menacingly ," On the other hand, Khushiji would gain everything if Arnav died without a will. As far as I know he has not made a will in my favor and she is his wife."
Khushi - But he has...
Now it was Arnav's turn to be surprised. Khushi looked at him and said , " Arnavji it was my mistake. When you were not ready to believe me that I did not have an affair with Shyamji I had no choice but to ask Shyamji to explain that to you. I thought if he told you the truth you would believe it. When I asked him to tell you the truth he asked me to get your signatures on some papers. He told me that those papers were of some important deal and as you were angry with him you would not sign  them. He told me that if you did not sign the papers AR would suffer heavy loses. I know that it was foolish of me but I believed him and got your signatures. Later on I learnt that those papers were actually a will in Shyamji's favor. It stated that after your death all the property would go to Shyamji."
Everyone was shocked.
Arnav(exasperated) - Khushi why didn't you read the papers?
Khushi - I am sorry Arnavji! I was desperate.
Naniji - One minute Chottey!
Arnav looked at nani.
NAni(cont.) - you knew that something was going on between Shyam and Khushi?
Arnav looked uneasy and continued, " Yes nani! On the night of Payal and Akash's wedding I saw Shyam on the terrace hugging Khushi and telling her that he loved her."
Everyone looked at Shyam . Now it was Shyam's turn to look uneasy.
Arnav - When I asked Shyam he said that he loved Khushi and she reciprocated his sentiments. I thought that Khushi was also involved. Then we came to know about di's pregnancy and I forced Khushi to marry me so that Di doesn't get hurt.
Everyone was shocked.
Nani - So this was the reason behind your hasty marriage.
Arnav - Yes Nani!
Anjali looked at Shyam with tears in her eyes, " Is it true Shyamji"
Shyam looked into her eyes and said quietly," Yes!"
Anjali's eyes widened and she looked completely broken. Shyam rushed to her side and said, " Let me explain Rani sahiba"
Anjali looked at him and said, " What is there to explain?"
Shyam - It is true that I told Chhotey that I loved Khushiji but I said that because I was angry that he did not trust me and was accusing me of the unthinkable."
Arnav - And what about the scene I witnessed on the terrace?
Mamiji came forward and said, " And what about today morning when you agreed with Phatti sari to divorce Anjali?"
Shyam lifted up a hand and said, " I did all this to save my family. Khushiji had been making advances towards me from the first day we met. She had developed an obsession about me. On the day of Akash's wedding she called me on the terrace on the pretence of asking my advise on some arrangements. I went there unsuspecting. When I reached there she was standing on the boundary wall. She said that she would kill herself if I did not leave Anjali and marry her. She was in such a state of hysteria that I knew that if I did not agree with her she would kill herself and then everything will be spoilt between the two families. I did not want Payal and Akash to suffer because of a mad girl's stupidity. Arnav saw us together and thought the worse. He accused me of cheating on Anjali. I got really angry that instead of asking me to explain he is putting the blame on me. What I said to Arnav was out of anger. Even today when I agreed to divorce Anjali I did it to calm down Khushi as she was again in a hysterical mood. I could not let her ruin the happiness of the family."
"HE IS LYING" came a booming voice. Everyone looked and saw Payal staring at Shyam with hatred in her eyes. She went on to explain how Shyam had deceived the Gupta family and got engaged to Khuhsi.
After she had finished speaking Shyam laughed at her and said, "It is not your fault. you would support your sister but it is all a pack of lies. If it was true then why didn't you come out with it earlier.
Payal - Because we did not want Di to be hurt.
Shyam laughed sarcastically- These Gupta sisters are so noble.
Naniji turned to Khushi - Did you ask Shyam to divorce Anjali?
Khuhsi nodded and said- But I did this so that I trick him and get his signatures on papers in which he transfers all his property in Di's name. I knew that he would never transfer his property in Di's name so I thought that I would hide the transfer papers in the divorce papers and make him sign them.
Shyam - Oh really! Can you prove this?
Khushi nodded and said, " I have the property transfer papers." She started to move towards her room and then she remembered that she had lost those papers in the scuffle while she was trying to save Arnav. She stopped and said that she had lost them.
Shyam took advantage of the situation.
Shyam - Capital! Now she has lost the papers.
He went near Khushi and said, " Stop lying Khushiji. U have already done a lot of damage."
Khushi looked at the family members and said, " Nanheji knows the truth. "
She turned towards Arnav and said," Arnavji please call Nanheji and ask him?"
Arnav called NK but his phone as switched off.
Shyam turned towards the family members and said," I think now I should not keep quite. I was trying to protect the name of this family but if Khushiji has stooped to such a level I will have to disclose the truth."
He took out his phone and showed the family a recording. In the recording Khushi was giving some money to a man and asking him to get Arnav's signatures on some papers.
The whole family was stunned.
Khuhsi - But I did this to gain Shyamji's confidence so that I could track Arnavji. I knew that he had kidnapped Arnavji.
Shyam neared Anjali and asked her," Rani Sahiba do you remember that one day Khushiji had asked you for some money?"
Anjali nodded.
Shyam (cont.) - She took that money to the kidnappers. She was the one who had got Arnav kidnapped because she wanted to kill him and get his property but when she heard that Arnav had already willed his property to Anjali she made a beautiful plan. She saved him from the goons so that Arnav falls in love with her. She staged all the drama and then put all the blame on me so that she could take revenge from me for rejecting her. She tried to kill two birds with one shot. She is clever, that one.
Arnav was shocked as he looked at Khushi.
Khushi shook her head in negation but she could see doubt in Arnav's eyes.
Shyam and looked at Arnav and said, " You are an intelligent man Arnav. Don't you think it is nearly impossible for a woman to do what Khushji did. I mean look at the way she tracked down the kidnappers. Is she the aunt of James Bond? Did it not strike you as odd."
The whole family was stunned into silence and Khushi was terrified of the doubt she saw in their eyes. Did they actually think that she had kidnapped Arnav?
Shyam (cont.) - She could do so because she was the one who had kidnapped you. Did you not see in the video and how she was trying to coax the man into getting signatures of Arnav.
I saw this and recorded it then I followed Khushi around."
He turned to mamiji and said, " Mamiji the real reason why I said yes to Khushi's proposal was that I knew that Khsuhi had kidnapped Arnav and I wanted to save him. I thought that if I said yes to her proposal she would confide in me about Arnav's whereabouts and I would be able to save him. Infact the accident that I had was during chasing Khushiji."
Khushi - If you had suspected me then why didn't you come up and say so.
SHyam - Because I did not have any evidence.
Khushi - Then why didn't you say this earlier when u saw Arnavji.
Shyam - I did not say all this because I did not want to distress Ranisahiba. I would have told all this to Arnav later.
Khuhsi - This is all a lie.
Anjali got up and went to Khushi - If this is a lie then what is the truth? Your fantastic story for which you have no proof?
Khushi looked heart broken.
Khuhsi - do you really think that I would do all this.
Anjali - I don't know what to think! The things that u have said today have broken my heart. I never expected this from you. You have no proof but Shyamji has proof and whatever he said about your being able to find Chhotey also makes sense. How could you fool criminals? the only solution is that you were the one behind all this. I could forgive you for trying to break my marriage but I will never forgive u for trying to kill my brother.
Anjali turned to him and said," Chhottey call the police. I want this woman to be arrested."
Arnav looked shocked and heartbroken. Was it all a lie? But she did get hurt..she had almost died. Had her plan backfired and she had got hurt and this worked in her favor as she gained his trust. He was totally bewildered. He was tired and bruised and could not think straight and above all he had lost his faith again. Arnav had died a thousand deaths in these few minutes and then he let ASR take charge of the situation.
He mustered all his strength and said," That won't be necessary. I don't want media to have a gala time at our expense."
Khuhsi took a step towards Anjali and tried to put her hand on the other woman's shoulder. Anjali jerked her hand away and shouted," Get out of this house!" Saying that she was about to faint when Arnav held her by her shoulders and looked at Khushi with such hatred that she winced.
Arnav said in a dangerously calm voice," Didn't you hear di? "
Khushi took a step forward and said, " Arnavji..."
That was enough to make Arnav loose all his self control and he shouted, "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND NEVER SHOW ME YOUR FACE AGAIN. YOU FILTHY, CONNIVING...JUST GET OUT"
Khushi was shocked beyond words. She stood paralyzed as Arnav started shouting HP's name.
When HP arrived Arnav said," HP see that all her belongings are packed and sent to buaji's house." HP went away without a word.
Then Arnav turned to Khushi and said," You are still standing here? Will you go or should I throw you out?"
Khushi quietly moved towards the door. As she reached the door she turned back once and looked at him with tear-filled eyes before going out of the house.
That was how ArnavSingh Raizada was to remember his wife for a long time.
I know it was crappy and you guys must be hating me for doing this to Khushi but this was necessary for the separation track and final wooing by our ArnavDay Dreaming
Please comment. UR comments mean a lot.

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Divyahet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
It's a fantastic start...
keep it up dear...
hope the Raizada family soon realized their mistake...

thanks for the update.
take care.

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Kaira10 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 1:51am | IP Logged
great start continue soon

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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 2:40am | IP Logged
awesome update...
arnav is  going to regret a lot for doing this to khushi ...
loved the update...

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nisha1984 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 5:49am | IP Logged
nice part
foolish raizada family and stupid arnav...
i hope khushi never comes back to arnav ever again... payal should also take a stand for once and leave that lunatic house...
update soon

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serendipitylove Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Wow...this is an arnav redemption story I see :) Please continue soon! Please make arnav suffer a lot! Khushi should not forgive him until he has proved his love, begged, pleaded and wooed her...

Don't make this an OS...please, this should be an FF...where arnav has an agonizing redemption to win back khushi...! Do make this an FF

Please pm me when u update..I have buddied you

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sarita_barun IF-Dazzler

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I can't wait to see what Arnav will do to bring her back when he finds out the truth. 

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