Nadaswaram June 24-28..updates on pg-1

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Monday 24.06.2013

Update by sreenithi . Vaangama vaanga .

By Shreenithi Wink back in action after sooo long!!!

Monday 24th june 2013 

Episode 805


Prasad's house...PRasad tell his mom to give him dinner...Mom thiru thiru muzhuchufies and says ready da maganae...i'll bring...u go and sit...prasad leaves and thiruttu koottam lead by prasad's mottai machan (MM),his wife and prasad's dad makes entry...Mom comes and MM asks her abt some marundhu powder ...Mom says she had mixed it in the kuzhambhu...MM confirms naattu kozhi kuzhambhu dhana..(rombha mukkiyam...ulla poi kozhi uyir vandhu medicine kku extra power kudukka pogudha..panradhu thiruttu velai...idhula logic vera)...Mom leaves and this grp hides behind a pillar and watching...

Mom gives dinner...prasad asks ...enna ma...usually u make tiffin...why today kozhi kuzhambhu??Mom says naattu kozhi kuzhambhu is ur fav na...thats why...Prasad asks abt their decision ...Mom says tomorrow evening we will go and meet them...Mom oothufies kuzhambhu...BG la terror moosic playing ...(so all of bite ur nails and continue reading...tenjan aa irukanum...twist in the talenail biting)...Mom face la same thiruttu expression...( kozhi pakkathu veetu kozhi polarukku)....Prasad eats (all of u...hands down...and expression change...ShockedShocked)...aahha ohoo nnu praising his mom ...

Dinner done...Prasad comes to his room and checks his mobile...msg from maha...It says "i think u r right...iam ready for the marraige"...Angels dancing at the BG and dhemthanana moosic mood startedlove struck..Prasad smiles and calls maha...Maha's Phone switched off...

Mom comes out and polambufies to MM and mom says iam very worried...MM says ..."u r like my mom and dad...pls believe me...unga paiyan nallaudhukku dhaan iam doing all this"...MM leaves and mom and dad continues their polambal...

Shanthi and velu...kalyanathukku poittu returning...velu and shanthi talks abt the gold chain (mahesu's chain now in shanthi's neck )...2 men listens to this and follows them...Shanthi says kadan vaangittu vandhurukken...2 perula oruthan snatches the chain shanthi fights with them...shanthi verattufies both of them and velu only sound no action...andha action la his wig falls offLOL...thirudans escape and shanthi kevalama thitting velu...

Velu says he has a plan mahesu ,meenakshi and ur thambhi ellarum waste...only popular lady in this sokku family is malar...we will go there and dera pottufy in her house...Shanthi says kevalamana plan...we will stcik with mahesu ...gopi,meenakshi ellarum will come back to wait and watch...

Sokku house...Goods train maadhiri meenkashi peru moochu vittings and waiting for her husband.angry..2 dummy pieces aka sokku and gopi comes and meenu starts ...yenga poneenga.I don't want to see..sokku asks what happened??...Gopi goes near malar ...Meenakshi shouts...tell this malar to show her panathimiru to someone else...she tried to kill my daughter (Selvarangam's car) en purushan vaangi kuduthadhu nu sollirukka...How dare she??Gopi en purushan nnu malar sollirukka!!!!(ennanga solreenga...Shockedpurushan illaiyaConfused...kalyanam ellam pannaingaConfused)...

Poruthadhu podhum endru pongi ezhundhu varugirar GOPIsurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise(namba malar purushan dhana ma?? u have manasakshi?...u r saying malar is a kolaikari?..she planned to kill mahesu??...rombha poruthu poitten ma...starts crying..(Yesthumbs up...thats my boy...gopi is back...i miss this azhugatchi aambalaisLOLennada rosham vandhu nalla pesararae nnu parthenDead)...and starts polambing...u want me only as ur son and a brother for ur daughters...i cant live in this house anymore..iam leaving...enakku bayama irukku...kodurama irukku..(hmmm...gopi aka thirumurugan..ippo puriyudha enga (viewers) nilamai??Angry)...iam going ..iam going nnu sollikitte gopi leaves...sokku stops him...SleepySleepy(vandhutaru manguni pandiyarAngry)

Sokku stops him and gopi comes back...Gopi says mudiyala ppa...iam going to my shop appa...Sokku tells him to take malar with him...Sokku says its ur fault...ur porumai is the reason for ur mummy and sisters to take advantage on u...This is ur house...only u have rights to stay in this house...Gopi goes in...(ivaru ortharu...gopi ya thirundha vida mattaruAngry)

Sokku tells meenu to treat malar as her daughter and gopi as her SIL...Think abt it says sokku and leaves...Ragini and geetha oppichufies their dialogues and leaves meenu alone...Meenu crying..




Update by Migan

Tuesday June 25, 2013

Episode: 806

Meenakshi not able to sleep, Sokku tries to advice her asking why this kolaveri unakku nnu. Asks her if any mistake on Malar tell me I will ask her to correct. She cries and asks him to go away. He says you will never learn and goes away, Meenakshi says malar you will suffer for all these.

In praksh house, all dressed up. Mottayan tells his inlaws the marundu would have started working he won't even remember Gopi family. praksh comes out asks parents should we go meet Mahnnu. His Amma orey Thiru Thiru, Some how samaluchufy tells we need to go to kula deivam temple first. Mottai jalra, Praksh skeptcal, but have no choice, Mottai tells wife they will know the power f Marundu once they go to temple.

kamy Moortthy wit Deivanai and mayil. Happy the business going well. kamu xomes up with a brilliant ide that we will bottle Pirandai thigayal and market. Moorthy happy. decide to start small and expand eventually. Once expand name Neelavathi Foods aam.

Sokku comes from outside. Asks for Water to Meenakshi. She opens her thiruvai - that you find groom for Vanitha, Maha etc but you ignore our girls. if they are looking for alliance then you should have brought here and looked for ragini or geetha. Sokku shuts her saying Ragini matter different, geetha small. she further scolds him.

At the same time Velu comes and tells a person looking for an alliance and I referred ragni. Meenakshi vayellam pallu, praises him, scolds Sokku. Velu tells they will next day to ponnu parthufy.

Both Sokku and Meenakshi more pallu.




Upate by Laksh

Wednesday - Prasad n Lola family stories.

Kovil poosari says ambal gave green signal for marriage nu ..all are very happy except mams n madhavi.. they both goes alone.. madhavi says that u need to be careful as slowly things moving in favor to prasad nu sollura.. mam says damn sure that medicine will work u jus keep quiet nu solli kootitu poraru.

Lola home, she is involved in house hold things gets tired.. NA comes n chides at her not to do any more work nu..lola says she missed all this good people love nu solluranga.. some more pasa valukkals n kamu & Moorty lifestyle n their hotel praising ..missing ramesh n so on.. finally it comes to vanitha's marriage she asks if he got any news from groom side.. same time NA gets call from groom father saying that he sent grooms photo& horos n adds all likes vanitha.. if you too likes then we will fix date nu solluraru.. NA full kush..lola says all is well n falling in place nu solluranga.

Ramesh coming home drunken.. paramu ask why he is repeatedly doing this nu ..ramesh olarifies too muchAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry n finally paramu says how shall she manage family with 100 Rs..he says when i got more money u  were very happy.. now y are u scolding me nu solluran.. paramu tells lets contact kobi or NA.. ramesh is full angry n scolds her badly n lie down in floor unconsciously.

Pirai home..pirai is happy ..he tells puspa that he made few days leave n planning to sell one thottam for maha marriage nu.. both are having happy talks . puspa gives some work to younger daughter..n moves off.. younger one goes n ask maha for phone from phone tries to make call but notices prasad called her 20 times.. comes back n gives to maha asking her to talk to him..maha is telling herself if his love is true i should get call now.. tadaLOLLOLLOL.. prasad calls her.. both are having some happy chit chat.. maha says she doesnt get thoughts to object his proposal nu sollura.. ore happy talking.. prasad gets headache n started vomit blood n fell down in floor ..maha in phone ..all family members taking him to hospital..some one else pick phone n conveys msg to maha.. mahaCryCryCry comes out to pirai n tells this is why i was telling no to marriage.. now prasad is also got affected becoz my luck nu sollura n ask them reach his family n goes n checks on his current status..P2 runs to Kobi to take prasad family no n address.

Screen Freezes on Maha tearful face.CryCry



Upate by Ratna

Thursday Updates
Episode 805

All at hospital. Doctor ask what did Prasad eat? Looks like it has burn him up.. mottai (am following meenu akka nickname LOL me too duno BIL name) lies to doctor that Prasad took liquor Shocked Prasad mother ask him to shut up Thumbs Up She tells the truth to doctor about a man name kodangi who did this .. gave some powder. Doctor is shock and refuse to check Prasad Shocked He is angry as many patient already came here because of that loosu Kodangi who gives burning stuff and make people bleed. Both parents moruchufy mottai .. who is feeling shock and guilty as well. Parents plead doctor to give son treatment but doctor say he will give if only they file police report on this Kodangi as to many cases been coming because of him. Mother shouts at her mapillai to go immediately and give the police report ... mottai hesitates first but when both in laws scolds him and moruchufy him .. he goes to make the report.

Ragini at working place. Mother calls and ask her to come back early. Ragini says lot of work but mother insist her to come back. She goes and sees gopi malar both sitting... meenashi tells younger daughter today ponnu paka varango and to get flowers and fruit... indirectly hinting the message to gopi. And gopi instead of answering her ..he turns to his father and inform him all arrangements are made. Just then both maha parents runs in and inform about prasad. Gopi and both of them immediately leaves to check on Gopi.

At hospital... all waiting outside and from inside they can hear Prakash vomiting.. forcing out really loud. Outside mottai ku kili kili kilikaraning by his mother in law (super scene to watch WinkShe ask why did she had to listen to mottai.. after all Prasad loves that girl..she should have just listen to her son nu ...Just then the kodangi calls.. mottai goes taniya to answer and curse him.. kodangi laughs and says all this small matter.. but gets angry when mottai said he already filed complain on his name nu. Kodangi ask him to withdraw it by threatening him but mottai refuse to listen. Before cutting the line kodangi curse him (Confusedcould not exactly get what he was saying but something will follow and gives death to mottai nu ...) mottai starts looking left right feeling scared.

Ragini comes back home and gets annoyed about the proposal. Malar talks and somehow manage to convince her. 

Gopi and co arrived ... Prakash parents are introduced and they go in to see him.. his sitting looking okay and will discharge tomolo.  Praskash ask his parents to take gopi and maha parents back home and tomorrow he will be back home. Everyone leaves. Mottai is more annoyed his plan fail ...




Update by Ratna 

Friday Updates
Episode 806

Mappilai side comes to see Ragini.  Josiyar welcomes them outside and they ask to see Sokkulingam.. his name also sokku and he says yes i am nu LOL he ask if they brought the jadagam and mapillai father confuse asking how come without seeing the ponnu his asking for jadagam.. josiyar says how to see ponnu LOL then he realizes they came to see the other sokku .. he tries to bad mouth that family but the neighbor girls quickly comes out and pretends like calling gopi nu.. and josiyar runs away ROFL

 (Yabba Shocked mappilai parthu hopper fainted for 10 mins** then she starts ROFL avanum avan hair style um haiyoo kodumae par!!) Looks like Ragini ex husband (sorry i completely forgot that madiyan's name.. his friend only comes as friend not as mapillai)... They see ponnu and likes her. Mapillai mother says all event and wedding function must be proper as this is very first wedding for their son. Sokku is confused and ask them if velu has told them everything. Same time mapillai receives phone call and his shock.. he tells his parents this is second marriage for the ponnu. Mapillai parents are shock. "The Friend" has evil smile. 

They start cursing the family badly and sokku losses his temper ask them to mind their words but the mapillai and his mother talks very bad about sokku family and insults Ragini .. Malar loses her temper and gives them nicely left and right. They try to raise their voice at malar but she goes yeeiii better run away before she call her father and they get beaten up badly leaving this village. They get scared and leaves. Both Ragini and her sister comes to hug Malar for her support while sokku pats her and meenashi just keeps her crying upset face.  "the Friend" comes in back and act like goody goody saying sorry for his friends behavior and tells them their daughter deserves better then this and leaves. (his trying to get good name from them pola ...!!)

Ramesh boss comes to see him but his sleeping drunk.. boss scolds him and tells paramu to ask never come back to market side as Ramesh lied to him wife not well and borrowed money. Boss in convinced this Ramesh will never change. Some ladies from next door  comes and feels bad from paramu.. ask her to call her family. She says she cant do as ramesh took promise upon their baby never to contact her family. She only wish her family will comes looking for her and she will go with them for the sake of her baby.

Everyone comes back to Prasad house. Both prasad family welcomes them happily and ask to see photo of maha.. Maha father has in his mobile and he shows them.. Both prasad parents are stunned by maha beauty and they keep saying their marumagal looks so nice nu.. they are happy and tells Maha family tomorrow when he comes back.. they can sit and discuss and fix a date for the wedding.. maha  parents are very happy and said they never expected this even after knowing about their daughter. Prasad family ask not to speak about the past,... They go to get lunch ready. Maha father calls mayil and informs the good news and all mayil replied was umm Confused (pocha..mayil is not happy pola Ermm what does he expect maha to live her life just like that till the end aa??)

Prasad sister comes back and namma sam orei valiyuraning on her.. both his parents are afraid prasad family will take it wrongly and says sorry for his behavior but prasad father says no need.. from the very first day they already know something is wrong with sam nuROFL All leaves.. the girl gives him prasadam from temple and sam ask her how will she call him and she says attan nu... fuyooo orei wind blowing on sam and bgm aiyayaaa ananthamae.. song from Kumki plays 
ROFLROFL His shirt colour changes from green to pink to yellow to blue and sam goes out dancing dancing dancing ROFLROFLfall down on the mannu some porandaranings on the sand and then stands up and continue dancing and runs slow motion ROFLROFL with so many stars shimmering ... and the words thodarum ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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Thanks shree. Missed youda chellam. Ini nadaswara kalakkkalthan.

Spl. thanks to ratna for doing friday. update.

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Varuga varuga sumi and thanks for the athiradi updates Wink

As u said .. gopi started as veerapandiyan kattabomman and ended like vadivelu D'ohHe should have drag malar along and go straight to gaja house and stayed there. But still loved all the lines gopi said Clap especially the one where he told meenashi that he is behaving just exactly like how she wants her SIL's to behave to her daughters... i doubt meenashi changes.. she is gona pongufy more today pola!!

Between namma PP kudumbam is going for super kudumbam Embarrassed Dont forget to sit and support namma kudumbam ROFL Girls power.. i wish meenashi and mageshu were in d game.. they wud win for screaming ROFL Its gona be Kamu, maha, the younger sister and also Nelli daughter Wink

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Originally posted by srima

  ...Mom face la same thiruttu expression...( kozhi pakkathu veetu kozhi polarukku)....   

(Yesthumbs up...thats my boy...gopi is back...i miss this azhugatchi aambalaisLOLennada rosham vandhu nalla pesararae nnu parthenDead).. 

enakku bayama irukku...kodurama irukku..(hmmm...gopi aka thirumurugan..ippo puriyudha enga (viewers) nilamai??Angry).. 

Wow ! Shreenithi ---Clap ---- Soooper comments ! Summa nachchunu Thumbs Up  irukku ... Kalakkittenga  
Only you can come up with such hilarious gems ---LOL   LOL--- couldn't stop laughing !!! 

Thanks for a lovely update ,

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sumi, awesome. pakkathu veettu kozhi.. lol..
and rathna, veerapandiya kattabomman turned vadivelu...
avan rombbba nallavannu naamba ellaarum sollanume..

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Thanks Shreenthi for your updates.
Both Sokku and Gobi are giving the viewers a merry go around.  Gobi says I am leaving, Sokku says no this is your house.
Back to square 1

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Sumi.. Welcome back..

missed your kalakal updates..

Guess Prakash' mom did not mix the powder.. 

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So ridiculous on these days they are believing in such stuffs!! Come on director you can do better then this.

Thanks akka for the updates... meenashi innum for now will never tirundufy! and i really wish sokku can give her one hard slap on her face.

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