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H. Potter/Abhiya SS: Your Love Spell (Uptd pg 7, chap 2) (Page 7)

MistiAbhiya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 4:52am | IP Logged
lovely dearSmile

dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Plz pm me next time...really int...concept
trishnawaliya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 1:51am | IP Logged
hey just now i read the proloug and its too interesting... i am fan of harry potter to and its fun to read this combo...
trishnawaliya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2013 at 2:35am | IP Logged
wow mano u knw wat i really enjoy reading this first chapps, u write situation similar to harry world... plz update soon
...mano... Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2013 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Hey friends! Don't dare to think that i left this SSEvil Smile LOL because i am not leaving it after first chap Tongue some of u already know that i don't have internet nowadays Cry and i can not write from mobile Ouch so plz bear with me i'll cont. it soon Wink 
Thank ya All... Star
Trouble. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome prologue..Will read chapter 1 in a while.Approve
Trouble. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 July 2013 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Awesome chapter.Great start!ApproveLoved the Pia-Hermione scene.
...mano... Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2013 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Chapter: 2

She was moving her legs to and fro, which were hanging down the wall. Her short messed up curls were floating in the harsh cold wind. She was throwing pop corns one by one in her open mouth and was munching them, while she was keenly looking straight as if she was trying to see something but couldn't. Misha Weasley threw the pop corn packet towards George and wrapped the muffler more around her neck. George hit her on the shoulder in anger which broke her concentration and Misha yelled 

"Hey! What the hell!"

She was about to fall but grabbed the near by pillar which saved her life and she calmed after
that mini heart attack.
"Can't you see where are you throwing your stupid stuff?"

Misha glared and jumped down from the tower's window, one of the tallest towers in
Hogwarts castle and these three were sitting there alone on the top of it. Who couldn't bet
that these three Weasleys are master to hoax anyone. Misha yelled this time at him with the
hilarious killer face.

"Shut up! You were trying to kill me! You dumbo!" 

They were getting on his nerves now, Fred Shouted.


Misha jerked her head to Fred and saw him as if he was gone nuts. Before she could say 
something in her defence, he flew the Marauder's map in front of her eyes.

"See! Who is coming."

He grinned broadly as soon as he smelt the fun. Misha's satanic mind came to its work with a 
mischievous smirk. George and Fred were noticing everyone's each and every move in 
Hogwarts while sitting there and now it's time for some fun. Misha grabbed the map and 

"Perfect!.. Just wait and watch! *sigh* Poor Slytherin quidditich trainees. Now see your 
nightmarish luck's spectacle."

They rushed towards the the big window and dangled down the window to see them coming.
Misha took out her wand as soon as young Quidditich trainees came exactly down the
window with their coach. She pointed the wand and spoke the prank charm.

"Trip Jinx!"

The whole pack of trainees lost their balance and fell in the pond of sludge which formed 
itself within no time on the fine concrete ground. Misha, Fred & George couldn't 
control it and they burst into laughter. The coach was left shocked for whatever happened in
few seconds and kids were looking at themselves, where their faces and dresses were covered with mud and they were left astonished. The trio sat down laughing uncontrollibly and George patted Misha's back.

"I'm proud of you my pranksister. You are brilliant!"

They high fived and Misha winked.

"Thank Yo!"

George came out of their laughing scenario when he felt a pat on his shoulder, which made him turn to see it. His face fell at the sight and eyes grew wide in shock.


The crowded hall, filled with the chirps of students became silent within few seconds. Students were looking seriously towards the rostrum and were all ears to Dumbledore. There was a new face today at his back among teachers. A gorgeous and sober, lady in the black was sitting on the desk with other professors. The decent smile with a charming personality was the center of attraction for everyone. Each student was eager to know about that woman, especially boys. But it didn't affect Abhay a bit, or may be didn't affect him that way like others. But his gestures were showing irritation suddenly, and a kind of strong hatred. He gave a disgusted look to the lady who's eyes were glancing at him every now and then with a mysterious smirk. "What is SHE doing here? What's her purpose to be here? Isn't she supposed to be praying at home for her life? What.The.Hell they are doing!" His puzzled mind increased the urge to get all answers right now and anger seemed no bounds. He desperately waited for their confrontation. 
Abhay couldn't tolerate her sight anymore and finally stood up. He was about
to take a step when Malfoy held his wrist and questioned him with the raised brows. He 
couldn't answer him now because he was already attracting too much attention by standing up. He sat down again. Dumbledore started to say while moving his hand to stop the invisible
violen players.

"Hello all of you..."  Dumbledore downed his head a little and glanced at the crowd from above his glasses. "I guess... Everyone is already very curious here." And then smirked. "So, I 
demolish your curiousity here and.. introduce our new professor... Mrs. Haseena Raichand!"

Dumbledore gestured his hand towards Haseena and turned. Haseena stood up and bowed a
little with mild graceful smile. The hall was filled with claps and whistles, especially from the
Slytherin side. Pia narrowed her eyes with a questioning look. Her heart became restless at the name. In the back of her head, the sight vanished in front of her and she had a flashback of a screaming woman. The pitch darkness and the deathly scream made her shiver, and lips parted with a gasp, eyes became bigger than the normal. The bit of her memory lasted for a second or two, but its impact was visible on her face. She instantly turned to Hermione.

"Please tell me I'm not wrong, she is the mother of Raichand. Right?"

Hermione smirked with a 'What-ever' look at the mention of his name and nodded her head.

"Yeah, unfortunately!"

Pia gulped in disbelief and almost yelled, pushing her shoulder lightly.

"So you were indicating this? God you Hermione! Why you didn't spoke it before?"

Hermione smiled looking at her and said while flattering her lashes.

"My style of surprise. Like it?"

Pia fumed and looked away.

"Seriously you are too much!"

Harry and Ron were cooked up with their friends' little fight for The great Abhay Raichand and his family. Harry forced his hand on Hermione's mouth and Ron did so with Pia. The two girls were left shocked and then they jerked their hands. Pia irritatingly said.

"Ron! You spoilt my berry gloss. Idiot!"

Hermione pushed Harry away.

"I'll kill you if you'll do this next time, seriously! Humph.!"

They had already missed one-fourth part of Dumbledore's speech in their fight and rest went in vain when Harry remembered something.

"Hey! Where's Misha?"

Hermione then remembered she saw her last with Fred and George somewhere, but where? 
She don't remember. 

"Ermm.. I don't know where but, the prankster gang is somewhere together. I saw them."

Ron rolled his eyes and spoke.

"As always, they bunked the boring muggle studies lecture and didn't came back after class."


Argus Filch had fisted their collars, shaking them badly and Misha was standing there with her
head down. She felt her blood getting cold in veins in fear. What was gonna happen with them?
Fred and George were moving their shoulders violently to get free from his grip. But they had
to stop when professor McGonagall appeared in the long corridor of various doors. She
was descending from the round staircase infront of them with a book neatly held to her chest.
Misha closed her eyes with a roll and pouted while clutching both her hands together and
shaking them. "Aowww... Lord! Please save me."
Prof. McGonagall wheezed and She looked up at her. She wasn't looking angry at all but still 
she knew, the punishment would be resultant for a disaster. She looked carefully at three of 
them while settling her spects on the nose bone. Argus left their collars with a jerk and was 
about to say something, but prof. stopped him before he could start the list of their 

"It's okay Argus. Thanks for capturing them."

He understood very well that she wanted him to depart. And he irritatingly left after throwing a last disgusted look to them. Minerva McGonagall was quite familiar with the every nerve of her each student, and the same case was with these three. She didn't needed any explanation of their mistake. And these three were famous for these kind of happenings. She had called 
them to this deserted place, not to calumny the reputation of their house in front of others.

"I'm here with no intention to scold you. I just want you to remember that you three are 
already grown up. You should know that how harmful magic can be if it is NOT used properly.
Your parents have dreams regarding your future, and I don't want to destroy them. So be 
careful next time to make sure that you don't get your school leaving certificate forever... You
all may go now."

They listened to her each word like they didn't existed on that place. And turned together after
hearing her order silently but she stoped them again.

"Wait a minute..! You got the warning but not punishment for what you did.. 5 marks from
each of you, in total 15 marks will be deducted from the house score to make sure of no 
non-sense anymore... Leave for your classes now."

George, Fred and Misha had their jaws dropped to the floor. They never expected that the 
house SCORE would be affected by this. They were cursing Argus for being there at the wrong time, like he always does. They left quietly left and obviously, they knew that they had to face a storm now for being the reason of the low marks of Gryffindor.


"The history of magic is a very vast subject. I think.. It has gems hidden inside it. The few of
the gems we will get today from Slytherin.. Before the proper Slytherin lecture i share with you.
I want to know how much you kids take interest in the history of other houses. Its your turn 
Gryffindors! Comm'on, speak up!" 

Professor Cuthbert cheered up the Gryffindor students with a clap after a two-line intro,
who were throwing killer looks to the Slytherins. Everyone looked here and there with the low
sounds of displeasure. The disappointing response from the students made prof. Binns to
frown and he spoke again. 

"This is pathetic.. You should take interest in eachothers' houses' history."

Pia was least interested to waste her time in this boring theory class, and that too about
Slytherins. But she wanted to show off her intellect. And after all, it was for the sake of the 
points she will get. So she raised her hand, bringing some shine on Prof. Binns face and leaving her mates astonished. She stood up and glanced at Abhay who was looking at her with a strange expression, disbelief, hate or suspicion? Who knows! Pia began to say after maintaining her confidence and looked away.

"The Slytherin is a house among the four houses of Hogwarts. The house was formed in the 
name of Salazar Slytherin, who believed that the true owner of magic are only pure bloods. 
Slytherins values Leadership, Ambition, Cunning and Resourcefulness. No muggles have ever
sorted to the Slytherin house, and it is the attribute of Slytherin. One of the famous students
from Slytherin was Tom Riddle, who was famous for his brilliance." 

Prof. Binns exclaimed when Pia finished her words.

"Excellent Pia!"

And the Gryffindors clapped for her along with professor. She sat down with a grinning proud 
face. Hermione patted her back and sounded "Phew!" loudly and said with the raised eyebrows. 

"I appreciate your talent. Such a studious person you are that you know also about 
SLYTHERIN! I'm sure that nobody in our group knows more than that they exist in the world.

Pia chuckled and said while winking and eyed Abhay.

"Sometimes its too important to surprise some people."

Abhay definitely heard her. And the volcano inside him was ready to erupt. It was too much for him in a single day to tolerate, and now his suspicion was changing into belief that the person who spread that false news about him was none other than this freaking potter-head. The way she was indirectly taunting him seemed the evidence to him. His lips arched and wrinkled in anger and eyes dug on the desk. He didn't even realize that he had broken the nib of feather with which he was scratching something unconsciously on the desk. Malfoy pulled his bag and Abhay jerked slightly. He realized that the class was over and everyone started to collect their books. He also stood up after picking his stuff but didn't left before Pia.

Pia, Misha and Hermione walked out of the class. Misha was continuously cursing the Prof. by
saying. "I'll kill this ghost again!" and "God save us from this bad dead soul!" and whatever came to her mind. Hermione giggled at her humor when they had taken just four or five steps
out of the class. But soon she started to had the uncanny feeling, like someone was following
them. She concentrated and looked around but she was clueless to find anything. She shrugged this thought but it didn't left her. Pia noticed her restless condition and elbowed her to inquire. But Hermione remained silent and decided to keep this matter to herself and not bother others too.

Leave your comments! Big smile

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