Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS ARSHI |Apartment #302| *part 3 added*

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sequel = DAY2


Khushi was huffing and puffing and cursing, every ounce of her body was aching from carrying all the heavy stuff from ground floor to the third floor. She wanted to kill the watchman, murder him, submit him to capital punishment if that could be possible. But she couldn't as a rich bitch was coming to see his apartment and lift was being held up for him. She HATED rich brats like these, such people thought the world was at their feet. Once she settled all her cartons in the living room she instantly made a 360 round and admired her new apartment. It was modern yet simple and more so she felt homely. The entire apartment was the color cream white, the master bedroom was huge, a lot bigger than the one she had back in lucknow. An Italian open kitchen, a small living room and a small balcony on the extreme right. She was mentally planning on keeping her washing area in the balcony, few couches and a LCD in the living room and she would put a low bed preferably the color of teak brown and just afew utensils in the kitchen, enough for her to survive through the night. But right now she needed a shower and that too very badly, so she headed to shower not realizing that she hadn't locked the main door.



The security had been waiting for Arnav since half an hour, as per the instruction the lift was held for him. Poor watchman had to hide from Khushi the entire time, he had a fair idea of what a tigress she was and he did not want to be on her bad side. It wasn't Arnavs fault that his idiot of a PA had scheduled his conference call now, he mentally made a note to remind Aman to fire this new PA, he did not have all the time in the world to deal with such people. After getting in the lift he instructed the guards to leave him alone and he would drive home himself. Thus the entire troop of ASR had vanished within seconds. Arnav had wanted this apartment for his peace so whenever he was irritated by his family he would crash in his personal sanctuary, away from the crazy lot his family was. When he stepped on the third floor he forgot if his apartment was 301 or 302, he was told that the apartment was opened for him and since the lights on 302 were on he went inside.


"what the-"

The entire space was covered with cartons and suitcases, last time he checked he had not ordered for any of his belongings to be shifted. Now who had to be fired, arnav thought.


When Khushi stepped out of the shower her woman intuition had told her that there is someone else in her apartment too. She tightened her towel, her hair leaving a water trail where ever she stepped. The first thing she got hold of was the "jharoo" (floor mop) and she tiptoed in her living room. With very much of difficulty khushi controlled her gasp at the tall figure infront of her and raised her hand to hit him hard on his head.


15 minutes later:


The person opened its eyes.

The first ray of light was surely disturbing.

No matter how hard the person tried it wont get adjusted to the harsh light.

And then there was this soothing voice.



"Khushi" Arnav had called out to her.


WAIT- WHAT'??? How did she end up being fainted rather than the tall unknown figure.



*rewinding back to 15 mins earlier*


Arnav had been watching the female who was clad in a towel and was about to hit him. Due to good reflexes he saved himself and turned to receive the biggest shock of his life. KHUSHI, standing infront of him in a TOWEL.

She expected anything, a robber, a kidnapper, the security guy ANYONE but HIM.

ARNAV standing infront of her and because she couldn't take the shock in a nicer way she fainted.


*back to present*







"Oh come on woman say something else too."

"what are you doing here?"

"stalking you"

"YOU PERV, WHAT THE f**k!!!"


She stood up from the mattress Arnav had shifted her on, it didn't have any sheets so Arnav had covered her with her dupatta that he had found in the room. She was about to hit him when he screamed.




"Towel love, gir jaye ga!"

"hun?" it was then she realized that she was in her towel, damn you khushi!!




And he had silently walked out of her room, reveling in the moment, his khushi was back!


Khushi quietly sat on her mattress going back 2 years, they had met in Paris'.




Our very own Sanka Devi had yet again run away from her home yelling at her parents for not loving her and not giving her time. This time she had flown to Paris and Shashi and Garima were well aware she would return in a week. Khushi sure was a spoilt brat, *you must be thinking she hates brats then how come she is herself one* well fortunately for her and unfortunately for her parents they were filthy rich.

There she had found Arnav who was also running away from his family under the pretext of a meeting. These two lonely souls had met and they had surely set Paris on fire in 5 days.


Day 1!

At the airport:


"excuse me uncle whats the time"

"what the F- do I look like an uncle to you"


Honestly speaking Khushis intentions were not what she had done few minutes later it was just sudden change of plans.


"I know handsome, that was just to gain your attention"

Arnav stood gapping at this young woman infront of him, did she just call him uncle to get his attention, well she did succeed. Why not have some fun with her ' he thought.


"now that you have all my attention, what may I assume you want?"


"ouch, that was very quick, your place?"

"why not yours?"

"im going to a hotel"

"im ok with that"


According to Khushi's psychoanalysis this man did not look desperate, he was decent and looked like he belonged to a good family. She was just using him to get to the hotel and ask him to help her get a room. She could not use her credit cards, her dad would know, and she was sure she wouldn't find any money exchange shops open at this time of the night.


According to Arnav she looked like she was from a good family, he did not want to sleep with her, he wasn't in any mood but then she herself was offering the cake then why back down.


They were at Arnavs hotel in no time, since his flight was canceled he was planning to return and then Khushi had happened. Since the moment they had entered his room Khushi hadn't spoken a word, not that she did during the ride, but now she felt scared. What if he raped her then what will she do and her fear increased when she saw Arnav raise his hand to her cheek.


"AAAHHH-MMM" Arnav had kept his palm on her face, he didn't know why she was screaming.



"WHAT?" she motioned with her eyes towards the hand on her mouth.



"But im.. what the hell is wrong with you woman"

"stop saying that and don't you dare come near me.. i' I just used u"


Well atleast she had the manners to look sheepish.


"I don't get you, you have no idea who I am. I can get you to jail for this."

"haw! U will send me to jail bcoz I fooled you that I  will sleep with you"

"NO! bcoz you fooled me, its that simple."

"but I need your help, really really need your help"

"why didn't you say so before"

"what if you had said no?"

"and you think I will not refuse now??"

"umm.. well.. I didn't think of this"


"but your not"

"how can you be so sure"

"I trust you"

"are you out of-"

"my mind? Yes, it's a woman's intuition when it comes to trust"

"still so many cry over heartbreak no?"

"damn you're a saddist"

"leave about me, now tell me why do u need my help"


She had explained to him everything, leaving the part where she should have told him her name and details, reason being "they should stay strangers, as she wouldn't tell him her name so she had no right to know his"


That's when they heard the knock. When Arnav opened the door he found the manager standing with an apologetic face.

"sorry to disturb you sir, but there was a complaint from the next door suit about a woman screaming. We just came here to-"


"I do sir"



That's when his next door neighbor stepped in and poked his chest, it was a fat looking 5'5 tall AUNTY!

"you young man are not allowed to force yourself on anyone, and I repeat ANYONE! When the woman says NO! IT'S A BLOODY NO!!"


"baby whos on the door" khushi couldnt imagine she could sound like such a blond but she had heard the woman scream and she did not want to put her savior in any trouble.


"and who are they" asked an innocent, eyelash batting khushi.

"our neighbor love! She heard you screaming the dialogues from the hindi film" He lied, HE FREAKING LIED for this unkown girl but the thought of protecting her and keeping her safe was more over powering than anything.


"oh ma'am I apologize, my husband and I were watching a hindi movie and I challenged him to convert the dialogues in English and fight with me, that's all" how easily had she molded into Arnavs lie. As if it was actually real. As if they were meant to do that in reality.


"oh! Im sorry dear, I just get too over protective of you young foolish girls nowadays you see. If u need anything im next door"

"sure why not."


Arnav was amused, they were living in an hotel not an actual apartment for heavens sake. What was the need of  "If u need anything im next door"??


After the manager had apologized profusely Arnav had slammed the door on his face and when he turned back both these weird creatures started laughing. The scene, the lie, everything sure was hilarious. And that is how their 5 day journey had started.




When Khushi had stepped out of her room she saw Arnav was ending a call. He turned and when she was about to speak he covered her mouth with his.

It wasn't anything passionate, heck khushi was too shocked to respond. It had been 2 years since she felt those lips. After the quick kiss Arnav had left saying "see you later neighbor".


Aaah! Life.. the more you run away from a certain person, life puts you infront of him. Wait!! Is this life or karma? ' khushi thought.


-Tabby J.


I know i scared many by the harsh note, apologies!!

This OS is a dedication to AMY!!

i love you EM!! you made me realize that i write not for comments and readers but for myself. i became a little selfish back there but what was i to do, a writer likes being appreciated.

This OS is also dedicated to PRI (priyatnl)

for putting some sense into me. thanku so much.

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Originally posted by --Amy--


when i wake up tom! this better be unress'ed Big smile
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Nice update. Thanks x
8Lucky88 Senior Member

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I love your OS...i can't wait to read more parts..update soon...
Amazing writing!
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Awesome os can't wait to read more
Continue soon please and thank you for pm me
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Love it already can't wait for more
Thanks for the pm
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simply brilliant.loved itc

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