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The Truth FF (note :P17) (Page 14)

MissSparkling IF-Rockerz

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hmmm nc

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tvpremi Senior Member

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Amazing update...zoya is such a darling...i mean se is so forgiving n she accepts kabir with open arms...asad is dumb as ever...tanveer is the biggest beep...i read 3,4,5 part in one go...just loved it...ab bajegi tanveer ki band...asad zoya again romance starts...cool...i just love this ss...can't wait for the next part ...plz continue soon...

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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update soon

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i love this ff
zoya entry i there life after 2 yrs
and tht tanveer
m sure the 3 nazma ayan zo wii make her life hell 
add me to ur pm list pls
i send u a budy rqustt
continue soon

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Heey all thanks for the comments and I hope you enjoy this part. Xxx

Part 6

"Rabaart ring Tanveer in 5 minutes.Over and out." she text him
and within seconds he replied. "Mission...soon to be accomplished Mona". She smiled and ran to the dining table...Tanveer was already there, BINGO! thoughtZoya and went and sat right across her.
Within minutes her phone rang.
"Hello?"Se questioned.
"Tanveer my dear...how is Imran? Is his baby okay?" the caller laughed, Ayan had completely changed his voice. Beads of swear started forming on Tanveer's forehead.

Who knew this? She doubtedZoya but that wasn't possible she thought...firstly she was sat right in front of her, secondly she knew about her lies but not about Kabir not being Asad's child and lastly she wasn't that smart thought Tanveer. Tanveer excused her self and rushed to the room.

This was exactly what Zoya and Najma were looking out for. They saw Tanveer's expressions...Imran
was the father, all they needed now was proof...the DNA reports.

Tanveer ran to the room and was getting anxoius by the second...she couldn't risk anyone knowing about this secret."Who the hell is this?And how do you know about Imran?" she growled quitely, but suddendly bit her to tongue as she realised what her second quetion was."I...I mean...that..you.." she stuttered.
The caller on the other end chuckeled,"Oh Tanveer,you're too easy.Now listen carefully your sweet little secret is safe with me...but I want something in return.Meet me tommorrow at the abonded base in laal gali at 2pm...do not be late!" the line went dead and Tanveer gritted her teeth."Who can know about this..." she quickly composed her self and smiled evily, "well whoever it is they won't be able to get out of there alive". She chuckled evily to her self not knowing someone heard this...Dilshaad.
Zoya's room

Zoya handed a file to Najma...it contained all of the proof which had been collected against Tanveer. Her pregnancy report, proof of her factory being well and pictures as well workers' statements.
Najma looked up happily at Zoya,"This is it Zoya...as soon as this reaches bhaijaan Tanveer's game is finished."
"Yes Tamatar...she'll also confess her crimes, and will get punished. Just let her reach Laal gali tommorrow..." Zoya took the file and safely hid it within the cupboard, covering it with her clothes.

"Anyways Najma here are some strands of Kabir's hair and Ayaan will reach the hospital, he has Imran's. Go now!"Zoya exclaimed while both of them walked to the door.Only Allah knew how Ayaan had tookImran's hair ...it was deffinately a challenging task.This was ultimate proof which would prove that Imran was indeed Kabir's father.
"Okay Zoya...they should be ready by 12pm tommorrow shall I tell them to send a copy at home too?" she questioned.
"No Najma...this should directly reach Asad" Zoya answered.
Najma nodded and left.
Meanwhile, Dilshaad sat in her room thinking about Tanveer's anger before. She heard her talk about finishing somebody off. She kept her distance with her ever since, the fiasco 2 years ago. She was equally at blame to what happened...but she could never harm someone.Could she? Dilshaad thought. She did see a new form of Tanveer while she was talking to her self.But?...

Dilshaad decided to get up and take some fresh air.She passed Najma's room and saw that the door was opened she went inside"Najma? Najma?...that's weird where is she?" Dilshaad questioned. She was about to turn around when something caught her attention.Something lying on Najma's bed...an envelope of some sort. Dilshaad took it off the bed and opened it, she was confused on seeing Tanveer's name on the document. This confusion turned to shock and anger once Dilshaad properly went through the document...Tanveer's pregnancy report.

Dilshaad doubted her son...all because of Tanveer. She had questions but everything was clear...she had framed her son. All was clear now but she wouldn't take it anymore.Her son deserved justice.
There were three women that eveing who couldn't wait for the evening to end and for tommorrow to start. Dilshaad,Zoya and Najma.

Dilshaad wanted justice for her son.
Zoya wanted to revaeal the truth for her love.
And Najma wanted her bhaijaan's happiness.
In conclusion they were fighting for one person ...Asad!

They all sat there eating dinner quitely while dispising Tanveer.Asad informed themthat he return late that night, therefore Dilshaad decided to reveal Tanveer's truth in the morning...in front of him. She knew Najma knew but decided to discuss it with her once she got rid of Tanveer.
"Zoya...we have to meet Ayaan bhaijaan tommorrow."
"Yes Tamatar you go to sleep now...oh and Tanveer's bracelet didn't really help. I thought she would go Imrans but she didn't. Anyways good night"

Najma wished her the same.Zoya made her way to her room. Tommorrow would be Tanveer's end...but she wa slightly scared, the things Tanveer was capable of. She quickly shook her head and regained her postive attitude and with thatshe tried to sleep.
A new sunrise a new beginning. A longing and yearning which would end.A dust which would be removed, presenting the truth.


Dilshaad made her way towards the kitchen and saw no one was there but Najma, " Najma where is your bhaijaan he was here a minute ago?" Dilshaad questioned worriedly, she wanted to reveal Tanveer's truth.
"Oh ammi, bhaijaan got a call from office so he had to leave immidiately...why are you okay?" Najma saw her mother's expressions, something was bothering her but Dilshaad just answered "Oh nothing, just needed to tell Asad something.I'll tell him once he gets back" she smiled meekly and left for her room.

She bumped into Tanveer, "Oh khaalaa I am so sorry..."
She scoffed, Khaalaa...the girl didn't even know the meaning of the word. A new anger stormed within Dilshaad,she wanted Tanveer out...as soon as possible.

Najma and Zoya went out to meet Ayaan, Dilshaad was unaware of this she was too lost in the new revelation she had discovered about her so called daughter-in-law, Tanveer.

As Dilshaad put Kabir to sleep she ordered Tanveer to wait for her in the hallway."What's wrong with this Khaalaa?" Tanveer murmured to her self angrily.

Finally Dilshaad made her way to the hallway,she stood in front of Tanveer and looked her straight in the eye. Fury was clearly visible in Dilshaad's eyes, making Tanveer cringe at the sight.

"Khaalaa, you called..." Dilshaad lifted her hand in order for Tanveer to stop."How dare you call me Khaalaa...a khaalaa is a second mother but you have insulted this beautiful relationship Tanveer. I'm ashamed of you...ashamed that I ever let you stay here, ashamed that I thought you were a good human. You proved me wrong. What did you think that I would never find out about your lies!" Dilshaad roared.

Tanveer was utterly confused at the beggining but understood once Dilshaad mentioned about the lies ,she catched on.

Dilshaad threw her pregancy report at her with a force containing a mother's anger."You framed my innocent son Tanveer and you won't get away with it"

Tanveer laughed mockingly at Dilshaad, "Oh do you think your son will believe you..." she laughed evily.
"He will have to...I'll tell him right now..."
Dilshad made her way to her phone while Tanveer picked up the first thing she saw...a steel vase and banged it on the back of Dilshaad's head. Making Dilshaad unconcoius and fall on the floor.

Luckily for her the driver was off today making it easier for Tanveer to go make a quick exit. She dragged Dilshaad's body to the car and drove off...

Najma and Zoya returned, however no one was answering the door. Luckily Najma had a spare key and opened it, she quickly rushedto see Kabir once she heard his loud cries.

Zoya looked all around the house and realised no one was in. She made her way down to the hallway where she saw a paper lying on the floor...she picked it up and gasped.
Shs quickly got her laptop to discover what actually happened, Najma made her way and siynext to Zoya on the couch...they both gasped and their eyes formed tears while they witnessed what happened to Dilshaad.

"Zoya ammi...thats why Kabir was alone...ammi found out..."she sobbed.

Zoya grabbed her phone... " hello
Ayaan, track Tanveer down now!...you'll find out once you find out where she is...i'll have to go alone...i have to...okay go now! Bye."

Zoya and Najma hugged...Dilshaad had to be fine...she just had to...
1:15pm-Asad's office

Asad's secretary made her way in to Asad's office and handed him two envelopes,"these are for you sir".
Asad took the enveleopes and thanked his secretary before she left.

Asad opened the first envelope and was surprised to see a file containing Tanveer's name on it. He looked through it, receiving shock after shock on each page...

The biggest shock...Tanveer's pregnancy report. Confusion and anger made its way withing Asad, she had lied. But that night? He didn't remember but...?
He opened the second enevelope...taking in the most shocking revelation. Imran was Kabir's father. WHAT?

So much went through his head. Tanveer his childhood friend, lieing to him. Did that mean Zoya was right? He was angry...angry at himself for not believing Zoya...angry for not looking in to every thing said by Zoya...and most importantly angry at the new truths he had just discovered about Tanveer.

He sat down , every muscle in his body was stiff due to fury...he stayed in that position for God knows how long.Until his phone rang, "Hello Zoya...Tanveer she..."
Zoya knew he had discovered Tanveer's truth, but now it was time to punish her."I know Asad...meet me in laal gali now...please save me..."
She cut the phone off before Asad could answer her. He quickly got up and ran out of his office...was Zoya's life in danger?
2pm-Laal gali

Tanveer reached the given destination at the given time, she hid Dilshaad and was sure no one would be able to find her.
"Hello...hello, is anyone here?" she inquired, she wasn't sure who she was expecting and had held her breath. This person knew her secret/secrets, she couldn't risk anyone knowing.

However her irritation was replaced by an evil smirk on her face once she saw Zoya coming to her."Oh so it was you who called me here...Zoya when will you learn.You just don't mess with me. So why have you called me here...have you forgotten what I did to you 2 years ago" she chuckled darkly and was confident that by calling her here Zoya made the biggest mistake of her life.

"You framed Asad, Tanveer. You lied..." Zoya simply replied.

"Oh and what's new in that. I've lied many times Zoya...see where it's got me. I have Asad and you have nothing" she spat. "And do you know what Zoya, that night...nothing happened. This will haunt you all your life...you can suffer knowing you can never have him! Oh and you already know about Imran being Kabir's father but you can do nothing about it."

"I should have trusted my Mr.Khan...my Asad,Tanveer, because of you so much happened. Have you no shame. Even before you falseley accused Asad, you lied Tanveer. And a liars's lies always get caught..." Zoya said confidently.

Tanveef smirked, "They were all lies Zoya. You should know me by now.Ever since I came in to your and Asad's life all I did was lie. Do you remember the gas cylinder incident, the peanut allergy incident, the wire in your bath...that was all me!" Tanveer roared "Oh and don't worry the only reason why I'm telling you this is beacaue...by calling me here you have invited your own death..." she quickly dived in to her bag and took out her gun. She held the gun to Zoya's head, she tried to shoot but realised there was no guns. But how was that possible, she had reloaded the gun last night.

"As you said Tanveer...I should know you by now...and I do!" Zoya smirked and held the bullets in front of Tanveer.Zoya knew Tanveer would be capable of something this dangerous, therefore she took the bullets out this morning.Zoya smirked.

"Arrest her...NOW!" Asad roared from behind.
Tanveer turned around and saw Asad, Ayaan, Dilshaad and the police. They were all looking at her with immense fury.

Tanveer gulped...her game was officially over!

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Amazing update...plz continue soon...
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this was awesome!!!!! the bechari not becahri but a bit** of the first order gets caught...yay! loved the part! thanks for the pm! :D 

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