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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 62)

anvyagnihotri Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
awsm suppeerrr dupperr  hitt  update ...loved it...

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 July 2012
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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 1:09am | IP Logged
Thank You Sweet and Beautiful Lovelies... For Ur comments or replies, it is unexpected seriously as I didn't asked U but still I got ur feedback... Thank you so much for each ane every comments.

I thought that chapter was necessary or not, even I made justice with it or not... Tons of things coming in my mind... But after getting ur comments now I'm sure it won't be that bad at least... Am not good but presents it in nice way... So thanx 4 sharing ur views... Love U All and Be blessed

Love Sidrah Big smile

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roshreb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 1:15am | IP Logged
awesome..i was scared as what will be manvi's reaction towards virat..but finally she opened up to him..armaan was right..its only virat who can heal & fix her..only his unconditional will be able to soothe her... now that virman are together can't wait for their next step for revenge...waiting for next & plz update shadow of yours ..

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nidakh Groupbie

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 2:49am | IP Logged

read all the stories ...mind blowing Smile 

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prathe IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 6:05am | IP Logged
part 12c...
i personally loved..its quiet logicall.dear...i didnt feel anythg wrng but i loved it and u r thoughtClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapHugHugHugHug
am bad at expressing myself hope u understood my pov...LOLSmile

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Hello beautiful lovelies... How r u all? Hope u all are great... I present one more part of this chapter...
Happy Reading Lovelies

Note: Before Starting this part I want to share something which is important for me to what I believe and what is in my mind while writing this chapter.

Believe, trust are base of every relation if it was broken once than no one can believe or trust to any one, it's real u all agree with me...
And if there is lackness of trust or believe in any relation than it couldn't be survive ever... And if people tries to live with broken relationship or without trust or believe, it will be only forceful and give pain coz whatever happen in past we can't forget ever, it imprinted in once mind but love and care heal the wound and blur the past images but can't ever remove...
I know I bother u with my note this tym but seriously wanna share with out before u read next part.

Hate And Love Story

12 C

Three of them standing there shatter... Shattered to face the reality of a girl to whom people say fragile, bearded which no man in worlds bear it.

Viren composed herself and said what u decides Virat... And Virat looked into his eyes and give answer.

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji, baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use
Har kahaani me saare kisson me
Dil ki duniya ke sachche rishton mein
Zindagani ke saare hisson mein
Tu likh de mera use
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana

on every page of my fate,
during my life, after my death,
in all my future, in all my moments,
you write her to be mine..
in all stories and fables,
in the true relations of the heart's world,
in all parts of life,
you write her to be mine..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..

Virat leave the place and start walking on empty road... It's not that I don't accept her Now but how could a guy do something cheap like that... Oh God! Why I wouldn't be there at that time... He fell on road and shouts in a loud voice to explicit his frustration or anger towards Ranveer. Ranveer u has to pay for ur deed... I promise Manvi I promise... I can't erase the pain u go through but my love or care blur that horrified past... He is crying to know about her dreadful past... He is shouting, screaming on empty road...

Jeevika with a thud fell on the ground and cover her face with her palm and crying... How could I and What I do now... My fault is become sin which can't be forgivable... How could believe on my eyes over my friendship...I had to Believed or trust on my friends... I hate myself... I was worst friend in this world... She said in loud voice

Viren comes near to her... I told u Jeevika first clear it ur doubt don't come directly to conclusion but u didn't listen to me.. He takes her to his arm in a consoling hug...
 "I lost everything Viren which I gain in few days after many years... I lost my friend" she cried

We can talk to them, I know they can't forgive us but we can help them only to decrease the sin we made...

"U r not at fault" she said

"U r my wife and partners of life right so...whatever u did or me, responsible for each other deed" he said

At Muskaan And Rahul Apartment

They reached Manvi didn't show any emotion... And Muskaan was crying for her best, she had an emotion left but today the remaining emotion is also dead... Both Rahul and Muskaan worried for her... Slowly Manvi open the car door and come out from car, so that Rahul & Muskaan and saw her again a lifeless soul.

Manvi without expression said to Rahul and Musky Go and take rest... Tomorrow will be a big day for us and I'm also tired want to have some rest.

Rahul eyes beams with tears and Muskaan is already sobbing to look at her. "She wants to stop her but Rahul hold her hand and nodded in No."

Manvi sits beside her bed on floor and remind the words of Jeevika which still echoing in her ears...

Rahul & Musky Room 

They can't believe Jeevika said something like that...but one more thing they are shocked was Virat and Manvi are married.

"Virat married to her", "When and How" and "I don't think Manvi knows about it" Musky said

"We don't have answer only Virat know, I also don't think Manvi knows" he said

Musky, Manvi ain't not well but we had to complete the rest work... "Hey where is Armaan" Rahul said again.

"Wait I'll call him, Musky said"

She called him before she said anything, he tells her everything... He said he'll soon and complete their task first.

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 July 2012
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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 10:10pm | IP Logged

An hour later

Virat reached their apartment and narrates everything about Marriage, "I know u r angry on me but I also want to know her and help her that why I did that but now I love her" Virat declared

"We ain't angry on U Jiju but the way this is out is little surprising that it'' trio said in Unison

"Can I meet her" Virat asked

"She is ur wife, U don't take our permission" Armaan replied

"Manvi won't accept him" Musky said worriedly

"I think Armaan is right, May be he will help her to getting her back" Rahul replied

Manvi's Room

Uska hoon us mein hoon us se hoon
Usi ka rehne de
Main toh pyaasa hoon
hai dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de gali de sheher de
Usi ke naam ke
Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste
Dil mujhe de agar, dard de uska par
Uski ho woh hansee, goonje jo mera ghar
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

I'm hers, in her, from her..
let me remain hers only..
I'm thirsty,
she's the river, the path of my life
give me home, street, city of her name only
these steps move and stop for her only..
If you give me heart, give me her pain only.
that laugh be hers, when my home resounds..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..

Virat enter the pitch dark room with lots of struggle he saw her sitting on floor and closing her knees.
He sit beside her...

"Why u did that Virat" Manvi surprised him

"Honestly at first I want to help u but now I want u in my life, U r my life Manvi." Virat replied

"Virat I don't have anything and not even heart atleast I understand U... So plz go away" Manvi said

"Manvi I never demands U anything but today just gives urself to me he said"

Manvi didn't looked at him

He continues, "Manvi I also don't say to remove ur pain completely, I know it's not possible but I can make blurr the images of ur past." Virat said

"Virat what u gives erase his lust, his deed, his touch from my mind, body or soul which will u erase? His everything imprinted on me and my soul which can't be erase with anything." she said
"Virat time is healer but time can't erase or remove pain", "When we try to write on the sea side sand and waves comes and remove it complete but that heavy waves can't remove the imprinted mark from sand, if anyone looked it they can saw mark. Our life is just like that Virat the imprinted marks never erase or remove." Manvi added

"I also said the same thing if the waves blur the written images at least, my loves is just like that, slowly slowly every imprinted images going blur with new lovely images. When waves comes and remove it after that I imprinted the last with new one. My love or care erases his every moment to our lovely moment."

"Plz Virat just go away from here U didn't get anything at the end only loneliness." Manvi said

"Just give me a chance, his every imprinted things changed in new one just give urself to me without ur heart, ur mind or ur soul. I'll heal it with love" Virat said while cupping her face.

Manvi looked into her eyes and blink her eyes in agreement.

Virat stand from there and go to locked the door and switch on the night bulb and come closure to her...
Virat I don't know what Am I going to do is right or not but she need her wound to be healed which is beyond repaired but I've to try to erasing her sorrow or pain.

("Even I don't know what I  write is correct or wrong" that's why I didn't asked u to like or comment... If u don't like than don't read it.)

Manvi eyes were blank and her face was expressionless, she doesn't know why she agreed with me.

Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko
Tu chahe aadha kar
Chahe le le tu meri zindagi par
Ye mujh se vaada kar
Uske ashqon pe, ghamon pe dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar
Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi
Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Even if you reduce by half my joys and smiles,
even if you take my life,
promise me
on her tears, her sadness, her sorrows,
on every wound of hers,
only my right remains there, always, through life..
now only this should happen, she should live within me,
she should never be separated, not even for the just the sake of saying..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers..

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete jee baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal, har ek lamhe me
Tu likh de mera use
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Virat come closure to her and tries to removing his imprinted marks on her and give her new marks which heal her wounds. He is just looking into her eyes, not breaking the eye contact nor does Manvi... He slowly made her sit on bed and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, he covered her face with kisses which lips his unconditional love for him... He sealed his lip with her poured the love and take her sorrow and pain from her...

Slowly slowly he covered her with his love and removed the barrier between them, he covered with love or care and erase the images of her past and make it as blurr images only his love images make the fresh one...

It not making love but one fulfil other needs in healing the untouched wounds which was freshen till today.. He remove the images from her mind, from every inch or centimeter of her body  and now from her soul the soul which was lifeless but now cover with love, care and a promise... And it is alive.

Next moment Manvi's eyes beaming tears which she never shed after that day but today she feels alive under his love and touch and tears come out from her eyes...

"Manvi what happen, Am I hurt U." Virat asked worriedly and sit straight on bed

Manvi get up and hugs him and starts crying, she cried after 2 years and 6 month. The pain she was buried inside her but today when she feel she is still alive... The tears automatically coming out from her eyes and reflects the pain she carried with herself and buried inside her.

Virat hugs her back and let her cry or pour her heart out today, it will decrease her horrible pain... Her nails pierce his skin but he knows the pain she gives to him is very little in front of her... He only cares her...

Muskaan, Rahul and Armaan hear her scream an cries sound, Musky wants to go and console but both guys stopped her.
She cried Rahul after 2 and half year she cried... She cried Armaan... Trio also shedding tears coz of her friend...

"I knew it Virat will do it" Armaan said

"It's necessary 4 her now and Virat break the wall around her, the work we can't do it but he does it" Rahul said

"Is Manvi is fine with" Musky said

Rahul and Armaan said... She is fine and now with her husband who is now with her to console and everything

Manvi's Room

"Why it is happen to me VIRAT, What is my fault... One No made my life hell" she said in between her screaming and crying

"Am I that bad, why Virat why" she repeated everything to him today his love win, he gain her trust, she herself told everything...

"Why Jeevika think so low about Me." it's her last question

Due to so much tension, crying and frustration which comes out today she feel exhausted and she sleep in his arm...

 He made her slouched properly and cover her with duvet and securely protect her in his arms and cares her. Whole night he saw angelic face which today he feel become serene or calm... And today after that day without nightmare she sleep peacefully

And night faded like that... So much relaxation all were gets...

This is for u Shivali... and I res to ur comments
So don't beat me if u feels so...
If it was that bad then bears it or ignores it or if it is good than I'm need to like or comment
Sorry for all grammatical mistake or others error
Love U lovelies
JannatBig smile

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Res for Shivali Big smile comment

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