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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 62)

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Hello Beautiful Lovelies... Here I give U last chapter of Hate And Love Story... Happy Reading...If u like music tjen read from lappy or PC...otherwise Happy Reading again




Chapter 13



Manvi Pov



The suns ray disturbing my peaceful sleep which I took after ages... I tilt myself and find the most protective arm around my waist securely and I caught him staring me with not only love but care, understanding, trust and most important promise to stay with my forever... I don't from how long I'm also staring to him..."His eyes find most vital question, Was I regret of last night.?" I don't regret the moment, I shared with him... How could I but?


"I don't want him to suffer coz of my dark past but he came and tries to erase bad memories of my past."

We had an eye lock I don't know from how long... We stare each with blinking... We I was with Ranveer it was forced thing to me and last night was different, I don't understand What.. Then I realise my position and I'm... I closed my eyes and come out from his grip but he didn't lemme go...


"Viraaat" I stammer said his name... In just one night he returns my feeling and Now I feel shy... It's obvious Right





Virat POV



Whole Night I was watching her... And find that what a person did with this girl... He sin murdered a innocent girl and made her a dead soul or emotionless person who whom I deal last night but now she look more serene and calm, her angelic face show her emotion.



It's not the first time I slept with but last time she was nervous or scared but didn't show me, she became cold that time and in night her face showed that she was dead with her nightmare but last night she relaxed and I feel happy I gave some relaxation and I promised to myself she only forget her horrible past and only remember happiness...



My session was broke by her stir ness and I got scared to think that "How will she react about last night" and next moment I saw she look into my eyes and staring me, we had an eye lock in which I try to find my answer and yes I got my answer... She is still relaxed and I didn't saw any regretting and feel I got Heaven...



Our eye lock was broke when She realize her position so closed to me and wants to make distance but I didn't want to let her go and she is wriggling in my arms than I realize she was shy, God she blushed her lashed are down and cheek got little pink, OMG I don't want to let her go after this... But had to unwilling... I released her and she sits and cover herself and I shamelessly watched watch.


Virat stupid look other side... My mind scream but my eyes didn't miss the best ever scene.




Manvi lashes were low and Virat is happy to see her state...


"Oblivious she is Girl" Virat snap his though by her voice



"Thank You Virat" she said with geniuses

It's not for last night coz I can't tell u what u give me last night but this thanks is for believing me..



"Why u help me Virat?"



"At first I only wanted to help ur revenge but later I realize I love U and can't leave U... And couldn't saw u like that... Manvi."



Virat I still told u, don't spoil ur life coz of me?



I don't spoil my life but if u doesn't come in my life than my life surely spoiled... I can't take breathe if u r not with me now.



Virat don't make me selfish, I can't ruined ur life?



Manvi u r not selfish but I, If u r selfish than I'm more selfish then u Manvi, last night u trust me, give urself to me but u know what, what u give me.. U give a blissful moment, I can't express what I feel now. If u feels alive then i'm not less Manvi.



She looked at him and saw honesty only honesty... She nodded.





Manvi get up from and goes to washroom for getting ready and then Virat... They both got ready for taking breakfast and made everything to ready for last step of her revenge.



Jeevika and Viren came there



"I'm sorry; I know my sorry ain't enough for my deed... I hurt u beyond limit. But still forgive me."



"It's okie Jeevika, we'll accept as u really feel guilty" Rahul said



Jeevika looked Manvi



"Jeevika it's ain't that easy, give me time, plz sorry... I'll forgive for our friendship..."



"Jeevika smiled and hug her"



They all come together and did a group hug...

They lastly follow up their plan...




Later At Night




It was a success party... Through by Alluwalia's, they take over Sinhania's Industries and become new owner... Allwalia purchase 51% share of his company and Vadhera are ready to pay his liabilities of other company as they were not capable of doing it and other board members are acceded with them... And they become new owner of all his companies...



In Singapore when they got news about it, they abruptly to come to India and after landing, they came to party to meet Alluwalia and Vadhera's... They heard about Alluwalia but didn't get chance to meet him but today they will go to meet him.


Ranveer, Rajbeer and Piya enter the party and party is on full swing with high tycoon businessman but they ware hell angry on him, without his consent, they took over their companies... And the light is off..



The spot light focus on a person and she is a slim perfect shaped girl... Cladded in golden Sharara with Pinky embroidery and her Dupatta is hanging on one side...




Manvi Song



Akele tanha jiya na jaaye tere bin
Bhulaana tujhko, bhulaana tujhko na mumkin] 2
Sulagati hai meri raatein
Sulgate hai mere palchhin, sulgate din
Akele tanha jiya na jaaye tere bin
Bhulaana tujhko,
Bhulaana tujhko na mumkin
Akele tanha...



She roams around her but he didn't recognise her at yet...

Jiya na jaaye jaaye jaaye
Mujhe tanhaayiyaan deke mera jeena kiya mushkil
Tere sadme ke sadmon se tadapata hai bechaara dil
Tere saare gunaahon ki sanam tujhko saja dungi
Mohabbat ki tadap kya hai tujhe bhi main bata dungi
Sulagati hai meri raatein, sulgate hai mere palchhin, Sulgate din
Akele tanha jiya na jaaye tere bin
Bhulaana tujhko, bhulaana tujhko na mumkin
Akele tanha

She walks towards Piya and remember she was the one who trap her in his plan...

Jiya na jaaye jaaye jaaye

Barasati hai meri aankhein, akele pal mein roti hai
Tujhe hi yaad karati hoon, sukun se main na soti hoon
Diya kya khub yeh tune sila meri wafaaon ka
Tujhe ik roj main dungi sila teri jafaaon ka
Sulagati hai meri raatein, sulgate hai mere palchhin, Sulgate din
Akele tanha jiya na jaaye tere bin
Bhulaana tujhko, bhulaana tujhko na mumkin
Akele tanha
Jiya na jaaye jaaye jaaye



Her eyes speak, she won't let anyone spare and everyone paid for his deed and they were living a hell life which she lives in those years...



Song Ended

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.jai. Goldie

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me first
runs to read

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Happy Reading


Now the predator facade her prey... She is Manvi and wearing Mangalsutra, her partition filled vermillion, her hand covered with beautiful chooda... And she is standing with a killer smirk.




"Maaanviii" Ranveer said unbelievable voice

He know she is alive and Rajbeer told the rest but still he thought, she wouldn't to come in front of him but she come.



"Hiii Ranveer" Manvi said with a smirk



"U R here" he asked



"Ur brother didn't tell u, I also work here, I thought u r smart but u r duffer." she replied with attitude

Added, "U r in my party and u said I'm here?" said with smirk



"My Husband, Jiju and my friend take over ur company, so I had to be here na" she said



"Ur husband" he chocked



"My Friend and Jiju also" she completes






3 men wore Armani black 3 piece suit standing with the killer smirk and whole party guest applauded on their coming.



"Hello Ranveer Sir" Armaan said with wide killer smirk on her face


"Armaaan" Ranveer got second shocked of the evening


"Armaan Alluwalia" he replied


"How could u do this to me, I trust to blindly, u can't be alluwalia's" Ranveer and Rajbeer said in shocked


"He gives side hug to Manvi and said, I love to break blind trust of person."


Manvi reciprocate the hug and said, "My Friend" with smirk



(Armaan work in Ranveer firm coz of Manvi.)



Then Virat and Viren come next to give another shock, now he hadn't anything left not even his any house, villa, farmhouse and other company which take over by Vadhera legally.


Virat snake his arm around Manvi waist and said, "Hiii I really feel bad for u, u wouldn't have anything left and from now on u all three comes on Roads, beggar u see... But don't worry we'll give u a very nice accommodation... Jail u see nice place for u Right" he said with killer smirk kissed Manvi cheek and they had an eye-lock for assuring each other.

"My Lovely Husband U see" Manvi again introduce to him



"They were shocked beyond limit, Why u did this to Us?"



"There were so many reasons" Mr. Singhania "We'll told u everything." Viren said



"My Jiju" she once again introduce him




"Specter Arrest them" all said



"Why for which crime" Ranveer Said



"Because U r murder of unborn child" Manvi and Virat Said



"U did 2 marriages and attempt to kill ur 2nd wife, Am I Right" Musky and Rahul said



"U cheating on Us also, U send ur Brother in my firm for stealing document" Viren and Jeevika said



"And last but not the least, for window dressing and taking loan from bank by giving bribe" Am I Right "Sir" Armaan and Ridhima explain



In that party not only top business tycoon but judge of high court and lawyer are also present, it's their plan.



"U don't have proven for this" Ranveer and Rajbeer said



"Oh! We r that dumb Ranveer", Manvi said



The light off and projector start



Rajbeer photo of stealing document shown...

Ranveer giving bribe to Bank manager shown...

And last voices of Manvi and Ranveer or Piya heard by all, that voice mail send by Armaan on that day...


(As U remembers in her past she sends a voice mail to Armaan and Virat and Armaan recall it todays morning and take it as a proof.)


All are shocked and shunned to inhuman behaviour of them and all people are cursing them for their sin.




Ranveer, Rajbeer and Piya don't understand... What to do, they came on conclusion



3 of them bend on his knees,

"Manvi, we know our sin is unforgivable but plz We are Sorry" Ranveer said



"Sorry sound interesting from ur mouth Ranveer"Manvi replied




"We are ashamed or feel so guilty Manvi, plz forgive us", Piya said



"U should be" Manvi again replied



"Plz Manvi don't do this, we are really sorry", Rajbeer said



"Hmmm" is only her replied with the smirk




"Plz Manvi don't make us arrest, plz give us punishment, slap me but plz" Ranveer said


"U r not that worthy for my touch or slap even", manvi said




"And I punished u but only physical torture but mentally one too and Are u interested to know what will that", "Now every people who watch the news cursed u for ur deed..." that ur punishment for u by me.



(I take this cursing part from very known film Taare Zameen Par...Hope U remember the full dialogue of Amir Khan)



Cursing is so much power so destroy any person and now on every person curse him...



And u all are spend time in custody, do physical job and every day or night remember me and recall ur deed or sin u did with me.






Ranveer got a chance and without wasting golden opportunity he remove pistol and target on Manvi... And about to shot



Jeevika also lost in Manvi words and pain when her attention caught by Ranveer and his about to action... She can't tell anyone as she hadn't time so without wasting any second she pushed Manvi








All are get shocked



"Jeevikaaa" Manvi screamed



Jeevika fall on Manvi and Manvi is in under... Jeevika hand start bleeding



Police take his pistol



And all gather around her...




"Ridhima, Muskaan, Rahul... Look her" Manvi said in hell scared voice



They inspect the situation and saw that the bullet hit her shoulder.





Now this is the limit for all and Virat is first one who hit directly on his face and Ranveer nose start bleeding and he was on floor.


Virat, Viren, Rahul and Armaan take out their whole frustration on him to beat black and blue... Police tries to stop him but no use... They are out of Control...


Lastly he was unconsciously lying on floor moaning in pain...



Police stop them now




They All were arrested coz Vadhera and Alluwalia lodge the case against them for fraud, cheating, manipulation, deceiving, second marriage and attempt to murder and Judge declared that they got punished for their deed life time in Jail.




In the meantime Ambulance came and they all went to Hospital for her treatment...


Redhima is Jeevika doctor; she and Dr Shashank checked her and treat her injury.



"How is she" all said



"How is her baby" Manvi asked



"She is perfectly fine and her baby too, the bullet only touch her shoulder, so don't worry." Redhima said happily


All are happy and goes to meet her



"Why u did that, if any happen to u or baby then" Manvi asked



"If u r at my place did the same" Jeevika said



They hugged and all are meet her and give her time to have rest... And Viren stay there




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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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8 month later



They all are chatting and sitting in Armaan Farmhouse as they all spend quality of time together on every weekend...


Muskaan and Manvi taking care of Jeevika and her need, poor all always tolerate her tantrums or mood swing...



Viren usually roaming at night for fulfilling her wishes but he not only suffered, he made other suffer too.


Last to last night Jeevika crave for eating pun puri at Nariman Point... And that too at 2 am. He made called Rahul and Musky, Armaan and Ridzi and last but not the least Virat and Manvi... "All r curing Viren why they suffered" but Viren said "they also promotion and are best buddy what is best friends for"



They went enjoying their time together.




One day Manvi proposed her dream in front of other


"Guys IBPS conduct an exam next month I thought of filling form" Manvi said in convincing tone


"No" All said in unison


"But, it is my dream job" Manvi said in sad tone


"Look u want to do work than join our company but u r not going to work any other place" Virat said in possessive tone


Virat was hell possessive towards her. He won't allow wearing western outfit, they remember party scene where all guys watching her... He wants Manvi with him 24/7.



Manvi sometime feels good with his possessive but sometime she is angry on him.





In Virman Room


Manvi is standing near the balcony when Virat comes near her and find her lost in moor and starry night... And both are rejoicing the moments with each other... Virat and Manvi become best friends first...

"This is beautiful Virat" without looking at him



"How could u always know without looking me?"



"Because I can acknowledge ur presence" she looks and smiles at him



He smile back and hugs her and Manvi reciprocate hug,...



"I Love U Virat", Manvi finally said in his chest and Virat is top of the world after hearing her confession.



"I Love U Too Manvi" Virat replied



Both enjoy being in each other arm and dreaming of their future together.




This is Hate Story of Ranveer and Manvi where she hell bend on take revenge and go any extend for giving him punishment for his deed... And Love Story of Virat and his unconditional love for Manvi, which break the walls in her and gives feeling she is still a human being who is alive... And lastly both are succeeded in their respective motive.




The end


Hope I did justice with this story





So how was that Good Or Bad?

Sorry for grammatical mistake or other error

Thank u so much for ur love...and support

This story ain't real either false alse.

And sisi this story is also liked by me...

Love U All...Finally Finish...Yipeee

Sidrah Big smile Heart

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Thanks U each and every body who like the story and like it and Made comments
thanx foe commenting or likng in last part...U don't know it's a big surprise to me as I didm't expect of it so I give u one more surprise... as epilogueWink

sorry for troubling you so much but my pc won't allow my to send it in one i made part...Like accordingly...What to do

and YES I"M SO Happy...My last sem result was out and scored Grade 'A' .

Love you so much for ur love...Finally I completed my one's all coz of ur love...Big smile

Tell me which story U want to read next...I'll try to update next That only
Love SidrahBig smile

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Sorry I posted twice...i don't I did this mistake...So i remove from here...

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Six year Later




Their life is change and got promoted and reached to next generation level...


Armaan and Ridhima had two kids' tanmay and tripti...


Same as Muskaan And Rahul had two kids Nikhaal and Neeti...


Likewise Jeevika and Viren had two kids Samay and Shikha...


And finally our Virat and Manvi they had one kid, planning to other, it because after that night Virat gives her proper time or space to make her comfortable or coz of health issue, after 2 year when Manvi is alright and comfortable with him they again become one, Manvi respect him or love him but still her wound physically or mentally take time to heals and now she is happy with her life. Manvi and Virat child is is younger among all... His name is Gaurav and Manvi called him Garv, he is 2 year old now... And youngest is Jeevika and Viren kid... Samay...




All are sipping their coffee and enjoy their time with each other... They spends time together in weekends, their kids are also best buddies to respective partner and same love they had for others like their Mamma's and Papa's.




Virat and Garv are fighting with each other and issue is Manvi in Garden area, Both father and Son duo are hell possessive for Manvi... Manvi didn't handle one kid but two; Virat is not less than his son... His son won't let his father around her mamma... Poor Virat, he tries spend time with her but his son no no only Manvi's son spoiled the whole moment... He won't allow her mamma to sleep with Virat... He comes and sleep with her. Virat loves him so much but when he start stubborn ness Virat is no less, he does the same... All the sitting and talking when Garv coming to manvi coz he saw his father close to his Mamma.. And again they fighting and all of them enjoying and laughing on duos fighting...



"She is my wife" virat groan



"Shee ids my Mumma" Garv said cutely



"Go away and play with kids" virat said



"No I bon't" Garv said and hugging manvi's legs



"Virat let me" Manvi tries to stop fight but no use


"No Manvi, he cuts her Gaurav go and play with other, He said" he got some time close to Manvi but again his son



"No.. No... No... I bon't Goo anlybere" gavr said and tries to sit on her laps and Manvi carried him.



"Manvi u put her down" virat said stubbornly



"Virat he is a kid" he is our kid



"Nope, he ur kid and my biggest enemy" Virat said sulkily



All of them pity on Manvi and Sometime on Virat but now they were controlling there laughing...



"U put down else" Virat warn him



And he cuddles more closure to Manvi



"Or else" she said narrowing her brows in angry tone, she is literary fed up with duo



"Virat gulp and else nothing, I cuddle more closer to U" he give sweet smile


His son got irritated and tries to cut his hand around her Mamma but Virat is Virat... He gives his palm to cut him and enjoying his teasing...



Poor Manvi what can she do only grind between them..



All who control their laughter burst out and laughing more loudly... But it only irritates her.




 Before dinner



Manvi is helping Musky, Ridzi, Jeevz in lobby talking girl talk [:p] when Virat come to lobby and call her...



"Plz Bhabhi's luckily our kids is sleep and i got some time with my wife, can I take her with me?" he asked shamefully



All are gasped but said in teasing

"Ofcourse Jiju we'll manage alone" Musky said

"Yes yes we understand ur problem" Ridzi said teasing tone

"Of course Girl, we aren't like Manvi's son" and wink at Manvi



Manvi is embarrass, shy and beat root red due to his shameless talk but nothing come to her throat... And she gives angry glare to her friends who are teasing her.



Virman Room



Manvi is angry on him, she move above and he followed her..



"why u do this Virat, u r not kid" manvi said



"I want to spend time with U in absence of ur Son" virat said lovingly






Before she said anything Virat sealed her lip with his in passionate kiss and Manvi is first shocked then relax, she knows she can't win over him... She let him do whatever he wants... She gives up



But poor souls were again disturbed by Armaan, Viren, and Rahul calling them for dinner.

They knocked door and said, "Guys come soon for dinner." if u guys r done they said teasingly



"How could we done in between the our enemies, u all r my enemies, now I'll trains ur kids to ruin ur moments" Virat said his eyes was red in desire and anger coz of regular disturbance



"We" Virat said in frustratedly


"We are coming" manvi cut him and fixed herself and said, "Let Go" Manvi said but Virat said irritated



"No" sulk like a kid



"Don't behave like a kid; u already gave chance to teasing us" Manvi said and ready to Go



"U only care of teasing, ur son but u don't care of me or love me." Virat said stubbornly



"Virat, u know that U r big time actor or smaller to Garv" she said annoyingly with her hubby behaviour who become kid now a days



They came out from room and Join the dinner... All r teasing them and Virat become shameless enjoying but Manvi head r down, she is red... She has to pay for her husband love now.



Later at Night



All are ready switch to their room after teasing, dinner and chatting... When Garv coming from room searching for Manvi, he rubbing his eyes as he wake up between his sleep.



"Mamma, bele al U?" Garv said close to Manvi


"Manvi get up and take him in her arms" What happen Garv?



"I bos aaalone" garv said



"Mamma is here, now sleep" Manvi said hugs him and make him sleep



"See my world best enemies" come and my wife giving him attention



Manvi gave him glare to shut up



All are again start laughing but stop at Manvi glare



They all moved to their room



Manvi lay him properly and stand when Virat come and hug her or nuzzling with his nose gives ticklish sensation to Manvi



"Virrraaat" she moan



But he won't stop torture her with his various mischievous



He made her slouch and said, "Manvi, I think we should plan for second kid"


"Manvi look at him surprised but later join him, Hmmm"she nodded



"And that too a baby girl"



"Why" she asked



"Coz I want a team member, ur son won't take my side or even not allow me to touch u, So, I want a girl kid who atleast listen to me and fight for me" Virat explain



"And if she won't listen and more possessive than Garv Is" She replied



"No, I'm sure girls r sweet and u didn't heard, Girl child listen to his Dad and loves him more"




"Ohhh ! So u want a girl child for making team against me"




"No, not U against Ur son, at least we are equal member, now ur son is win when my daughter come than we'll going to win" he explain




"Virat" she said and playfully hit on his chest

"Thanks for coming in my life Virat" Manvi said



"Thank shanks to you Manvi" Virat said



"I love U Manvi" she hugs him



"I love U too Virat" he peck on her lip



The cuddle more to each other and sleep peacefully in each other arms...

Welcome their Future





Sorry for any grammatical or other errors

Do like and Comments

Love you all

SidrahBig smile Heart

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