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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 48)

kusharberry IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
what was that nightmare she was something he killed my was it their baby. virat married maanvi without her knowledge superb now iam waiting for the confession part were virat tell maanvi that she is his wife.anyways totally it was awesome update i just loved it to the core of my heart please do continue soon and thanks for the pm dear. thanks buddySmileSmileBig smileBig smileClapClapStarStar

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Hello lovelies... How are U all... Hope u all r good... Thank you for ur response on last chapter...Here is next part... Happy Reading...




Hate And Love Story



Chapter 11 A




"Virat carries her in his arm and runs inside the hospital where Rahul and Muskaan waited for them and Muskaan is crying when Rahul intimate her."



"Manvi what happen plz open ur eyes.. What happen to her?"

"Are she told u about before.. She asked panic ally".


"Muskaan relaxed first check her and why she told anything to him", "he is worried but try to handle her."



"Rahul immediately asked him to put her on stretcher and he did the same but his heart never wants to leave her in that condition."



Rahul and Muskaan along go with her in OT.

Dr. Shashank also joined with them as he was her doctor.



Dr. Rahul and Muskaan was she took her medicine properly.


Sir she was out of station last night Muskaan Said



But she took her medicine me and Musky regularly asked her Rahul said



Why u allowed her to do some much exertion and stress, she is still not ready so much exertion Shashank said in little scolding tone



Dr Shashank is Manvi's Doctor who knew her from long back when Rahul and Muskaan was enter as intern in Delhi and he saw her journey from bubbly girl to a dead woman... She care for her as her daughter that the reason he came here and supports her. He personally treat her and taking care of medical treatment or medicine.



Dr Shashank I stopped her but U know Manvi she won't stop or heard other Musky said in sad tone but her tear won't stop



Don't worry... first see what her problem is, just pray it's not a big problem it was normal pain... Dr Shashank said to handle situation or warning tone



They were analysis her problem and waited for report... Half hour passed but she didn't get conscious...



A nurse gives them Reports and they were shocked... It just because of stress and tension her internal stitches was open and now they had to operate her now..



Muskaan doesn't handle it anymore and she broke down there...



Muskaan it's not time to cry ur friend needs ur support but Rahul take her out side and come back soon.




15 minutes back



Virat is waiting for nurse to get news about her but no one say anything they rashly go here and there.



When Jeevika and Viren come out to confirmed the biggest good news of their lives and notice Virat



Virat u r her... Who tells u we r here Viren said in surprised tone


Virat looked at them in shocked "Bhai why r u here, is everything all right." Virat said in worried tone



Viren is so happy that he forgets what he said and he want to share his happiness with his brother, "Bhai U become to Chachu."


Wow Bhai Congratulation and hugs him and said same to Jeevika and give side hug... Virat said in happiness but can't forget about Manvi, Viren notice his voice ain't sound good.



"What happen Virat ? By the way why u here..."



Bhai wo woh Manvi got fainted at airport, their friends told me to take he here so


What happen to her?



Who Manvi? Jeevika said as she feels not good



When they heard OT door opening sound




Where Rahul in side hug position and try to handle her and become strong in front her but he is also broken inside from the news... Muskaan was crying and hugging him holds his shirt in her small fist.

Rahul make her sit near visiting chair and sit in front of her on knees...



I told u Rahul don't let her Go, God know what happens to her suddenly she says between crying



Rahul cupped her face, wipes tear from check said nothing gonna happen to her


Muskaan losing all her patience and pushed her hand said in loud voice, "Don't you damn try to give me false hope, I'm a doctor Rahul, I also read the reports, I know she is in critical situation, plz Rahul I'm not a patient's Relative to whom u said everything gonna be already and they gonna believe U, I'm not a patient's relative Rahul." she said last line in low tone but her tears won't stop...




Rahul is also hurt coz of Manvi vulnerable condition and Muskaan outburst only work as fuel which ignite fire more.



"Then behave like doctor he said little harshly..."



"He calm himself go closure to Muskaan cupped her face said calmly, 'Muskaan at least believe in God he won't let anything to Manvi"



"It's all because of me, we won't allowed her to go alone" Muskaan said between her sob



"Shhh no one is at fault Musky" Rahul console her and himself




He hugs her and Muskaan hugs him back, u r my wife, her friend and a doctor u can't weak at that time when she need u as friend and as a doctor and I'm also need my wife.


Muskaan are still sobbing and said I'm... Sor... Sorry Rahul I... I...



Shh... Shhh... "Manvi needs us And I'm going Dr Shashank wait for me and plz control urself and come back in OT we needs u." he kissed on her head and move from



They didn't even notice that 3 pairs of eyes watched them. Jeevika feels good to see her friends back but sad in devastated conditions. Viren is sad for Manvi and Virat is shattered what he heard. Manvi is in critical condition but why and how?

She was fine early in morning but what happen to her at sudden.



A peon watched the entire scene and went to take water for Dr Muskaan. He came and approached toward Muskaan when Jeevika take water from her.

Muskaan tried very hard to keep her emotion aside when Jeevika gives water to her. Muskaan without notice take the water and drink it. She turn to say thanx to person



"Thank you" she was shunned to see her here



Some many question or emotional playing in their mind and they both don't understand what to do or say.



Jeee viii kaaa Muskaan stretch her name for confirmation


Muskaan What happens to Manvi?






"Dr. Muskaan Dr Shashank and Dr Rahul calls u inside" a nurse intimate her.



"She nodded and I'll talk to U later Jeevika."

And moved toward the OT"












So how was that Good Or Bad ?


Lemme know waiting 4 ur response...


Hit the like button and Do comment if u like it


Sorry for all grammatical errors or others

PM not send, I'll update 11 B also then I send PM

Love Sidrah Heart Big smile


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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Hello lovelies... How are U all... Hope u all r good... Here is next part... Happy Reading... If u want to appreciate song then read it from PC or Lappy


Hate And Love Story



Chapter 11 B



Virat POV


Khuda Ko Dikh Raha Hoga, Na Dil Tujhse Juda Hoga

It must be obvious to the Lord, my heart cannot bear being separated from you


Teri Taqdeer Mein Mujhko, Woh Ab To Likh Raha Hoga

He must be writing my name in somewhere in your destiny




Tera Hi Bas Hona Chaahoon, Tere Dard Mein Rona Chaahoon

I only want to belong to you, I want to cry in your pain


Tere Dil Ke Inn Zakhmon Pe, Marham Main Hona Chaahoon

I want to be the one who heals these wounds of your heart


Kar Le Kabool, Khuda Mere Sajde

Accept my prayers Lord


Ab To Naseeb Mein Mere Usse Likh De

Write his name in my destiny


To Phir Na Soya Hoga, Shaayad Phir Roya Hoga

You may not have ever slept again, maybe you cried again


Aansu Meri Palkon Pe, Yunhi Na Aaya Hoga

These tears in my eyes, could not have come to be with no reason


Dena Mujhko Aawaazein, Ya Sunn Meri Faryaadein

Beckon out to me, or else listen to my supplications


Ghere Hai Mujhko Yaadein, Bin Tere

I'm surrounded by memories, without you


Tujhe Hi Bas Paana Chaahoon, Khud Ko Main Khona Chaahoon

I want to win only you, I want to lose myself


Tere Dil Ke Inn Zakhmon Pe, Marham Main Hona Chaahoon

I want to be the one who heals the wounds of your heart



I don't lament the decision which I take but somewhere I feels like deceiving her, it's happen without her consent after all but I want to help her and my name helps her in her revenge... I don't know what he did with her but it was confirm he did something which is unforgivable and that's why somebody helps her but when I take her to hospital I don't realise she is in that bad condition their friends hiding something and same with her doctor. I was shattered from that news Manvi, stomach ache, stitches, Operation everything's revolves in front of my and in my brain but I don't understand anything.




She had some problem and coz of traveling she suffered it back but what stitches... I was completely blank, I try and want to analysis everything but nothing work... I don't link it all... Her friend plus doctor talk about her or crying like she had major problem and she won't be okie any soon that the very time I realise HOW IMPORTANT IS SHE FOR ME. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN PAST WITH HER AND WHY SHE TAKE REVENGE FROM HER BUT THE THING I UNDERSTAND SHE IS MY LIFE, MY OWN LIFE DEPENDS UPON HER... IT'S NOT PITY OR I WANT TO HELP HER ANYMORE BUT I NEED HER LIKE "AIR" WE NEED FOR TAKING BREATHE. I CAN'T AFFORD TO LOOSE HER AT THAT TIME WHEN I REALIZE THAT I LOVE HER... YES I LOVE HER AND NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER ATLEAST WITHOUT TELLING HER ABOUT MY FEELING.




I feel like I was top of the whole, it was great feeling but soon crushed soon again to realize that she is still in OT... What is gonna happen inside?


Yesterday I married for help sake and the very day I realized my love for her which I feel being around with her, got uncomfortable when she was with some other guy and the very moment I got to know she suffered with something and in critical condition too... What's a destiny is mine?


Today I got my Love and Today I might loose it... No my destiny ain't cruel with me.


OT was open and doctors come out from there, they discussed something.





Armaan is running towards the hospital to meets Rahul & Muskaan regarding Manvi... When he saw them coming out OT with Dr Shashank.



"Good Morning Dr Shashank" Armaan greeted him



"Morning Armaan''



"Rahul & Muskaan I want to about Manvi" Armaan said in worried tone



Muskaan without listening abruptly hugs him and said, "Armaan... Manvi"


"And Armaan and Manvi didn't understand anything and both said at the same time", "yes I'm here tell u about her, she went to Delhi" Armaan said

"She was operated and still in bad condition" Muskaan said



They broke the hug "What"??? Said in again unison


"She was in Delhi" Rahul & Muskaan couldn't believe that piece of information and "And alone", "Why"?


"She got operated When, How, And What happens to her suddenly" Armaan also said in shocked tone


Dr Rahul, Dr Muskaan and Armaan its hospital, all of us seeing u, don't discuss that topic here go to ur cabin... Dr Shashank said coz some many eyes watching them


Rahul and Muskaan also for that Jeevika is still here.






When they successfully done the operation Muskaan talk to Rahul


"Rahul, Jeevika is outside"


What??? Rahul was shocked


"She asked me about Manvi but I didn't say anything, I don't understand What to tell her."


"It's okie Musky, We'll handle her."


Flashback end



They all didn't notice just waiting for them but stopped when Armaan from nowhere comes out and talk about Manvi... They listen to her and their head asking so many question but no answers and their talk only bemused them.



Then they Notice Jeevika questioning plus angry eyes and Virat concern eyes which carry so many emotions but can't describe at yet.



Before Jeevika and Virat asked anything Armaan said, "I want to meet Manvi, Can I, and then we'll talk".

Armaan know they can't discuss anything here so he changed the topic but it's true he wants to meet her after knowing her condition.



"First we'll shift to emergency ward and we keep her in under observation for next 24 hours, she is still not responding Armaan." Rahul said



So many heart stop beats after hearing that information... So many question which was unanswered and what going on in their lives, they doesn't understand. All are want to ask so many questions to each other which answers are only know to other one but can't discuss at the very moment.




They all left to Muskaan cabin...



"How is Manvi"?


She will be fine na, Virat asked in heavy voice and also confirms him as he heard their conversation but still wants to expect to hear good news... His eye is filled and voice is chocked... His life is still in Dangerous and he was unknown about various things about her... He was helpless"


"Virat we'll do our best but still we... I'm mean she will be fine not for any one for us... Rahul voice was chocked, he unknowingly answer the unspoken question. He also wants to confirm she'll be fine soon."



"What happen to her, From how long u all are here and I'm on black, What going on, Can anybody answer me." she said in frustrating tone, today she got a good news, meets her long lost friends and today she knows something is wrong with her best friend and who is still unconscious and damn in bad condition.



Jeevika she get infection in stomach when we were in Delhi and got operated and today that stiches was opened we also don't know why.

And added, "Jeevika we were here from long time but we don't have ur contact so..." and u know the rest Muskaan try to handle the situation and calm her down.



By the way Jeevs "u r here?" Rahul wants to change the topic



"I want to confirm some news" Jeevika said by not in excited tone



"Which news is everything is okie" Muskaan asked worriedly



I'm here to meet Dr Ridhima and Yes Yes Everything is fine. I'm going to be mother... Jeevika said with a genuine smile



Wow that's great news Musky hugs her and Rahul also gives best wishes and gives side hug.



Rahul & Musky introduce Armaan to them and Jeevika also induce Viren & Virat to all.


Viren and Jeevika when we'll meet Manvi


Tomorrow Jeevs u'll go home and take rest u need it now... Rahul & Musky provides do's or don't after all they are doctor.

"And yes u'll come tomorrow...okie" both said



Virat is a silent spectator of all. His mind and heart is with Manvi.



And eying to Armaan and Rahul, they were talking with their eyes to convey not to reveal anything to Jeevika and other but they are unknown, Virat somehow know many things... And nodded their head



Virat looked at them suspiciously, he knows they are lying and not want to reveal anything in front of Jeevika or others but he is adamant to know the whole truth whether they want or not,  FOR HIS LIFE SAKE.



They all leave towards ICU to meet her. And see her from outside, no one allowed to stay with her. Jeevika meets her after 2 years and 5 months; she had tears in her eyes to look at her. She is looking weak with so many machines is around her...



"Jeevika u must leave now we are here for her",Rahul said in concern

Viren also said the same and leave for home. Virat already excused himself long before...



Armaan, Rahul & Muskaan went to her room one by one kissed her on her forehead with teary eyes said, "Plz Manvi Get Well Soon".



They went to Rahul Cabin



Rahul, Muskaan & Armaan narrates the whole things happen with her to each other... Rahul & Muskaan are shocked to get the piece of information as she met Ranveer. It's good that he didn't notice her. They all are unaware her friend life is change in later night already.



Tera Hi Bas Hona Chaahoon, Tere Dard Mein Rona Chaahoon

I only want to belong to you, I want to cry in your pain


Tere Dil Ke Inn Zakhmon Pe, Marham Main Hona Chaahoon

I want to be the one who heals these wounds of your heart




Khuda Ko Dikh Raha Hoga, Na Dil Tujhse Juda Hoga

It must be obvious to the Lord, my heart cannot bear being separated from you


Teri Taqdeer Mein Mujhko, Woh Ab To Likh Raha Hoga

He must be writing my name in somewhere in your destiny


Virat take permission to upper branch and get inside the ICU to meet his wife or life.

Virat holding her hand and his eyes shedding tears which said his love for her... Kissed her hand, pray to God, "Plz God save my life, I can't live without her. I did a mistake that without her consent I made her sign the paper but I want to help her, whatever her past was, it won't change our future."



Now he said, "Because I Love U Manvi... I Love U more than anything in this plz come back to me at least for my love sake and U have to... I promise U have to", he said in husky but in audible voice.

He is unaware 3 people listen to him or sees him with Manvi... They were also informing someone wants to meet her and they restlessly went toward ICU to know the person.



They are shocked to react but thought they let it be and will sort out later. Armaan notice the same pain in his voice which he had.


Next day



Jeevika & Viren came to her only get a good new Manvi is responding now... And the whole day now Manvi is out of danger but she is still unconscious...




Later at night Virat does the same... He hold Manvi's hand when he feel moment, she also try to hold his hand which convey her pure love, care, understanding, trust and a promise that he won't leave her at any situation.




He immediately informs nurse with happiness there who looking to them from outside entered in ward... Rahul, Armaan & Muskaan first meets her than inform Shashank. Both Virat & Armaan goes outside.

They analysis her and her condition which is better now... Dr Shashank also said she needs proper rest or care.




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Abqurah Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Awesome appi...sorry I didn't comment on last one
update soon

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iluviratmanvi Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
really very nice update

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pink1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2013 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
nice update he was shatterted listining
rahul and muskan that they are manvi
is in critical condition and now jeevika
also meet them update soon and long one

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luvmanat Senior Member

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 7:13am | IP Logged
finally jeevika got to know that manvi is here
viren and virat will take whole responsibility
but what will happen when manvi will get to know that she is mrs. junior vadhera now..
well i m too excited
plz continue soon...

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Big smileAwesome update jannat
feeling si bas for manvi she is in soo much pain i jst hope she gets well sooon...
virat is in full confusion haan waiting to see his raction when he comes to know the whole truth how Will he react and also wen jeevika gets to know abt the whole truth...
waiting for the next update plzzz mle it soon

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