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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 46)

niki795 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
first love your writings..
but y are you ending this ff that fast.. This is one of my fabUnhappy
but coming to the ending part happy ending would be good
hmm but can think of the option 2 also if virat also dies along with her

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lalmirch Goldie

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Posted: 11 September 2013 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
awesome n cont soon n pm me

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 1:41am | IP Logged
Hello lovelies... How are U all... Hope u all r good... Here is next part... Happy Reading...plz read from lappy or PC


Hate And Love Story



Chapter 10





Manvi's POV


I never thought in my whole life I would accede to something which is a crime for me. If Rahul and Muski knows about it they will never forgive her and she said she will do anything for destroy him but coz of her friend she never get in such condition... She always comes in trouble when her friends were not around and same things happened in past and today is no less than that...

I thought Virat Sir ain't like that but we can't believe any one... People show something and they are something else... HUMAN ARE WEB OF LIES




Which is truth or which is false only the person or God knows well...? I never get a chance to know him coz I was busy focusing in my prey but today I get to know his real face or intention... What is cooking in one's mind, no one get to know easily It is next to impossible but the little know about him, I thought he is genuine person but again I was wrong...


I'm cold like ice burgs I'm not like a girls who sell herself for anything but today when I saw him again happily with so called wife my outrage or loathe towards him peaks at new high... I never hate someone only spreading love now that person changed me and now Hate every person and can't trust him...


I know what he wants but I'm not ready to give anything when I allowed Ranveer that time I didn't allowed a random person but the person who loves me and my damn husband too but today I feel I'm ... How could I ???




Virat said shall we start and Manvi looked him blankly but didn't show her nervousness to him... A fake confident face which always gives her moral support...

She nodded her head in affirmation... Virat directly look in her eyes and without breaking eye lock he stands up and opens his shirt buttons one by one watching her expression but to his dismay she ain't affected by it... He continuous and putt the shirt off from his body which bare for her eyes too but there is no sign of uneasiness or uncomfortably... She is perfectly fine when the door knowing sound disturb them and breaking their eye lock... He went to open the door and take the file or other documents from the man.



He locked the door once again and made his way towards her who is still sitting like an idol...



He came and sit beside her, Virat come closure to and

Remove his shirt and directly watching her directly and notice her expression


Manvi also watch him but doesn't move a inch which make Virat restless...


He thought she will protest a little but no...she won't affect... Now he reduce the distance between them And peck on her soft supple pink lips, it's a first time he comes in the contact which was that soft and if it is said then not wrong it's his first time he actually with a girl or touch any girl.



The feeling is beyond to express but he unwilling let her go but he is still close to her said in huskily in her ear, "Shall We Start."


He reduce the distance between them but Manvi ain't taken aback And came back on his seat to notice her expression and smile to read it or feel it... She is cold like fridge and her eyes are tightly closure Now it is clear for Virat, "she is not cheap girl but what made her do something very low, No problem Whatever it would be I can't let this chance go." he thinks



When Manvi not feels his hot breath open her eyes look everywhere but not him... Nodded her head and wants to get up for Bed.



Manvi Where are you going we can do our work here he said with smirk



She once again sits beside him with a plain face




Okie read the document and signs it now I have to send it client he said in casual tone



Manvi instantly looked at him she was bewilder but yet maintain her calmness which was not unnoticed by Virat and he smirk at her.



What does u think Manvi and first we'll do office work then mine and wink at her.




Manvi take the paper, it was official paper of contracts... She start to doing her job without saying anything just read the contract carefully.

It has been years when her expression was dying but today she start to feel again with his contact, she comes to alive once again. She ignores everything and starts her job...




Manvi sign these papers also I read it but if u wants then read it and sign it... We had to start my work also he said to distract her mind a little


Manvi sign all the papers...



Virat scoop her in his strong arms and move towards the bed and gently place her on center of the bed.

Her eyes lashes was down and waiting for his next move...



Virat laid beside her yet far or yet closed and dim the light and said, close ur eyes Manvi and get some sleep we move from here early in the morning



Manvi is shocked plus bemused with his behaviour but she didn't anything somewhere she know what he wants to do but ignore that thought, don't want feel that once again



She was wrong somewhere to understanding him, it was wrong to sleep with each other on same bed then why she ain't upset with it... She closed her eyes to get some sleep.







Virat POV


I never thought in my dreams I put a condition on a girl. In my whole life I never felt that kind of attraction towards any girl but when I first saw her got lost not coz her beauty but her eyes which wants to tell something but I ignore it always. But Today I want to read her, what her eyes always wants to convey and why I never ignore her eyes which attracts me like anything and can't read clearly but what I read was unbelievable. He thought What actually Ranveer did that she wants revenge only pure revenge in her revenge she willingly to do which her heart and soul doesn't give permission.

But her eyes said unspoken words there are loneliness or sadness or hatred or betrayal or she becomes an avenger who kills her soul.


But exactly happened to her (his mind asked but got no answer)... she became like that I don't know how you was before but my heart say u beautiful or pure as ur eyes are yet.

He only get to know, the person she wants to destroy is Ranveer Singhania but what crime he was done. Was he ditched her but no one takes revenge in that manner for ditching only but... The way she looked him in whole of the party telling that she loathe him with no extend or her eyes conveyed she was hurts or shattered into piece which was beyond repairs but I want to help her and take all sadness from her life tried to repair her with my love...


Wait what Love... I'm in LOVE... Bhai was right No No I like her... Right... Is it... Hmmm Right Is it... I just want to her help her that why I do it... He justify his action..




He come closure to her Miss Only Manvi Opps Mrs. Virat Singh Vadhera

What u did it to me... I do the thing which I never thought and today I cheats U without ur consent I made u sign our marriage paper, I know u won't accept me but I also can't give u entry in my bedroom without it... I don't know what I did is right or wrong but my heart supports me and says I did right.


End of his POV





He looks at her lovingly but worried to look at her... She starts sweating and tries to say which is very audible. He come closure to her to hear her.







U can't Do this.










Mussskaaan Raaahuuulll



Savvve Meee...



He killsss





It was her nightmare, everything night she lived those dreadful moments again and again...


She opened her eyes with a jerk and sat straight... As usual she was sweating, blenched or trembling in fear.


Virat also got scared looking at her condition, he don't know what to do so without thinking right and wrong he hugs her tight and ruffling her hair to soothe her pain... Manvi was stiff but needs a comfort at home Muskaan and Rahul was there and give comfort and ease her pain... She was not in her scene when she feel a warming comfort, she forget where is she?

She hugs him back as tight as possible, her nail pierce on his bare body but he didn't hissed a little and gives what she need the most... He let her do whatever her does...




He kills my... Manvi can't complete her sentence and sleep peacefully in his arms and now she was relaxed...


Virat no one kills you Manvi...I'm here convinced her now he is with her no matter what?


In a single knighting with her he unfolds various secrets of her mysterious life and he was so anxious to know more and moreover He is frustrated he was helpless to help her now...





Virat made her lay back carefully and kiss on her forehead but put his arm around her waist to protect her from rest of the world and sleep peacefully beside her... so close



Virat is 1st one who wake up first a smile spread on his lips looking at her but he entangle carefully without disturbing her sleep and avoiding embarrassing situation.




Sometime later they all left for airport... To take flight for Mumbai... Manvi makes call to her friend before that... Last night something changed in their life... Virat wants answer but can't force her, he did that because to help her in future but Manvi don't want to understand anything...



Manvi feel pain in her stomach, she tries to control it but no use it only get increase... She can't tell anyone about it just wait for flight to land... She prays to give little strength to reach Mumbai and meets her friend, she didn't want to show her weakness to other... Virat purposely sitting next to her and he think something is fishy with her...




Flight land to Mumbai they all see off each other and Virat tell to Maya have some rest and come in second shift Maya nodded and goes from there... She is hurt the attention Virat gives to Manvi...



Manvi also leave from there stumbling a little and reach to Taxi, she try to make call to Rahul and Musky about her condition, before she do or say anything with one hand holding her stomach she collapse and in right time Virat hold her...


Manvi Manvi opens ur eyes

Manvi listen he said in worried voice. He got panic about her condition and her phone start ringing (she made call but can't speak anything Rahul cut the call and call back to her.)

Virat pick up her phone


Manvi what happen r u already, r u listening he said in worried tone



She is faint he only managed to say




Plz take her to Sanjeevini hospital he said in faint voice...


Virat carries in her arms and made his entry towards his car to reach hospital..


In the morning Vadhera Mansion


Viren now on we shared our love to third one Jeevika said plainly


What Jeevika u love someone else he asked in shocked plus hurt tone


Yes I love my coming baby who is inside, Don't U love ur child she said and hiding her smile.


My child and I'll love my child he said but his mind don't register anything yet..

What he screams


She nodded it a pure blithe moment for them... She makes her spin


Viren put me down I feel dizzy


Oh sorry baby I'm too happy and


I understand Jeevika tells and their speaks unspoken volume


Viren and Jeevika also going to hospital for check-up and all



It correctly said by people

Somewhere is happiness and somewhere is sadness.


Jeevika got happiness in her life and Manvi suffered in her life.








So how was that Good Or Bad ?

Lemme know waiting 4 ur response...

Hit the like button and Do comment if u like it

I got my cell back...oye yipeee Dancing... Dancing... I'm so happy that why I give U update...

Only 5 parts to go to end this story... Thanx 4 u all who read, like and makes comments on it... Love U for that.

Sorry for all grammatical errors or others

Kusharbbery congrates for become Goldie Smile

Love Sidrah Heart

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5roseparvin Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Hai friend, thank u for pm...

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5roseparvin Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Omg... virat married manvi without her acknowledge... she said he is kill my___ that means child... he killed their child... he is really very evil... and please make it happy ending...

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Fab updt...loved the way virat understand her inner turmoil...hwww they r married now n manvi is still not aware abt it...n i think j n m going to meet in hospital...waiting fr manvis reaction on marriage...cont soon

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-Minion- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged
virat is not that bad i though.he really care for manvi.
virat make manvi sign their marriage paper awesome twist,i know he wouldn't going to touch manvi.
waiting for manvi past and virat confession about their marriage.

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2013 at 2:37am | IP Logged
ohh my god,
im speechless, this part was amazing, fabulous,
im soo happy that virat hasnt done anything wrong, (for me the marriage isnt wrong Winki like it Smile)
owww im so excited to

great work , i hope jevs and manvi meets in the hospital...

once again it as amazing

thanks for pm

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