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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 40)

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 September 2013 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JESMY143VIRMAN

interesting precap.
plz add me in your pm list

sorry Dear May be there was some problem... but U always in my PM list
don't take back one literary
I'll always send u PmBig smile

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tinni04 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 September 2013 at 1:11am | IP Logged
teaser was amazing. update please waiting.

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 2:09am | IP Logged

Hate And Love Story



Chapter 9


Rahul carries her towards their new apartment and made her lay in her room and quickly checked on her... Muskaan was scared seeing her in that condition, Rahul gives her treatment and tell Muskaan to changes her and Muskaan does so...


They are worried for her so both are sleeping in her room... So that they will regular check on her and knows her condition as well.


Virat rashly comes to house made is his towards his room... I'm right she is that type of girl...

The picture of wet Manvi in Rahul's hand repeated in his mind and he himself don't know why he feel frustrated... He knows it is her life and she is right to do anything with her life but it made him annoyed...


Viren: Bhai what happened... Is everything all right?


Virat: try to sound calm yes bhai everything is okie... Why u asked so?


Viren: Ur face tells other story Virat.



Virat: Nothing Bhai just bored with constant work



Viren: knows something he wanna hide but he didn't force him so he changed the topic... "Virat u tell Manvi about tomorrows program?"




Virat: Her name made him angry... "Bhai I don't want to go with her?"

Added, "I'll go alone and complete this task aswell, I don't need her."



Viren: Virat I know something is bother u personally, I don't forced u to tell me but in company matter don't mixed ur problem with it, Manvi is brilliant in her job and does it very honestly and she gonna help u in that matter, So call her and tells about tomorrow's program.



Virat: She is herself a problem, I mean she ain't a good girl, she is character less girl, u didn't noticed her, she only talks to Rajbeer when she joined the office and flirting with him and today I saw her with some other person in his house at that time and I also saw him in party's night too...


Viren: "So" in confusing tone


Virat: U r asking so... Is it right what she done.


Viren: I don't care what she ever done in her personal life... And u also don't middle in her life too... She does her work honestly that only matters to me... What she is doing in her personal life its non of my business... Right Viren said



Virat: But Bhai...



Viren But what Virat maybe whatever she did purposely with Rajbeer...



"What about That guy Bhai" Virat asked


"Maybe He is her husband" viren defends her


She ain't married Bhai, i checked her resume, virat cut him off


Why u r so interested in her R, u like her? Viren questioned him


Virat was quiet he know he is overreacted.

Virat was shocked too to heard him (She is no marriead not at all) he stammer I... I... Mea... Mean just casually I go through her resume & moreover she even didn't look like that...



Virat Bhai  Are U love her, if it is that so then Go and directly talk to him... Why u take tension about her being married...



No Bhai not at all... Why it matter to me if she is married or not.., I just wanna say how could we trust her?



If it is not like that then it also doesn't matter to you how she is in her personal life...


Virat had no answer of his question he nodded in agreement and Viren bidding him good bye and left from his room.


Virat mind was raced everywhere but don't find any solution so he decided to made call


Rahul sit on chair when he feel her mobile is ringing, he picked up the phone said "Hello".


Virat was taken aback with his voice and compose himself and candidly said, "Can I speak to Manvi"


She is sleeping if u want to convey any msg then give it to me.. Rahul said politely


Hmmm... (that time she is in house else he is in her... What he was doing there he thought) Tell her we'll leave to Pune by tomorrow morning at 10 pm, firstly we'll go to office then we had leave for Pune branch..

Added, but who are U? Not wanna sound rudely and hell embarrass of hit question.


Rahul was little uncomfortable but calmly he said, "Okie Sir I'll convey ur msg... And I'm her friend..."



Next Morning Manvi wake up and feeling better, saw Muskaan sitting beside her and Rahul was on near chair...

How r u feeling now Muskaan said.


"Feeling Good Manvi replied", she know her  friends was hell worried and didn't get sleep last night...


Manvi ur Sir called u last night saying u had an office work in Pune and today u've to going with him... Rahul said


Okie Manvi said


No okie...U r not going anywhere... I already discussed it Rahul, Why u told her.


It's important Muski... I can't take off from office, I'm new u know that... Manvi try to convince her


Muskaan sulking like kid and fold her hand against her chest said... "I'm going to talk to both of U"


"I'm taking proper care of myself" Manvi said

Plz she added

Its important Muski u know that we can't affort 1 day off right


Okie Muskaan said and hugs her

U  take ur food and medicine properly... Muskaan and Rahul said


I promise Manvi said in a group hugs


Manvi take shower wear a simple black denim jeans and white full sleeves shirt... Looking gorgeous as ever

In celerity they all had their breakfast for leaving at work



Manvi reaches office and goes her Cabin where Prashant waiting for her


Good Morning Manvi, Prasant Greeted


Good Morning Prasant she replied


(Many of u were right in first place Prashant heard ur convo and in second It's Virat... congo shongo girl I must say u read very seriously... I love u all lovelies... Smile Hug )


Manvi I don't bush around the grass and directly come to the point... Yesterday I heard Ur Convo and Know that U sent me that Parcel...




Manvi also watched him when he left the place


Flashback end


Manvi cut him off and said, "I know Prashant Sir but I didn't want to discuss about it only assure U, I never going to harm this Industry honestly and If u want to tell to owner then I also won't stop U... This is my Resignation Letter."


Prashant saw a genuiness in her talk and in her eyes...he said no Manvi I can't accept ur Resignation as I also don't tell to anyone... I trust you"


Virat enter hell cabin


Prasant u r here Virat asked


I wanna discuss something important Sir...directly seeing in her eyes gives assurance to her... Prashant replied


We had to leave in half an hour collect project reports and other document Manvi... Little Harshly



I'll make it Ready Sir replied candidly


He leaves and Prashant too... Manvi also start doing her work


Virat is waiting for Manvi crossed his hands against his chest in parking lot...


"We can leave Sir" she said


He nodded his head


Maya grab the next seat near Virat and Manvi sit back side and inform Muskaan that she is leaving for Pune...


Virat drives the car and Maya tries to distract him  but he watched her from rear mirror... And her activities me continuously send msg to someone...

He thought Is bhai is right?

No... his heart scream I mean she didn't even look like... He try to make him understand and focus on driving


They reached on Pune office where their client is waiting for them.


Manvi gives presentation regarding reports and her analysis and Virat continuous it further...

Clients like the presentation and told them they had had to leave for Delhi... For a party and where they meet other client and discuss further, they all acceded.


Hearing that Manvi is shunned and her heart was stop beating for few second... How cruel her destiny is that, she again going to same place where she lived her life and ended also... The same place which gave everything and took away from her brutally... this place remise her memories... She is little taken aback... How could she faced it again those painful memories she lived there. . .without her support her friends and what she told them, they won't allow her...


No she said,


Any problem Manvi Virat asked anxiously


No Manvi u can't make urself weak at this point... U have face this cruel world without any support and u can't tell to Muski and Rahul

Yeah thats right... Nothing goes wrong after that...


No Sir No problem... Manvi replied confidently


They all nodded and left from hall and reaches airport... To take flight for Delhi



They all are reached Delhi



When they came out from airport a skinny hot girl wearing a short midi running towards Virat and hugs him tightly... Virat was taken aback but when he know who is she, he reciprocate hug.


I'm waiting 4 ur arrival Virat Girl said ebullently


What a pleasure Shomya u r here for receiving us Virat said and comes out from hug.


"Dad told me u came for office party so how could I missed that opportunity" let it be, "How are U, we meet after a long time?"Saying Shomya


I'm good Virat Replied with smile


Virat introduce her with Manvi and others client as Maya already knew her...


Somya: Virat let had lunch together.


Virat: with a smirk ofcourse why not Shomya, our client Maya and Manvi also joined in business lunch.



She is little upset but reluctantly accede with him atleast she can lunch together and Maya is happy to heard him...



They all sit in the car and move to Hotel Grace


They grab their seats and order for lunch when Manvi excused herself as her cell start ringing now...



Manvi today Ranbeer fixed a meeting with ADB Chairman in Delhi, today has a grant party where all top business tycoon coming in this party..but I'm not coming boy said


I'm in Delhi Armaan and know about the party, I'm also going to attend it...manvi said little hesitantly


R u out of ur mind... What are u doing in Delhi and more important muskaan & rahul about knew that.. Armaan asked annoyingly


No and u also don't let them know... I'll tell them later Manvi replied



"Manvi if Ranveer knew that he defo try to harm u and we are also not their" Armaan said with concern


Armaan trust me nothing goes wrong... Manvi try to convinced him



If u want I'll come there Armaan said



Nope Armaan don't think about that, he get to know about u and our plan will flop just be there I'm fine and with my staff so he won't harm me... Okie I'll call u  in evening...manvi replied


"Take Care"


"U too"


She came and said sorry for delay... Their lunch come and they all start eating. Shomya regularly Talking to Virat and its irritates Maya so much but Virat from corner of his to eyes to read Manvi expression but there ain't a single frown shows on her face but it bother him to whom she talking for so long but he can't asked her, she sometime talk to client about project analysis... That client is so impressed with her and appraises her.


After having dinner they left to hotel for fresh up and get ready for party...



She purchased a dress for party, tonight she confront with Ranveer...she thought


She wore a white knee length sleek straps dress and her hair is making beautiful curl, she looks stunning... Tonight is a big night for her.. She made call to Rahul and Muskaan about her changed program but didn't mentioned she is in Delhi...

She makes understand herself only one thing she can't weak at this point...

Ranveer her mind filled with his memories or her dreadful past... She closed her eyes to compose herself and left the place.




In Party


Virat and staff meet with other client and discuss the further... Manvi gives her survey or market and what impact it on future... Client is quiet impressed with her and made contract with Vadhera...



The party was in full swing... All r enjoyed the party


When Shomya asked to Virat for a Dance, he agreed and left for the dance, he put his hand around her waist and she put her hand on his chest feels him and Maya envy while looking them... Today Manvi's eyes are searching for her prey Ranveer and yes she find him.


He is standing very far away from her with his wife and they are talking to ADB chairperson only no one is matter to them at this time... Manvi keenly watching to them, when one of the client asked her for dance.

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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She wanna deny him but she can't and say yes for the dance but her eyes not leave a moment of her Prey and her mind plan the next move... In her rage she is oblivious her surrounding... The male client puller her dangerously close to him and there Virat gaze is fixed on her when he saw client wants to take advantage of her, envy take over him but before he do something Manvi let go off him as her phone starts ringing...


She went outside the party hall and stand behind the pillar look here and there before picking the call...


Where are u Manvi and How are U? Armaan asked restlessly


He is here Armaan in front of me with his wife happily Manvi said angrily

Added "All I wanted to snatch every small smile of his Armaan"... Manvi said



In ur rage don't take wrong move Manvi... Armaan said worriedly


Just listen to me Armaan fixed a meeting with Mr Haruhiko Kuroda he is president of ADB... manvi said

Added I think chairperson of ADB agreed with them whatever I notice and I don't want it happen other they get loan.


Okie but it take some time Manvi... Armaan said


Do it faster Armaan I Want Vadhera get this loan I know ur company don't need it Armaan... Fixed meeting I knw he is nice person and agree with us.

Added, "Tonight I'm talk with chairperson, I know what he wants and don't think twice to do." manvi said


Are u out of ur mind Manvi, Armaan said louder

Dare u think anything like that I tell u Manvi... Believe me I'll fixed everything but don't think about that Manvi... I warn u Armaan replied



I'm out of my mind Armaan, Ranveer is smiling and I felt helpless... I want him to beg infront of me for his life, for his deed... Manvi said helplessly


Armaan felt her pain and anguish he said, "Just give me 6 hour I'll arrange everybody but don't do anything which u regret later."


Manvi said Hmmm and cut the call... When she turn she is shocked to see Virat crossing his arms against his chest with a killer smirk on his face...


So Miss Only Manvi wants to Destroy Ranveer Singhania and that's why she is here... Nice Idea but what happen if I let them know



Manvi comes out from shocked and said confidently, "Mr Vadhera, U r here?" she saw in his eyes and get many answer of unasked question she try to explain.

"Look if u tell my plan to Ranveer, U also suffer coz u also get loan for project."


"Don't worry Only Manvi Bhai already fixed meeting to him that's why he ain't present here so I'll not suffer any loss but u r at the point of Loss" Virat replied confidently


"What do you want" Manvi asked plainly


That nice Virat said, "U" I heard u saying that to Mr Armaan Alluwalia U can do anything to destroy Ranveer Singhania", "I assure U, I'll help u in that and u know Better Manvi."


"Let Go to your Room" manvi said



Virat with smirk and attitude: So someone is very desperate... I liked it




Manvi: So room is already booked where u want to do with equal amount of attitude.


My Room Virat replied with a smirk plaster on his face...


They joined the party had their dinner.


where were U Virat I'm waiting 4 u... Shomya said

I had some shomya excused himself which surely don't like but can't do anything


"She nodded"


Through out in the party Manvi eyes are captive on him and his move...



"Kill Her"


She is shocked and tears comes out from her eyes.. "Ranveer" she said in shunned voice


And Kill her bloody Child with this he hit her stomach with Iron rod...


She cried loudly Aaahhh


She opens her eyes jerkily and pain clearly visible in her eyes which ain't unnoticed by Virat...



He said to client Me and Manvi had some important so we had to leave early...


They nodded


 I also want to go with u Sir... Maya announced


Virat nodded his head


 They moved out from and move towards the Hotel.


"Maya u go to ur Room" Virat said "let go Manvi in my Room" Said authoritively


Manvi msg to Armaan cancels tomorrow meeting as it was already booked


Armaan replied okie... And asked how is she


She replied "much better and write she'll meets him tomorrow."

Armaan replied okie and wish gud nite


Virat watched her every action or expression but don't able read...


Virat and Manvi enter the Virat's room... And Virat locked the room.



As I say to U, I can do anything but don't forget to fulfil ur promise... Manvi said to get assurance



Virat made her sit on sofa and said, "If I said my work I never ever back from it. I'll help U and with that he comes on the top of her."


Manvi saw honesty in his eyes and saw something which she didn't want to..




So how was that Good or Bad?

It's a long one LOL

Sorry 4 all grammatical errors or other as I don't check it plz bear it

Hit the like button and do comment if u feel

Waiting 4 ur responses

Sisi just have little for patience...all truth reveal soon and this ss end also with thatSmileWink

Roshreb Congratulation Dear for being Rocker...I know I'm late...Big smile

Love Sidrah Heart Hug


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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Virat carry her toward bed and placed her gently like he carry something very precious





Remove his shirt and directly watching her directly and expression


Manvi also watch him but doesn't move a inch which make Virat restless...






He reduce the distance between them but Manvi ain't taken aback






Imp note:

Answer of Expected Question

Most of U asked How could Virat do that ?

At the moment I only revealed that Virat is not like cheap here... Then Why is doing all this ?

U get answer in next part for sure... So stay tune





Note: I send pm to all my reader whether they read this story or not if anybody don't want pm plz lemme know...




Love Sidrah Hug

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roshreb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
thank u Smile

fabulous long update. rahul carrying manvi-virat misinterpreted this whole situation..he thinks manvi as characterless Ouch  but what you see is not always true...i liked manvi's determination in her revenge wiz ranveer..& the fb..she had a painful past  and now virat taking advantage of her situation as he heard the phone convo..i trust him as u mentioned he is not "cheap" ... teasing  teaser..update soon

Edited by roshreb - 06 September 2013 at 4:09am

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preethi18 IF-Rockerz

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very nice n long update...was fab as usual..thanks for pmHug

Edited by preethi18 - 06 September 2013 at 2:29am

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Abqurah Senior Member

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awesum  update appi too long one love it WinkWinkClapClapClapSmile and nice teaser Smile 

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