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VIRMAN:SS HATE AND LOVE STORY Chapter 13 and Epilogue pg 64,21/9 (Page 34)

Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:20am | IP Logged

Here is next chapter hope u all enjoy it.. Happy Reading


                                    Hate And Love Story



                                                   Chapter 8



Today tender will open and this is very important for every firm, all firms want this contract by hook or crook and for Vadhera are all same but they want by their hand work or honestly. Every employee reaches office at time and Virat, Viren and Prashant are going to leave from office to PVR Jain Hotel where tender will open. Every employees good wishes so that they get this contract. Firstly Prashant want to approach Manvi, but Manvi deny him or Virat also agree. He didn't want to have her with them.





Ranveer Singhania, Virat and Viren, Armaan Alhuwalia (he himself won't come but his manager come in his place) and many more famous business tycoons come there. They filled the tender amount and which amount is low, tender goes to that firm.



All gentlemen and women placed their seats and waiting for opening the tender and their heart beat accelerate with abnormal speed but no one show on their face. There face are serene but all know what earthquake burst inside them.



Foreign client who is the owner of the project declare the result.






The tender goes to one of the leading firm in India, I know that they are efficient but don't know how efficiently they give tender amount and gives explanation why they fixed that amount. I'm very glad and feel honour to give this contract to them and the company is non-other than Vadhera's Company.




The place echoes with applauds but envy also clearly shown in their eyes but what to do, the contract is already given to them.





The night before tender was submitted Manvi made call to Prashant regarding tender amount.



Manvi: Prashant I recently survey the whole market analysis again and get to know our tender price was not right. Just changed the amount which is unique and give reason why we fixed that amount.



Prashant: Manvi I agree with u but have to ask Viren and Virat Sir first and I know they'll agree with this.

And added, "And I let you know what is decision."



Manvi: okie and cut the call.



Flashback end.




Prashant is happy their decision to changing in tender price gives positive result. He knows Viren easily convinced with Manvi's logic but Virat had some problem with it only Viren knows how he convinced him.



They all are very happy regarding their decision and its credit goes to Manvi so they want to thanx to her.




Vadhera Industry


Rajbeer get a call from Singhania Industry.



Man: Rajbeer u told me they fixed that amount as tender price but their price is changed.


Rajbeer: But how it could be possible. My owm source told me he fixed that amount.


Man: We lose the contract and how could we pay our loan. Our company 49 % share already sold out and we can't take it back if it going on like it then the day is not so far we all comes on road.



Rajbeer: Don't worry I'll do something and cut the call.

And move to Manvi's cabin.



In the meantime Virat, Viren and Prashant reach office.



Viren, Virat & Prashant also moved to Manvi's cabin. Prashant and Virat little aback seeing Rajbeer in her Cabin coz of different reason.


Viren: Thank You Manvi, it's just because of you we get this contract.



Manvi: stand on seeing them, "pleasure is all mine Sir seriously." focus on each word, she only glance over Viren one time and from corner of eyes she saw Rajbeer and smirk pester on her face.



Rajbeer saw her smirk and he understand she played games with him and his rage reaches at peak but he can't say anything to her at this time.



Prashant only watching her expression and his doubt is clear.

Said, "Sir I wanna show u something."



Virat: What Prashant (he thought he know something against Manvi.)


Prashant show the same parcel to Virat and Viren.

There were some snaps of Rajneer where he was doing something in lappy of Manvi's cabin, somewhere in Viren, Virat and Prashant Cabin, in some pic he shake hand to competitor firm or get to know his real identity Mr Rajbeer Singhania and many more which prove he is a culprit.



Virat slap him so hard and Manvi is enjoying the scene after all her first step of revenge completing successfully. Prashant just watching her to read her reaction and he saw a brightly in her eyes or lips pester with a small smile which she hide from smirk.



But she is so happy?



Viren is also very angry on him, he cheats them just because contract he didn't anything but stop Virat from beating him and said out from their office or lives otherwise they file case against him or take help of Police.



Without looking back he got out from office. Viren genuinely thanks to her.

Virat don't say anything and leaves from her cabin. Viren didn't judge his brother so he follows him.



In Virat Cabin


Viren: What happen Virat, why u comes all sudden without thanking her?


Virat: Nothing bhai. I'll thank to her later as I'm not in good mood. I have important work bhai, wanna go somewhere meets u later.


Viren: feel weird but thought let him deal with himself.



Manvi's Cabin

Prashant wants to talk to her but before he could says something. Manvi excused herself from him and goes outside from office searching for him.



Rajbeer: Is waiting for her, he knows she will come. When she comes he attacks her or grab her neck tightly with his hand but Manvi smirk didn't let go.

He said, "I know u this to me, Why"?

Firstly u cheats me on giving wrong info and

Secondly u gives proves against me. "Right".



Before she reply one hand grab his hand push it away.

Manvi cough but her face still shining brightly.



Rahul: stay away from her.



And Muskaan held her by her shoulder.



Manvi: Rajbeer Rajbeer Rajbeer. I thought u r smart shhh but I was wrong. At yet u didn't recognise me.



Forward her hand toward him.

Hi Manvi Ranveer Singhania your Bhabhi... Opps I was ur bhabhi or ur Ex Bhabhi.



Rajbeer: Manvi u r alive.


Manvi: Ur family tried a lot to kill me but shit for u I'm alive.



Rajbeer: I won't spare U. I'll do the same what my brother do with u.



Rahul & Muskaan: At the same time shout RAJBEEERRR.

Rahul: I'll kill u Bas*******



Manvi: Grab both hand and said, "Ur family think they are so much smart but over smartness always get failure baby."

Firstly think how could u pay ur loan than think about taking revenge to me.

And plz inform so called smart brother I'm alive and very soon destroy ur whole family or existence completely.




Rajbeer: Maaanviii he shouts.



Manvi: comes closure to him trace her finger across his face and said, "baby I've proof against u to cheat on this Industry and I'll give it to Police and what he'll do u can imagine."



Rajbeer push her hand and goes from there.




They didn't notice from far a person listen to her talk but before he come to her he got a phone call and he thought he'll talk to her later and thanks to her personally and move.



(firstly I draft in which to reveal the person but later i postponed it thought if I reveal everything at yet then what i do later to change my mind. U can guess might be u all guesses are right.)




Rahul: Manvi I told u he is dangerous look what will happen If we are not comes here.



Manvi: Rahul Musky Nothing happened to me and m perfectly fine.



Muskaan: Congrates for ur first step completes successfully and hugs her.



Manvi: Muskaan from now my every plan will succeed until I destroy him completely from inside or out. I hurt him that much so he himself comes on his knees and asking me for death.

But I don't give him, I want he suffer what I suffer in my life.



Rahul: Forget it Manvi. Let go we'll celebrate ur success. When u informs us Vadhera's got the contract we know this was happen.




Manvi: We'll celebrate Rahul but not yet when I destroy him complete.


Muskaan: Manvi plz give my old Manvi back who is happy in every small thing. I don't ask to smile but live ur life.




Manvi: She was dead Muskaan and Dead people won't do these things.



Rahul & Muskaan: Stop talking this nonsense again Manvi. In loud voice but calm themselves



Rahul: Now I get to know he was everything, we are nothing to you just mere friend, in a hurt voice, that why U always talk like this.



Muskaan: Rahul is right Manvi but we are first who came in ur life not he and u...



Manvi: stop u both okie... Let go we'll celebrate but before going I'll ask permission to my boss otherwise he'll kick me out.



Rahuk and Muskaan: Okie.



Before she go Muskaan said, "Manvi we go new house actually chawl was not enough for us"



Manvi: What



Rahul: Yeap now we celebrate ur victory in our new house.



Manvi: okie I'll join u.



She went to Viren Cabin and asks for leave and he granted her leave after all she is star now.


She bid good bye and leave.



Rahul, Muskaan and Manvi arranged their new house. Today they notice a new brightness on her face and they are very happy to see that and pray to God to give their old Manvi back.



Vadhera Office


Viren: Virat r u going somewhere?



Virat: yes Bhai I have important work and i'm going to do it.



Viren: Virat u've to go Pune for this Project with Manvi as she does all survey. Prashant had to stay here otherwise I'll tell to him. If u r ready then I inform her.



Virat: no problem bhai and don't worry I'll talk to her.



Viren: okie bye u go and complete ur work.



Virat: Okie Bhai, thanx and bye.

Left from there


scroll down

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Jannat94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:21am | IP Logged
cont reading...

In Manvi's House



They are hell tired coy of arranging or setting things. It a hectic works after all. Lay on floor, couch or chair respectively.



Sometime later Muskaan says to do their ice party which they r celebrate in every occasion. Muskaan take ice-creams from fridge and serve to them.



Rahul: So Manvi what's the next move.



Manvi: I'm 1000% sure no Bank gives loan to them but don't confirm about if he get firm other source.



Muskaan: Which other source Manvi, I think only bank give loan nobody else.


Rahul: Musky Manvi wanna say he get help from other person.



Muskaan: Oh... I hope he don't get any help from other.



Manvi: Musky we can't sit over here and hoping that he can't get any help but Have to do something so that nobody helps me or he shouldn't merging his firm to other. We had to made sure about it.



Rahul: "Right", Manvi now it's open challenge to us, he knows that Manvi is alive and wanna revenge to him. And we had to be more careful before taking any step.



Manvi: Hmmm Right, "I made sure no company merge with him, otherwise he will recovered sooner or later."




Musky: Hmmm... Okie stop this topic, I'm getting bore.



They start chatting about random topic... When start raining.



Muskaan: Rahul Manvi let go enjoy the rain. See God showering his love to us.



Manvi: Musky I don't want to U guys enjoys na.



Muskaan: Don't talk to me I'm going to sleep when u feels sleepy Rahul, come to our room... In cute angry tone.



Rahul: But Musky listen I'm ready to enjoy rain with u.



Muskaan: I'm not only talking to u but eyeing towards Manvi...



Manvi: Stop ur Drama... Let go.



They came out side enjoying rain and drench in rain. Manvi is just looking to them two soul who love each other hardly get time to spend with each other coz of hectic schedule and second reason her.

Rahul and Muskaan enjoying time with each other.



Manvi stands far away from them so they don't embarrass coz of her. She closed her eyes and let rain drops pouring her.



"It's rightly says rain hide pain, nobody get to know if people r crying or it rain drop"

"But Manvi eyes long before stop shedding tears so its rain drop who tell her true feeling".





Piya aaye Na


Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya


Manvi meet he is Ranveer Singhania, he is big industrialist. Please make clear his loan amount.



Manvi: Gimme the file, I'll check it.



Manvi: Sorry Sir we can sanction that amount as ur document is incomplete. But don't worries I'll talk to ur secretary and complete ur file and after that ur loan amount section.


Sab jhoothe jhoothe waade thhe unke

Chal peechhe peechhe aaya tu jinke

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh piya aaye na


Ranveer: Manvi I love U, can't love with u. Plz make my life.


Manvi: I'm sorry plz, I don't think about it yet.



One year later


Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ki tu dagar chhod de

Ab sabhi unn khwaabon ko tu khud hi tod de

Woh piya aaye na

Woh Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh.. piya aaye na


Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya


Har khata ki hoti hai koi na koi sazaa

Gham likhe ho kismat mein to ban hi jaati wajah

Ab sabhi gham ashqon mein simat se gaye

Ab sabhi aansu palkon se lipat se gaye

Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. Piya aaye na

Piya aaye na woh... piya aaye na


Ranveer: Manvi I know, U don't love me plz tell me when u commit somebody its only me.



Manvi: u love me so much Ranveer. I'm ready to marry u.



3 month later












Sach laga tha jo bewajah

Humko woh bharam ho gaya hai

Bhor aane thhe jis fasaane mein

Woh khatam ho gaya

Bhoole hum bhoole woh

Kaise sabse kahein baat yeh


Ab chalo hum dheere dheere bihal se gaye

Ab chalo hum jaise bhi ho sambhal se gaye

Woh piya aaye na

Woh.. piya aaye na (woh piya aaye na)

Piya aaye na...


Teri khata hai mere jiya

Teri khata hai mere jiya

Unnpe bharosa kyun tune kiya



Nooo open her eyes, her heart beats at abnormal speed, she stands like statue and her body is getting Cold


Meanwhile Musky went to inside as she starts sneezing or want hot coffee.


Rahul watch here and there when he shocked to see her. He runs towards her and hugs her. Manvi doesn't hug him back as she was numb at that moment.


When Rahul don't feel any moment or feels that her body is icy cold, he broke hug and see her eyes which is open but didn't blink and next moment she falls on him.


Rahul: Manvi open ur eyes patted on her back but doesn't get response. He carried her in his arms and takes her inside.




The whole scene played in front of a person who don't like that scene and went away from there.



I think this is more than long

Now I'm waiting for ur comment specially Kyatti and Shivali

Meets u next time I don't know

Sorry for all mistakes

Hit the like button and do comment if u feel

Be happy

Take care of urself

Jannat Smile

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madhuharini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Awesome update Jannat... really it's interesting. I love this part and it's a mind blowing long update

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tanishalnk Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear...u r to fab writter...I love trio bond

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pink1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
nice update and long update
u reveal half truth waiting for full
truth update soon

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nidakh Groupbie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 2:44am | IP Logged

wow 2 updates Smile

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virmanfan013 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 3:29am | IP Logged
jannat main aa gayiEmbarrassed haye you were waiting for my comment that's so sweet of youEmbarrassed
now coming to the update hayee maar dala..such a long update and i toh enjoyed it a lot..every bit of this part was superb. fab dialogue deleivery and everything is written so professionallyClapClap
starting from the part vadhera got the contract b'coz of manvi's intelligency and ranveer singhania ka toh bhanda bhi fod diya ROFL
aww poor ranveer kya kya socha tha bechare neEmbarrassed..hmm parshant has some doubts on manvi intresting..
encounter between ranveer and manvi was superbly ranveer is rajbeer's brother but still don't understand that what had done rajbeer with manvi i hope you will clear this confusion soon :p
and the person who was listening their convo i think was virat hainaEmbarrassed b'coz that's why he got ready to go with her in puneWink
aww again muskii and rahul both are so sweet Heart he takes so much care of manvi and love her alot. that's so sweet of them..haww in the end what happened to manvi and again someone watching them and don't like the scene. hmm kon ho sakta hai kon ho sakta hai bata do na pet mein dard ho raha hai. next part mein bataogi na pulease meri old sisy :*
eagerly waiting for the next part
thanx for the pm
tc love you Heart

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rasp_berry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 3:30am | IP Logged some hint abt the past...waiting fr her next move...cont soon

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