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DKDM-WU-24.06-Durgasur Bye, Ganeshji school jaaye!

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Mein aa gaiTongue
So as usual me the late latif is here..and today you cannot blame me for being that...Itney saare characters in ONE EpisodeWacko It is official now...CVs are trying to destroy Virtually which they could not destroy LITERALLYCry Srushtiii!!! Ab kya hoga teraOuch

Anyways we again have a new TrilokadhipatiShocked (When did this happen?...Jallu took all of 3 weeks and this one just hopped on the throneConfused) in his topless mahal and Kalratri coming to pass a message from Parvati...Ofcourse Durgasur aka new under the impression that the message is that Parvati wants to surrender...But Kal Ratri scolds her saying that in front of whole SRUSHTI kneels down...(True true..this time DKDM walas have got it right!) you are talking about her surrender. She tells him that you need to surrender or she will destroy him and this whole place...

Just look at this Asur..the guy looks like "What is she talking aboutTongue?"

Durgasur talks in a derogatory language and KalRatri takes a Raudra Swaroop...and tells Durgu to pack his bags and get ready to die

Durgasur racks his brains to come up with some brilliant foolproof plan and finally decides to attack Mahadev in Kashi where he is in his Baal Swaroop
Durgu first you to and get some decent hair dressers for you gang!! They look as if they have handed over live wires with 420 Watt Electricity supply!!!

Durgasur takes on a double role (Haye haye as if one Durgu was not enoughOuch) and one marches towards Kailash and the other towards Kashi along with his Chamchas...
The live audience are discussing about repurcussions on Durgu's move and Mahadev being bound by his promise of being an obedient bachaa...
Naradji decides to take the matters in his hands and lands up in the ashram of Vaishar and Suchimati and tells them that Mahadev has other business than running around being  their obedient son,,,Suchimati whose mati is brasht at the moment who blackmails telling Narad about his ignorance of losing a child and hence he would not understand the pain and blah blah...Naradji tries to instill some sense in them pointing out their selfishness, but apparently they dont see the sense!! So he vanishes!!

Parvati and KaalRatri...and the rest of the Mahadev clan (Without Mahadev ofcourse) ...Parvati decides that she will fight Durgu and KaalRatri merges in Parvati and we see the advent of Ma Durga!!!

In Kashi...Durgu comes and gives some random threats to Vaishar and Suchimati and tells them that he needs to kill the child
Grihapati asks his parents that if they permit him he can kill Durgu..but Suchimati whose Mati has gone brasht says that since they are brahmins they do not commit violence...(So what is the Grand Plan, Maatey?? let your son die??)

Suchimati then back-threats Durgu that to kill their child he would have to kill them first..and Durgu decides to oblige them..he pushes them off and announces that here he will kill the child and there he will conquer Kailash and laugh randomlyDead

At Kailash the other Durgasur and his platoon are ready and there comes Ma PArvati in form of Durga

Durgu laughs at this but PArvati says that she will fight alone with him..and he too will fight alone...

In Kashi Suchimati finally finds her mati and releases Mahadev of his promise and Durgasur who has gone deaf doesnot realize this it he advances Mahadev who promptly lifts him upLOL ( I love this chhotu child artist...he has given some fantastic expressions..ekdum naughty waleLOL)

The live audience is smiling seeing this as Mahadev throws Durgu aside...Mahadev comes in his original swaroop...
On this side Parvati and Durgasur and facing each other...and Durgu again gives a stupid laugh and tells her that he cannot die as he is blessed by Brahmaji...Parvati tells him to get his facts correct as she is Prakruti as she is neither Devta, Purush or Asur...Durgu takes multiple forms and so does Parvati..for every Durgu there is one Parvati killing him..Durgu watches this and gets all "Cheating cheating"  ...and starts the chang " I am Ammar" (
Oye are Durgasur...not Amar)

Parvati finally loses it as Durgasur comes to attack her...and kills him..the live audience is again smilingLOL
In Kashi...Mahadev also destroys the double role of Durgasur...

Message of the Day : Adoption
Mr. And Mrs. Suchimati fall at Mahadev's feet and ask that they cannot stop him but what about their pain...Mahadev tells them that you will find me in every child ...there are hundreds of children who want parents like you want a child...Go and adopt them...and when he will smile...I complete the life of an incomplete being and you will make your life worthwhile (Excellent...I have always wondered why people who cannot conceive go for this artificial insemination and other medical things rather than would be giving a child his home...Why deprive yourself of that??)


is standing on a cliff and remembering all his encounters with Mahadev ...he is shouting at the top of his voice and showing off his bodyTongue And then gives a pose right out of Fantastic Four (Where Victor gets his powers from electricity...DKDM wale CVs must be thinking that their audience is dehati not watching Angreji filamsTongue on a side DKDM sure was back on the photography angle...some real nice shots they had!!)

Vibhishan is all astonishment with this change in Ravan...Nanaji is proud of his grandsonConfused
Ravan is now randomly destroying places and then suddenly he is in form of the the GRAND RAAVAN (how the hell did he manage to find all the clothes and jewellery on the top of the mountainConfused)

He again shouts Mahadev and says that ab Srushti pe hoga Ravan RaajCry (Maine kya bigaada hai...kabhi asantulit, kabhi vinaash and kabhi Ravan Raj.. Waise I dont understand that why are tehy showing Ravan as some jilted Lover who is bent on burning the worldConfused)
Shivji is watching this and tells Parvati that they need to play their roles in the coming changing times...He says that he needs to talk to Ganesh...and E walks Ganubhaiya (Sooo sweet is his entry...all thumping wumping!!)
He starts demanding food, Mahadev says that till the time his mother gives him food, the father and son duo needs to discuss something... and takes him along...
Father and son come along at a far away point and (I love this shot)

Mahadev asks Gannubhai the importance Moon and Stars and everything (Mahadev, bhookhe bache ko kya kya sawal kar rahe hoLOL)
Gannubhaiya answers them correctly...Mahadev explains how all the factors of nature serve without expecting anything in return...and he will need to do the same in future...and spread Shubhta in the atmosphere...

Ravan and his grand grand father comes and asks Ravan about the destruction...he tells him that in place of Swarnabhavan he has decided to construct a place which will be the powercenter of all Asurs...His GGF..aka Grand Grand Father tells him that he had made it for Mahadev...Ravan says that his present has no place for his past..

His GGF says that if it doesnot have any place, then why is he Ravan and not Dashana...why does he need to destroy the Swarnabhavan...
They have an argument and Ravan in the end decides to destroy human kind as he has no protection from Humans in the boon given to him by Brahma...

Mahadev and PArvati are talking to Ganesh and Kartikeya respectively and separately...both are telling their  children that they need to go to a guru..both the children dont realize the signficance of a Guru and so the parents explain four type of Hrin...

Pitra Hrin, Brahma Hrin, Dev Hrin,  and Guru Hrin.. and to remove them is necessary to go to a Gurukul...Ganesh asks who will be their Guru...Mahadev tells them it will be Brihaspati..(Finally Brihaspatiji will have ideal pupils)
Mahadev indicates the time for Yuganter!

Precap: Mahadev singing lullaby to chhotu Ganesh and we see the Grown up Ganesh promo (Haye haye I am gonna miss this chhotu motu Ganesh!)

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first of all ur title made me laugh like hell ROFL

Superb update.. I would say... ClapClapClap

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Shrushti, thanks for the update!

The Trilokpati thing - I thought that Nahusha inherited that once Jalandhar was dead and Indra abdicated his claims on the deva throne.  In other words, Nahusha is still that, since he did not turn it over to Durgasura.  So how does the latter become that indeed?

Narada is really the most irritating PITA in this serial.  When Mahadev has himself handed over the reins of Kailash to Parvati, who the hell is he to go and lecture Suchimati & Vishwanar to release Tripathi? Angry If he doesn't understand Leeladhar's leelas, he should get the hell out of the way - why does Narayan repeatedly allow him to go anywhere he likes and be a loose cannon? Angry

Kalratri was fine, but if she's talking about the duties of a messenger, she ought to have restricted herself to just delivering the message.  Yeah, Parvati too didn't help things by sending a messenger who was just going to arouse Durgasura - maybe sending Nandi might have been a better idea.  At any rate, it was funny to see Durgasura propose to Kalratri - I wonder what was her reason for refusing LOL

Durgasura duplicating himself I didn't get - how does that work?  Only one is real, and if the real one gets killed, the fake one, which is a creation of maya, is automatically destroyed.  So once Parvati killed Durgasura, wouldn't that have automatically taken care of the one Tripathi was struggling w/?  Another big thing - didn't Parvati get the name Durga after slaying Durgum (if we are to assume that Durgum & Durgasura were the same asura)?  So how does she tell him that she is Durga?  "I will slay you and your name will be mine"? LOL

Both Vishwanar & Suchimati know that Tripathi is Mahadev himself, and as such bhakts of Shiva, it just defied any logic that they'd be scared of Tripathi getting killed by Durgasura.  Equally irrelevant was their telling Tripathi that he was a Brahmin - maybe he is, but Mahadev is not a Brahmin - he's casteless and can do anything.  Also, Suchimati could have simply allowed Tripathi to fight Durgasura w/o releasing him from their family.  Also, if Mahadev could give them this bit of wisdom about adopting a son and loving him - a beautiful message - couldn't he have done it b4 he decided to join their family?

The battle - in all the battles involving Ma Durga, she's fought and slaughtered her enemies w/ her various weapons - in this serial, she just vaporizes them.  W/ Mahishashur, she fought him alone in this serial, and so far, she hasn't fought Shumbha & Nishumbha, just Dhoomralochan & some other messengers.  In today's battle, she just vaporized Durgasura's army (unlike Mahadev, who left Jalandhar's army intact) before fighting him.

Once Durgasura was dead, the rest of the episode was pretty dull.  Ravan's antics just didn't make any sense, and he is now becoming an annoying distraction - honestly, they'd do well to drop any ideas of showing Ramayan in this show, since it's totally tangential to the story about Mahadev.

On Kartikeya's & Ganesh's gurukul education, a lot of questions came up.  First of all, was Brihaspati ever their guru?  Weren't they taught by Mahadev himself?  Also, Kartikeya went through a complete education b4 he fought Tarakasura - how does it make sense to send him to a guru now, especially since they've shown him w/ Meenakshi becoming the chieftain of the south - whatever happened to Senapati Murugan?  The new Ganesh that they show should look younger than Rushi.  Similarly, Ganesh too has undergone a lot of learning, as shown in this serial.  So why send them to Brihaspati now?  DkDM doesn't know what they want to show us next?

Mahadev singing a lullaby to Ganesh?  Let me get this straight - he beheads him when he's just a few days old, and now,  after all these years, he sings him a lullaby? Wacko  Anyway, thank you Sadhil for entertaining us, and good luck towards your future.

Anyway, the serial is getting dull from here - I'm not excited about any of the future events.  Ganesh's marriage could be interesting if Kartikeya's precedes it.  The Ravan track is totally boring, and so is this new one about sending Ganesh & Kartikeya to Gurukul.  Why not instead show us the Ayappa and Manasa Devi tracks, and introduce other members of Mahadev's family?

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Thanks For The Update.
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When Parvati gave away Shiva to Brahma's sons through Kalpavirisha and got him back. She supposedly said you will be guru of Ganesh in future, isn't it? Anyone remember that here ? Now Shiva tells brahaspathi is guru. Contradiction.

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Thanks for the update srushti 
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Don't understand the need for Karthik and Ganesh to be send away to gurukul after so many years. Looked very odd. The epi was very dull yesterday. Too much of expectations built but not living up to anything. 

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The Maha epi was a maha flop affair nothing impressed or touched. Sona's Durga avatar was good but too short and thereafter everything boring. Ermm

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