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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

The Bhatnagar Chronicles #9: Kabira

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he Bhatnagar Chronicles: 


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on behalf of NBTNMKK 2 Dev Team

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Mohan shows Megha the arrangements for the guests and proceeds to show her the wedding stage on which Nanhi will take her wedding vows with Beera. When Megha asks her if he remembers his vows, Mohan initially denies remembering them, but the next moment takes Megha's hand and together they take their '7 pheras' once again, thereby renewing their vows and promises to one another.

Next morning, Nanhi's 'haldi ceremony' begins. Everyone applies turmeric on her. Ved Vyas and Saroj Vyas arrive and everyone is overjoyed. Renu questions as to who will do Beera's 'haldi   'since there is no woman in his family. Ragini takes them to their house for the 'haldi ceremony' and is shocked to see people still sleeping in the courtyard and no sign of celebration in the house. Shekhar Sharma and Saand wake up on hearing them and rouse the others. Daddaji and Beera come out on hearing the commotion and are shocked to see them, but decide to go with the flow and let them carry on with their ceremony. When Renu points out that the house looks really unprepared for a wedding, Beera tells them that they didn't get time to deck up the house since the decision to start the wedding party was taken last night only. He assures them that the wedding party will arrive on time with pomp and everyone gets convinced.

In the Vyas house, Mohan gifts a bell to Nanhi asking her to ring it anytime she needs help. At Beera's house, Daddaji questions his resolve on letting Navika's family members precede with the 'haldi ceremony'. When Ragini tried to protest, Daddaji tells her that everything was a plan to avenge his insult from Navika - Beera won't marry her. Beera tells them that he allowed them to carry on their ceremonies so that the blow will come harder when he wont reach in time for the wedding. At the Vyas house, Megha dresses up Nanhi, who asks her if she remembers her promise of moving in with Mohan. Mohan dresses up Jigri, who gets agitated on remembering Beera and Daddaji together, but Mohan ignores his clues.

Ragini calls up Munna and informs him of Daddaji and Beera's plans of ditching Navika. Munna asks her to bring Beera to the wedding venue somehow and he will see to it that the wedding happens. At the Vyas house, Ved ji and Saroj ji receive the guests but worry at the delay of the wedding party. Aarti tries to contact Beera over phone but gets upset when his phone comes switched off. She tells about it to Mohan who gets tensed but cooks up an excuse for Nanhi's sake. A worried Mohan calls up Ragini who tries to warn him but is stopped by Daddaji. When Daddaji scold her and Beera try to justify his actions, Ragini suggest him a better way of revenge ' go for the wedding and insult Navika at the right time in front of everyone.

At the Vyas house, Ved ji advises Mohan to maintain good relation with Daddaji at least for the wedding, even if they are at loggerheads otherwise. At this moment, Daddaji calls them up and says that they would be late. Mohan gets mad but Megha pacifies him. Ragini calls up Munna and informs him that she had somehow convinced them to reach the wedding venue, but not for marriage. Munna assures her that he will see to it that the wedding happens; nothing can come between him and his goals - not Beera, not even his own sister.

Jigri spots Munna and freaks out; he points towards Munna and keeps calling him Addu, thereby fully confirming Mohan's beliefs. When Mohan shows him a mirror, Jigri points to himself and calls out Munna and breaks down. Addu enters the Vyas house and gets emotional on seeing his family members- his grandparents, jiji bua and Megha, who walks past him. He greets her and asks for Mohan. Megha feels him familiar. Addu gets emotional remembering his childhood. He guides a guest to the washroom correctly which doesn't escape Mohan's eyes. Addu cooks up an excuse in defense and Mohan takes him to meet the bride. Addu gets emotional in front of Nanhi and Mohan asks her to tie him a turban as he's like a brother to her. When the wedding party arrives, Mohan takes him to welcome them. Mohan calls for Jigri to welcome them but he gets agitated on seeing Daddaji and runs away. Addu then garlands Beera and hugs him. Daddaji and his cronies are taken aback to see him side with Mohan. Daddaji and Mohan get into a verbal tiff when the former ask him to bend down for being the bride's family. Mohan replies that daughters are the most precious things of their families and are given away with dignityClap.

Ragini informs Addu that Beera is planning to ditch Nanhi during the 'jaymala'. Addu concludes that Beera would actually perform the 'jaymala' and has a bigger plan up his sleeve. True to his prediction; Beera completes the 'jaymala' ceremony. Daddaji next hurries about completing the wedding rituals and tells the priest to start the 'pheras' immediately without going into detailed rituals. At Ved ji's request, Daddaji agrees to let the wedding happen with full rituals. Beera and Nanhi get seated at the wedding alter and Ragini ties the knot. She tells Addu that she has no idea of their next plans, except that they are going to humiliate Navika and Addu promises that he will make the wedding happen to prevent any humiliation to her. Mohan tells Megha that he's finding Beera's behavior fishy but Megha brushes it off.

The priest calls the bride's parents for 'kanyadaan' and Mohan asks permission from Rimjhim if he can be Nanhi's father for that moment. Rimjhim readily agrees, overjoyed at the thought of them playing husband-wife. Mohan and Megha do the 'kanyadaan' and the priest next ask the bride and groom to stand up for the 'pheras'. Mohan brings in Addu for the next set of rituals. Everyone get up including Nanhi but Beera remains in his place.

Meghan looking mandap and Mohan takes Megha to mandap
Mohan holds Megha hand and starts walking around the "agni kund". This scene reminded us of Meghan's Marriage. They speak about their responsiblities as parents and remembring about the past promises.
Mohan says he gives her his house and his wealth, and that she should accept it and take care of their family. And he promises that he will always protect their family.

Megha Continues by saying Megha says no matter what happens I will always stand with you.At last Mohan says that they will live peacefully with each other. And Megha says they had suffered all odds together. Mohan promises that in return they would never separate.
Finally Mohan and Megha hug each other .
This Whole Sequence was literally like Meghan's 2nd marriage.


This week was high on drama and low on lighter moments. But still one moment managed to tickle the funny bone when Mohan and Renu started bickering over the AC in the 18th June episode. It's the wedding night for Beera and Nanhi and all guests have arrived at the Vyas house. Renu, as usual, is decked up like a Christmas tree with the maximum make-up and jewelry and started complaining on feeling hot and suffocating in the crowd couldn't Mohan arrange for a few ACs for her? all her makeup is on the verge of melting down now ! why such stinginess? everyone is amused and Vedji asks Mohan to arrange a cooler for her but Mohan tells him that all the ACs are already on, it's just that Renu bhabhi has become too fatty to be cooled by an ACLOL. Renu flares up Megha, tell him not to irritate me ! and Megha stops Mohan from passing any other remark on her.

Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Megha, Mohan and Rimjhim scene get the "awwish scene of the week", where Mohan sweetly asks Rimjhim whether he can be Navika's paapu for the ceremony as its very important to her, to which Rimjhim asks Mohan whether her Dance mam and her Paapu are husband and wife and when Mohan nods his head she puts  Megha's hand in Mohan's and goes away happily giving both of them a kiss.Smile

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Mohan To Tilakdhari:
Beti Haath Jod Kar Par Sar Utha Kar Di Jaati Hai Tilakdhari..Apne Ghar Ka Sukh Hasii Apni Sabse Kimti Cheez De Raha Hoon Tumhe..Jo Itna Sab Kuch De De Chota Nahi HotaClap

The only one who made Beera's wedding to Navika possible was Ragini, the one who played a major role by getting her mother's ring for engagement, by instigating Beera and taking him to the Vyas house for the wedding and by making Beera realise how much the Bhatnagars love him indirectly, surely deserve to be the character of the week.

Goes to the bride, Navika.
She looks absolutely stunning in her wedding costume.

In 17th June episode, we got to see that Megha was wearing a 'Short Earring' in close-up scenes Embarrassed but the right next moment inside same scene, from backside shots, she had really 'Long Earring' LOL

Bheja Fry Scene of the week has to be the one where Dadda and his gang were dressed up alongwith Beera and Dadda does Tilak Rasam of Beera before they leave for Baarat. That one moment was totally bheja fry moment, with Dadda again repeating his old evil lines of revenge and that how proud he is, as Beera proved he's his blood afterall, and what he's doing with Mohan and Navika Bhatnagar - to take revenge for the insult of his dadda. I guess we have already listened to these dialogues by beera n dadda quite a number of times now. The moment was so boring amd nothing to be cheered or happy about or which could interest the audience. Neither the negative evil look suited Beera, nor was there any confidence in Dadda's dialogues. Everything seemed low and forced.

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by -krazyriya-

Here is your gift:

by -krazyriya-

Here is your gift:

by liza81

Here is your gift

Direct Link:

Here is your gift:

Mangalyam tantunanena...mama jeevana hetuna
by Lekz

Here is your gift:

MM FF || Lost Faith || Ch 4, Pg, 15 [22/6]
by -MohanKiMeera-

Here is your gift:

by Hansa

Here is your gift:


Here is your gift:

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bahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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I'm going to give this week 6/10. 6 marks are for the lovely scenes between Mohan-Megha loved the private saat phere beautiful scene when Mohan gave the bell to Nanhi, loved the scene between Nanhi- Mohan- Munna/Addu Clap I've deducted 4 marks because this week has had no story development and the wedding track is dragging a lot Sleepy D'ohI hope this wedding finishes ASAP.

This week we got to see continuation of Navika-Beera's wedding ceremonies. There were only few good scenes. Story moved at a slow pace. Beera's negative act failed to impress me. I'm sure many people would agree with me if I say Siddharth is not good in negative roles. But at the same time Kanwar look villainous from head to toe In fact his character confuses me a lot. He gets emotional seeing his family, his mother & sister but at the same time he puts Navika's life at stake for his motives.

Now I feel Addu's character needs redemption which can happen only if he takes control of dadda's business, destroys it & exposes him. However, he should also get punishment for all his evil doings. This story can't move on his baseless hatred for Mohan. That would be illogical & very ektaish. I hope CVs bring something innovative instead of taking Mother India kind of route where Megha is forced to disown Addu.

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FINALLY #9 newsletter is up. Kudos to everyone, who is part of NL and also kudos to everyone who support our work. Embarrassed
We have got some new members as well. Heartely welcome to you guys. Looking forward to work with you allBig smile
Good to see that almost everyone, as been able to send their sections on time! This time we got various responds on each sections.. I'm personally really happy the way our newsletter has been made. Hope you guys like it as well.
Next NL will be our 10th. Looking forward for that one. Big smile

REMEMBER: Next NL will be focused on 1st - 5th July. So you can relax the whole next weekWink.

Happy Sunday everyoneHug

Your Baki,.-

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Wonderful awesome write up/newsletterClap
Totally love it. This is teh first newsletter I am reading in this forum. Now will have to look for othersSmile

I want to see how they show Mohan and real Addu bond. I think Addu should help Mohan in bringing  own daddaji and not shown doing it on his own. That will have a lot of scope of showing their bonding moments

And I agree, there shld not be the cliched Mother india moment in NBT. They shld show something diff 

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Moner_Radio IF-Rockerz

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baki :

 thank you for putting up the NL. kudos to everyone who put in their efforts in compiling the NL. and congratulations to all winners in their respective categories people rock !Clap

my personal opinion about this week is that the CVs are trying to compensate for the break-neck speed at which they were moving the story even a few weeks back and hence have slowed down the pace of the story now. so even though i got irritated at the beginning of the week, i'm kinda okay with it now. but nevertheless, the wedding day drama has been stretched for over a week now and needs to be wrapped up ASAP.

about the characters, beera looks as confused as ever and is hardly convincing in his negative avatar. looking forward to more ragini scenes and her interaction with Mohan and his family in the days to come. munna aka jigri is too adorable, hope he doesnt meet a fatal end at the hands of Tilakdhari.

and about munna aka addu, please provide us a logical and believable reason of his hatred towards mohan. coz it cant happen that he hates him just coz he's a 'stepdad ' and refused to support him in his manipulative misdeeds as a child. a grown up addu is harsh,bitter and full of anger due to the cruelties of life he faced since childhood for 12yrs. but please dont try to forgive him or justify his misdeeds ( attempting murder on mohan and the Jhansi fiasco over news of addu's death ) on this basis. i would want to see him get punished for this. also, mohan should stop taking blames and insults on himself in case any mishap happens.

thats all.

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