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ArSha OS: In Love

moon_cupcake IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Hey guys, I'm here with another challenged OS. It's an ArSha OS challenged by Madhu. It's my first work on ArSha and so my fingers are crossed. I hope you guys like it. 

~~~~~In Love~~~~~

"Uffo guys hurry up, we're already late" Shantannu yelled at the girls who were still getting ready.

The Dil Dosti Dance cast and crew was invited to the Indian Telly Awards and it was their second year of nomination in it. The guys were ready and were waiting for the girls who were busy in giving themselves a final touch up.

"Just 5 more minutes" vrushika replied from the girls changing room.

"From the past 30 minutes you girls keep saying only 5 more minutes" said an irritated Archie.

"Exactly, I wonder when will these 5 minutes of yours arrive" Macci said.

The guys were hell irritated. Who wouldn't be when you tell them that they need to attent an awards show after a hectic schedule? 

"We're done" All the girls said in unison flaunting themselves.

"Ah! Finally" Amar said.

"Now let's leave guys else we'll reach after the awards show end" Amar continued.


They were having a nice time enjoying those performances by talented artists and also the not so good bromance by Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy. After a small gimmick by the latter two the host announced about a spectacular performance coming up.

"Get ready guys to join the world of dance. Dil thaam ke baithye kyunki inn dono ki performance dekh kar aapke host udd jayenge. "Wow" jaise words bhi kam padenge. So here we present a duet by the two talented and professional dancers Shakti and Salmaan."

The audience burst into cheerings and hootings waiting for them to begin. The D3 gang was surprised as they didn't have any idea about Shakti performing. More than them was Amar stunned. He and Shakti almost everyday spoke to each other and never did she once mention about it. Moreover he was kind of upset as she hadn't picked up any of his call from the past two days.

Shakti and Salmaan were splendid together. They surely set fire on the stage with their breath grabbing moves. Not even a single person refrained from applauding for them. Amar felt a sort if uneasiness. He constantly shifted in his seat while watching them performing together. When ever Salmaan touched her or he lifted her, a prang if jealousy arose within him. He was confused as to why was he jealous on seeing them together. He couldn't decipher about his own feelings towards Shakti.

After the awards ended, the gang was feeling a bit low as they had lost the award to The Buddy Project. 

To cheer them up, Vrushika spoke "Guys let's go and meet Shakti. I haven't met her once."

"Yeah let's go" Samentha said.

Fortunately they found her near the backstage engaged with a group of girls.

"Hey shaks" Priyanka said grabbing her attention.

Shakti excused herself and rushed towards the gang and hugged each one of them individually. At the last she hugged amar which was longer when compared to others.

"Ahem! Not fair shakti. A short hug for us and a tight and long one for amar" Macci teased them. 

A slight pinkish tinge formed on her cheeks.

"Oh ho, try and understand yaar. He's her kunwar so special treatment toh banta hai" Bharat joined Macci.

Both Amar and Shakti were feeling embarrassed as well as shy.

"Guys enough!" Amar said trying to sound serious.

"So shaks, how have you been?" Shantannu asked.

"I'm absolutely good. What about you people?"

"Same like before, hectic schedules, rehearsals etc etc" Archie said.

"I know...kunwar keeps telling me about you guys"

Suddenly her phone rang and she exused herself from there.

"I think even we should leave" Vrinda said. Everyone agreed to it and left. But Amar excused himself saying that he has some important work with Shakti. 

Finally Amar found Shakti in the make up room. He heard her giggling. As he neared further his eyes boiled in rage on seeing Shakti and Salmaan together. Salmaan's hands were placed on her waist and he whispered something in her ears to which she blushed. He carefully tried to evasdrop inside.

"You know you look so cute when you blush" Salmaan said.

"Salmaan!" Shakti said in a serious tone but all in vain.

"Oh please. You can't pretend in front of me. Why don't you say him?"

"Say what??"

Amar could not hear their conversation properly but he guessed that Salmaan wanted to say something at least he thought so.

"Say him I love you".

Amar's blood boiled when he heard Salmaan saying I love you. He couldn't hear the previous words spoken by Salmaan. In fury he left from there. Due this action of his the door banged against the wall. By the time Salmaan and Shakti reached there, he had left leaving them clueless behind.


The next day Amar could not concentrate on any of his work. Every one was stunned on seeing him so disturbed and restless. He had taken many retakes to complete one scene.

"Amar what's wrong with you?? Where are you lost??" Palki yelled being irritated with his work today.

"Uh actually Palki I don't feel any good today. Can I take a day off only if you permit?"

Sighing in frustration Palki accepted his plea and let him take a leave.


After a lot of pondering over his thoughts, amar finally decided to visit Shakti. He had to confront her. He didn't know what was right or wrong. All he knew was he strongly felt attracted to her. It was just an attraction but much more than that.

After a few rings of the bell, Mukti opened the door and was surprised to see Amar.

"What a lovely the way kaise yaad aayi humari?" Mukti slyly asked.

"Actually I realized that it had been so many days I didn't have the dose of Mohanpanti, so I thought why not surprise you guys." Amar replied with his hands in his pockets and his face adorned with his usual killer smile.

"Ah! I come in"

As Amar entered the hall he was shocked on seeing Salmaan present there too.

"Hey Shaks" He greeted her with a smile ignoring the presence of Salmaan. Both of them hugged tight not wanting to leave the other.

"Ahem ahem! Guys even I'm there" Salmaan interrupted.

"Hey buddy" Amar gave him a side hug while faking a smile.

"Acha kiya jo tum aagaye. Now we can spend some time together." Shakti said.

"Yeah, I thought the same but yahan toh already kabab mein haddi hai." Amar muttered under his breath.

All of them were watching a movie but amar felt out of the place. He felt hurt and upset as well as insecure too. He felt as if Salmaan had occupied his place in Shakti's life.

His heart was scalding at the rate of a bullet. Unable to control his emotions any longer he spoke "Shaks I need to talk to you now." 

"Dude, you can talk later. Let's first watch the movie" salmaan said.

"You stay out of this and Shaks I need to talk to yoh right now" He said sternly.

Everyone was shocked on hearing such tone from Amar as he never spoke in such manner.

"Kunwar is everything..." Before Shakti could complete Amar furiously pulled her along with him. Now this raged Shakti.

Once they entered her room, he bolted the door and then turned his attention towards Shakti.

"What the hell kunwar? What were you thinking when you were doing this?"

Instead of replying, he questioned her back. "What the hell were you doing with that b*****d Salmaan?"

"Shut up kunwar. How dare you call Salmaan a b*****d?"

"Oh you felt bad when I called your boyfriend a b*****d."

"He is not my boyfriend" Shakti almost shouted.

"Oh yeah? Then why were you blushing when he confessed his love, yesterday??"

"You were the one at the door?"

"That is not my answer"

"I don't owe an answer to you" Saying this Shakti proceeded to leave. But Amar pulled her back with force such that both of them fell on the bed with Amar atop of her.

"Kunwar let me go." She wriggled under his grip to free herself but all in vain.

"Not until you tell me what's cooking between you two" he whispered in her ears making her breathe unevenly. He started planting a trail of peppery kisses on her neck.

"That's none of your business" She tried to reply with confidence but couldn't. He had a strong effect on her.

"It is. Everything related to you is my business."

"Your business should be connected with Charlie; your girl friend." Shakti replied furiously.

"We broke up six months back" He stated simply.

"What? But why?"

He didn't bother to reply to her and continued to plant kisses. He kissed her on her eyes and then on her cheeks.

"Kunwar I'm asking you some thing." She said sternly.

"Can't you just stay quiet for a moment." He asked irritatedly.

"Why should I? You expect me to answer you but I shouldn't even question you".

"What do you want me answer?" He asked furiously.

"Why did you and Charlie break up?" 

"Because I realized that I'm In Love with you." he almost yelled irately.

"You what?" She asked in disbelief.

"I love you" he replied softly.

Unable to express her happiness, Shakti pulled him into a wild kiss leaving him dumbfound for a moment. Soon, he joined into the kiss. Their kiss depened with every passing second. Their tongues clashed with each other trying to dominate the other. After what they felt like eternity, they pulled back.

Amar grinned widely whereas Shakti just gave him a shy smile. 

"I love you too" Shakti replied. Amar's smile spread even more wide but soon turned into a frown.

"But why was Salmaan proposing you??"

"He was compelling me to profess my love to you" Shakti said to which Amar made an 'O' shaped face.

"Oh, never mind" saying this he pulled her into another passionate kiss.

So how's it? I hope Madhu I stood up to your expectations.

Do hit the like tab and leave your reviews. Criticisms are welcomed as well.

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Yes. . .finaly i got my OS. . .
Yupie. . .. . . .
Mannu dekh-dekh sab OS aur itne unique idea ki kitni taarif ker rahe h. ,
aakhir idea kiska tha??
*patting my back*

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Res :-D :-D . .
Its a res 4 nw. .unres baad mein.paka.. . . . . . . . .
Unres. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wow. . . . . . .
The OS was superb. . . .
Jaisa socha tha bikul waisa hi. . . . .
I totaly totaly lovd it. . .
The fuming and jeolus amar was awsome. . .
Aww. . . . . . .and last part,it was super awsome. . . .
I lovd the way they cnfssd. . .ek dum mast. . . . .
I totaly lovd it. . , .
Mannu. . . .
Dekh,aise mast -mast os likha ker,u realy rock in it. .sachi keh rai hu. . .

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bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
i hate u Jeery tu na baat mat kar doo res kyu marey
partner now this is cheating main nahi kroogi comment pout

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Effacious IF-Dazzler

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Tera PM dekh k phle mje lga ki phr koi sad OS as soon as i realized ki its on Arsha..i jst ran to read it.. LOL
coming to the OS... Haayyyeee... It was awesomeee... Big smile
ITA Awards... Wat an idea Madhu..or Mannu...jiska bhi idea hai... Big smile
i wish...i wish ye dono kaash ek saath ho jaaye... Pata ni in dono ko kyu ni dikhta kuch... :/
in all... Lovely... Beautiful OS...
I toh full on enjoyed..!!! Embarrassed

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res plz Big smileBig smileClap
kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged

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