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Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed
Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed

|Punar Vivah-ENU Times #2: Jeene Laaga Hoon|

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Hello All Wonderful Readers, This week myself and Alina brings to you the 2nd edition of 
Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed Times 
"Jeene Lagga Hoon"
I will be putting all parts of this NL as my Ally is sick. Get well soon Alina, missing you.

Moving on, Our hero Karan aka Raj celebrated his 31 birthday on the 22 June, Happy Birthday to him ( Do wish him here :. Happy Birthday To Dashing Karan V Grover .:).

Thanks to all memeber who helped who volunteer and complied various sections!.Hug.

And also Thanks To all those who appreciated and commented on our first edition.HugWe really do appreciated it

Also, we have added two new section to our NL, i.e Twiter (Tweet) Of The Week and Article of the week which is done by SushantFan_Afss & Alina respectively.

Without, no further delay.
Welcome To Our 2nd Edition
Jeene Lagga Hoon


Banner: .sio.angel.
Graphics: .sio.angel. , iLoveSobti- & Vishakha_Sakhi
Layout: -Alina. & -Amanda-
Summary of the Week: sia_lovely
Scene of the Week: mishtigc
Dialogue of the Week: 
Aww Moment of the Week: mishtigc 

Funny Scene of the Week: Vishakha_Sakhi
Raj-Divya Moment of the Week: Priyamvada
Raj-Sarita Moment of the Week: Vishakha_Sakhi
Souten Scene of the Week: SushantFan_Afss
Character of the Week: mishtigc
Most Irritating Character of the Week: harianjana
Performance of the Week: radev24 
Dress of the Week: Roshini1494
Song of the Week: Priyamvada
Picture of the Week: Roshini1494
Offscreen Masti Moment of the Week: -Alina.
Siggie of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
Avi/Animated Picture of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
VM of the Week: SushantFan_Afss
Fiction (OS/SS/FF) of the Week: harianjana
Most Active Thread of the Week: radev24
Most Active Member of the Week: -Alina.
Rating of the Week: SushantFan_Afss
Blooper of the Week: -Amanda-
Prediction of the Week: stacyellowz
Message to the Makers: harianjana

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:43am | IP Logged

Hello people!! Another week and some more drama, twists and more dhamakasWink!! Let's take a quick recap of what happened in the previous week!! Big smile

The week starts off with another session of Kamla's rants to her sautan aka Sundari, as to how Sohanlal still loves his wife and Dadi having a gala time enjoying her Haryanvi phatphati's tanasWinkLOL! Meanwhile after seeing Divya and Raj together in room, Suspicious Sarita is again feeling insecure and angry.Ouch (And she is near the well, pulling out buckets after buckets of water. Seems this place is where everyone removes their frustration by filling buckets of water! Remember last time we had Raj doing this and now...WinkLOL) Sorry. Coming back, Devi Divya comes to her and explains that it's not an easy task for her to doBroken Heart and Sarita will have to keep some patience to see the results coming out. She hatches a plan and discusses the same with Sarita. In the breakfast table, Divya sneakily writes a note to Raj in a tissue paper and gets the same to him in the pretext of serving gulab jamuns(yummy!!)Wink. Raj reads the note and keeps to himself (smart guyWink). As the night comes, Divya and Sarita are waiting for Raj as per their planDay Dreaming, when they see candles lit inside Raj's shop. Divya goes in to meet Raj, after reassuring an insecure Sarita. Devi Divya enters the shop and Raj closes the shutterEmbarrassed, much to Sarita's dislike and Divya's surprise. Romeo Raj starts pouring his heart out, his anger, his agony on waiting 10 years for herCry!! (Tadap tadap se iss dil se aah nikalti rahi, mujhko saza di pyaar ki aisa kya gunah kiya ke lutt gaye!Ke lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mainBroken Heart)  Divya feels pained on seeing her Raj still loving so madly. Broken Heart She asks him as to why he loves her so much and why he doesn't feel the same for his wife, with whom he has been staying for 10 yrs Question To this, Raj replies that for him love happens only once and he has loved Divya! Meanwhile outside, Suspicious Sarita climbs up on some scrap drums and manages to peep inside through a hole to listen their conversationErmm. Inside the shop, Divya feels distressed on seeing Romeo Raj's condition and confesses that she has come back for him, breaking her marriage. Sarita feels stunned Shocked(Yeh Plan main nahi tha kya?? Yeh Shock kyun huwi then???D'oh)

On hearing Divya's confession and seeing Raj hug Divya tight, Sarita is heartbroken and completely distraught!Broken HeartCry In the meantime Divya pours out her feelings on how she too had been waiting to meet him since the last 10 yearsDay Dreaming, how the responsibilities bogged her down yet she didn't forget to remember him every moment...and when she came back, she found him marriedShockedRomeo Raj explains that he was blackmailed by his parents to get married but he is completely Pure(Oops, I mean he has kept his vow of celibacy and not betrayed Divya!Tongue) Devi Divya now starts building her cooked upKahani. She cites that her real reason to break her marriage and come back to Raj is a prophecy made by an Acharya whom she reveres and believes a lot. And according to that prophecy, Sarita would be dying in the next month.Shocked Raj is shocked to his bones on hearing this and refuses to believe any such prophecy! Devi Divya is glad on seeing Raj so disturbed and angry after hearing the news and ponders that Raj's such reaction has given her more support to go ahead with her plansBig smile! Meanwhile back in house, Detective Sundari is keeping her brains busy by wondering if there is anyPurana rishta between Raj and DivyaD'oh. She furtively goes in to check Divya but doesn't find her in room.Shocked The entire family gathers up and is shocked to know the same. Sohanlal thinks of calling the cops but Detective Sundari warns him of the repercussions and he gives up. As the whole family is about to begin the 'Divya dhundo abhiyan', Divya comes in and calmly informs that she had just gone for a midnight walkTongue. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and Haryanvi Phatphatigets down to doing the ritual of removing bad luck from Divya. (Buri Nazar tera mooh Kamla...oops, KalaLOL) Seeing this Sheela mocks that in pampering the 'Eshtar of the house', everyone is forgetting the real bahu of the house, who is also not to be found anywhere.Haryanvi Phatphati mutters that she may have run away but Detective Sundari spots Sarita coming in and announces proudlyCool. Sarita limps in and Kamla again starts her phatphati of taunts but Dadi marofyes a break on it. As everyone retires to their rooms, Sarita decides to speak to Divya right away as to what is her real intention? MeanwhileDevi Divya is out in the courtyard, praying to  Tulsi so as to give her strength in facing her love while carrying out her missionErmm(Itni Shakti hume dena daata, man ka vishwas kamzor ho na!!) Away from all this nautanki of Jakotiya nivasis, Raj is still unable to believe at the prophecy about Sarita Shocked and wonders why is he so disturbed about the same??D'oh Socho Socho Raj jee...zara dimaag ke ghode daudao!


Sarita comes to Divya and asks her whether Raj was happy on hearing about the news of her death??ShockedOuch Devi Divyasmiles and answers her that instead he refused to believe it and was disturbed on hearing the same.Big smile She reassures Sarita that she will have her husband once their plan is successful. (Main tulsi tere aangan ki...koi nahi tere saajan ki!!Indeed Divya has now become the tulsi of their house. Earlier she was also referred to as mehendi during the ceremony suggesting that her task is to just color others life and go away -- Kaam Mehendi ka to gairon ke kaam aana hai!!)CryThe next morning, Raj's hare brained sisters' want to learn make up tips from Divya and asks them to make their faces up Wacko! Raj who is watering the pot plants nearby doesn't miss this chance and diverts his gaze to DivyaEmbarrassed. Sarita notices this as she is getting down the stairs; her heart cringes in painBroken Heart and feet slips down the stairsShocked. However, our hero Raj Starsaves her in nick of time before she falls upon a sharp objectEmbarrassed. Sarita is unbelievably happy to see that her husband saved her and couldn't just stop staring at him with love filled eyesDay DreamingBlushing!Raj makes Sarita sit down and inquires whether she is hurt!(Big smile O very happy in my heart dil Dance Mare re!!!!)  Haryanvi Phatphati jumps in and rants about the object to have broken, to which Raj replies that humans are more important than ObjectsClap; this leaves Sarita in cloud nine!!(Dil Dance Maare, Dance Maare...HeartDancing) Phatphati Kamala and Lalchi Sohanlal plan to have a muhdikhayi ceremony for Divya, dreaming that someday she will become their DIL!! (Sapne suhane budhape ke!WinkLOL) Meanwhile Divya goes to Raj who is exercising (looking hot in vest!!Day DreamingEmbarrassed) and tries to reinforce the prophecy of Sarita dying a month, by relating to the accident. However, Raj rubbishes it away and tells her that he instead wishes them to do Punar Vivah of Sarita and then come together.D'oh (Lo Karlo baat ise kehte hain twist!) This leaves Divya shocked!!Shocked (So who's punar vivah will it be then??) 

Lalchi Sohanlal puts forth his suggestion of having a muh-dikhayi in front of Devi Divya and she ponders that this would give her the best chance to bring SaRa together and agrees to the suggestionCoolDetective Sundari (now Advisor Sundari) comes to a floor wiping Sarita and warns her to keep Divya away from Raj's life because the blot called 'other woman' is hard to wipe off! (Dekho Dekho kaun bol raha hai! If she is so considerate and compassionate why did she herself take the tag of home-wrecker?Angry) Meanwhile Devi Divya is busy planning a Jhumar girao plot with her industry walafriend (who is sweating hard at her plots/plans!) Back in Jakotiya Nivaas, Laalchi Babuji and Phatphati Mataji are busy in dreaming about uniting RaVya and merging Divya's wealth with their's!(Apna Sapna Money Money).Silly When Divya returns, she discloses about her plans to Sarita who apologizes to doubt so much on the Devi, when the Devi is sacrificing so much for them! Thumbs Up Devi Divya says it's natural for a wifey to feel so and asks her to get dressed up. (See, Devi is mahaan!!)However, Suspicious Sarita's worries never seem to end and she sweetly gifts a pair of anklets to Divya, and even puts them on Devi's feet (erm'..ahem, well, this scene actually reminded me of someone from CB Land, I am sure you know who I am reminded of!Embarrassed) Sorry for getting distracted, coming back now!! Divya being Devi understands that the anklets are a way to keep an eye on her, and feels pained but gulps down yet another time and assures that until she is in the house, she will wear this anklets.Confused They both get down to dressing up. Suspicious Sarita is wondering to herself that today she will dress up so beautifully that her Raj will have eyes only for herEmbarrassed. However, all her dreams are crashed when she finds Romeo Raj in Divya's roomBroken Heart, remembering their old days when he taught Divya to wear a lipstick. D'oh

Sarita is sad that her beauty will be not noticed by anyone as everyone is all praises only for Devi Divya. The latter replies that everyone just looks at her as a tv star and hence loves her. But Sarita has the inner beauty of heart that perhaps she may not be possessingSmileClap! Devi Divya then reminds her of their jumar girao plan and asks her whether she is scared. (Now) Stuntwoman Sarita answers that she is not scared, and can go to any lengths for her 'Raj ji'.Shocked Phatphati and Lalchi Babuji are welcoming and entertaining the guests, when the tenants Son notices Sarita and mutters that she looks beautiful today D'oh(Hmmm! Seems this guy's in love with her! Ek aur angle?? Yeh Ishq Haye?) However, apni Stuntwoman bani Sarita has eyes on for the jhumar (Chandelier) that will pave the path for her and Raj ji to become oneEmbarrassed! Meanwhile Divya is busy planning the jhumar girao stunt with her friend when Raj's sisters barge in excitedly. They bring 'Eshtar of the house' Star Divya down for the ceremony to begin. Phatphati (the malkin of the Mad houseWinkdoes the honors of lifting the veil from Divya's face and the guests start showering their gifts on Eshtar! Lalchi Sohanlal, as per his plan, then asks apni Eshtar to perform for the audience, to which Divya agrees and starts performing on the floor.Dancing All the while Sarita and Divya's friend wait for the correct timing when the chandelier can fall downErmm! However something seems amiss because when the industry wala friend presses the remote, chandelier just doesn't seem to fall down (Nahi Nahi abhi nahi, abhi karo intezaar!Wink) He goes on to find what's wrong with the circuit. Meanwhile, Lalchi and Phaphati proceed with their plans. Phaphati sweetly offers Divya a glass of juice and then intentionally spills over her sareeDead. She forces Divya to go in and change and in the same time Lalchi Babuji also sends Raj to the same room to collect some giftsAngry. Lalchi and Phatphati are happy that their plan is workingDead. Sarita is wandering around pondering where is Divya and why isn't the Jhumar coming downOuch! In the meantime, Omprakash comes in asking for Raj. Suspicious Sarita's antenna's comes up on realizing that both of them are not around. In the room, Divya is trying to multitask by handling the strings of her dress and also by trying to reach out her friend's number. Raj, oblivious to her presence in the room, comes in and closes the doorShocked. Seeing this, Divya is nervous and questions on why the door was closed (Bolo Bolo, tell tell?). Raj is surprised to see her and questions her presence in the room!

 Precap: Divya is angry because the room's door is not opening and she throws a vase on glass pane in the door, splintering the glass; a piece of which lands on her forehead. Seeing this, Raj comes to and holds her which is noticed by Sarita! 

[PS: The names that have been given to the characters is not to offend anyone, its purely for fun and is given on the basis of their actions/reactions].

 By starsanjana

By mishtigc

Definitely the scenes where Raj & Divya recollect their old memory after 10 years and to top it all off Sarita was watching everything.

Thanks To You both...

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Main Tulsi Tere Angan Ki

By starsanjana

By mishtigc
Was when Sohanlal give Kamal half of his pan for her plan to get Raj & Divya married.

Thanks To Both Of you..

Hey guys, V here again with this week's Funny Scene of the Week which is taken from the June 21st episode.

Kamla sees Sundari wearing a gajra (flower decoration) in her hair and is jealous. She instantly comes up with a plan to ruffle her soutan's feathers and enlists Omprakash to help her. She instructs him to buy a big gajra so as to upstage Sundari and gives him the money. Later, she wears the huge gajra and plays coy in front of Sundari, telling her that Sohan Lal got it. Right then Omprakash comes and returns her change, thus letting her secret out of the bag! 


Seems like Kamla has a knack for tickling my funny bone and why wouldn't she? The woman is funny even when she isn't even trying to be so!  Poor Kamla,  "Haath na mutthi, phar para utthi!" ROFL ROFLROFL 

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged

Salam friends! SmileWe had some good Ravya moments during this week as well. Star

The Raj Divya moment of the week is the one in which Raj Divya confront each other in the old go-down. Divya asks Raj to meet her in the park. When he doesn't turn up, she ends up meeting him in the go-down  which is decked up with candles.Day Dreaming

An emotional Raj shows her some things from the past, her first lipstick, her watch, their photograph during college days...  Cry

And tells her he loves her alone and can never do things which he did for her for anyone else. He can never love Sarita Ji. Day Dreaming

Divya too tells him half-truth that she returned to Bhopal for him & they hug.Day Dreaming Internally she is sad, she is now working to get him and Sarita together.Cry

This scene made me fall in love with Raj who still loves Divya so dearly after being away from her for ten long years.Day Dreaming Divya too loves him but she's bound by her promises to Sarita. CryThis scene gave us a glimpse of the depth of their love...Day Dreaming

Another cute scene that almost made...BlushingHeart 

Raj chooses a lipstick shade for Divya who's struggling with so many colors. BlushingHow cuteee! Day DreamingThese scenes gel well with an old romantic song a friend(radev) suggested. Do listen once..Star

phoolon ke rang se,
dil ki kalam se,
tujhko likhi roz paati  
kaise bataaoon kis kis tarah se
pal pal mujhe tuh satati;
tere hi sapne lekar ke soya,
teri hi yaadon mein jaga,
tere khayalon mein uljha raha yoon,
jaise ke malaa mein dhaga,
haan badal bijli chandan pani jaisa apna pyaar,
lena hoga janam hamein kai kai baar,
haan itna madir..  
itna madhur tera mera pyaar,
lena hoga janam hamein kai kai baar .. 


 Heya guys, me here again with this week's RaSa moment of the week. This week the scene that stole my heart is taken from June 19th. 

Sarita is walking down the stairs, engrossed in staring at Raj and Divya's silent interaction. She does not pay attention to where she is or what she is doing and the result is that she slips and is on the verge of being badly hurt. Luckily for her, our hero Raj is there to save the day...and her life!

Raj catches her in his strong arms before she can even fall and they share a small moment. A concerned Raj makes her sit and asks if she is okay. He even stands up for his Saritaji  when his crazy Mom taunts her . Sarita just stares at her Raj ji, all awed by his proximity and his care for her whilst their song "Laagi Laagi Laagi..." plays in the background! 

What a moment that was...beautifully done by Karan and Srishty!  

Sarita gives Divya a gift for Muh Dikhai ..! Divya sees its Payal (Anklet)! Sarita puts
the anklet on Divyas feet...
n says.. such pretty feet..

the anklet suit her..! Divya
watches feeling
emotional .! She says..
really beautiful n thank u..!
Divya promises not to take
it off till she is here at Rajs
place.! She tells Sarita that
its not wrong to keep an
eye on Hubbys lover.. !
Divya says..she is sworn by
her promises.. not Raj.. so
Sarita can keep an eye..!
And this cute scene between SaVya is our Souten Scene Of The Week! What a love between two Soutens

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged

The Character of this week is Karan. For his marvelous acting as Raj, the way he reacted to Divya words about Sarita, the way her expressed his emotion, love, care. He is surely the Character of the week.

Basically its really very tough to select a character to this sectiob because its more of Raj-Divya-Sarita which was shown this week. But amongst what was shown, I consider the most irritating character of the week to be the person, who was considered to be the Head of Jakhotia family. Its non other than Sohan laal. This man, he already did two marriages, but he want his son also to be like him, and in process he was dreaming for Divya. Common man, how can he think that Divya will agree for the marriage, when she well knows that Raj was married to Sarita. and this guy was thinkign that he showing his money to Divya will make her accept to this marriage. He should have some brains man... 
So for me he was the most irritating person of the week

June 17 2013
Divya is testing Raj by making "false" advances towards him. Why? Her diplomacy comes into play noticing how crazy he still is about her, so lets go along with that and release him from the burden that Divya has forgotten all about last 10 years and moved on in life. Her next move consequently will make her life easy and Sarita's tense situation somewhat relaxed.
And this song fits the scenario perfectly Big smile
kismat se tum

flower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gif
likhe jo khat tujhe, or Ye mera prem patra padh kar (which one guys?
I mean talk about the "RELEVANCE" ClapStar
likhe jo khat tujhe

flower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gif
The camera freezes on Sarita because it seems what Divya just "confessed" to Raj was NOT part of the original silent plan Confused  where she actually surprises Raj by telling him that "his true love is what brought her back"
OMG Divya! What are you getting yourself into ????
 flower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gif flower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gifflower animation photo: animation flower flora-32.gif

June 18 2013  

Performance of the week is AGAIN a tie ... i.e. Raj and Divya because finally Raj speaks up because of fake admission of love by Divya and seems it's going to work in favor of SaRa ...  

Ashiqui 2
one the most pop movies of this decade 
Sun raha hai 


Sarita is limping. But there's no sign of hurt as Raj's conscience is more soothing against any physical pain that can remotely cause her the hurt .. So, is Divya succeeding in her "plan" ??Far from it, what with mooh dikhayi and Sohan-Kamla with their own Raj-Divya plans going on Angry
tue 6/18/13 

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:48am | IP Logged

This goes to Sarita's saree she wore for the party...For a change she wore a lovely saree instead of her usual cotton ones...Her smile and happiness made her look even more beautiful Day Dreaming

I'm living life.. a little more than before..
I'm loving you, more than I did before..1
pehle se zyada Ishq hone lagaa...



Aren't these two having a wonderful time.

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged

Wining Siggy goes to:


Vedo, you winning gift. Do flaunt it your dabbaWink

No Avatar this week.

No, VM made this week

When I came to the best ff of the week section, I can choose nothing but this 

 All day long I think about you,
                                                      all the night I dream of you,
                                                                Yes my heart is longing for love,
                                                                                                 Longing for You.
It shows how a person longs for his love...
The beautiful start given by the writer...
The FF is - Longing for Love 
Author : Priyamvada

Priya, Your gift to flaunt around

The Most Active Thread o   f t  he Week is..
  PVENU Musical Melodies 

By radev24

Your gift to flaunt..Wink

The most Active Member of the Week is a die hard fan of Karan and she is non other than..


My darling Jesh, You winning gift.

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged

Hellow forum vasi here I'm with the rating of the week!!!

I rate this week's Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed 7 out of 10.

Though this week there were some high points like Raj & Divya's emotional confrontation after 10 years, Kamla and Sohan's plan of getting Divya married to Raj, Divya's plans for bringing SaRa closer, Muh dekhai of Divya and couple of cute RaVya scenes and SaRa scene, I can't rate this week more than 7. Because story is still now not developing
In fact no unfolding of main leads Raj and Divya's past life, the story is loosing its charm
Anyway hoping for the best for next weekSmile

This week started off with a very obvious (at least to me) blooper LOL. Now you may ask what I'm referring to Wink. Here it is...

Does anyone see something wrong with those pics? If not, let me tell you Wink. In Monday's episode, Divya tried to discretely write a note to Raj on a napkin. In order to do this, she placed the napkin on her lap, under the table with the right hand, while keeping the left hand above the table (in sight so everything looked normal). She was shown to be writing with just her right hand while her left hand remained on the table (as seen in the pic). However, the different camera views showed her with both hands under the table and at the same time just one hand under the table while the other is above .

Hellow folks here I'm with Tweet Of The Week
Hmm... It is Karan yani our Raj's tweet. A very funny tweet... LOL
Here it is:

Karan V Grover@karanvgrover22
new age punar vivah ???
Hope you guys aggree with me

Article Of The Week

TB:  Punar Vivah has left us with a great responsibility - Rubina

With the upcoming week, we will get to see more of Raj & Divya, hope it will be aloneWink. Also do wish we can get more flashbacks of them 10 years ago. But on the other hand Sarita, is fuming up with angry, Divya might be able to make her understand that she is doing her best.
Also, We might get to see Gaurav. Well let's see what will actually happen

Thanks for showing a week which was completely interesting. Last week we were asking u to have a point of view and more screen space for Raj. There was some screen space for Raj this week, and the screen play was also very good. But. wish u can give some Point of Views to his character as u show to others. Mostly Raj was shown to be speaking with Divya only, doesn't he have any family with whom he speak and also what about Divya's family... I mean we need to see about them too. Please take care of these things too.

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