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RaYa FF - mann ki lagan...ishq hain tumse, updt 139 (Page 139)

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Update soon

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here I come with the next part of the story, ENJOY and SORRY for being late


...opened his arms to take Meethi but she wasn€™t interested to leave Priya, rather she clutched her more and Priya in reflex action secured her in her embrace.

Mother smiled and said, Mr. Kapoor actually Meethi met an accident few days ago and she is very attached to Priya. Priya is the one who took Meethi to the hospital and took care of her. She is also very close to Meethi; in fact Priya is attached to all the children of this orphanage.

Ram €" mother if you allow me then I would like to spend some time with them.

Mother €" sure Mr. Kapoor.

Ram came out of Mother€™s room along with Shailajaji and came to the children. On the other hand Priya was still in mother€™s room and get to know Ram is the new trusty member of the organization, in fact Priya came to know he runs a trust where destitute girl children are being look after. Priya didn€™t know this side of Ram nor did she know Ram is such friendly with the children. When Priya came out from mother€™s room she saw Ram is playing with the children and he looks happy and content. He is wearing a deep sea green tee with black jeans, looking ravishingly smart and suave. The sun rays falling on his face, forming sweatbeeds on his forehead making him look more dashing and handsome, for some moment Priya couldn€™t keep her eyes off from him but within moments she came in her senses. Meethi was still in her lap, resting her head on Priya€™s chest. Priya took her inside and came to other children.

After some time Ram came inside and came to that corner where Priya were with other children, actually she was helping those children with their studies. Ram came there and found Priya was engaged with them. He stood there for while listening to them and then slowly came to them and introduced himself in his own style, within brief minutes children loved their new uncle and all surrounded him and started to chat with him. Priya was just looking at this. After a while Ram came to Meethi who was still in Priya€™s lap and was watching Ram intently,

Ram €" Meethi, aap mujhse dosti karoge, saying this he forwarded his hand for a shake.

Meethi saw his hand and then looked at Priya for her response.

Priya nod her head in affirmation.

Meethi forwarded her right hand and tried to take Ram€™s hand and slowly uttered the word hmmm.

Ram then spread his arm again and Meethi looked at Priya and saw she is smiling, Meethi came down from Priya€™s lap and come to Ram, he took her in his embrace and hugged her.

Meethi liked Ram and they became friends. Ram distributed the chocolates to the children. Meethi took the chocolate from Ram and came to Priya and showed her the chocolate. Priya made Meethi sit her on her lap and opened the wrapper for her. Meethi took a piece and gave to Priya. Ram was watching the bond of Meethi and Priya. Priya on the other hand said something in Meethi€™s ears and Meethi came to Ram with that piece of chocolate and gave it to him.

Ram €" yeh mere liye hain?

Meethi €" hmmm

Ram €" nahin aap khao

Meethi €" di ne kahan hain ke sab se share karna chahiye

Priya was smiling watching Meethi, she is looking like a princess doll. Ram looked at Priya and then at Meethi, he smiled and opened his mouth saying,

Ram €" toh phir aap hi khila do saying he opened his mouth, Meethi put the piece in his mouth and Ram took her small hands and kissed them. Meethi smiled him back. Now it was Priya€™s turn so Meethi took a piece and gave to Priya and then she had her share. She was very happy and excited so she ran and came to other children to share her chocolate with them. While Meethi was with other children Ram and Priya were siting face to face, for some moments no one said anything. Both of them were surprised to see each other here. It was Ram who started first.

Ram €" toh uss din tum hospital me Meethi ke liye pareshan thi?

Priya €" actually uss din Meethi ki accident ke wajah se€€€€.

Ram €" I can understand Priya€€€ shows u r very attached to Meethi

Priya €" mujhe bachhon se bohot pyaar hain, lekin main Meethi se kuch zyada hi attached hoon, she was just three months old when she came here and I have been looking her since then, ek alag sa bond hain mera aur uska.

Ram €" mujhe bhi bachhen bohot pasand hain, mujhe unn logon ke saath waqt bitana achha lagta hain.

Priya €" Mother Cecily was telling me that u have a trust in name of your father where destitute girl child are being taken care off.

Ram €" yes€€€€€.waise Meethi ke report me kya aaya hain?, is everything normal?

Priya €" yes, the report is normal.

Toh tabhi Meethi daudte daudte aati hain aur Ram ke paas aake use hug karti hain aur ek sloppy kiss uss ke cheeks pe de ke kehti hain in her sweet voice, thank you uncle. Ram took her in his lap and said, u r welcome my princess.

Meethi €" aap yahan pe mere saath rahoge?

Ram €" nahi princess, main yahan pe nahi reh sakta, but I promise I will come and meet u.

Meethi €" pata hain Priya di bhi nahi rehti yahan pe, mujhe unki bohot yaad ati hain

Priya €" Meethi idhar aao, Meethi came to her in nimble foot and sat on her lap, awww! mera bachha saying this Priya kissed her and said, aap ko pata hain na aapki Priya di aap se kitna pyaar karti hain, aur pura hafta unko kitna kaam rehta hain toh woh kaise rahegi aapke saath par har Sunday toh aap se milne aati hain na?

Meethi nod her head in afiirmation.

Priya clutched her more in her embrace and Meethi rest her head on Priya€™s chest. Ram was watching Priya and Meethi€™s bond and some strange happiness he was feeling in his heart.

After an hour later both Ram and Priya came out of the orphanage, and because of Ram€™s insist Priya took the lift from him. For some time both didn€™t say anything, then finally Ram said,

Ram €" it was a pleasant surprise to see you in Little Angel, wasn€™t expecting you over there.

Priya only smiled, didn€™t say anything.

Ram €" waise bachhon se milke mujhe bohot khushi huyi, khaas kar ke Meethi se, she is such a cute baby.

Priya €" Meethi bhi bohot khush huyi hain

Ram €" haan aur hum dono ki toh ab dosti bhi ho gayi hain, after some pause he said, Priya main kal wapas Mumbai jaa raha hoon.

Ram said nothing more and Priya looked at him and saw Ram is also staring at her, both felt something as if they want to speak their heart out but by that time Ram reached Priya€™s place, before getting down Priya said, Congratulation! for your new project Mr. Kapoor, saying this she get out of the car and went inside.

Ram ko gaye huye teen hafta ho gaya hain, isi beech Priya bhi apni kaam me busy rehti hain, par kahin na kahin usse Ram ki yaad ati hain khaas kar ke unn dono ki last mulaqaat ke baad, Priya koshish karti hain bhulne ki par bhul nahi paa rahi hain, Meethi ke saath Ram ki bonding, har ek baat yaad ati hain usse, aur jab bhi yeh baat sochti hain uske hothon pe automatically ek smile aa jati hain. On the other hand, Ram bhi Priya ko miss karne laga hain, peechle 3 mahino me Ram ka koi affair nahi hua hain, Amritsar se lautne ke baad aapne aap ko kaam me busy kar rakhha tha aur isi wajah se out of India gaya tha, par wahan par bhi uska koi nayi girlfrnd nahi hua, ek alag sa aur ajeeb sa Ram ne feel kiya Priya ki letter parne ke baad, though he don€™t admit par kahin na kahin woh Priya ke liye kuch feel karne laga hain, shayad isi liye jab ussne Priya se uss raat aur uska aftermath ke bare me baat karna chaha toh uske peeche uska ek concern tha, Ram nahin chahta tha Priya ko koi sazaa mile uske wajah se, lekin Priya ke muh se woh sab sunneke baad usse laga ke woh bewajah sab soch raha hain, uska EGO kahin na kahin hurt hua tha, lekin saath hi saath woh samajh gaya ke Priya sab se alag hain, she is very headstrong and will determined girl, uski yehi khoobiyaan Ram ko baar baar Priya ke bare me sochne me majboor kar raha hain€€€..lekin Ram jab Priya ko uss din Little Angels me dekha tab woh thoda surprised zaroor tha but when he saw the bond between her and Meethi, Ram ko samajh aa gaya ke usne Priya ko kitna hurt kiya hain, Priya ki aankhon me usne Meethi ke liye woh pyaar dekha hain jo ek maa ke aankhon me hota hain apne bachhen ke liye. Ram can feel that he has hurt Priya very badly and may be that€™s why Priya don€™t want to talk to him, Priya avoid karti hain Ram ko, par uss din jab Ram ne Priya se kahan ke woh Mumbai wapas jaa raha hain tab Ram ne Priya ke aankhon me ek udaasi nazar ki, ek khalipan, though Priya didn€™t say anything but Ram could feel that.

Apne cabin me beyth ke Ram yehi soch raha tha, he is confused and disturbed, usse samajh me nahin aa raha tha ke woh kya kare toh tabhi usse Meethi ki yaad ayi, Meethi ka chehra Ram ke samne aaya, uska woh cute sa smile aur Ram ko aake hug karna aur usse chocolate khilana, usse frndship karna, sab kuch, a smile crept on his lips. Meethi ki baatein bhi yaad aa gaya Ram ko, Meethi ne kahan ke uske Priya di ne usse share karna seekhaya hain, in fact Priya ke wajah se hi Meethi ne Ram se dosti bhi ki€€€€ Meethi ki Priya di -------- Ram just thought about it and smiled appeared on his face, Priya jahan bhi jati hain sabko apna bana leti hain, bheed se bilkul alag lekin ek aam ladki, Ram ko Amritsar ki har chhoti bari yaadein jo usne Priya ke saath bitaya tha yaad ata hain aur uske chehre pe ek halka sa smile aa jata hain par jab usse Priya ki letter yaad ata hain tab Ram numb ho jata hain. He sighed and closed his eyes.

Priya se almost alternate day Neha ki phone pe baat hoti hain, Ram ke chale jane ke baad Neha ke saath ek baar mulaqaat bhi huyi thi, Neha ke saath Priya comfortable hain, aur Neha bhi bilkul nahin badli hain, jaise shaadi se pehele thi waise hi hain. Neha ne Priya ko bataya hain ki woh iss week Mumbai jaa rahi hain teen din ke liye. Priya ka bohot mann hota hain ma, dadi, Rishabh, Natasha se milne ki, unn logo se baat karne ki, actually wahi warmth Priya phir se mehsoos karna chahti hain jo usse Amritsar me mila tha par Priya iska zikr bhi nahi kar pati hain, waise bhi kis basis pe karegi, kaun lagti hai Priya unlogon ka, bas woh sab ek natak tha jo beet gaya€€€€..uss din Shruthi ke saath Priya ki baat ho rahi thi,

Shruthi €" Priya, kab tak tu aise akeli jeeti rahegi, life me ek partner hona bohot zaarori hota hain, ek saathi ki zaroorat hoti hain, yun akele zindagi nahi bitaya jata hain.

Priya €" plz yaar mujhe iss bare me aur koi baat nahin karni hain.

Shruthi €" kyun nahi karni hain?, kya tujhe shaadi nahi karni hain?

Priya €" nahi, mujhe shaadi nahi karni hain, main jaisi hoon bilkul theek hoon.

Shruthi €" wahi toh main poonch rahi hoon kyun nahi karni hain?

Priya €" bas, maine kahan na nahi karni, matlab nahi karni

Shruthi €" Priya sach sach bata Amritsar me kuch..€€€€€€..

Priya €" tu kyun baar baar Amritsar ki baat leke beyth jati hain?

Shruthi €" kyun ki mujhe lagta hain wahan pe jo hua woh theek nahi hua hain, sach bata mujhe kya Ram ne€€€€€..

Priya cuts her in middle and said, kuch nahi hua hain, aur tu yeh sab sochna band kar, main tujhse aakhri baar keh rahi hoon mujhe shaadi nahi karni hain, jaisi hoon main khush hoon apni iss zindagi me.

Shruthi ne aur kuch nahi kahan Priya se lekin woh Priya ki baat ko bhi manne se rahi kyun ki she thinks something has happened in Amritsar between Priya and Ram, koi baat toh zaroor hua hain€€€€€.yehi sab Priya apne balcony me beyth ke soch rahi thi, woh kaise kisiko bataye ke kya hua uske aur Ram ke beech me, kaise kisi aur se shaadi karle jab ki usske dil me sirf aur sirf Ram hain, kaise apne aap ko kisike hawale soonp de jab ki woh apna sab kuch Ram ko de chuki hain, nahi hoga usse, she can€™t cheat anybody, she knows Ram will never make her as his, neither she will get that love and respect from his family, par phir bhi woh shaadi nahi kar sakti kisi aur se, aapne aap se dhoka nahi kar sakti.

Priya was in Little Angels as today is Sunday. She was spending her time with children. Meethi is sitting on her lap.

Meethi €" Priya Di, uncle aaj bhi nahi aaye, unhone kahan tha woh mujhse milne aayenge, said this with pouted lips.

Priya kissed on her forehead and said, mera bachha!, Meethi, jaise aapki di bohot busy hain na kaam me waise hi uncle bhi bohot busy hain, isi liye nahi aa paa rahe hain, aur waise bhi uncle toh yahan nahin rehte€€€€.

Meethi €" toh kahan rehte hain?

Priya smiled and said, caressing her silky hair, Mumbai me.

Meethi €" yahan se bohot dur hain?

Priya €" haan bohot dur hain.

Meethi €" toh kya woh kabhi nahin ayenge mujhse milne?

Ram €" kyun nahin ayenge, zaroor ayenge, maine meri Meethi se promise kiya tha, toh mujhe toh ana hi parega.

Hearing his voice Meethi jumped from Priya€™s lap and came to Ram, he immediately scooped up her in his arm and hugged her.

Meethi gave a soft kiss on his cheeks and said, aap itne der se kyun aaye, aapne kahan tha aap mujhse milne aaoge?

Ram €" sorry Meethi, mujhe thoda sa kaam tha, maaf kar do, saying this Ram made a puppy face.

Meethi smiled at him and hugged him back.

Priya was watching this and a smile crept on her face, on the other hand Ram was watching Priya, he finds her smiling and this made him happy.

This time Ram brought gifts and chocolate for every one and he distribute that with his hands but he asked all the children for the return gift and that was their smile and a kiss on his cheeks. Every children was happy to see their Golu uncle, yes children have started calling him by that name as Ram himself told them to address him by that name.

While Ram was enjoying playing with the children, Priya was just staring at them with a smile on her face. After sometime children took Priya with them and all were playing in the garden€€€€€€€.jahan ek taraf Ram aur Priya spending quality time with children and also enjoying each other€™s company toh wahi dusri taraf Neha was in Kapoor Mansion in Mumbai. She had a plan in her mind and she wanted to share with her family.

Krishnaji €" yeh tu kya keh rahi hain Neha?, Ram ne itna bada jhooth bola hum sab se? mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha hain.

Dadi €" Neha puttar, kya tu Priya se mili hain?, kaisi hain woh€€€€€€..

Neha yehi soch ke Mumbai aai hain taaki woh Ram ki natak ka parda faash kar sake aur Priya ki sachhai sabke samne laa sake, actually she was feeling guilty about what she has said to Priya and with that was also feeling shame what Ram has done with Priya, toh isi liye woh yeh baat apni ma aur dadi se share ki. Pehele toh kisi ko yakeen nahi hua par jab Neha ne Hotelwali incident batayi aur phir Vikram ne jo kahan Neha se woh batayi tab jaake dono ko vishwaas hua.

Dadi €" main pehele si hi janti thi, Priya puttar aisa nahi kar sakti, mera mann iss baat ko manne se inkaar kar raha tha par€€€€€€€

Krishnaji €" beeji yakeen toh mujhe bhi nahi hua tha, par jab Ram ne woh letter dikhaya tha tab mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya tha, mujhe abhi bhi samajh nahi aa raha hain ke Ram ne aisa kyun kiya?

Neha €" maa, ab jo ho gaya so ho gaya, mujhe lagta hain hum sabko ek baar Priya se jaake maafi mangni chahiye, Ram ne jo kiya uske liye humein hi usse maafi mangni hogi.

Krishnaji €" beta kis muh se jaye usske paas, mujhe toh yeh sochte huye bhi sharam aa rahi hain ke mera beta aisa kiya hain, kya yehi sanskaar aur parwaarish maine usse diya tha, uske babuji agar zinda hote toh sharam se unka sarr jhuk jata.

Dadi €" Krishna tu samhal apne aap ko, Ram ne galati ki hain sazaa bhi usse zaroor milegi.

Neha €" ma, dadi, kyun na hum Priya ko iss ghar me wapas leke aaye

Krishnaji €" yeh tu kya bol rahi hain?

Dadi €" yehi theek rahega, Priya ko iss ghar ki bahu banake lee ayenge hum, jo galati Ram ne ki hain uski sazaa yehi hain, jo dard Ram ne Priya ko diya hain ab uska dawa bhi usiko banna parega, aur waise bhi mujhe hamesha se lagta hain ke ek Priya hi hain jo mere Golu ko samhal sakti hain.

Krishnaji €" par beeji kya Priya manegi?, jo dard usse mila hain uske baad kya woh€€€€€€..

Neha €" ma, jahan tak maine Priya ko jana hain woh bohot alag hain, usske baton se mujhe laga hain ki woh aaj bhi aap sabko bohot yaad karti hain, ek soonapan uske aankhon me maine dekha hain, mujhe lagta hain jo pyaar woh deserve karti hain agar hum log woh pyaar usse de sake toh wahi hum logon ke liye uski taraf se maafi hogi, woh tarasti hain pariwaar ke pyaar ke liye, kya hum log usse itna bhi nahi de payenge?

Dadi €" puttar tune yeh bohot achha kiya jo sab kuch hamein bataya, ab dekh main kya karti hoon, lekin usse pehele main Priya se milna chahti hoon.

Neha €" toh phir theek hain aap dono ko main le chalungi Priya ke paas, yehi bahane aap dono mere paas bhi kuch din reh lena, saying this she hugged her dadi.

Zindagi kab kisko kis mod pe le aaye koi nahi janta, jo khel ek natak se shuru hua tha wahi aaj haqeeqat ke kagaar pe khara hain, pata bhi nahi chala ke kab khel khel me RaYa ek dusre ke kareeb aa gaye. Jahan Priya Ram se door jane ki koshish kar rahi hain wahi Ram uske aur paas aa raha hain, shayad yeh kismat ka sandes hi hain jo yeh ek dusre ke raah me aa rahe hain. Ram ko Priya ka saath achha lagne laga hain, Priya me usse ek alag roop nari ke nazar ata hain, woh samajh nahi pata ke kya hain aur isi koshish me woh Priya ki taraf kheecha chala jaa raha hain.

Uss din Little Angels me phir se Priya se mulaqaat ho gayi Ram ki, aur Meethi ke liye yeh dono phir se bachhen bann gaye, dono ne hi ek dusre ka saath enjoy kiya bachhon se khelte waqt. Dono ek dusre ki feelings se anjaan phir se ek dor me bandh rahe the, jiski kari yeh bachhen, Meethi aur Little Angels hain€€€€€€jis din Neha Mumbai aayi thi usi din Ram, Pune gaya hua tha, woh sirf Meethi aur bachhon se milna chahta tha, khaas kar ke Meethi se, usne toh maano Ram ki dil me ek alag hi jagah bana li hain, par uske saath saath kahin na kahin Ram ke mann me yeh baat thi ke kaash usse wahan Priya bhi mil jaye, isi liye kuch zyada hi tez drive karke woh Pune aaya tha, aur dekho kismat bhi usse Priya se milwa hi diya, he was very happy to see her.

Ram came back from Pune and was very happy, though he couldn€™t understand why he was, he came back that day only because next day he left for Bangalore for a 5 day conference cum meeting. Isi beech, Neha bhi Krishnaji aur dadi ko leke Pune aa gayi. Before coming to Pune, she had talk with both Rishabh and Natasha and all get to know about Ram€™s deeds and about their future plan, while Natasha was indeed happy, Rishabh ko Ram par thoda gussa aa gaya tha, he being his idol, Rishabh couldn€™t take this, actually both loved Priya and looked up her as their bhabhi but after that incident they didn€™t utter a single word coz the whole incident left both of them speechless, now after knowing everything and the plan,

Rishabh €" di, main aapke saath hoon, Priya bhabhi se zyada aur koi achhi bhabhi humein milegi hi nahi, par bhai ne jo kiya, kya uske baad bhi bhabhi iss ghar me ayengi?

Neha €" dekh Rishabh, fatty ne jo kiya woh toh hum badal nahi sakte par atleast koshish toh kar sakte hain ki usse hum log maafi maange.

Natasha €" di, aap kisi bhi tarah se bhabhi ko mana lo, aap bolo toh main aayu aap sab ke saath?

Neha €" nahi, abhi nahi, pehele ma aur dadi ko Priya se baat karne do, phir toh hum sab hain na!

Toh it was final that all want Priya back in their family as Ram€™s wife. Neha along with dadi and Krishnaji came in Pune. Neha told Vikram about their plan and Vikram was happy to hear it out.

Priya was in her office, it was Tuesday, bohot kaam ka pressure tha, as it was peak season, Hotel was full of guests, it was almost 5:30 PM in the clock. Priya was going through some papers when her phone buzzed, without looking at the screen she took it,

Priya €" hello

Shruthi €" kaisi hain tu?

Priya €" main toh theek hoon, tu bol kaisi hain?

Shruthi €" tujhe ek khush khabri deni hain.

Priya, now looked up from her papers and said, good news!, jaldi bol na

Shruthi €" am pregnant!

Priya jumped from her chair in joy and shouted what?????????????

Shruthi could understand her joy and she also becomes happy to hear that voice of her, and said, yes am pregnant, its three months.

Priya €" Congrats! Shruthi, bohot bohot Mubarak ho.

Shruthi €" thank you, achha sunn tujhse dher saari baatein karni hain€€€€..

Priya €" jee madam, mujhe bhi karni hain aur mujhe apni niece/nephew se bhi milna hain toh main kal-parso tere ghar aa rahi hoon shaam ko

Shruthi €" achha, mujhse milne to tu aati nahi hain, main hi jaati hoon aur ab chhota baby kya aa raha hain tu toh ek dum badal gayi?

Priya €" ha toh reason bhi toh khaas hi hain aakhir woh chhota baby toh mera bhi kuch lagta hain na, achha baki baatein kal, theek hain.

Shruthi €" ok, done, main tera intezaar karungi, saying this both hung up the call.

Priya was very happy to hear the news of Shruthi€™s pregnancy, actually Priya ko bachhen bohot hi pasand hain aur peechle 3 saalon se Meethi se woh itna attached ho gayi hain ki usse aur bhi ache lagte hain, Meethi ki khayal dimaag me aate hi usse Ram ka khayal bhi aa jata hain and without knowing her lips curled into a smile.

will Ram and Priya get married?, kya Meethi bann payegi inn dono ke beech ki woh kadi?, kya Ram Priya se pyaar karne laga hain?, kya Shruthi kabhi jaan payegi Priya ke dil me kya hain?...well I guess too many questions are still hovering in the mind and time will only tell the answers till then keep guessing and enjoy reading. If you all like the part do hit the "LIKE" button and leave your valuable comments. I will wait for your comments.

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omgitna kuch huaaaShocked but loved it ... it is just mind blowing.
first ram started to bond wih meeti and priya and ram are getting better to comfortable elvel haaan not so comfortable but slowly they are ..
i like the family bonding Embarrassed neha did very well of telling truth

ab mission priya ko  priya ram kapoor banakeliye pura kandaan had comeLOL
achanak shruti pregnant hogayi hainShocked  but muje aise kyun lagta hain is pregnancy ko fmaily mein priya ki pregnancy samajayengeLOL agar ais ehua shaadi ka bahut jaldi to hona chiayeeLOL oh god ii am going crazy reading this updateWacko jaldi karo next update

loving ram priya and meeti bonding looks like meeti ki meetapan will influence raya's suni life

ab waiting for priya's reaction seeing the familyLOL i know she will refuse to marry himCry she is upset and hurt.. Cry and ram ka to pata nahi, hosakta hain he may say no or even yes for his family sake itna jaldi he won't realize Angry

ab kya hoga

loving the family mission of raya wedding

jaldi karo jaldi karo Smile

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Awesome update
Continue soon

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Hey why dnt u pm me thz time?nt fair :(...chalo maaf kia anyway jabardast update...itna sara plan pura gher liya hai raya ko...abh yeh dono bachh nehi payenge..eagerly waiting 4 wht will happen next..yeh sara plan kaam kr payega ya nehi? Want some raya moments so it will be gr8...nd ple dnt be late next time..nd dnt 4get to pm me if it possible...thank u

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Nice update
Liked it very much
Looking forward
Continue soon

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Posted: 24 August 2013 at 5:52am | IP Logged
ram has developed bond with meethi
but feeling guilty because wat he done to priya
all family member are aware of ram lie
continue soon waiting and thanx for the pm

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