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RaYa FF - mann ki lagan...ishq hain tumse, updt 139 (Page 121)

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Originally posted by jineejiggs

Originally posted by bpatil3

Bilkul theek hojayegi shurtiji, bas koi chahiye jisse ki wo apne dil mein dabi hui emotions ko bata sake. But this is something difficult to share with any one. Still liked ur concern for Priya. Good friend.

Good move Ujjaini..Thumbs Up

Shruthi always had the doubt but Priya is adamant to prove her wrong, but Priya is right on her behalf too, let's see what happens...thanks for liking the previewSmile
Itna achha preview diya hai to update bhi de do..

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Originally posted by jineejiggs

Originally posted by shamavi

update kab hainLOL

pakka kal hain, PROMISESmile
aapne kaha aap kardenge aajConfused

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Originally posted by bpatil3

Originally posted by jineejiggs

Originally posted by bpatil3

Bilkul theek hojayegi shurtiji, bas koi chahiye jisse ki wo apne dil mein dabi hui emotions ko bata sake. But this is something difficult to share with any one. Still liked ur concern for Priya. Good friend.

Good move Ujjaini..Thumbs Up

Shruthi always had the doubt but Priya is adamant to prove her wrong, but Priya is right on her behalf too, let's see what happens...thanks for liking the previewSmile
Itna achha preview diya hai to update bhi de do..

will give tomorrow, for sureSmile

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Originally posted by shamavi

Originally posted by jineejiggs

Originally posted by shamavi

update kab hainLOL

pakka kal hain, PROMISESmile
aapne kaha aap kardenge aajConfused

update will tomorrow for sure

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update coming up shortlyBig smile 

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kaha hai
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here comes the update, ENJOY...before giving the update I want to say something to my readers, I have made the age of Meethi of 3 years, so from now on she is a 3 year old child


...Priya couldn't fall for him as she knows him and his nature, aur raha sawaal kuch hone ka toh agar kuch hoga tab dekha jayega, yehi dilasa dete dete Ram neend ke agosh me apne aap ko duba diya.

Next day was Sunday, though Priya's off day but with so many important guests in their Hotel she had to visit just to check whether everything is going smoothly or not. In the morning Ram had a meeting with investors and for that they went to see the projected site. When Priya came to the Hotel, Ram wasn't in the Hotel. She came to her cabin, checked some of her files and then went to the see the arrangements.

Priya finished her work and left the Hotel. Ram came back with his investors from the site and came in the restaurant. He was sitting alone and was deeply engrossed in his thought when suddenly his phone rang. He took the call and came out from the restaurant. On the other hand, Priya came in Little Angel. Children were very happy to see their Priya di, though Priya was early today. They all become happy when their Di comes, so Priya thought of visiting them early today. Priya was enjoying her time with these children. For past four years she has been coming in this orphanage and she always finds a piece of calmness and satisfaction inside her, she can feel for these children and may be because of that, how much stressed or busy she may be, she never skips to come here, she finds her peace among them. Aaj bhi usne socha ki jaldi chali jaye, whenever she see smiles on the faces of these little angels her eyes sparks with happiness. She is close with every child but her weakness is Meethi. She was just 3 months old when she came in this orphanage. Priya has taken care of Meethi from day one, that is why she is so attached with her infact Meethi is also close with her Priya di, Priya is like Meethi's second mother. When Priya came to the orphanage everyone were playing in the garden.

Priya – hello bachhon?, sab kaise ho?

All the children came to her and started showering their love on her by kissing and hugging her. She also hugged and kissed them back.

Priya – toh kya chal raha tha, masti?

Children said that today is Sunday and everyone is enjoying the weather after long time, rains has stopped, everywhere its green and moreover sun is smiling brightly so they are playing and insist Priya to join them in their play. Priya smiled and joined them in their game. After some minutes she asked them to continue with the game as she go and meet Meethi. She came to Meethi's room and saw she is playing with her doll which Priya gifted her. Meethi is energetic and bubbly child, she is loved by all in this orphanage, every child looks after her as she is very small, actually she is pampered by her fellow brothers and sisters but she is also very obedient. Sometimes she keeps to herself just like now she is playing with the doll. In fact she looks like a doll, she has blue eyes and dark black curly hair, a soft pink lips and a chubby cheeks whoever sees her always pulls her cheeks and loves her. She is naughty but not a brat. She loves her Priya di and always waits impatiently for Sunday so that she could meet her.

Priya came to her room and saw Meethi is playing with her doll, Priya tiptoed and came to her and calls out her name. Meethi turned to Priya and she could see spark of happiness in her eyes, Meethi jumped and came to Priya hugging her legs tightly. Priya took her in her arms and asked,

Priya – mere Meethi ne nashta kiya?

Meethi in her sweet voice said, hmmm

Priya – toh kya khaya aapne naashte me?

Meethi – bread and milk

Priya – hawww! Tab toh meri Meethi bohot strong ho gayi hain?

Meethi gave a sweet smile to Priya and kissed her cheeks while hugging her tightly. Priya felt a sense of completeness whenever she hugs her, a small tear escaped her eyes.

Priya – Meethi, aap kheloge mere saath?

Meethi showed her doll to Priya and said meri gudiya bohot achhi hain bilkul aapke jaisa, aap kheloge mere gudiya ke saath?

Priya – yeh toh aapki gudiya hain, meri toh nahin hain, main kis ke saath khelu?

Meethi thinks for a while and said, toh yeh aap le lo tab toh aap kheloge na?

Priya smiled and said, aap apne gudiya ko mere saath share karoge?

Meethi smiled and nodded her head.

Priya took her in her lap, hugging her said, oyyyeee mera bachha saying this she kissed her left cheek.

Meethi – aap ka gudiya kahan hain?, kiske paas?

Priya – meri gudiya nahi hain Meethi

Meethi – kyun nahi?, mere paas toh hain

Priya – meri gudiyan kabhi nahi ayegi, saying this, a tear fall down her cheeks.

Meethi looked at her and with her small hands she wipes the tear and said, koi baat nahi aap kehete ho na main aapki doll hoon toh ho gaya na aapke paas aapki gudiya, saying this she kissed Priya's both cheeks

Priya became emotional and took her head on her chest, wrapped her tightly in her embrace and closed her eyes, some tear drops find their paths to fall down.

In the late evening Ram was driving through the busy roads of Pune, suddenly he stopped his car before the City Hospital where he saw Priya coming out, he came out of his car and approached her.

Ram – Priya, tum yahaan, iss waqt?, sab kuch theek toh hain?

Priya wasn't expecting Ram here and was in fact not in mood to talk to him. She was very disturbed for Meethi, actually hota yun hain ki Meethi ke saath baatein karte karte woh dono garden me aa jate hain jahan sab bachhen khel rahe the, toh Meethi ne bhi Priya ko kahan ke woh sab ke saath khelegi and Priya ko bhi khelna parega, toh hota yun hain hain ki khel khel me Meethi daud ke Priya ke paas aa hi rahi thi ke achanak she stumbles and falls on the ground hitting her forehead. Priya daud ke aati hain aur dekhti hain Meethi ki forehead khoon se bhar gaya hain, she got cut in her forehead and that too a deep cut, she immediately asked children to call Shailajaji and also to bring the first aid box, Meethi was being taken in her room where she was in Priya's lap and was crying due to pain. Shailajaji came along with Mother with first aid box and Priya did the first aid but decided to take her to the hospital. She along with Shailajaji came with Meethi. Doctor checked her wound and said they need to be stitched and as per doctors advice Meethi was taken care off, not for single moment Meethi left Priya, infact when doctor was giving stitches she was holding Priya tightly, Priya herself could not leave Meethi and she was feeling very sad to see her condition, Priya ko bohot dard ho raha tha but for Meethi she was keeping herself composed and trying to distract her by telling stories and also by talking to her. The stitches were done and doctors said that they need to do an MRI just to confirm whether there is any internal injuries or not. But for that Meethi has to stay in the hospital and also doctors wanted to keep her in observation. They gave Meethi medicines and asked her to rest. Priya was with her all the time and when she slept due to medication, Priya came back. Priya chahti thi ke woh ruk jaye par Shailajaji asked her to go home as she also needs rest.

Shailajaji – Priya, tum bhi thak gayi hogi, ghar jake rest karlo, subah se tumne kuch khaya bhi nahi, main yahan samhal lungi

Priya – main theek hoon Shailajaji, bas Meethi ek baar theek ho jaye, with this she chocked.

Shailajaji – Meethi bilkul theek ho jayegi, trust me Priya, hum sab hai na uske saath kuch nahi hoga usse, she said this while patting her back, tum nischint ho ke jao, main hoon yahan pe.

Actually Shailaji is the one who took care of the children, they are all under her guidance so Priya knows her and she also knows how affectionate Shailaji is towards these children. With utmost haste Priya came out from the Hospital. It was then, when Ram spotted her.

Priya was still thinking about Meethi when Ram again called her name.

Ram – Priya, is everything okay?

Priya came out from her thoughts and said, yes.

Ram – it doesn't seems so, tum bohot pareshaan dikh rahi ho?, aao main tumhe ghar chhor deta hoon.

Priya – nahi, I am fine, main chali jaungi

Ram – Priya, I insist.

Priya ko ab koi behas ya baat karne ka mann nahi kar raha tha, so she came and sat in the car. Ram started the car and drove away. He was thinking that what made Priya came in the hospital, why Priya is so tensed and worried, Ram ko bar bar ek hi khayal dimaag me aa raha tha, kahi Priya……..?, he tried to distract himself from his thoughts but he simply couldn't, he looked at Priya and saw she is staring outside the window, silence prevailed between them, Ram can feel Priya is very disturbed and also he noticed Priya wiped her tears. Now Ram couldn't stop himself from asking her,

Ram – tumhe dekh ke nahi lag raha hain ke sab kuch theek hain?, u looked very worried

Priya – nahin main theek hoon

Ram – if you want you can share with me

Priya – am fine, thank you.

Ram was now feeling restlessness toh he said, Priya dekho maine kal bhi kahan tha aur aaj bhi keh raha hoon, uss raat jo kuch bhi hua that was just a moment we shared lekin uss ke wajah se agar tum, saying this Ram stopped he couldn't finish his sentence, by that time they reached Priya's house.

Yeh sunnte hi Priya ne Ram ki taraf dekha, she had a calmness in her voice when she said, Mr. Kapoor maine aap ko kal bhi kahan tha aur aaj bhi wahi keh rahi hoon ke agar kuch hoga toh uski puri responsibility meri hogi…….after some pause she said, main pregnant nahin hoon lekin agar by chance hoti toh woh bachha main abort karwa deti, isliye nahi karti ke samaaj mujhe iski ijazaat nahi deta hain balki is liye karti ke main apne bachhen ko koi family nahi de pati, usse woh pyaar nahi de pati jo har bacchen ka haq hain, main janti hoon bina family rehna kaisa hota hain isi liye main apne bachhen ko taqleef nahi deti. Ram was looking at her with amazed expression, he hasn't seen Priya in such rage mood. He still can't believe Priya said such things. On the other hand, after finishing her words she came out of the car and very slowly went inside her house. Ram for quite some moments kept looking at her and then drove away.   

For the next whole week both Ram and Priya were busy in their own work, Ram was busy with his investors about his new project and Priya was busy in her work and also with Meethi, Meethi had her MRI done and report will be in one week, although she has been discharged but she is still very week because of blood loss. Every day Priya visits the orphanage and also keep in touch with the doctor about her health. This whole week was hectic for her but she manages that. Today is Friday and Meethi's report will be coming, so Priya came out a little early from her office and went to the Hospital. On the other hand Ram cracked his deal with the investors and was happy for his project. He thought of sharing this moment with Vikram and Neha. While going to Neha's place Ram again saw Priya coming out from the Hospital and this time he came in the hospital and enquired in the reception about Priya and came to know about Meethi. Ek ajeeb sa ehsaas hua Ram ko, he has come across with so many girls in his life but Priya is out of the crowd, he couldn't understand her, jahan ek taraf Ram was relieved that Priya isn't pregnant on the other hand he felt bad when Priya said such in the car and now he finds out about Meethi, Ram ko kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha. Yehi sochte sochte he came to Neha's place and shared his achievement with them. While Ram in Neha's place, Priya was in orphanage with the report in her hand, everyone was anxious about the report. Priya came and said that report is normal, everyone enjoyed it and Priya gave a chocolate slab to Meethi, she took it and shared the slab with her brothers and sisters. Yeh dekh ke Priya bohot khush huyi and she kissed her on her forehead, Meethi with her small hand take out a piece and put that in Priya's mouth and put her head on her chest. Priya felt very emotional. She hugged Meethi tightly, after some time Meethi slept in her embrace and Priya shift her on the bed and gently stroked her hair, she was in deep slumber and Priya asked other children not to disturb her and came out from the room. She came to Mother Cecily's room.

Priya – mother aap ne bulaya tha?

Mother – Priya, my child, come and have a seat.

Priya – thank you mother.

Mother – yes my child, maine tumhe bulaya tha, actually I want to say something to you.

Priya was listening to her.

Mother – Priya whatever you have done for Meethi, am grateful for that. I know, Meethi ke liye tumhare dil me bohot pyaar hain and I appreciate that. Thank you my child.

Priya – mother, plz thanks mat boliye, aap jante hain Meethi mere liye kya hain

Mother – I know, aur main yeh bhi janti hoon u will be a very good mother.

Priya stared at her for some moment then look other side.

Mother – Priya, my child, u looked very tired, last week bohot stress gaya hain tumhare upar, go and get some rest.

Priya came to her house, and went straight to her bathroom, she came out wearing a short kurti with Patiala salwar. That very moment she hears Shipra aunty is calling her. Priya opened the door,

Shipra – kab se awaaz laga rahi thi, tu thi kahan?

Priya – woh kaki main naha rahi thi isi liye awaaz sunai nahi di mujhe

Shipra – iss waqt nahi rahi thi, phir se bimaar padne ka iraada hain kya, kitni baar tujhe kahan hain thoda garam pani me naha liya kar, achha sun aaj pulav aur matar paneer banaya tha saath me gajar ka halwa, rakhh ke jaa rahi hoon, pura khatam karna, mujhe koi na nahi sunni hain, after some pause she came near to Priya and said, itna kyun kaam karti hain beta, har waqt bhaga daudi, thoda samay apne liye bhi nikal liya kar, apne future ke bare me soch, saying this she caressed her hair.

Priya said nothing just smiled at her. Shipraji left and Priya came in her balcony. She sat on the swing and kept looking at front in the sky. She was  thinking about Meethi, then mother's words, now Shipraji's words and thinking this some tears fall off her eyes. Priya tried to compose her but couldn't, her eyes ditched. Priya apne bare me kya sochegi, peechle 17 saal se woh apne family ke liye tarasti rahi, sochti rahi koi toh hoga jo ayega aur aake usse apne saath apne duniya me le jayega, Priya believe karti rahi ke koi uske liye bhi bana hain, uska intezaar kar raha hain but reality came in rather a rude shock, pariwaar toh mila lekin bas char din chandni ki tarah, koi aya uske zindagi me lekin woh mazaak bann ke reh gaya, pyaar toh hua par woh pyaar adhura reh gaya, zindagine uske saath phir se dhoka kiya, ab bas aur koi chah baaki nahi hain, koi umeed nahi hain zindagi se, ek khalipan hain, Priya sochti hain woh pura hoke bhi adhuri hi reh gayi, Ram se pyaar karke usse sirf taqleef hi mili, dard hi mila lekin phir bhi uski chahat kam nahi huyi, woh aaj bhi Ram se utna hi pyaar karti hain, isi liye woh Ram ke samne nahin ana chahti hain. Priya yehi soch rahi thi toh tabhi door se FM pe Kailash Kher ki gaana sunai deta hain


Ya rabba, de de koi jaan bhi agar

Dilbar pe ho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar

Pyaar hain yah sazaa aye mere dil bata

Tut ta kyun nahi dard ka silsila

Iss pyaar me ho kaise kaise imtehaan

Yeh pyaar likhe kaisi kaisi daastan


Koi na sune sisakti aahon ko

Koi na dhare tadapti baahon ko

Aandhi aandhi puri khwahishen

Tuti futi sab farmaishen

Kahin shaq hain kahin nafrat ki deewar hain

Kahin jeet me bhi shamil pal pal haar hain


Priya came to the dinning table had her dinner and go back to the bed. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep but the marks of her tears were still adorning her cheeks.

Next day was Saturday, weekend is round the corner. It was almost 7 in the clock, Priya was engrossed in her work when Shruthi came in her room.

Shruthi – may I come in?

Priya without looking up asked to come in, but then realize a familiar voice and looked up, her lips curled into a smile when she saw Shruthi standing at the door, she immediately come and hugged her.

Priya – what a pleasant surprise!, tu yahan kya kar rahi hain?

Shruthi – ab tu toh ayegi nahi mujhse milne isi liye mujhe hi aana para.

Priya – areee nahi yaar, aisi baat nahi hain, thoda kaam ka pressure zyada hain iss liye……………….

Shruthi – janti hoon, madam jo ab Manager Operations bann gayi hain, aur yeh bhi mujhe Rajat se hi pata chala, tu ne toh ek msg bhejna bhi zaarori nahi samjha.

Priya – sorry yaar, kuch tension me thi isi liye

Shruthi – baat kya hain Priya, sab theek toh hain na, kahin Ram ke sath kuch………………..

Priya – nahi yaar, woh actually Meethi ko leke thoda pareshan thi and she narrated whole incident of Meethi.

Shruthi – ab kaisi hain?, report me kya aya hain, everything is normal na?

Priya – report is normal bas blood loss ke liye thoda weak hain but she is recuperating fast.

Shruthi – Amritsar se aane ke baad tujhse theek se baaten bhi nahi ho payi thi, waise tera Ram se mulaqaat hua hain?

Priya – haan hua hain.

Shruthi came a little close to her and asked Priya main tujhse poochna chahti thi par mauka hi nahi mila, Amritsar me sab kuch theek toh tha na, I mean sab plan ke mutabik hi gaya na, kahin kisi ne kuch…………….

Priya – maine kahan tha na sab plan accordingly hi gaya tha.

Shruthi – tu theek toh hain na?

Priya looked at her and said, mujhe kya hua hain?, aur tu kya yeh sab baatein leke beyth gayi hain?, achha bata coffee piyegi?

Shruthi – nahi, abhi mujhe aur Rajat ko ek dinner pe jana hain, toh isi liye aayi thi yahan ke Rajat ko pick up karlungi aur tujhse mil bhi loongi, actually Ram aur Rajat ki jo project hain uska deal finalize hua hain toh isi liye Ram ne ek dinner organize kiya hain, Club International me, toh ussi me jaa rahi hoon.

Priya ne sirf suna par koi react nahi kiya, sirf boli Rajat Sir ko meri taraf se congrats! keh dena.

Shruthi left an hour ago but Priya is still working, finally she completed her work and came back to her home.

Priya was in the Little Angels as today is Sunday. She was chatting and playing with the children, helping them with their studies. She met Meethi and found she is keeping well. For not a single moment Meethi left her Priya di, she was always in her lap wherever Priya goes. While Priya was playing with children and Meethi, Shailajaji came and said Mother Cecily is calling her in her room. Priya took Meethi along with her as she didn't want to leave Priya. She entered the room and was surprised to see Ram there.

Mother – come my child, turned to Ram and said, Mr. Kapoor she is Priya Sharma, she has been attached with this organization for past 4 years and Priya, he is Ram Kapoor, owner of Kapoor Industries.

Ram – and who is this little cute baby doll?

Priya – her name is Meethi

Ram – what a sweet name, saying this he opened her arms to take Meethi but she wasn't interested to leave Priya, rather she clutched her more and Priya in reflex action secured her in her embrace.

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Awesome update 

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