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Superb OS.

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awesome os
loved it..!!
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you literally made me cry...
it so intense os.. loved it

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Its great
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niceMonkey Emoticons

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Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

Opened on request

thank you :)
PaRud_AddicT IF-Sizzlerz

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Those who had not read the first part, here is the link :)

Here's the much awaited PART 2
Hope you like itEmbarrassed


A tall handsome man with sharp features and chiseled body stood in the airport with a bouquet of red roses waiting for his love. All the girls around drooled over him as he removed his goggles, His sexy smirk can cause earth quakes every where. Girls drooling, pleading for autographs, begging for selfies is so very common in his life.  

He also saw the other boy giving him jealous glares. Well, its not his mistake that God blessed him with everything. His hard work bloomed and now he is the No.1 business man in India and charted top 10 young business men around the globe. But nothing doesn't matter to him, except her 

He lost in his thoughts, memories of THAT night, the night where they confessed, when their kissed for the first time. The thought of those moments gave him goose bums. Since that day his life changed. He had found his true love. He still remember how shy she was on their first date...How difficult it was for her to take their FRIENDSHIP to another level of a RELATIONSHIP. To move on from the title of BEST FRIEND to BOYFRIEND. The way her chubby cheeks would react giving a dark shade of red, when he used to whisper sweet nothings in her ears. They both were not perfect but together they gave happiness to each other. 

He sighed by taking  deep breath, Its been two years since he saw her.When arnav was developing AR , she wanted to go for higher studies in US. He couldn't deny her request. He still remember how she shed buckets of water when she was leaving. Damn, he missed her so much...her scent, her hugs, her blushes...every damn thing about her. 

HIs thoughts were disturbed by the announcement that the flight has arrived. His heart thumped as if he is teen. He smiled at her effect on him.  

"Hey Nannavv!!! Is she here yet?" The chirpy and annoying voice of his friend interrupted his thoughts 

"What are you doing here NK?" He questioned silently cursing him. 

"Oh Common Nannav, kushi ji is my best friend, How can I not come to welcome her?" N.k cheered. Arnav rolled his eyes in annoyance. NK aka Nand kishore, his so called friend who is so irritating...He hated NK to the core...He used to be the one who always interrupted their romantic moments 

" Its been 10 minutes nannav...kushi ji have to be here.." NK wondered in his annoying tone 

As all the passengers headed towards the entrance, embracing their loved ones,Arnav eagerly waited for his 99 kg laddu who turned out to be the love of his life. His eyes searched every corner of the place. Suddenly he heard NK yelling 

" Kushi ji!!!!!!!!!!!" Before Arnav can figure out NK ran towards her and hugged her so tight 

But here Arnav was rooted to the ground. This is not his kushi...His fingers curled against one another in anger, his eyes turned red and he is in the verge of exploding.  

There she was , with her hair extra shining and skin glowing. She was not the old nerdy kushi. She wore a skirt which reached her legs, and a fancy belt with silver chains was tied over her petite waist. He was bewildered as she ran towards his and hugged him. 


Its been 2 years, and she has spent the most difficult time of her life by staying away from him. She expected him to run and hug her but he was still. Well, it doesn't matter , She took fast steps towards him and jumped on him.Ahh...she so missed his colonge.She ruffled his hair feeling him...Her eyes twitched. There was no response from him, instead she saw his fists shaking in anger. 

"Arnav , what happened?" His anger was accumulating inside and ready to explode but he didn't want to create a scene. 

He threw daggers at her scaring her to the core. He held her hand and dragged her to the car while NK was left with her luggage. 

" Arnav , What happened? Why are you behaving this way?" She made attempts to stop him and ask but he was hell bent on pushing her in the car. She noticed NK was running behind them but arnav droved off the car leaving NK behind 


Ignoring everyone's questions he dragged her to his room and shut the door behind him terrorizing her. He grabbed her shoulders, squeezing her thin skin( No gutter thoughts please ;) ) causing red marks. Tears brimmed in her doe eyes without her permission.  

"Your hurting me Arnav" Her shaky words left her mouth 

"NO! You are hurting me kushi!" His voice echoed in the room while kushi starred in horror. She wanted to ask him the reason but her voice didn't come out 

" You!!" He pointed at her "What have you done to yourself haan? Did I ever ask you to loose you weight?  This hair?" He lined it with his hands " Why did you get it curled in the ends? This nail art and rubbish!! You never liked them kushi, Why are you doing this to yourself...I never asked you dammit!!!!" 

She sighed in relief, she never expected that he will turn hyper like this...Instead she thought he will find her sexy. She wiped her tears softly 

"I thought you will like it Arnav...I just want..." Before she can complete he pushed her back and yelled 

" You thought I will like it? Did I ever ask you to change? Is this what you understood me in all these years..? For Gods sake I loved you for who you are kushi...Not to give you this makeover or change you for my own selfish reasons..Tum aise soch bhi kaise sakthi ho..?" He demanded answers while she sobbed covering her face.  

She messed up again like all the time. She had done this just for him, so that she can be a  perfect girlfriend like he is for her, But all turned in vain and he misunderstood her. Her sobs filled the air in the room as they grew louder and louder. 

" Stop crying!" This time his voice was low , yet so commanding. But it was not in her hands, she just could stop crying. He clenched his jaw and ordered again but there was no response. Her sobs grew higher echoing in the room.  

Suddenly she was pulled by him, before she can realize, his rough and hard lips attacked her sensitive lips. Her eyes widened at his act and she couldn't register anything in her mind. He grabbed some of her hair pulling her more inside of him by deepening the kiss. Her breath rate lowered as he was all over her face. He squeezed her petite waist and drew her near pushing her to the wall. He bracketed her hands and did not give her a chance to move.HIs anger, frustration of missing her for 2 years, his dark passion..he poured everything in the kiss. He did not care she was hurt. He bite her lips as she gasped in pain but it doesn't mater...How cans she even think of changing for him? Is she a goddess or a saint to make sacrifices? He punished her in the kiss as she gripped his shoulders hard, piercing her nails into his shoulders 

The epic kiss ended as they horribly needed to breath. Her sobs were stopped but her breath filled the air. Both were breathing heavily holding on to each other. After a few minutes, gathering all her strength, she attempted to speak but he being so stubborn pushed her back to wall and left her alone 


Relaxing in the hot bath tub, kushi slowly ran fingers around the marks, they were painful but its okay. She closed her eyes as the images appeared before her. Their argument, and the KISS...Even though it was a wild one which hurt her lips that she cannot make a movement , kushi silently blushed. Oh she missed him so much. She checked her phone again, He is hell stubborn that he is ignoring her. She shrugged and stepped out of the bath tub with the towel wrapped around her. She is really tiers because of the jet lag. She decided to sleep so that she can have a better plan to manify him in the REUNION party held by her friends 


Arnav sat in the bar counter ignoring NK, with each sip of coke, his eyes sinfully turned tot eh entrance waiting for his girl. Poor kushi had texted him to pick her up but he simply ignored her.Suddenly a pair of lean hands wrapped over him which is very sure that its not kushi 

"Hey ASR!" Her creepy voice disgusted him as lavanya tried to lean her all body over him but he reluctantly stayed away 

" Don't wait for her ASR, she don't..." Her plan of manipulating arnav was interruptes as she heard gasps 

"Kushi..?" She heard Pam whispering. Lavanya's eyes shot towards the entrance which startled her.  

"KUSHI?" She gasped. On the other hand arnav is lost. Kushi stepped out from the car elegantly stealing all the attention on her. Her petite body was adorned with a simple red saree with a small silver border. Her mini waist was decorated with a thin waist band which added beauty to her. She waved at everyone but her smile disappeared as her eyes stopped at him. Not because he hurt her but because he is standing with lavanya. 

She excused herself and strolled towards him but glared at lavanya. Arnav smirked mentally enjoying the scene. He has never seen a possessive kushi. She walked up to him and wrapped her hands over his perfectly toned body and whispered 

"Hey Baby!" Her bold act not only stunned him but lavanya too. Lavanya, unable to see kushi gorgeous than her turned to leave the place 

"Hey Lavanya...Long time huh?" kushi threw a fake smile while lavanya fumed and went away. Arnav watched amused as kushi glared at la. She left his hand and went to meet other guy friends. Arnav's anger pumped up again. She is supposed to apologise but she doesn't care about anything. As the song started kushi gave her hand to NK and both started swaying adding more fuel to arnav's fire.  

"Kushi ji, Im gonna be dead...Nannav is staring at me as if he will eat me alive" NK looked at arnav gulping his fear 

"Nothing will happen nanhe ji..just do what I say.." She calmed him eyes at arnav from the corner. She mentally danced inside. From a few steps she can hear burning smell of his jealousy.  

She purposely leaned towards NK but she wall pulled by her boyfriend. She didn't resist, he dragged her to the secluded spot in the venue.Before she can speak he pulled her in his arms trapping in his embrace. It wasn't wild or hurting, its just that he missed her too much to be angry on her for long. His fingers were tangled in her hair as she dug her face inside his refuge. His breath fanning on her neck and he inhaled her fragrance and whispered sweet nothings 

"Im sorry" He heard her faint voice. He drew back from the hug , her eyes were closed in guilt and their foreheads were touching. 

"Kushi, whats the need of doing this?" He is not angry now but he just want her side of story. 

She softly smiled and replied, " There's absolutely no need of doing this arnav ji..I did this not for but for me. You are a good friend and a boyfriend..You are perfect for me..and I want to give my best for you. Yeah...Im not fashionable or have any fashion sense..I don't like to party or maintain any class..But when you did so much for by accepting me no matter how I look like..this is nothing...I can give or do anything for you, even it costs my life" 

He smiled..and his heart filled with warmth of her. She just wanted herself to be perfect for him. He slowly removed the strands of her tiny hair from her temples and replied 

"Kushi, you are already perfect...I never wanted you to change for me..Physically or mentally..I don't give a damn what people think.."  

"Who said I give a damn? And by the way..I did not change..I just had a little makeover" She giggled. He pull her closer again as the cool breeze played with their hairs. 

" Remember? This is the place I confessed.and you were hell bent on leaving me and thinking you don't deserve me" He smiled losing himself in the past memories 

"Yeah! I remember..such a dramatic confession we had.!" She replied leaning on his shoulder where she found peace and secure 

He pulled back and whispered 

"And our first kiss" Kushi blushed in crimson red while arnav admired her cute face.  

"I'm sorry kushi..I hurt you that day" He replied with guilt written all over his face. she tip toed and kissed his forehead and replied understandingly 

"Its okay..I understand!" He smiled...He is so blessed to have a girl who loves him as her everything and also understands him. As the soft music ran in their ears they swayed in each others arms...all he saw was her pink cheeks and she felt was his heart beat. Arnav suddenly pulled back and teased her 

"Waise kushi..How come you lost so much weight? Don't you tell me that you starved for days.." 

She bit her lips" Well..Its not actually starving but yeah...I had to eat those horrible salad everyday and top of that I had to stop eating jalebi..Oh..I miss them so much" She replied making a puppy face which made him laugh.  

Seeing him making fun of her, she playfully hit him on shoulder. He pulled her towards him making her gasp 

"Well, I can provide you all flavors of jalebi kushi" Understanding what he meant, she blushed furiously. She can fell his breath nearing her for every second.She is sure what is coming, she closed her eyes as she felt his lips near her. Her eyes twitched as he pulled back and went a few steps backwards.She frowned at his behavior as he slowly knelt down with a nervousness filled in face. He gulped and slowly took out small golden box from his pocket.  

Kushi was rooted, astonished and shocked..Is he really going to propose her? He took the ring from the box and gulped his throat 

"Kushi, I...Voh...I just just want to make this simple kushi..I want to spend my whole life with you, Experience happiness, troubles,. Everything with you..I want to grow old with you...Whatever I do or I achieve...I want you by my side..cos you are my inspiration. If there is no Kushi, then there is no Arnav." 

"Will you marry me kushi?" 

Time stopped, she heard nothing except the words which echoed in her ears. Tiny hairs on her skin stood up, She felt her heart rush and breath high rated. This unbelievable...lone tears slipped from her eyes travelling down her cheeks and fell on the ground. She gathered her courage and let the words out 


He beamed with joy and lifted her in the air twirling her around as her laughter filled the atmosphere. He put her down and thanked her by kissed her fingers with tears in both eyes. She slowly withdrew her hand and asked him 

"But arnav, You don't believe in..." 

"Marriage...I know..."he ran his finger through his thick hair.." Kushi..I don't believe in amarraige and rituals after what happen with my parents..But I know you wantt o be something more than my girlfriend and same with me...For this If we need to marry then why not.." 

She smiled warmly hiding in his chest inhaling his scent. She whispered THANK YOU against his chest while he pulled  out and starred into the depth of her eyes. Kushi's soul uplifted at his intense stare. She shivered as his fingers ran through her eyes..cheeks...arms and finally on her waist. He pulled the pallu aside and ran his fingers on her waist band.  

Her eyes shot up and pulled back instantly. His face demanded answers, She hesitated and looked awkward.. 

"Kushi?" One of his eyebrows raised for her answer. She replied ashamed 

"Voh...I have..strech marks..cos of my weight.." He tightened his jaw and pulled her to him and spat 

"I don't give a damn" She smiled as he kissed her with love and passion while the dark night and the wind witnessed the two couple who was lost in each other 



She lifted her heavy gagra and took baby steps towards HIS room..she corrected herself...its THEIR room from now. There was sindhoor in her maang and mangalsutra hanging on her neck. She peeped in the door and took slow steps. She was so nervous that she had extra long boring conversations with di so that she can avoid him tonight. 

She couldn't sleep when ever they shared just a kiss, she gulped thinking what he is going to do to her tonight. She giggled with her mouth covered in victory that he got rid of him tonight as she saw him asleep totally covered in blanket. She walked towards washroom gathering her night dress, just then she felt a touch on her arms making her gasp 

"Not so soon Mrs. Raizada.." He devilishly smirked whispering in her ear. She was wondered to see him awake..then who is there on ...Her eyes widened because there were pillows under the blnket. 

With a blink of an eye he lifted her in arms as she gulped in fear. He placed on the bed and removed her accessories taking his own sweet time as she was los tin his touch 

" Kushi..." 

"Huh.." she replied with a lost voice 

"Do you know what was the best thing after your so called makeover?" Her eyes snapped out with his question 

"I can carry you easily anywhere, anytime.." She hit him playfully for teasing her. His eyes grew dark filled with passion 

"Do you know the worst..? I cant bit your cheeks like I did before.." She blushed furiously as switched off the lights and the love birds swept away in the passion of oceans 



Blessy :)

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