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Arhi FF~Dilbar Dilpar~*TH #4 Chap 32 p67 2/7 (Page 67)

anjale IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 9:32am | IP Logged
hay i really hate arnav's relation ya is tey searching 4r a bride 4r him r selling him? plz soon make they both 2 understand tis and take a step against tem pl...

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rimzu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 9:53am | IP Logged
amazing part

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smilystar Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged
awesome update Thumbs Up
loved it 
liked shy khushi 
n arnav wants 'kuch hatke' LOL
cont soon

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manikka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 10:52am | IP Logged
loved it...
superb part...
thnks for the PM...

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pooja102 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged
beautifully written

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged
hi thanks 4 da pm n terrific update...shy Khushi n naughty arnav! Well written! update soon! Pls update ur one Maaneet SS !Thanks

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nishaipkkdian Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Awesome update. Arnav is so naughty and Kushi is so shy. I never expect this much shyness from hitler guptha.

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Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 11:25am | IP Logged

Chapter 32


Warning Mature ContentEmbarrassed


Nani, Mami and Anjali had called the local man from the clothes shop to ask him to show them the latest wedding attires for Khushi.

"Anjali betiya, what about this?" Nani showed her a blue sari.

"No Nani...we need something elegant yet traditional for today..."

"Hello hi bye bye! What about this?" said Mami looking at a pink ghagra choli.

"That is too over done...ummmhhh what about this green shalara...this will so good on Khushi ji" said Anjali picking up a dark green outfit.

"Yes this beautiful...yes let's get this one..." said Nani looking at the model picture.

"Khushi will look nice in this, she is so slim so it will suit her" said Mami opening it up.

Shyam came from his office early and sat down near them.

"What is happening?"

"Damad ji we shopping for Khushi especially for tonight..we have to send her the outfit and jewellery as per tradition" said Mami.

"Shyam ji do you remember when we had this ceremony?" blushed Anjali.

He nodded his head with a fake smile.

"I can't wait till Khushi marries Arnav Bitua at least we can get rid of Chamkili saga forever" said Mami.

Nani nodded her head. "I'm glad he had forgotten about THAT girl"

Shyam looked around at them.

*Maybe I need to bring Chamkili into Arnav's life...but how will I find her? * he looked at his wife.



Sitting in his cabin Arnav was working on his laptop madly. He had no choice but to work and he had not had a minute to even ring or text Khushi. Khushi was taking a day off to prepare for the ceremony. A girl was required to look her best.

"Payal I will need the David file send it" he said ringing her downstairs.

After a little while he heard someone open the door and shut it behind them. His eyes were fixed at a file he was reading and editing.

Putting his hand out he said.

"Payal give it to me"

A file landed in his hand and he pulled it. Instead he pulled someone into his lap. Looking shocked he saw Khushi with scrunched eyes.

*Rabba Vey*

"Khushi? You? here?" he said. She opened her eyes and found her arms around his neck.

"Errmmm Arnav I came..." she stammered feeling uncomfortable in his lap. She tried to get up.

He pulled her close. "Don't worry Khushi its okay" he said giving her a loving stare.

"You didn't ring or text me all day so I thought I would pop by and see you"

He smoothed her hair.

"So Khushi Kumari Gupta missed me?"

She nodded her head.

"I missed you too babe...but was busy...and by the way we are not meant to see each other till later"

"I know but I'm going now...need to get ready" she said.

Putting his hands round her tightly he looked at her. His eyes scanned her from her lips to her eyes.

Khushi remembered his desire for 'kuch hatke' and she looked down and then looked at him.

Her eyes dilated and her breathing began getting erratic. Inching forward he pulled her close. Her lips parted and she moved in closer to kiss him. As soon as they came near the phone rang. Startled they both got up. Picking up the phone he began talking.

"Yes Aman?" he said annoyed he had disturbed them. Seeing the opportunity Khushi legged it and he looked at her with a mischievous look.




Standing in front of her mirror she looked for approval. She was all ready. Khushi was wearing a green embroidered shalara. Her hair loosely curled and open with her head covered in the dupatta.

She had a lovely medium sized gold set on. Her arms full of matching jewellery and bangles. She looked a sight to be behold.

Samita Devi came and put a black spot on her neck.

"My daughter is looking like a princess...may Devi Maiyaa keep you away from bad eyes"

She blushed and hugged her.

"Ma I feel really nervous...I don't know why"

She looked at Khushi.

"My angry Khushi is nervous?" she chuckled. "I never thought I'd see the day"


"I'm happy that Arnav has made you feel like a woman again...before I could not tell is you're a girl or a man...he certainly has weaved his magic on you"

Her mobile started going off.

"Answer it will be Arnav" said Samita teasingly.

She answered the phone and she left the room.

"Hi" said Arnav. He was dressed in black suit and a maroon shiny shirt. Looking extremely hot he began combing his hair.

"Hi" she said putting her hair behind her ear.

"Khushi just an hour more and we will meet...and Khushi Kumari Gupta prepare to be blown away"

"Why what is going to happen?"

"You'll see...'kuch hatke'" he said cutting the call.

*Hey Devi Maiya what is he up to?*she began biting her nails.



Anjali, NK and Akash escorted Khushi to their mansion a few miles from Delhi. She entered looking like a bride. As she looked around she saw the hall had been decorated. Multi coloured flickering lights, flowers and flowing net material in pink and white all the way round.

Turning her eyes to the middle she saw a 'chilman' parting. The 'chilman' was a see through gold colour.


"Khushi ji you have to stay on this side all the time you are here...and Chotey will come on that side..."

"Khushi ji no cheating okay?" teased NK. She blushed holding her dupatta in place.

"Khushi ji we need to go now but we will be back in an hour or so" said Akash.

As soon as they left Khushi began getting a strange feeling around her body. The anticipation of seeing Arnav was making her nervous. She looked around and began fidgeting. Her heart beat was making thumping sounds inside her. Suddenly her mobile began ringing.

"Arnav where are you?" she asked feeling apprehensive.

"I will be a little late so in the meantime lift the material off the table on your right"

Khushi looked around and saw a red material on a table. As it was a vast hall she took a few moments to get there. She lifted the cloth and found lots of gift boxes.

"Arnav what is this?"

"Khushi its gifts I been buying all those years you weren't with me"

Khushi started to look emotional. He walked inside the mansion still talking to her. She had her back to him behind the chilman.

"Okay open them..." he said looking at her frozen.

She began picking up the gifts and opened them. He had bought her bangles, dolls, diaries, hair bands, clothes and other bits and bobs.

"Sorry some of the things won't fit you.."

"Arnav I will keep them as a memory of our love...I can't believe you kept them all these years" she said looking touched.

"Now come, stop making me wait" said Khushi missing him.

"Khushi I am here" he said naughtily. She turned around and saw him on the other side of the chilman.

Looking straight into his Khushi he began making his way towards the parting. Feeling the heat of his gaze she looked a little down. He took the chilman in his fist and scrunched it.

Looking worried she stopped him.

"Arnav you will make the chilman fall"

"Damn!" he said turning around. Khushi looked in his direction and he suddenly began singing.


Arnav: ye jo chilman hai dushman hai hamaari

This curtain here is my enemy


Not really believing that he was singing an Muhammed Rafi tune she made an O shape with her lips.

Arnav: kitni sharmeeli, ho kitni sharmeeli dulhan hai hamaari

So full of modesty/shyness is my bride


He began serenading her with compliments and she began blushing. They walked side by side with the parting.

doosraa aur koyi yahaan kyun rahe

Why should anyone else be here?


Bringing their faces close to the chilman they gazed at each other.

Arnav: husn aur ishq ke darmiyaan kyun rahe

Why should it be in between love and beauty


Seeing him gaze intensely at her she raised her dupatta to cover her face.

Arnav: darmiyaan kyun rahe
ye yahaan kyun rahe

Why should it be here


She smiled and he tried getting her to drop her dupatta down.

Arnav: haan ji haan kyun rahe

Yes why should it be


Putting her dupatta in her mouth slightly she looked the other way.

Arnav: ye jo aanchal hai shikwaa hai hamaaraa

This veil is a complain/problem of mine

Arnav: kyun chhupataa hai cheharaa ye tumhaaraa

Why does it hide your face

Arnav: haay ye jo chilman hai

Sigh! This curtain!


Arnav handed hear some letters from under the chilman, he had written for her over years. She opened them and began reading them. Feeling overwhelmed she began crying reading what he had to say to her over the years.



They sat down on the floor and Arnav looked at her loose curly hair cover her face.

Arnav: kaise deedaar aashiq tumhaaraa kare

How can your love have a look at you

Arnav: kaise deedaar aashiq tumhaaraa kare
rukhe roshan kaa kaise nazaaraa kare
(How can it be able to sight this lovely sight.)


She slightly put them back and blushed.

Arnav: ho nazaaraa kare

(Be able to see)
Arnav:ho ishaaraa kare

(It signals)
haan pukaaraa kare

(Yes it calls)


She came near the chilman and he touched her face through the material. Tracing her eyes and cheeks with his fingers.

Arnav: ye jo gesoo hain baadal hain qasam se

These tresses are like clouds, I swear
kaise bikhare hain gaalon pe sanam ke

How it is spread over my love's cheeks

Khushi got up and he gestured her to go back slightly. He pressed the fan above her and petals and glitter fell on her. Feeling surprised she began twirling slowly while the petals fell. Arnav smiled seeing her so happy. Suddenly her dupatta fell from her head.

Arnav: rukh se pardaa zaraa jo sarakne lagaa

If the veil just shifts even slightly
uf ye kambakht dil kyun dhadakne lagaa

This treacherous heart starts beating


He could see her milky slightly exposed chest with her cleavage showing. She quickly held her dupatta and put it around her neck.

Arnav: ho dhadhakne lagaa
haan bhadakne lagaa

It is getting wild

dam atakne lagaa

My breathing slows down


Slowly they came towards the chilman and stood looking lost into each other.

Arnav: ye jo dhadkan hai

This heartbeat
dushman hai hamaari

Is my enemy


Khushi put her hands against the chilman and he took her hands and scrunched them in his fists.

Arnav: kaise dil sambhle uljhan hai hamaari

How can I control my heart, it is a riddle


Looking at her face he flickered his eyes to her lips and then to her eyes. With her eyes teary she looked into his eyes.

Arnav: Ye jo chilman hain dushman hain humari

His head against her head.

The 'chilman' in between.

 His touching her nose.

The 'chilman' in between.

 Their mouths fanning each other through the chilman. By now her breathing became shallow he scrunched her hands tighter. His smouldering look of desire sent heat waves around her body. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

His brown orbs looking into her eyes which were looking at him and then lowering. Moving in closer he noticed her coming close to the material.

He found his heart thumping like mad. She parted her lips and he slowly moved in closer. By now her eyes were closed. Angling his face he moved closer till he was a second away.

Their lips touched the chilman and Arnav pushed his face against the chilman to take her lips.

Placing a few light feathery kisses gently he pulled back and saw her mouth tilted up wanting more from him.  She was heaving heavily. Taking the opportunity he went and placed a few more kisses.

Letting go of her hands he put his hands around her head and kissed her fiercely. Khushi kissed him back and put her hands and scrunched the chilman and his shirt with it. They moved in closer to feel each other's body as much as they could.

The feel of the material between their lips was having a different kind of an effect. They were kissing but not fully kissing. Arnav swiped his tongue over her lips and kissed her again. She moaned a little and shivered with the sensation.

The chilman was pulled off by the sheer force of the pulling and pushing and fell over Khushi's head. He pulled back and saw her all covered by the material.

"What the!" he said surprised. He looked back when he heard someone knocking and his Di, Akash and NK came in.

"Chotey what happened?" she said looking at the parting all down.

"Ummhhh I don't know it fell and Khushi..." he looked at Khushi struggling to get out.

"Nannav mere bhai turn around...its bad luck to see her in this ceremony"

He turned was forced to face backwards to avoid seeing Khushi.

"Here Khushi ji you are out now" said Anjali helping her out. "Come we need to go now...and before Chotey tries to look at you" she giggled.

Khushi was taken out and Arnav turned around and saw the part of the chilman with her lipstick smudged.



By now she had changed into her night clothes. Her hair all free from the pins and her jewellery and make up all off.

She sat on her bed combing her hair and smiling to herself thinking of their first ceremony.

Arnav rang her at 12pm.

"Hi" she said biting her lip.

"Hi" he said flirting with her.

"What were you doing?"

"Nothing just changed and was going to go sleep" she said putting her comb down.

"Okay. Ummmhh Khushi today's first ritual went well"

"Yes it was 'kuch hatke'" she said.

"Kuch hatke?" he cocked his left eyebrow.

"Ummmhh I meant...what I was saying it was unique" she stammered.

"You don't need to justify what you said Khushi...and thanks"

Looking perplexed she asked.

"Thanks? For what?"

"For letting me KISS you"

Khushi pushed her tongue against her gums and took a sharp breath in.

"Khushi are you there?" he asked smirking.

"Y...y..yes...thank you for singing me Muhammed Rafi's song...I couldn't believe you sang it for there anything Arnav Singh Raizada cannot do?"

Arnav smiled.

Picking up the material where she had kissed him through. He looked at it and kissed it. She shuddered feeling the kiss.

"Khushi" he said huskily.

"I really really realllyyy love you"

She got into her duvet and lay down blushing.

"Arnav we should be going to sleep's getting late"

"Khushi I would have thought you would want to talk" he said disappointed she wanted to get rid of him.

"I do...but if we go sleep time will fly fast and we will speak to each other in the morning at the office hmmm?"

"True" he said pleased.

"And Arnav...I...Loveee...Youuu tooo mwuah mwuah mwuah" she kissed him through the phone and cut the call.

He looked on happy and began texting her. Khushi had shut the light. Her phone beeped and she saw the message.

*Khushi I will wait for my 'Kuch hatke' when you are ready, which most probably is after marriage ;)*

She blushed and put her mobile near her chin.


Precap; Khushi surprises ArnavWink

Guys thanks for the likes and comments. Hope you are liking the storyline. Please stay motivating me like always

Next: CHAPTER 31

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