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Arhi FF~Dilbar Dilpar~*TH #4 Chap 32 p67 2/7 (Page 44)

hiralhk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2013 at 4:53am | IP Logged
waiting for update dear..
pls update soon..

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Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 31


Nani, Mami and Anjali came to the Gupta household with trays of decorated 'mitiai' to make the Arnav Khushi marriage back on track. Mr Gupta seemed over the moon seeing them make the first move.

"Uncle I know Chotey and Khushi ji made a rash decision breaking it off but they have realised the love they have for each other" said Anjali.

"As you lot know I am fond of Arnav all this doesn't matter anymore"

"Gupta ji we should start preparing for their marriage" said Nani eagerly.

"Hello hi bye bye! Main toh kehti hoon chut magni patt beya hona chahiye" (I am saying it should be quick engagement and quick marriage)

"You mean before they change their mind again?" said NK.

Everyone laughed.

"I have asked our pundit and he has said next month July 26th is a good can ask yours too".

Hearing all this Shyam seemed annoyed and sat sulking while Anjali was oblivious to her husband's expressions.




Arnav sat with a few employees explaining to them a few programmes that were newly going to be used soon.

"Yes this will help us manage our workload easily...just look..." he tapped away on the laptop. Khushi came near his cabin door and looked at him for a little while.

Seeing him busy she turned to leave...Arnav saw her and quickly excused himself.

Khushi was walking back downstairs that he called her.

"Oi Khushi"

She looked back and came back a few stairs. As she held the rails he in a sexy way stood with his legs crossed.

"Where are you going?"

"Downstairs" she said.

"You came to see me then why didn't you come in?"

"I thought you were a little busy so..."

" know Di rang me and had a word with me about getting married"

"Yes I got a call had a word with me too" she coyly put her hair behind her ear.

"Toh kya khiyaal hain?" (So what do you think?) he said flirtingly.

"Khiyaal? Ummh mera khiyaal hain ke aap ko apna kaam khatam karna chahiye"(Think? My thought is that you should go and finish your work?)

"By the way what happened about Neelam?"

"She found out about our hot nights"

"What?" she said shocked.

"Don't you remember the newspaper said our hot night? Shame really we didn't have any kind of hot night" he said casually.

Khushi came and playfully slapped him.

"Khushi lets go out somewhere...I want to talk to you...all these years we haven't spoken much" he said sincerely.

Looking into his eyes she noticed a certain sadness. Looking around she sighed.

"Okay Raizada, lets go out...and I will decide where we are going"

Arnav seemed pleasantly surprised that she was going to leave her work on the back burner and go with him.




Khushi was driving and Arnav sat there talking on his Bluetooth. Cutting his call he looked at her.

"Khushi where are we going?" he asked frustrated.

"You'll see" she smiled a little.

Arnav kept his gaze on her.

"I never knew my Chamkili would turn like this" he said lost.

She looked at him.

"What do you mean?" she asked half looking.

"So independent...and yet so vulnerable" he said with a soft husky voice.

She felt a little shy.

"Is that good or bad?"

"I find it a turn on really" he said naughtily. As she looked at his flirting eyes she turned to the road.

"Ummmh we are here!" she said changing the subject. Arnav looked around and was blown away by the scenery at the hill top. There was greenery everywhere and they could see all the city behind.

"Wow this is so beautiful" he said feeling the serenity.

"It is isn't it" she said walking on his side.

"You know Nannav whenever I use to miss you I use to come here and think about you"

She sat at the highest point of the hill and Arnav sat a little below.

"Really? What did you use to think about?" he asked wanting to know.

She rubbed her hands together.

"Ermmm if you still remembered me...or how you look or would we have ever meet? The times we spent together as kids"

He looked away at the scenery. "So we had similar know how much my family use to tell me to forget you and move on..I couldn't...some people won't understand this but I knew you were the one for me even at the age...but I was scared that we would never meet or probably you had changed...and even worse you were married or in a relationship"

She chuckled and began pulling the grass.

"Nannav does your family know I am Chamkili?"

"No...and I would like you to not tell them...the reasons I will tell you soon"

She nodded her head. "Another thing we are adults you call me Arnav and I will call you Khushi hmmm?"

"Fine..." she said blinking her lashes.

He pulled her close and she rested her head on his shoulders.

"Khushi tell me things about your likes and dislikes" he his arm around her petite waist.

"Well I love jalebi's as you know...all hot and spicy favourite colour is pink and white...and I love Muhammed Rafi songs...old songs are my obsession"

"Really?" he asked surprised.

"Yes they have more meaning to them than these days noise"

"Fine sing something to me" he asked with a husky voice.

She cleared her throat and nuzzled on his shoulder. Her sweet voice began stirring his emotions.

(A big thank you to -Sanjana- for singing this Hug)

Khushi: Tum jo mil gaye ho, toh yeh lagta hai
Ke jahan mil gaya - Ek bhatke huye rahee ko, carvan mil gaya
~(Now that I have found you it seems I have got the world, a lost walker has found his destination)


Looking at him utmost admiration she began varying her voice to showcase her emotions. He decided to get up and she put her hand on his bicep and pulled him back. He angrily looked away and she put her chin on his shoulders.


 Khushi: Baitho naa dur hamse, dekho khafa naa ho -

 Kismat se mil gaye ho, milke juda naa ho -

 Meree kya khata hai, hota hai yeh bhee

 Ke jamee se bhee kabhee aasama mil gaya

 Ke jahan mil gaya(Don't sit there annoyed from me, don't be upset, with luck I have found you, now please don't separate now, what is my fault? This also happens that the earth meets the sky)


Arnav began edging towards her and she tilted slightly backwards. His eyes darted to her lips and back to her eyes. She quickly got up avoiding him coming anywhere near. He looked down like someone denied something essential to his life.

As she stood up she looked into the distance her arms folded in defence. He came slightly near and looked at her knowing she was avoiding him.

As he touched her bicep she shuddered with his hot touch. Suddenly she turned and touched him.

"Tag" she said running down.

"What the!" he said first surprised by what she was doing. Then he smiled remembering how they use to play this game when they were in Sangat. He ran after her and she ran faster.

He caught up with her and as soon as he grabbed Khushi tripped and in a bid to save her he leaped and he fell on top of her. They fell downwards and kept rolling. Sometimes Khushi on top and sometimes Arnav. When they reached the bottom, Arnav was at the top and Khushi under him.

They first start chuckling.

"This was fun!" said Arnav.

"It was, wasn't it?" she chuckled.

Suddenly Arnav began looking at her lips and then at her eyes. She began feeling her heart beat increase. Her mouth began to dry seeing him crave for her lips.

Slowly he angled his mouth and began lowering his head. She began heaving and began looking down. As he reached near her lips he hovered a few seconds and began fanning her face.

To take her lips he decided to move closer. She smiled mischievously and pushed him off.  Quickly getting up she ran up the hill and he sat for a few seconds disappointed she had got away again.




After they had to return back to work as they had an important emergency meeting with a client.

"I understand Mr Clive you are disappointed with our last order but I assure this time, I will see to it personally myself... Mr Raizada will be your first contact throughout all this, isn't it Mr Raizada?"

She said addressing him formally. He shook his head and looked sullen. She noticed and suppressed her smile.

After a long hour the meeting came to an end. The clients left and Khushi turned to Arnav in front of her staff.

"Mr Raizada, could you come to my cabin I need to go over a few pointers!"

Turning she smirked he could not turn her down.

Khushi sat with her pen in her mouth looking at a file. Arnav walked in and dumped his file on the table.

"Yes Khushi" he sat in the chair opposite her.

"Thanks for the enuthiasm at the meeting!" she said sarcastically.

"What do you expect?" he said looking a little annoyed and then looked into his iphone. She got up and began walking around her desk to reach him. Tapping on his mobile he was avoiding her.

Standing behind his chair she slid her hands around his neck.

"Are you upset with me?" she angled her face to look at him and then kissed his right cheek. Giving her a sharp look he looked away.


She angled her face near his left cheek and gave him a small kiss there.


Reaching his forehead she placed a kiss there.

He got up annoyed.

"Khushi I don't want this! Muje 'kuch hatke' chahiye!"  he raised his hands in frustration.

"Kuch hatke??" she said looking down and then looking at him.

"Yes I have had enough of this...why can't you be like other girls..." he said pointing his finger at her.

"You know how hard it is for me to see you in front of me and not be able to..." he cut what he was saying short as he noticed Khushi in tears. He closed his eyes annoyed at himself that he made his Chamkili cry.

"Khushi please don't cry..."


He came forward feeling bad he had pushed her too far. He tried holding her hands. She walked back shaking them out of his grasp.

"Arnav Singh Raizada, you know you might find it hard to believe but this is my first relationship with any man and yes I am prude but I do love you and find it hard to show how I feel about you"

"Shshhh shhh" he said taking her lightly in his arms.

"I'm sorry Khushi. I didn't's okay...relax"

"Arnav I can't believe you said that to me" she nuzzled his chest.

"Khushi, it's okay I understand...I will wait whenever you are ready...I am just glad you are back in my life"



Shyam and Neelam sat with the Raizada family minus Arnav.

"Nani ji what was wrong with Neelam? I mean that Khushi ji she already broke off without notice she could still do the same..."

Nani looked at Shyam and calmly replied.

"Nothing is wrong with Neelam betiya but we have to see Chotey's happiness too"

"But Neelam will make him happy too"

"Enough damad ji..Khushi betiya is the richest girl in the whole of India so you think we are mad of letting her go and marrying some second best girl?"

Neelam looked sadly at Shyam and got up and left.

"Shyam ji don't worry we know what we are doing...just try to be happy for Chotey hmmm?" said Anjali.

Arnav, Akash and NK walked in.

"Hello hi bye bye, the good, the bad and the ugly are here!" said Mami.

They all looked shocked and Anjali and Nani began laughing.

"Mami aap bi na!" giggled Anjali.

"Excuse me aunty, who is the ugly here? It surely isn't me!" said NK.

Nani looked at them adoringly and asked them to be seated.

"I have called Gupta ji he will be turning up soon..we need to discuss the customs and events about the wedding" said Nani.

Arnav looked at them. "Is Khushi coming?"

"Nannav mere bhai..of course.."

He looked a little happy.

After a little while the Gupta family had arrived. Khushi met all the Raizada family and sat down.

"Gupta ji as you know we have called you to discuss all the wedding you can tell us what your family rituals are and we tell ours"

"to be honest we just have the normal customs nothing in particular but I take that the Raizada's must have some different ones"

Nani nodded her head.

"Yes, we do. The first one is a very old tradition we have. Basically we send the bride and groom to be in one of our Mansion and have a 'chilman' they can't see each other without it"

Arnav and Khushi listened to it and shyly looked at each other.

"We dress the girl in a semi bridal outfit and the boy wears his best clothes..the aim is so that they talk to each other and get to know each other...for an hour they spend time together with the parting...and then we come and take them...and ask them if they would like to proceed after this custom"

"But Nani we know each other anyway" said Arnav.

"Chotey it's a custom...your parents had to go through it and so did your Di..your too young to understand it"

"Really?" asked Arnav addressing his Di. Anjali nodded her head. Arnav looked at Khushi and she began blushing.

"Chotey why don't you take Khushi ji and show her round the house?"

Khushi looked at her dad and then Samita Devi.

"Beta go you are coming her after your marriage so it's best you see everything" said Samita Devi. She got up and began walking behind Arnav.

Arnav led her to all the rooms.

"Khushi I showed you all our family's room and now I will take you somewhere special"

She looked curiously at him.

"Come" he said leading her somewhere.

"This is the most happening room in Shantivan... My room which will be yours very soon"

Khushi looked around coyly.

"I been here before but now it seems with a different connotation"

He pulled her close.

"Very soon you are going to be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada"

She began trying to get out of his grasp.

"Arnav its getting late..everyone will be wondering where we are"

She began walking that he held her arm. Looking up she began hyperventilating. He smirked seeing the effect he had on her. He took her arm and came near wrapping his arms around her. Placing his chin on her shoulder he looked at her.

"Khushi, by now everyone will have guessed what we are doing..after all we are stop making these excuses...I know tomorrow I won't be able to see you so let me look at you ...and Khushi start preparing for the first custom tomorrow...because very soon I will lock you in this room and no one will be able to rescue you, understand? You better understand!"

Looking into his eyes she smiled.

"So you have started to use my technique on me?"

He nodded his head.

"Arnav, I will look forward to the first custom will be a memorable one isn't it?"

"You bet it will be!" he kissed her cheek.


Precap; The first veiled custom startsDay Dreaming

Thank you for the previous likes and comments. Please carry on liking and commenting very much appreciated. I know you will throw tomatoes at me as I changed the precap I gave last time. But trust me I had a idea which I will write about in my next chapter and I'm sure you will love it

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Next:Chapter 32

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ayshaomar IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update
Khushi is still getting used to the physical intimacy and the idea of being in a relationship and that she has Nannav back, but now Arnav understands her
he has also mentioned how he doesn't want the family to know about her being Chamkilli which prevents it from ever slipping out until the time comes
Urghhh Shyaam and Neelam..well more Shyaam as Neelam didn't say anything

In this update i like the fact that the Raizada's are narrowminded as it means they will be rooting for Khushi and Arnav to get married

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ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update loved it
I love naughty ArnavWink and shy khushi Embarrassed
waiting for Arnav and khushi's first kiss Blushing
continue soon please and thank you for pm me Hug



                                                   so dreamy Day Dreaming

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AnnieMalik Senior Member

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Amazing update
Loved it
Worst thing a boy tell his girlfriend that why cant she be like other girl
Arnav bad move
Please continue supper soon
Thanks for pm

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sarunsashasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Really really nice update.Smile.

Awww Khushi was so aforable when cried, her head on Arnavs chest.

Hmmm the precap looks pretty intresting.Wink

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zariya123 IF-Rockerz

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in  i want you it was kuchh aur now kuchh hatke
khushi is too shy
how can arnav insult her love
now the precap is intersting

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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Cool update love it 

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