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Arhi FF~Dilbar Dilpar~*TH #4 Chap 32 p67 2/7 (Page 28)

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Hi I would like you to see this video before reading the update:


Chapter 30

Warning some mature contentEmbarrassed


Biting her nails she paced her bedroom. She picked up her white gagra choli and put it down again.

"Hey Devi Maiyaa, what have I done? This Nannav is like a jalebi all twisted...I can't understand him...he just blows hot and cold...He is definitely going to be in the mehndi of his friend...I'll try pacifying him there" she thought.

Putting her hair behind she began getting ready for her friends mehndi ceremony. Suddenly she decided she will try ringing him again.

"Yes?" he said seeing a withheld number.

"Arnav it's me Khushi" she quickly added. "Don't put the phone down, Arnav I'll do anything but first please start talking to me"

"Really? Okay...say you love me" he said in a demanding voice.


"Yes...take it or leave it"

" know I do" she said timidly.

"Up to the way Neelam will be with me" He smirked hearing her shriek.

"Why is she coming with you?"

"Khushi...I have to go she is waiting for me" he said and cut the call. She made an O shape with her mouth and squinted her eyes.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, you need to win him back...but how?" she bit her nails.




The Hall in which the mehndi was held was all decorated in red and yellow. There were roses and orange flowers all over the place. The lighting was extravagant.  Khushi walked in looking like an angel. Her hair up in a twisted Chignon.

She went to Shamin and congratulated her. After a little while there was a hustle and bustle in the hall. Khushi looked and saw Arnav walking in with Neelam. She gritted her teeth and clenched her jaw.

"Laad Governor" she muttered under her breath. He noticed her turn her head. Neelam departed from him and came into the ladies side while he met all his friends.

"Mam...Hi" said Neelam near her.

She nodded her head in annoyance.

"Mam...the hall is decorated beautifully isn't it?"

Khushi ignored her.

"The mehndi ceremony is taking place lets go..." she said picking up the candle plates with mehndi.

Shamin and Raunak's ceremony began taking place with people applying mehndi and oil on them.

Taking the chance that people were busy she went up to Arnav who looked at her dreamily as she approached.


He turned his face slightly.

"Arnav Singh Raizada" she said firmly and he looked at her. He raised his eyebrow.

"What are you doing with her?" he looked at Neelam.

"Oh her...sweet isn't she?" he looked at her feeling jealous and smirked a little.

"Sweet?" she fumed.

"Khushi, I am a little busy" he was about to go that she held his hand. He looked back and then at the speaker.

"Ladies and gentlemen now we will start the games...the first game we need two ladies and one gentlemen...and we will give them a song and they have stop saying the punch of the song...and we will tell you what that is...the song is 'Kaate nahin Kaathe' and the punch lyric is 'I love you' whoever says 'I love you'first any volunteers?"

Arnav rolled his eyes mischievously and put his hand up.

"We will!" Khushi quickly let go of his hand seeing all turn eyes on them.

"Me, Neelam and Khushi will"

Everyone clapped.

"No way...I am not going to play this game" she fumed.

He looked back. "Khushi you are scared that you will lose with The Arnav Singh Raizada?"

"Me and lose? Ha! I will win...but  I won't play this game"

Neelam rushed to him. "Oh Arnav this is so exciting" she said coming near him. Khushi looked on and then said.

"Fine I will play" she said while Arnav smirked.

The lights went all out and Arnav, Khushi and Neelam came in the middle with the spotlights on them.

"Okay guys...we are going to start the music...good luck!"

Arnav looked at Khushi who was gulping in anticipation.

The haunting music started with Neelam dancing on her own. A male in the audience sang.

"I Love youuu"

Then Arnav came forward and took Neelam's hand and began dancing intensely. Khushi looked on going red with jealousy.

Kaate nahin kathe ye din ye raat kahini thi tumse jo ye dil ki baat lo aaj main kehta hoon... (I cannot expend these days and night because I have to say what is my heart...look today I am saying it..)

And then he began clicking his fingers to stop himself from saying I love you.

Then he grabbed Neelam and she began singing.

Neelam: Koi nahi bas tum ho saat kehni thi tumse jo ye dil ke baat, lo aaj main kehti hoon..(There is no one except that I have to say what is my heart...look I will say it.._)

And then she began clicking her fingers and he in annoyance pushed her out.

Neelam came and he began dancing all the way round. Khushi joined them too.

He pushed his hair back with his fingers.

Kaisi hawa hain?(What kind of wind is it?)

Neelam made swaying movements around Arnav.

Neelam: Dhuli Dhuli

He held her hand and bought her a little close. He looked from the corner of his eyes at Khushi who was burning.

Arnav: Aaj Fiza Hain(Today the atmosphere is)

She put her arms on his shoulders and he peeked at Khushi fidgeting with her fingers.

Neelam: Khili Khili(Open open)

Looking around he held his arms out.

Arnav: Saara Nazaara (All the scenary)

She came and half back hugged him.
Neelam: Naya Naya (its new)

He touched his heart and looked at Neelam.
Dil Ne Pukaara(my heart called)

She came near and twirled her hair around.

Neelam: Piya Piya (darling darling)

She stretched and danced in the middle.
Arnav: Tumne Jo Li Angdaai Hai Phir Baat Vahi Yaad Aayi Hai
Lo Aaj Main Kehta Hoon ...
(You stretched like that and the talk came back to the same place..look I'm going to say it today...)

When he reached the punch line he clicked his fingers and so did Neelam.

Feeling upset Khushi turned to leave. As she walked off she felt a pull on her dupatta. She looked back and saw Arnav seductively looking at her. She pulled her dupatta inch by inch and she blushed. He held her hand and danced with her.

Arnav held her by the waist and did a dip backwards.
Khushi: Maheka Maheka(Perfumed perfumed)

He pulled her close and touched her.
Arnav: Tera Badan (is your body)

She put her hands on his chest.
Khushi: Baheka Baheka(stumbling stumbling)

He put his hand on his chest.
Arnav: Mera Ye Man (My this heart)

She teased him while he tried catching her.
Khushi: Chhalaka Chhalaka(spilling spilling)

He took her hand and cupped her face with one hand and she blushed.
Arnav: Roop Tera(Your beauty)

She pulled away and touched his shoulder.
Khushi: Halka Halka(light light)

He twirled her round and round.
Arnav: Nasha Mera(My intoxication)

She came close and danced around her and then they looked at each other.
Khushi: Jab A Hi Gai Main Paas Tere Kah Doon Jo Dil Mein Hai Mere
Lo Aaj Main Kehti Hoon I Love U..I love you...I love you..I love you
(Now that I have come close to you I will say what is in my heart..look I'm going to say it today...I love you...)

The crowd made "ahing" sounds disappointed that she had said it.

Khushi pulled away and looked at him and said the three magic words. Meaning every single word she was saying. She forgot they were playing a game. Naughtily rolling his eyes trying to say I tricked you.

Arnav: Kaate nahin katthe ye din ye raat, kehni thi jo tumse ye jo dil ki baat

Khushi never cared and just back hugged him.

Khushi: Koi nahin bas tum ho saath kehni thi jo tumse jo dil ki baat..lo aaj main kehti hoon

He turned around and repeated the three magic words in unison.

I love you

Khushi: I love you

In the end they both began dancing together and the crowd clapped and they came out of their dreamland.

The guy on the speaker announced.

"The winner is Ms Arnav and Khushi have said the forbidden words...but nice try!" he said handing the prize to Neelam.

Arnav and khushi looked at each other and smiled not caring that they had lost the game. Neelam came and showed the prize to Arnav.

"Neelam I think you should go's getting late...I need to stay for a little longer as Raunak is my friend...I will ask my driver to drop you"

He went and told his driver to drop her and go home himself. Khushi after a little while was about to leave.

"Hello?" he said naughtily.

"Yes Arnav Singh Raizada?" she said moodily.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta I need a lift.."

"Oh really?!" she teased him.

"You lost the that's your punishment"

She looked at him and answered.

"To you it probably was a game but I meant it..." she blushed.

"Come" he said huskily.

They walked towards Khushi's car silently. Suddenly Arnav began talking.

"Khushi you look so pretty in white" she looked at him and smiled. As she reached her car and tried opening it. She felt his hand touch her waist and he turned her around and pinned her against the car.

"Arnav " she said shocked and looked around.

"Say it now" he said looking at her eyes and then her lips, and then going back to her eyes.

"What?" she said breathlessly.

"I love you" he whispered in her ear and she shuddered. He placed a small kiss on her forehead.

"Say you love me" he said huskily. She closed her eyes.

"Someone will see us"

"Say you love me" he said kissing her left eye.

"Arnav" she said in strained voice.

He kissed her right eye.

"Khushi..say it"

He kissed her right cheek and she scrunched her dupatta.

"Stop it" she said half moaning when he kissed her left cheek. He faced back and saw her flushed red face.

"Are you going to say it or do I need to try something else?" he said in a naughty voice. She tried breaking the interception. He further pinned her wrists too the car. He dipped his head and kissed the side of her neck. She hissed and closed her eyes and said in half whisper.

"I love you Arnav"

He stopped kissing her neck and looked at her.  She repeated what she said.

"I love you"

"I love too" he said and she shyly came into her his arms and he tightened his arms around her.

"Arnav don't do this again...I was really upset and really missed know all day along I have not been able to eat or concentrate" she pouted her lips.


"Now you will treat me to a meal" she ordered him.

He chuckled. "That's my Chamkili always thinking about food"

She lightly punched his chest and he deepened the hug. Suddenly she felt a prod above her stomach. Feeling uncomfortable she broke the hug and looked a little embarrassed. Arnav realised she felt him turned on and began talking.

"Uh Khushi lets go...otherwise the restaurants will shut soon"

Nodding her head she got into her car and they spent some time with each other.



Dressed in a black Hugo Boss suit and a crisp white shirt Arnav walked down with his briefcase. His family was all sitting around the dining table.

"Di I need to go" he said.

"Chotey!" said Nani in a strict serious voice.

He looked back and came near the table sensing something was wrong. Shyam looked on with an annoyed expression.

"Yes Nani?" he said wanting to know the reason of her tone.

"We are arranging your wedding with Neelam and you are doing these kind of things?" she said with a disgusted expression. Neelam who was sitting there burst out crying.

"What have I done?" he looked at his Nani and then Di.

"Chotey...we didn't expect this of you" Anjali said shaking her head.

"What the! But what is going on?" he asked.

"Nannav mere bhai look at your colourful love life" he gave a folded newspaper. He looked at NK's amused expression and then started opening the paper. As he opened the newspaper he saw a large picture of him kissing Khushi on the cheek. His eyes widened when he read the headline.

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta hot night out!

Then there were smaller picture of him kissing her neck and forehead. Shyam twitched his face and made an angry face.

"It's okay Saale saab we understand it was your friends mehndi and you must have become drunk and done this..and Khushi ji must have had a glass or two..they have history between its must have happened...Nani ji its not saale saab's fault!" Shyam tried to reason and hoped that was the case.

"Is that so Chotey?" asked Nani sternly.

"Chotey you can tell us anything..was it just because you both were drunk?" asked Anjali with her hand on his face.

"No..." he said sternly. "Neither me or Khushi were drunk"

All the family looked at each other.

"Then why Nannav mere bhai?  You know Neelam ji was bought so you can date her and that"

"I didn't ask anyone to match make for me...and another thing me and Khushi have been a couple for a little while...but we wanted to keep it under wraps...I'm sorry you had to find out this way but that wasn't our intention...we both are in love with each other...and want to get married"

Nani came him and with joy she cupped his face.

"Really Chotey?! Beta we always wanted you to marry me her anyway..."

Anjali came and giggled. "We are happy all this was out of love...isn't that great news Shyam ji"

"Yes" he said with a fake smile and then looked angrily at Neelam for not doing a great job."

NK came near and started doing bhangra moves with Akash.

"Jald mere bhai ki shaadi hain...aho aho ooo aho aho"

Arnav smirked seeing his family rejoice with his reunion with Khushi. He took his leave for the office and rang Khushi on her mobile.

"Hi...have you seen the papers?" he asked her naughtily.

" gave me a good's all your fault...if you hadn't" she said pausing.

"Hadn't what?" he teased her.

"Never mind! By the way why haven't reached office yet..?"

"I am here" he said opening her door. She looked up shocked. He came inside and began walking towards her. She saw the newspaper in his hand and gulped.

She got up and clutched her mobile hardly in her fist. He put his briefcase down and made her way towards her. Circling her around he stopped behind her and put the newspaper in front of her.

Shyly she looked at the pictures of her and Arnav in a compromising position. He whispered in her ears.

"Chamkili we are not young anymore. I feel we should take our relationship on another level..." she looked back into his bedroom eyes.

"What do you mean?" she asked a little drawn into him.

"I told Nani and Di that I want to marry do you want to become Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?"

Turning around she placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Are you proposing to me?" she flirted.

"Yes I am aren't I?" he teased her. She came near him and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"I would love too Nannav"

He smiled and took her into his arms.


Precap; Arnav & Khushi share their first intimate kissBlushing

Please press like and leave your comments...and thank you for previous likes and comments very much appreciated.

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finally finally finally..she confessed her love by three words...Embarrassed
arnav idea ws mind blowing...he he heh.
precap ws ohh god nadiya...update khan hain yaar...jaldi do warna..pta nhi humara kya hoga...faster plzz...
awesome chapter again...loved it...

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Res Wink

Once again a wonderful update!!!! As always 

Very descriptive of the feeling !!!Clap
Loved Khushi clothes selection..beautiful

Khushi was so jealous of neelam especially when she was touching him...

But she lost in game by saying the three magic words,but won so much more by gaining Arnav...
I'm happy that Arnav told his family that he want to get to married to Khushi and bye bye to neelam..
Shyam once again failed in his planLOL

Arnav want to take their relationship to another levelEmbarrassed
He proposed!!!!! So when is the wedding???
I think he should tell her about the her family before anything...but lets see...

Loved the update...

Thanks for the email..

Eagerly waiting ...

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Nice update
Loved it
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hi thanks 4 da pm n lovely update ! Superbly written
Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Awesome awesome! Hehe! Finally the family knows now there will be lots of Kuch aurs and romance right? Hopefully anyway update soon!

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Wow...superb update...
but why shyam don't wish arshi as couple??.
its so romantic..
i just love it...
wow,their first kiss... Cant wait... Update soon...
thanks dead..

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