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Arhi FF~Dilbar Dilpar~*TH #4 Chap 32 p67 2/7 (Page 2)

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Hey my dear readers! Thank you for all the likes and comments. I have realised the comments are going shorter and I was going to ask you that is there something you don't like? Is there any problem I am not aware of? I know most of you since IWY and I have noticed even the big commenters have started to write hardly anything...I would appreciate if you could tell me what the problem is


Chapter 28

Some mature ContentEmbarrassed



Khushi walked into her office wearing a knee length pencil skirt and a white ruffled blouse. Her hair was up in chignon.  She gulped a little fearing seeing Arnav. But she managed to look her comfortable self.

"Morning is your lists of appointments for today" she handed over a sheet. She nodded and took it.

Literally running up the stairs she began looking at the appointment schedule. As she approached her cabin she heard a wolf whistle. She looked up and saw Arnav standing with his arms folded and his legs twisted. Her heart began racing and her breathing rapidly increasing. He started moving towards her looking towards her eyes and then lowering his gaze to her lips and back to her eyes.

She moved a little backwards and he looked at her stiletto feet moving back.

"Khushi I thought I should remind's our first date tonight..."

She gulped and answered.


"Yes we discussed it last 4 we finish and go"

She began fidgeting with the sheet of paper.

"Arnav...we have to finish our work first...I did tell you...look how many appointments I will be unprofessional if we cancel them"

"Cool...but at 4 we are matter what"

Without saying a word he went away and she looked on. Why did she feel so helpless in front of him?

All throughout the day Arnav sent her text messages and emails to remind her that she has to finish by 4. However, at 4pm she had backlog of 4 clients that were waiting as her previous meetings took too long.

Khushi began getting ready to go and see a presentation in the conference room that Arnav appeared and shut the door.

"Right! Get your stuff and lets go" he said shutting the laptop near her.

Khushi looked on bewildered.

"Arnav..I have got a few clients left..and I can't just leave them..."

"I don't care Khushi...all you think is about work and what about me? Or us?" he said feeling sorry for himself. Khushi found it cute and smiled.

"Yes us after we are professionals...I'm sure you have enough to do"

"I do Khushi but nothing comes before you" he said holding onto her waist.

She broke off his hands on her waist and began picking her files.

"I will be back in no time...just give me some time"

Looking frustrated yet understanding her predicament he let her go.

"Its 4.30 only one hour more..." he warned her.

"Fine..." she said happily.

Khushi spent 30 minutes in the conference room while he sat working on his laptop. As soon as she came out Payal notified her, of the next client waiting for her in her cabin. Immediately she reached the  meeting. After the next two clients it had struck 5pm. Her office phone rang.

"Excuse me...Hello?" she answered.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, its 5pm now...we need to go" he said irritated.

"Ummhhh...last client left give me 5 minutes..." she said softly. She cut the call and began quickly winding up the meeting. After the last client left Arnav quickly came into the cabin.

He took Khushi's hand and was about to walk off. As they reached the door Khushi stopped him.

"Arnav...let go of my hand people will see" he looked at her hand and let go. They reached the stairs and found Mr Gupta with someone.

"Khushi beti...I bought someone to meet you...this is our old client...he has returned to us because the previous company has let him down...can we discuss a few projects with him?"

"Of course" she said and looked at Arnav who was seething with anger.

"What the!" he said under his breath.

"Oh I forgot...this is Arnav Singh Raizada" he shook hand with the client.

"...beta were you going home?" He nodded his head.

"Okay...see you tomorrow.." Arnav looked at Khushi who seemed a little helpless. Mr Gupta hugged Khushi and took her back to the cabin. She looked back and saw Arnav give her an evil glare and walked off.

*Hey Devi Maiyaa what am I going to do now? Nannav is upset and angry with me...*




Khushi returned with her dad at 8pm and went straight to her room. She knew she had to pacify Arnav.

She looked up and made a small prayer to Devi Maiyaa and began dialling his number. Arnav who was madly boxing with anger saw her call and dismissed it.

Looking at her call being dismissed she made an O shape and dialled her number again. After many number of times she made the call eventually he decided to pick her call.

"MMMHHH?" He said in an annoyed tone. She smiled knowing her was really annoyed with her.

"Arnav I rang to say...I am really sorry...but what could I have done...I tried my best to finish my work but how did I know dad will turn up..."

"It doesn't matter the whole world's work and people are important to you...except me"

"No that's not true"

"Really?! It doesn't seem that way to me...all I wanted was for us to go out and spend some time with each other..but what do I get is you running away from me and me waiting like a fool...You know Khushi Kumari Gupta I never have let any girl treat me this way...but with you I just let you walk all over me"

She smiled and felt bad.

"Arnav I'm feeling really bad..."

"Please Khushi save your excuses" he cut the call. She immediately rang back again.

"I know I have hurt you and you being angry is justified but please forgive me this time...and I didn't think"

"Yes your don't think...but who has the time to think about me?" he said gritting his teeth.

Khushi began winding her hair and dreamily said.

"But I always think about you.."

He was about to drop his mobile. His mood changed wanting to know what she felt.

"You do? What do you think about me?"

She stammered. "Uh...ummhh...I think.." she started to get nervous.

"I think that despite our original date not working out we should still go out..its only 8.."

"Really?" he said surprised but happy she was suggesting that. "But what do you think about me?" he asked knowing she dodged the question.

"Let's meet and I will tell you.." she said a little blushing.

"Okay...get ready and I will send you my 30 minutes..."



She walked out of Arnav's sent car to a secluded mansion towards the outskirts of Delhi. Khushi was dressed in deep red chooridar. Her neckline a little deep than usual. The dress had golden dazzling embroidery and her dupatta covered her neck. She put her hair up from the front and the rest was all open. The chandelier earrings further enhanced her beauty. A glossy red lip-gloss was encompassing her lips. She was wearing matching stilettos. It seemed she was on a special date.

Looking around the mansion she took a deep breath in and walked in. She held her hands together and wherever she walked her aura made the place shine. Her Victor Ralph flower bomb perfume spread wherever she walked.

She looked on the floor and found a rose petals path. Then suddenly petals came showering down her head. Looking on she felt flattered but her eyes waited for her Nannav.

Khushi's pretty koyled eyes looked around and saw  Arnav appear from the pillar in front of her.

Arnav: Jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane bahar aya hain...ab kahi ja ke mere dil ko karaar aya hain...jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane aya hain(My heart dance now that my beloved has my heart has reached its zenith)

While listening to him her eyes welled with tears and she walked towards him.

Khushi: Jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane bahar aya hain...ab kahi ja ke mere dil ko karaar ayah ain...jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane aya hain

As she came near him she reached to hug him and he held her in tight hug. After a few moments she broke the hug and nervously started walking towards the pillar and held it. He appeared around it and looked into her eyes and she lowered her long lashes.

Arnav: Shokh nazro se nazar jab meri takrati hain, apne hi sajan se wo pyar main sharmarti hain, iss adaa par toh muje aur bi pyar ayaa hain...jhoom eh dil wo...(when my eyes meet these dazzling eyes, they get coy in love with their own beloved, I fell more in love with this my heart)

Khushi covered her face with her hands and he slid his arms around her stomach and she looked back lovingly at him. Cupping his face she sang.

Khushi: Meri ankhon main tera pyar hi lehrata hain, jab hont khule naam tera ataa hain, pyar se tune mere sanson ko mehkaya hain..Jhoom eh dil wo..(Your love only sways in my eyes, when my lips open only your name appears, your love has perfumed my breaths)

Taking her hand he danced a little and she put her arms around his neck.

Arnav: Maine toh tere liye sara jaha chor diya.(I have left the whole world for you)

She lightly hit his head and pulled his nose.

Khushi: Maine toh rasmo ko sanam tere liye torr diya(I broke all customs for you)

They both took each other's hands and sang together.

Arnav&Khushi: Raat  din kar ke dua maine tume paya hain..jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane bahar ayaa hain...ab kahi ja ke mere dil ko karar ayaa hain...jhoom eh dil wo mera jaane bahar ayah ain.(Day and night I prayed and found my heart my beloved has my heart has reached its zenith)

Eventually Arnav led her to fireplace which had only two chairs.

Both sat down and Arnav uncomfortably asked.

"Khushi you want something to eat?"

"Wo...not really...not yet" she said.

"Khushi I hope you liked my officially welcoming you in my life...I wanted to welcome you back to my life like this but couldn't because of the way we found out" he gestured towards the rose shower and path. She looked back, smiled and nodded.

"Khushi I always wanted this day to come...where my Chamkili will return in my know I always thought about you looked...would you still like me? "

"And how did you find me?" she asked.

"Even better than I know Khushi the first time we met at the roadside when our cars collided...I instantly found you attractive but because of Chamkili I tried so hard to hate you"

Khushi giggled. "Same...all the time I made your life hell when all I was doing was not let you replace my Nannav"

"And how silly we both were my Chamkili"

"And you were my Nannav"

*Rabba Vey*

"Khushi you are the most important person in my life...all the time I was in America I always rememberd you...the way we played..when we played getting married...I always saw you as my wife...I know most people don't believe in this but meri dilbar mere dilpar bachpan se likhi hui hain..(My sweetheart is written on my heart since childhood) and I could not forget you ever.."

She put her hand on his hand.

"Arnav...these feelings I have had for you nothing could change them...when you left I was really sad for many days and then my parents died..there was a fire at my home...and they my uncle took me from Sangat...but despite everything I was always yours..."

Arnav started to get uncomfortable regarding her parents issue.

"Khushi do you know how the fire started?"

" dad had a fight with our neighbor and he in rage took revenge and killed my parents"

"Are you sure Khushi?"

" uncle got a thorough investigation done..."

He nodded his head and then felt relieved that he did not have to say anything regarding his family now. They were in the clear.

"Anyway, it's our first date let's celebrate not mourn our bad memories...we got so much to discover about each other" she said lighting the mood.

"Don't you think I discovered enough about you Hitler Gupta!"

She playfully slapped him and he chuckled.

"I'm hungry now...what kind of a date is it that we have no food?" said Khushi like a baby.

He shook his head.

"Chamkili will always be Chamkili..always worried about food!"

Arnav rang his chef and asked him to bring their food. They sat on candle lit dinner table with roses surrounding them.

"Arnav what if he tells someone about us?"

"No he won't he is very loyal to me...don't worry" he convinced her.

Whilst having their dinner both stole glances at each other and pretended they weren't looking. Arnav showed his mansion to her and they walked for a long while talking about each other.

Khushi looked out at the stars and the moon. Arnav glanced at her moonlike face. he took her hand.

"Khushi you are...beauuutiful" she looked back at him. As she lowered her lashes he came near.

"Now you are making me nervous" he pulled her hand and bought her closer and looked into her eyes.

"And now?" he asked huskily.

"My Hitler Gupta knows how to blush too? Khushi you are forgetting something.."

She raised her eyebrows. "What?"

"Firstly the three magic words...AND...what do you think about me?"

Turning around she tried to leave but he held onto her dupatta. She looked back.

"Arnav let's getting late"

"Na-ah...first say"

"Okay you choose one...and I will say one tomorrow"

Arnav thought for a moment and decided he wanted to know what she thought about him. He intensely pulled her close.

"Khushi what do you think about me?"

She looked up into his bedroom eyes and then looked down.

Her hands were on his chest and she began breathing deeply.

"I think everything about you" she began playing with his shirt button.

"Like the way you speak, the way you walk, the way you dress, the way you get angry, the way you smirk...and many other things..happy?"

"So my sweet and innocent Chamkili does get naughty thoughts about me?" she looked up shocked.

"Let me tell you something I love about you...and what I always wanted to do with you"

Khushi in fear let go of him and he started to take steps towards her and she walked backwards. She hit the wall behind her.

"Arnav" she said pleading to him.

His muscular sturdy hands went on her love handles and she looked into his bedroom eyes.

He lowered his mouth towards her neck and she closed her eyes. Her head automatically tilted up. His face and nose nuzzled her neck. Khushi began to let out sweet noises.

"Oh Arnav" she exclaimed loving the tingling sensation. He further assaulted her with his sweet torture.

He let go and looked at her, a breathless and flushed Khushi. He smirked happy with what he made her feel. Her eyes were still closed. He smoothed her hair behind her ear and she shuddered.

"You know Khushi whenever you went past me I loved how you use to smell...and wished I could do this to you..."

She looked up shocked and embarrassed. He flicked her nose.

"And you Khushi Kumari Gupta have gone red"

He took her hand and pulled her into a hug. She moulded herself onto his body. His hands combed her long locks.

"I'm glad we didn't come to our date before...this was sooo romantic..."

Khushi raised her head. "Arnav I'm sorry" he shook his head.

"Khushi you have beautiful hair..." he said playing with her hair.

"You know Arnav you use to say that when we were young" he smiled remembering combing her hair.

"And you use to start crying because I pulled your hair trying to take the tangles out..."

They both sighed and enjoyed the embrace.

"Arnav...we should go's getting late"

"One one condition...that you promise that soon I will hear you say you love me"

Khushi bit her lip and nodded. He pulled her close and looked into her eyes.

"Khushi thank you for dressing so gorgeously for our first date...and you didn't once say anything nice about me" he pouted his face.

She cupped his face with one hand.

"You look like the world's best looking guy to look good" he smiled and she gestured to him lets go.


Precap; Arnav and Khushi start to get closeEmbarrassed

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