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Arhi FF~Dilbar Dilpar~*TH #4 Chap 32 p67 2/7 (Page 13)

niksh Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Owsum update...
continue soon...Smile

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nisha1984 IF-Dazzler

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congrats for new thread
nice part
update soon
thanks for pm

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Nickysweet IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey congrats or the new thread hope u reach many more thread like this. Fabulous update i loved it.Both r understanding each other slowly and their date is nice. Waiting for next update. Thanks or updating it brilliantly.Clap

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aashi12 IF-Rockerz

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loved the update 
even if not on time but they went for their first date 
wow they are getting close
waiting for next part
update soon

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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a very romantic date aww .

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congrats on new thread

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meena_raveena Senior Member

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its really fun to see Arnav getting pissed off wth Khushi because she was ignoring him in the office...
n their first date was so sweet...
Thanks for the PM...

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Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 29

Some Mature ContentEmbarrassed



Playing with her newly manicured red nails Khushi looked through her accounts. Suddenly her cabin door opened. She looked up knowing only Arnav was able to just walk in.

"hello?" he said in a flirty tone.

"Hi" she said looking at him. He shut the door and threw his blazer on the couch and came and sat on her desk near her.

"What are you doing?" he said peeking over.

"Looking at my accounts..." she said slightly blushing.

He moved near her head.

"What?" she asked finding him getting near herself.

"Just...looking if you need my help"

She got up and put her file on the cabinet near her.

"No thank you"

Payal knocked on the door. "Come in" said Arnav.

She rushed in and looked at him. She seemed a little worried.

"Sir ermmm there is this girl that wants to see you...and she has managed to run past our security"

Arnav looked shocked and mouthed. "What the!"

"Please sir, come down and see"

He rushed down and Khushi followed a moment later curiously. As soon as he went down he heard a girl yelling his name.


He looked towards the door and saw a girl running with a garland and the security guards running behind her.

"What the F!" he said. Khushi was half on the stairs watching her approach her Nannav. She came and put the garland round his neck.

"Oh my Goddd I can't believe  it, I am meeting THE Arnav Singh Raizada!...I feel..I feel so fainttt" she began swaying and dropped into his arms. He picked her in his arms and took her into Akash cabin.

Khushi looked on seething with anger. She followed the weird creature to see what she was up to.  Payal bought her water and Arnav sprinkled over her face. She looked on annoyed that her boyfriend was looking after THAT girl with concern.

"Mam don't worry you go up, we will handle this" said Payal to her boss.

"It's okay, and you what do I pay you to kill flies?! How the hell did she manage to get inside here?"

The guards looked down and apologised. She looked and saw Arnav giving her some water to drink.

She gave an angry glare at the girl. Slowly she began to open her eyes. She smiled and began talking again.

"Thank you ASR..." she got up slightly and kissed him on the cheek.  Arnav looked at Khushi helplessly. She was about to go and slap him that Anjali and Shyam walked in.

"Chotey this is Neelam..."

"Haan saale saab she is Neelam we all selected her so you can get to know her.."

"But why?" he asked not really knowing where this was leading.

"Chotey as your future partner..."

"You mean...?"

"Yes so you can get married...we thought she can work here and you can get to know her too"

Arnav looked at the girl dressed in a light blue knee length dress and then at his sister.

"Diii" he said a little miffed.

"Chotey there is no pressure...just see her and decide yourself"

Shyam looked at Khushi and smirked. Arnav tried to say no but his sister kept interrupting. Hearing all this Khushi began getting angry and she left the place to go up. As soon as she came up she began pacing her cabin. Flashbacks of the girl being picked up by Arnav was sending her in a frenzy. On top she kissed him and he let her!

"Let him come I will teach him..." she made a resolution.

Arnav walked in and began talking.

"Khushi...I was going to.."

Khushi threw a pen organiser at him angrily.

"What the F!" he said catching it in defence.

She came and stood in front of him. She raised her eyebrows.

"What was that?"

"What was what?" he asked with a puzzled expression.

This made her more angry she grabbed his shirt and began walking towards him. He looked at her holding him and then looked at her.

"You bloody well now Arnav Singh Raizada! That girl putting a garland round you and you let her!...and you readily picked her up in your arms.."

"Khushi she fainted...what was I suppose to do?"

"Yes she kissed you and you let her" she fumed. He let out a smirk knowing she got jealous.

"So Khushi Kumari Gupta got jealous?" he teased her

"No..I mean yes how dare she touch you..."

"And why can't she touch me?" he raised his eyebrow.

She let go of his shirt and turned around.

"Your family is thinking of getting that girl married to you...and she going to work she will be all over you...and you let them.."

Seeing her feeling insecure he smirked and came near giving her a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes widened up and she seemed shocked.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, no need for you to feel like this...I am all yours...but I need to try to make out I am considering her...but we both know the truth...and she kissed me because it was unexpected but from now on I will make sure she won't be able to do that again...happy?"

She looked at him feeling shy and nodded. There was a knock on the door.

"ASR it's me" said Neelam in an annoying voice.

"Ya..." he said.

"Khushi I need to go because I need to explain her duties" he said rolling his eyes. She turned and touched her cheek. He kissed her. Neelam had walked off and he came back and whispered.

"Khushi don't worry I will behave don't want to be at the receiving end of your wrath..and by the way you are horrible thrower"

She made and O shape with her mouth and he smirked shutting the door behind him.



It had been a long while that Arnav had not rang or messaged Khushi. She restlessly came down looking for him.

As she walked towards the staff area she saw Neelam shaking her hands.

"ASR I messed up...look it just got deleted"

He hovered over her laptop.

"Don't just pressed the wrong button...look...voila here is the file!" he said.

She touched his shoulder and Khushi seethed.

"ASR thank you ever so are so good at this" he smiled feeling uneasy. As he moved away she came in the way and he bumped into her. She purposely lost her balance and he stopped her from falling. Khushi squinted her eyes and went over.

"What is going on?" she fumed. Arnav waited for her to get up and he let go.

"Nothing Mam...I was about to fall and ASR caught me in time" she batted her eyelids.


She clicked her fingers and Arnav put his hand over her finger and shook his head.

"ASR I thought it was your office too?" she sulked.

"It is...but I am the Managing Director and what I say goes here understood?"

She turned around and went upstairs. Arnav tried to contain his smirk.

"Okay Neelam you get on with it I will be back" he said leaving her there and going to Khushi.

He went into her cabin and saw her flicking through her files. She was feeling so angry that she refused to look up.

"Ahem" he cleared his throat. "Khushi"

"I'm busy" she said not in the mood of talking. He called her a few times and then grabbed the files and flung them on the side.


"Arnav!" she got up. He grabbed her by the arms and held her.

"Khushi I thought we discussed that we need to put up with Neelam...otherwise our families will get do trust me don't you?"

She knew he was annoyed.

"I do trust you Nannav but when she touches you I don't know I feel like pulling her hair"

He smirked. "Yes I can tell!"

"Arnav why do I feel this way?" she asked overwhelmed by the emotions.

"Because when you love someone its natural to get possessive"

"I am being a fool aren't I??" he nodded his head.

"Sorry I will behave now..."

"So no more understand you better understand okay?" she laughed and nodded her head.

"So shall we go out tonight?"

"No I can't I need to attend a sangeet ceremony today" she said a little bored.

"Who's???" he asked curiously.

"My friend Shamini..."

"Okay..." he said looking on.



Shyam picked up Neelam from the office and took her back to the Raizada mansion.

"How was your day with saale saab"

"It was good...we spent a lot of time together" she said excited.

He looked on pleased.

"Just make sure you behave the way I tell you and nothing will stop you from becoming the Raizada bahu..."

"I tried my best the way Khushi Kumari Gupta seems a little up herself..she was telling me off for flirting in the office"

"Yeh she is a handful be careful of her...she might fire you and saale saab will have no choice but to let you go"

"I thought so..he doesn't say much to her"

"Anyway Rani saiba and Nani you really need to impress the they preferred your Khushi boss over make sure you get them on your side"

She nodded her head and began blowing her nails.



Dressed in a traditional black ghagra choli Khushi entered her friend's house. Her hair was in a high ponytail plait. She put large studs in her ears and looked extremely gorgeous. As she entered her mobile beeped she looked at the message.

*You miss me? Ouch*

She suppressed her smile and text back.

*No Laad governor*

Walking forward Shamin's family came and greeted her. After meeting her friend and chatting to her for a while her phone beeped again.

*C when you saying ILU?*

She replied. *N Good things come to those that wait*

"Khushi we been playing a game where we choose one girl and one boy and make them sing and dance..."

"And?" she said putting her mobile away.

"It's your turn"

"No way..." she gulped.

"Khushi's it's your friends' sangeet and you're not going to do even that for me?"

She looked on guiltily. She nodded her head that she will sing and dance.

"It's him" Shamin pointed out to a man with his back to all the girls. Khushi began getting hot and bothered with nervousness.

*Hey Devi Maiyaa raksha karna* she looked up.

Getting up she was asked to go in the middle. Her eyes rested on the guy standing 4 yards away from her. Suddenly he turned.

Her mouth opened with shock it was Arnav dressed in a white sherwani. He smirked seeing her bamboozled he came near and she whispered.

"Laad Governor what are you doing here?"

"Uh like your Shamin friend her husband to be is my childhood friend Raunak..any problem?"

She smiled and looked around.



Chorus of ladies clapping and singing: Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar...(Sweetheart...sweetheart..)

He walked near her and circled her. Taking her hand he kissed her hand and she blushed trying to make it not look obvious.

She put her hand on his shoulder.

Khushi: Main likh doon tere dilpar tu likh de mere dilpar..Main likh doon tere dilpar tu likh de mere dilpar(I will write it on your write it on my heart)

She started to twirl around him and he came near and began flirting with her.

Arnav: Main likh doon tere dilpar tu likh de mere dilpar..Main likh doon tere dilpar tu likh de mere dilpar

As she ran away he caught her hand and she looked around.

Khushi: Dilpar kuch likh dene se anjaan jaan jaye ge...(If I write something on my heart the strangers will get to know)

He pulled her intensely close and looked at her with bedroom eyes.

Arnav: Main hoon tera tu hain meri jaan ye sab pechaan jaye ge(I am yours and you are mine everyone will recognise that)

She began dancing with the girls and aiming what she was saying at him

Khushi: Duniya pooche gi akhir kis kis se kahe ge ja kar(The world will ask many people will we answer)

He twisted her around and held her a little close.

Arnav: Duniya pooche gi akhir kis kis se kahe ge ja kar

Chorus of ladies clapping and singing: Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar...

After a little while Arnav drove her back home. He stopped the car near a bridge and asked her to come out. As she shut the door she felt his fingers trailing on her back. Her body felt tingly and she closed her eyes. She held his hand.

Khushi: Khilne se pehle ye gulaab koi torr na de(before this rose blossoms hope someone don't break it)

He pulled her into a back hug and rested his chin on her shoulder.

Arnav: Tere mere andekhe ye khawab koi torr na de(Your and my unseen dreams hope someone does not break them)

She pouted her face and looked at him.

Khushi: Ye dil ek sheeshe ka ghar sabke haathon main pathar(This heart is like a glass and everyone has a stone in their hand)

He repeated what she said and pulled her close to kiss and she playfully slapped his cheek.

Arnav: Ye dil ek sheeshe ka ghar sabke haathon main pathar

All day Khushi was busy with her work but she kept missing Arnav. As she got out of her cabin she saw Arnav talking to a few employees. She watched from afar. Payal told her something and she did not listen. Uncontrollably she walked up to Arnav who was alone now. She looked lost into him and he looked on with a question mark on his face.

Khushi: Tere pyar main mujko baki kaam saare bhool jate hain..(In your love I forget all other work)

They began walking with each other and he looked at her.

Arnav: Tera naam loon toh saare naam bhool jate hain(When I take your name other names I tend to forget)

She pretended she could not remember anything.

Khushi: Kuch teek se yaad nahin par aisa hota aksar(I don't remember anything properly but it happens often)

He took her hand and took her into her cabin.

Arnav: Kuch teek se yaad nahin par aisa hota aksar

Bringing her close he took her into his arms.

Chorus of ladies clapping and singing: Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar...

She nuzzled closer and closed her eyes

Khushi: Dilbar

He tightened his arms around her and she interlocked her fingers around him.

Arnav: Dilbar

"Khushi?" he said with his eyes closed.

"Mmm" she murmured.

"I love you" he said huskily. She looked up at him and traced his jaw line.

"I..." he gulped.

"Love.." she rubbed his lip gently.

Someone barged in and they broke off completely.

"ASR...I completed this project..look" Neelam came in much to their disappointment.

He began looking at the file. "Good...this is really are picking up quickly" he said.

Khushi sat down to calm her nerves.

"Its thanks to your help ASR" She kissed his cheek. Khushi made an O shape and looked at Arnav. Neelam left after he praised her.

Khushi sat there sulking.

"Khushi what were you saying?"


"Nothing? I thought you were going to tell me you love me?" he said trying to pick up from where they left off.

She shook her head and he angrily came near.

"You know the difference between you and Neelam...she is fast...and I like fast girls unlike take one step forward and 5 steps back...I've had enough!" he fumed and stormed off.

Khushi began nibbling her nails in stress.

*Hey Devi Maiyaa what have I done now? Laad Governor won't forgive me so easily now*


Precap; Arnav tricks Khushi into saying I love youDay Dreaming

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