WU: Raaz Heroine Ke Maut Ka (22/6/2013)

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Raaz Heroine Ke Maut Ka



Air date: 22/6/2013

Scene : Outdoor shooting spot

A stunt scene is being shot wherein a lady comes driving rashly, hits the vegetable carts on the road and stops. The people standing nearby gather around her car and angrily start attacking the car. The director calls cut, comes and congratulates the actress Niharika for performing the stunt well. Then he tells her and the stunt director that he wants the same shot from a different angle. The stunt director asks her to make it a bit more exciting this time. Niharika agrees. Everyone gets ready to take the shot again and Niharika relaxes for a minute. At that time a man Vipul comes to her and says that Zengo TV guys want an interview of her. Niharika tells Vipul that she doesn't like giving interviews in the middle of shoot.

Niharika gets ready to give her second shot. Meanwhile the Zengo TV reporter starts shooting a news item about the stunt Niharika is about to perform.

Niharika goes back with her car and again comes driving in full speed, hitting all the carts and vehicles on the way. She then overshoots the point where she was about to stop and loses control. The director and the stunt director sense something amiss, and rush towards the car. But the car suddenly bursts into flames. The director calls a ambulance. Niharika's burnt body is taken away. The news reporter shows the whole incident live on TV.

Scene: A restaurant

Sachin, Daya and Shreya have snacks and talk about their college days and what they used to do when they bunked classes. Shreya says she used to watch romantic movies and asks Daya if he had seen the movie in which a fresher girl falls in love with her senior in office. Daya denies having seen any such movie. Sachin says that he hasn't seen any such movie but such a movie is going to be made pretty soon. (There's a hint here that there Shreya is definitely attracted to Daya. Sachin seems to be aware of it. Daya seems to realise it too, but I personally felt there's no such 'attraction' from Daya's side so far. Tongue)

The three of them see the breaking news of Niharika's death on the TV in the restaurant.

Daya receives a phone call about a burnt body somewhere. The three of them go to the murder spot.

Scene : Murder spot

The body is found in a gunny bag. CID finds that the body has been cut into pieces and then burnt. Sachin finds that the dead mans hand had 6 fingers. Daya asks Sachin to find out if there was any person registered in the missing persons list who had 6 fingers.

Scene : Forensic lab

Salunkhe is busy checking the body when ACP walks in with Freddie and Pankaj.

Salunkhe tells ACP that the dead man was 5'10" tall, had A+ blood group and was a diabetic. He was repeatedly stabbed and killed before his body was sliced into pieces and put in the bag and burnt.

Tarika tells the ACP that the bag had traces of a liquid called 'Winget Deryle' (?????ROFL I didn't get this name, sorry) This was used in making batteries. Freddie says that it might be worthwhile looking into all battery manufacturing companies.

Nikhil comes in telling that the missing persons' list had one person whose description matches that of the dead guy and his name was Ajay.

Scene : Ajay's house

Daya, Shreya and Sachin visit Ajay's house and talk to his wife. Ajay's wife tells Daya that he was a very creative man and had made the furnishings and decorations in their house all by himself. They ask her if he had any enemies. Daya asks her when she had last seen Ajay. She tells him that the previous day at around 11 AM Ajay was watching a cricket match when he got a call and suddenly left.

Daya asks Ajay's wife to give Ajay's phone number and tells her that they will find out who had last called Ajay.

Scene: Silver sea hotel.

ACP, Purvi and Pankaj reach the entrance. Pankaj says that this is the place from which Ajay had received his last call.

ACP asks the receptionist as to who had made a call to Ajay. The receptionist thinks for some time and tells ACP that one of their guests Vipul had made a call from their landline phone around 11AM. On asking which was Ajay's room number the receptionist says that Ajay had just checked out. ACP asks for Vipul's ID, address and other information.

Scene: Vipul's house


Abhijeet, Daya (yes duo in one frame! Shocked) with Purvi and Pankaj knock the door. On receiving no response, Daya breaks the door in style and they all enter.

They search the house. Pankaj finds a photo of Vipul and shows it to Abhijeet. ( Here they show a flashback scene of the man who was talking to Niharika about giving an interview to Zengo TV before her death...Vipul is the same guy )

Purvi finds some documents which show that Vipul was Niharika's manager. Abhijeet wonders what was the connection between Niharika's manager and Ajay.

Daya finds some drawings of a car's interiors and bills for car furnishings. He shows it to Abhijeet and suggests that the car in the drawing looked like the car in which Niharika was killed. CID team suspects that there might be a connection between Niharika's and Ajay's deaths and Vipul might be behind this.

Purvi calls Ajay's wife and asks her if Ajay knew Niharika. Ajay's wife denies any connection between Ajay and Niharika.

Abhijeet says that Niharika's funeral must be stopped as her death is probably not an accident and her body needs to be investigated by forensic department.

Scene: A room

The movie's director, stunt director and another man discuss about Niharika's death when ACP, Purvi and Pankaj arrive there. ACP questions them about Niharika's murder. The 3 men are surprised to know that it is a murder. They deny having anything to do with her death. ACP asks them if they knew where Vipul was. They say they have no idea about Vipul's whereabouts. ACP asks them if they know about Ajay Kumar. Pankaj shows them a photo. The 3 of them say they don't know Ajay.

ACP asks them to show the footage of the accident.

Scene : Niharika's house

Abhijeet and Shreya arrive at Niharika's house where the funeral is going on. Niharika's uncle talks to them. Abhijeet tells him that Niharika's death was a murder and not an accident.

Shreya asks about Vipul. Niharika's uncle says that even he's surprised at Vipul's absence.

Abhijeet tells Niharika's uncle that the funeral has to be postponed and Niharika's body has to be taken to the forensic lab.

Scene: Studio

ACP, Purvi and Pankaj watch the footage of the stunt scene which resulted in Niharika's death. ACP notices that after sitting in the driver's seat, Niharika looked uncomfortable with her seat setting. ACP wonders why Niharika had not adjusted her seat if she felt uncomfortable.

ACP asks the stunt director about the seat setting. The stunt director says that Niharika was a big star with an attitude. He had mentioned it to her but she had told him that she knows how to do her stunts and doesn't need any of his suggestions.

ACP asks for the car to be checked by forensic dept.

Scene: Garage

Salunkhe and Tarika check Niharika's car. Pankaj shows impatience at the long wait. Salunkhe gets irritated and walks off. Abhijeet walks into the garage, scolds Pankaj and calms Salunkhe down. Tongue

Salunkhe then tells Abhijeet that the car was deliberately burnt and it didn't catch fire on its own. Salunkhe shows a piece of rubber solution, which is used in film shooting - to burn cars. Abhijeet says that there was no scene of the car being burnt in the movie script, which meant that someone had deliberately burnt the car. Tarika says that normally a car has 4 seat belts but this one had 5. Shreya suggests that someone had tampered with the car.


Scene : Forensic lab

Salunkhe checks Niharika's body. Salunkhe asks Pankaj to sit on a chair and demonstrates that traces of the car's burnt seat cover pieces should have been found on the back side of Niharika's body. But in this case, the pieces of the car's burnt seat were found on the front side of Niharika's body, and even her face! This was impossible under normal circumstances.

ACP links the manipulated car seat, car furnishing documents found in Vipul's house and his sudden disappearance and says that Vipul is behind this mystery.

ACP asks CID team to check the car again.

Scene : Garage

Abhijeet, Shreya and Pankaj check the car again. Abhijeet wonders what was te purpose of the extra seat belt. At that time an informer comes in and tells Abhijeet that he had found Vipul's house. Abhijeet is about to leave when Salunkhe comes in and tells him that he knows who is the murderer.

Before the murderer's name is revealed, the scene changes...keeping viewers in suspense. Tongue

Scene : Seashore

CID team - ACP, Rajat, Shreya and Nikhil sit with Abhijeet's informer and wait for Vipul.

After some time, Vipul arrives in an auto. Nikhil and Rajat chase, catch and slap him into confession. Vipul says that someone else is behind this. ACP says that they are aware of who the culprit is (Salunkhe had already revealed the culprit's identity to Abhijeet) and asks Vipul when the person was going to arrive.

CID team waits for some time. A car arrives near the sea shore. A lady (whose face is not revealed) steps out of the car and walks towards a boat. A man is seen throwing rain water out of the boat. She asks the man to hurry up. He turns and it is none other than Rajat.

ACP comes from behind and sarcastically asks for her autograph. The lady's face is revealed and she's none other than Niharika, who was supposed to be dead! Shreya slaps her for faking her own death.


Niharika says that she was a criminal, who was associated with an international gang from France which carried out contract killings and kidnapping. They paid her 20 crore for help in setting up their base in India. A reporter had come to know about her connections with the gang so she faked her death to prevent the public from knowing this.

ACP says that nothing is hidden from CID.

Flashback: What had Salunkhe found???

Salunkhe tells CID team that the extra seat belt was used to tie a dead body under her own seat. Niharika had then placed a dummy seat over the dead body to conceal it. When the car caught fire, Niharika jumped out of it and escaped. The dummy seat cover was burnt, revealing the other dead body which everyone thought was Niharika's body.

Salunkhe also shows Abhijeet an old newsitem which said that Niharika had met with an accident and injured her knees. Her knees were operated upon and steel screws were fixed to her knees. The dead body found in the car had no steel screws, therefore it was not Niharika's body. Salunkhe says that even the blood group didn't match. Abhijeet says that definitely Niharika was behind this.

Back to present:

ACP tells Niharika that this is how CID team found that she was the culprit.

Rajat asks her why she had killed Ajay. Niharika says that Ajay was a very creative man who designed the car where she could hide a dead body and also escape when the car caught fire. Since Ajay knew about the whole plan, he could pose a danger to her later, therefore she killed him.

ACP tells her she would receive phaasi for this.

*** THE END ***



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Thanx visrom for the lovely WU Clap

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nice update Star
thanks Visrom Smile

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Thanks for the lovely written update vis di Clap

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thanks for written update

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thanks for the update visrom

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Thank You VIS DII as I missed the EPI and just reading abt that "BAKWASS" scene, I read UR WU and check that Part of EPI n just trying to Calm down Myself...

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thanks for the nice update visromSmile

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