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A Najma SS: Imperfection Is Beauty---ON HOLD (Page 8)

Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Wow! This story is really different! I'm glad someone is thinking of Tamatar as well...in the world of AsYa romance somehow she is forgotten!

I've sent you a buddy request - please do PM me when you update

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AnjuRish IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 12:43am | IP Logged
read the 3 parts at one go
first person to give me my desire to see najma ka love story with her as lead
pls pls add me in PM list
i have sent u a buddy request

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-Devanshi- Goldie

Joined: 10 September 2011
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by IPKKND_Pyaar

That was awesome.. I'm growing to love this SS so much..
I'll be watching for updates like a HAWK, I assure you..
You are fabulous..
I think Asseem is the dean..
Najma is a real cutie pie..
Thank you so much for such a lovely comment!Hug
Haha.. yes, you have the license to stalk WinkLOL
@Bold: you are right... sort of!
thanks once again and keep reading!Big smile
Originally posted by AsYa_4_ever

Plz continued !
Very cute chapter ! Blushing
Thanks! Will continue soon!
Originally posted by nihamrm

A SS on najma
That is awesome
just loved !!
plzz do continue and pm me 
Thanks! Will surely PM you when I updateBig smile
Originally posted by Ta33iiE

Oooh he definitely fits the description of tall dark and handsome; i'm sure him and zoya will get on great, whereas Asad will have some reservation on this guy, not only because of his 'big protective brother' duty but also since him and Asad are very similar.
Awww poor Najma - too cute.
Oooh fishy indeed - Imagine he's the Dean ?! :0
NO. I, as ur reader, demand a much longer update and that too jaldi! :P
@Bold: I love your perspective! I haven't thought about them meeting yet but I'll keep this one in mind for sure! loved your input on Asad's relation with Najma and later with Aseem!
@Italics: The cat is half out the bagLOL. What else do I say?Wink
@Underline: Now don't  get greedy too greedy LOL. I'll try to update as soon as possible , I promise. longer? can't say for sure!LOL
Originally posted by Madame_Noddy

this was awesome! i wondered how najma came by the job and this clears it up! loved this update! continue soon! 
thank you! I am glad you loved it! shall update in a few. keep reading!
Originally posted by KSG_luv

Wow lol poor tamatar
Originally posted by SanayakiBarun

OMG fabulous part !!!
Originally posted by AsyaManic

great one..
thank you guys!! I am glad you'll are enjoyingBig smile
Originally posted by -waitingforyou-

i love najma ! she's awesome & lovely
i'm glad you're writing an ff on najma
it's really nice & i love this ff
you are awesome dear !
can't wait to read more !

Hey kiki, thank you so much for inviting your friends to this FF. I have new readers and all because of you!Hug
I hope you enjoy reading the story ahead as much as I enjoy writing it!Big smile
Originally posted by ...Hannu...

Very nice update 
Keep going
Thanks for the PM 
Originally posted by Endless-LOvE

Loving this FF very much..
I'm. Happy that someone also cars for our chubby najma.
Continue soon..
Would love to read more
Thank you guys! Keep reading!Big smile
Originally posted by Surish

Awesome Wallpaper
Thanks! Love the pictureBig smile
Originally posted by jemii

awesome updateThumbs Up.. Loved it Smile
Originally posted by afsuu

wow lovely
Thanks you guys! I am glad you'll like it! Keep reading!
Originally posted by Meself

I just got a PM from -waitingforyou- for this story and I'm so happy that she did! Its possibly the cutest thing I've ever read!!!

Aww..thank you soo much!! New readers are always welcome!
Originally posted by MayurnASYA

its cute and beautiful...ClapClap
loved it...Big smile 
plz make the next update even longer...Embarrassed
conti asap...
Hey! thanks so much! I'll try to make it longer but time is never on my side*grumpy face*Wink
Originally posted by sheet_leher


first of all thank you so much for the pm...I know it must be tiring to send one to everyone so thank you...
Now coming to the last two part...they were so cute!!!!! Awww Najma is a sweetheart...poor girl I can understand how nervous one can be on the first day of a new job. The best of luck video from the Khan khandaan was super sweet...she's lucky to have such a wonderful mother, awesome bhaijaan and fabulous Zoya!!!!.
            this part had such a catchy title!!!! Aseem...the guy next door!!!! And Najma's reactions and suspicions...no wonder she is Jahaapanah Bond's lil sister!!!! Loved it. and Najma...I hate tears re!!!! Hope the dean is not a meanie!!!!
All in all love your updates...hope you continue soonSmile 
Hey there! YEs, its tiring but as far as I have readers like you, I don't mind sending out PMs. It was very sweet of yo to comment on both the chapters!Embarrassed
@Bold: Happens to the best of us doesn't it?
@Italics: haha.. he is neither a guy next door nor a tall, dark. handsome. He has little of both!!LOL
 @Underline: Me too!! If not now, she will become stronger eventually. Just like DilshadWink
Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima

Oh wow

Now this is becoming more interesting

Najma is fabulous

I really love her character

Thx for the pm

Continue asap
Thanks you for awesome gif!!LOL I am glad the story is keeping you gripped!Big smile I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well!
Originally posted by marialuvsarshi

i loved this chapter thanks for the pm
Thanks! Big smileKeep reading! 
Originally posted by -ElmoFuj-

i absolutely love this FF, Devanshi! Big smile

im glad you wrote one about Najma! high time she got her spot light! loving it uptil now! continue soon! Big smile
Hey there! thank you! I shall update in a few! Glad that you enjoyed it!
Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

Oh...that 'someone' is very happy with the long update and loved loved loved it Big smile

Oh la la...Mr. Dark, Tall and Handsome makes a classy entrance ( loved the way Namja checked him out LOL) ...i like i like...and our timid and shy Tamatar talking back to him...wohooo...go Tamatar Party..i definitely enjoyed that side of her..and their intro conversation...he seems like a interesting character who seemed to enjoy rattling our Tamatar's nerves...
Mr.r. Dark, Tall and Handsome seems to want to get Namja hired asap..lolz...hope he is as determined when he has to ask Asad Ahmed Khan for his sister's handLOL ( i know, that is quite far in the story but i did get that thought in my mind and can't wait for it Big smile

Uh Oh...the dean wants to see Namja...i am sure Namja will find out way out...i think she will be honest and tell him/her that her nerves out the best of her...or maybe even try her 'puppy look' face that is bound to melt anyone..

Loved this one...

Reya <3

p.s i hope 'someone' is happy with my long comment...LOL
You really really know how to make flatter meLOL! Thank you for such a long commentHug
@Italics: you like his entry? yay!! haha..yeah I was actually skeptic about her talking back but I am glad people enjoyed it!
@Underline: Whoa Whoa...stopLOL Marriage? Bechara bhaag jayega! You know guys are so commitment phobic na!!LOL But keep your fingers crossed! Nothing happens so easily wherever the Khan's are concernedWink
As for the last part, read on the chapter to know more!! And yes, you have made *someone* extremely happy. I am grinning from ear to ear(which is kinda tough because of bracesBig smile).
Originally posted by Manasi_16

Wow! This story is really different! I'm glad someone is thinking of Tamatar as well...in the world of AsYa romance somehow she is forgotten!

I've sent you a buddy request - please do PM me when you update
Yes, that is exactly the thought with which I started this story and I am very glad there are takers for it!EmbarrassedI have accepted your buddy request! Will surely PM you when I update! 
Originally posted by AnjuRish

read the 3 parts at one go
first person to give me my desire to see najma ka love story with her as lead
pls pls add me in PM list
i have sent u a buddy request
Hey! Thank you for reading this story! I have added you in the list! Will surely PM you!Big smile

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-Devanshi- Goldie

Joined: 10 September 2011
Posts: 1701

Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:13am | IP Logged
 A/N:The characters belong to 4 Lions. I do not intend to hurt any religious sentiments and if I make any mistakes, feel free to tell me. 
This piece of fiction comes from the delusional part of my brain that says I can writeLOL. That does not mean you can copy it. Thanks.

Replies are on previous page! Do check them out because it nearly took me an hour to type those outLOL
Chapter 4: Lying and hiding the truth are not the same! Right?

Outside the Dean's Office

Najma kept re-adjusting her dupatta out of habit. She had been waiting outside the office for the past half an hour. Every five minutes, she would think about her first lecture fiasco and tears would brim up in her eyes but she would manage to hold them in which made her head ache. The middle-aged receptionist would look at her every time she sniffled and gave her look mingled with pity and sympathy.

Finally the person who was inside the cabin came out. He was sweating even though the cool air of the air conditioner could be felt till outside and he was constantly cursing under his breath.

The receptionist told Najma, "Dear one, you are up next."

 Before going in Najma asked her, "Is my nose too red?"

"A little. But its okay, hopefully sir won't notice" lied the receptionist. The truth was that her nose was red enough to give Rudolph a tough competition and her eyes were now so big and puffy with crying that they could replace the phrase 'doe-eyed' with 'Najma-eyed'. But she was beautiful, nevertheless thought the receptionist. 

Najma muttered her thanks and push the door open, bracing herself for getting shouted at. She had always thought that a person at the post of a dean would be old, probably in their sixties, and with those tiny beady eyes which would make you feel guilty even if you were not at fault.

For the fear that, she might start crying again, she shut her eyes tight thinking that any moment there would be a stern voice that would scold her for immature behavior and fire her immediately. She was so sure that she had disappointed herself, her family and most importantly, Mr. Aseem Kabir. He had trusted her and thought she had the caliber to teach and she had let him down' on the very first day. Great going! She berated herself mentally.

To say that Najma was shocked when the Dean finally spoke would be an understatement.

"Seriously, am I that hideous? I thought wearing a suit would make me look better. But judging by the look on your face, I guess not."

Najma eyes flew open and she found herself staring at a highly bemused Mr. Aseem Kabir. He was smiling, his eyes crinkling at the edges. She noticed that he had worn a plain white shirt with his jacket wrapped around the chair. She looking heavenwards and thought You must be having SO much fun, right?

All she could do was slump into a nearby chair and mumble, "Dean. Mr. Kabir. Mr. Kabir. Dean.  May Allah help me."

 "Assalum alaykum, Ms. Khan" he said pleasantly.

Najma finally regained some of her composure and greeted him right back. Then without waiting for him to even say anything she said accusingly, "You lied to me." She added,"Sir."

" And here I thought that this was my cabin. Fine, let's give you the benefit of doubt. As much as you like to think that I lied to you, I have not. I am a professor in this college" he said, playing with the paperweight on his desk and trying to look at her through the glass of the paperweight as she thought.

"So, you are not the dean of this college?" she asked, her eyes narrowed which my friends, is a tough job after crying so much.

"Yes and no" replied Mr. Kabir coolly, keeping the paperweight down and now playing with the name plate as he continued, "You see, Ms. Khan, I possibly cannot be the dean of this college. I do not have enough experience nor do I have a lot of accomplishments that render me capable of handling such a reputed college. However, here I am sitting in the chair that is meant for the dean. It's quite simple, really. The dean of this college has not been keeping very well and as it happens, the dean and I are'very close. " A wry smile touched his lips at the word 'close'."So whenever, the dean is not well or has to go out to handle important matter, I am delegated the responsibilities of the dean. So, yes, I am the dean as of now" he finished, placing the name plate back on the desk and looked at Najma to find a look of absolute awe on her face.

Things finally fell into place. How Najma got recommended to the dean; how she didn't  even have to give an interview; how the assistant had sounded so confident about Mr. Kabir's decisions. It all made sense finally. Maybe he is not a crook after all thought Najma.

When Najma saw both his eyebrows raised, she got the weird feeling that maybe she had voiced her last thought and his next words just confirmed her feeling.

"Ms. Khan, you have an uncanny ability to humiliate me every time we meet. You have some serious trust issues" said Mr. Kabir though he found it extremely funny because never in his lifetime had someone called him a 'crook' on his face. Well, there's always a first time!

"I am so' so' so' sorry! I have no intentions of insulting you in any way, sir. It's just that all this seemed too easy. You can't possibly blame me for having my doubts. Besides, what you did is quite close to lying" she said hurriedly and then clapped her hands over her mouth as soon as she said the last part. Now would be a good time to shut up she thought

If Mr. Kabir was angry, he didn't show it. But his green eyes did harden a little.

"No, Ms. Khan. I didn't lie to you. I merely hid the truth from you because I didn't think it was necessary to tell you then. Even if I would have explained this complicated situation then, I would have only scared you more" he said, gesturing at her current state.

Najma nodded slowly, letting that sink in.

"You may take off your hands from your mouth now, Ms. Khan because you have some answering to do yourself now" he added and Najma immediately dropped her hands.

"So, how was your day?" he asked, casually.

Apparently, that was a very wrong question to ask. Why? Because all those tears that Najma had managed to hold back since past half an hour or so decided unanimously in that moment that they had to break free. And hence, Najma burst into tears. Right in front of Mr. Aseem Kabir. She was crying in front of the most handsome man who had ever bothered to speak to her!


Now, I just want to clear up one thing after this chapter: Najma is not a cry baby. In my story, she has been shown as an extremely diligent student who has never disappointed anyone in her life. So, when she failed on the very day of her job, she is very sad about it. Eventually, her character will become stronger and I can only hope that I will be able to portray it well enough!Embarrassed   
Like, Comment and I hope I made you smile somewhere!
Buddy me for PMs!

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IPKKND_Pyaar Senior Member

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:20am | IP Logged
First againDancing
Great update once again..
Najma is super cute *I'm never gonna tire of saying this*
Aseem and Najm's chemistry is subtle but wonderful..
I love itHeart

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MissAsian Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2012
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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 7:45am | IP Logged
I love it :)
Yeaap u're right Najma isn't a cry baby but she is TOOO cyuuute ;)
Man i'm loving thus 'dean'
najma needs some confidence - she's a beautiful girl and who doesn't like curves :)

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AnjuRish IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 8:14am | IP Logged
awww poor najma 
i understand ...after one month of joining my day went bad and i cried so much
i have never cried in public ever
i mean i grew up wth 3 brothers ...i am a tough kid 
sometimes situation is such that u start crying coz u disappoint the person who has put their trust in u

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--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2013 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Najma is so tensed

Kabir seems a nice guy

Update soon

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