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A Najma SS: Imperfection Is Beauty---ON HOLD (Page 5)

kandygrover Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 7:30am | IP Logged
I love this. Really interesting.

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...SankaDevi... Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Loved it. Poor Najma Cry

Do continue!:)

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Surish IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 1:06pm | IP Logged

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Asma- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
hey it sounds very nice i love Tamatar i think she should have her own track in the show she is so talented and so cute

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45ramadevi Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
ClapClapbeautiful story ,continue dear SmileSmileSmile

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-Devanshi- Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima


Loved the ever cute Najma

Wish she gains more confidence

(Since you have a thing for gifs)

Thx for the pm

Continue soon
Haha...I do! They are just adorable, funny and I love Donald DuckLOL so thanks!Big smileHopefully, yes she will!Wink
Originally posted by ...Hannu...

Tamatar is so cute
I just want to hug that bag of softness
Pls continue and don't forget to PM me
@Bold: Me too!! she is that soft toy that everyone wants!LOL
Originally posted by AsyaManic

great one. Cnt soon
thanks!Big smile
Originally posted by Ta33iiE

"Mr. Aseem Kabir" oooh he "charmed" her.. Does that mean what I think it does... The start of Najma's luuurve story :P
@Bold:Egg-jactly! hope you like the next chapter!
Originally posted by Madame_Noddy

hey this SS is really cute! i adore Najma, she's such a cutie pie!!! continue soon!
Thanks!Big smile I adore her too! Wish she had more of a role!
Originally posted by kandygrover

I love this. Really interesting.
thanks! I hope you like the next chapter too!
Originally posted by Surish

love the gif!! Thanks!LOL
Originally posted by SanayakiBarun

hey it sounds very nice i love Tamatar i think she should have her own track in the show she is so talented and so cute
I know right? I love her too!Embarrassed
Originally posted by ramadevi1966

ClapClapbeautiful story ,continue dear SmileSmileSmile
thanks! shall update soon. keep reading!Big smile

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-Devanshi- Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:32am | IP Logged

 A/N:The characters belong to 4 Lions. I do not intend to hurt any religious sentiments and if I make any mistakes, feel free to tell me. This piece of fiction comes from the delusional part of my brain that says I can writeLOL. That does not mean you can copy it. Thanks.

Chapter 3: Tall, dark, handsome? Puh-leez!

A few months ago

An empty classroom

Najma had just finished explaining some of her friends a small but very important part of their syllabus. They all looked at her in awe before she started giggling at the look on their faces. The next second even they burst into laughter see her infectious dimpled smile.

Each of them went to her and thanked her for saving their necks a week before the final year exams. She looked down in modesty and blushed but shook everyone's hands.

After wishing each other luck for the exams, everyone left but Najma. She stayed there for some while more taking in the moment. She loved teaching. There was something about making others see her point of view and sharing the way she saw things. It was the best feeling in the world when the opposite person nodded and understood her.

Maybe she loved it because she hardly ever got to share her opinion in front of her brother. She didn't resent it because she knew her brother loved and cared for her. It was only recently, that Zoya had come into their lives and changed their perspective about so many things.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by a knock on the door.  She straightened up quickly and adjusted her dupatta. Her eyes rested on the person standing at the door.

He was tall, much taller and probably five years older than Najma. Jet black hair, startling green eyes, a sharp arrogant nose, he sported tiny stubble at his chin. He wore a light blue shirt, well tucked in his black pants. His jacket was loosely held by his hand. Everything about him screamed tall, dark and handsome.

Najma was surprised at the way she was thinking and averted her eyes quickly on realizing that she had been staring at him. Picking up her books, she said hurriedly," I was just leaving..."

He smirked at her nervousness and shyness and asked, "I am given to understand your name is Najma?"

She nodded, and then looked up in shock wondering how he knew her name.

"I heard your friends calling you that. Hope you don't mind that I was eavesdropping in on your erm...lecture?"He said, answering her question even before she had asked and raising his eyebrow at the word 'lecture'.

"Oh. That. It was nothing really. I was just helping them out. They are my friends after all." She stammered, her nervousness increasing by every second. She never spoke to men if she could help it. She was never the one to initiate conversation. Especially men like...him.

"I should go." She muttered quickly and left the classroom, hoping that he wouldn't follow. Her brother had always warned her that she should not talk to strange men.  That man back there? He defined strangeness.

Obviously, he followed her, easily matching up to her pace.

"It didn't seem like nothing to me. You are a natural, you know" he said, gesturing at Najma. When Najma raised her eyebrows at him, he added, "At teaching, I mean."

Najma stopped immediately and observed him keenly. He was definitely not a professor at this college. She new every professor well. Heck, she even knew the assistants. This guy was definitely not from here. And she did not trust him one bit.

"You saw me for half an hour and decided that I was a natural at teaching?"Asked a highly suspicious Najma.

Mr. Green Eye raised his hands in defense and said, "I am not here to kidnap you or get you into some kind of scam. So, relax." That made her only more suspicious.

"I guess that was a wrong thing to say. And yeah, I can say that you are good at teaching because I am a professor. My name is Aseem. Aseem Kabir" Saying that, he brought out his hand forward.

Najma's eyes widened with shock. What? A professor? She had given a professor her I-Don't-Trust-You look. What kind of a test was Allah taking? He must be a new professor. Or worse, what if he was one of those internal examiners?

She stammered, "Assalum alaykum. Sir."

Aseem's eyes twinkled with amusement. He withdrew his hand and said, "Wa-Alaikum Asalam. Calm down. I am not a professor in this college. You are still Ms. Goody Two Shoes of this college. I am from another college in Bhopal itself. It's pretty famous though. I am just here to meet the dean of the college for an important purpose when I happened to see you in that class teaching your friends."

Najma visibly relaxed. She managed to mutter an 'Oh'. Phew. Not an internal examiner either.

"So, are you a final year student?"Aseem asked curiously.

Najma nodded timidly.

Aseem looked at her thoughtfully. He then asked his next question,"Do you have any plans after your college is over?"

  Najma looked at him with a little surprise. Where was he getting at? Of course she had plans! Movies, shopping with Zoya, a couple of road trips, she wanted to try out some new diet plans, probably join a gym or a zumba class if Bhaijaan allowed. But why would she tell any of that to him?   

  "Um...actually, I haven't thought about it yet." She finally said, hoping it sounded convincing.

"Excellent! So, I am not disturbing your schedule in anyway. How would you like a job at our college? One of our professors is retiring in a couple of months and I think you would be an excellent replacement. If you agree, I could recommend your name to our Dean and if you land the job, you would get a decent pay too!" He rubbed his hands, the excitement in his voice hard to miss.

Najma mulled over the offer. A job about two months after college? She would get a decent pay too. She imagined getting her own bank account, buying things for herself and for the family. It was a rosy picture indeed. But then a seed of doubt crept into mind, was she really up to it? Could she teach that well every single time? Besides, how could she, a complete novice, get a job at a reputed college so easily? Something is fishy, indeed.

She gasped as she realized she had voiced her last thought. Aseem looked as though he had been slapped. No one had ever challenged his credibility ever. And right here, this'this student was calling his offer 'fishy'?

He calmed himself down and told her, "I am sorry but I have been nothing but polite to you. I look at myself in the mirror every day. Do I look like a crook to you?"

"You sure don't seem like a gentleman!" she blurted out spontaneously before she could stop herself.

Najma Ahmed Khan, the quiet diligent girl who never raised her voice or got into a fight was blatantly arguing with a professor in a college corridor. She couldn't believe herself!

She didn't waste time in amending her words, "I...I mean, this is really huge. I have to study for my exams right now and I will have to talk to my family before I take up this job. I hope you understand. Could you send the job specifications to me via e-mail?"

The look on Aseem's face softened seeing her stammer nervously. She got flustered too easily!

"Of course I understand.  I will get your e-mail address from the office and have it sent to you immediately. "

Najma nodded and muttered something like 'Thanks' and turned to go when his voice stopped her yet again.

"All the best for your exams, Ms. Khan. Khuda Haafiz" he said, smiling lightly.

"Th-Thanks. Allah Haafiz" she said shyly and left. Her heart had skipped a beat when he had called her 'Ms. Khan' and she had smiled to herself all the way home.


Two weeks after exams, she had discussed the issue with everyone. While Asad had been hesitant, Zoya and Dilshad had offered her their complete support.  The following evening, she got a call from an unknown number.

 "Good Evening, Ms. Khan. This is Mr. Aseem Kabir's assistant. My apologies for calling so late in the evening but Mr. Kabir would like to know if you have come to any decision regarding the job at our college" said a formal yet polite female voice.

"Uh...yes. I have considered the job and I have thoroughly gone through the job specifications. When do I have to come in for an interview?"Asked Najma, hoping she sounded professional enough.

"No interview will be necessary. Mr. Kabir only gives a recommendation when he is sure. Hence, you have been selected for job without an interview"said the assistant.

"Oh. Really? That's...that's..."she wanted to say 'fishy' but she said, "Great. Just great. So when do I join?"

"You shall receive a job letter by post within the next seven days which will include every detail. If you have any further questions after that, you may contact me directly on this number. Thank you for joining us. I hope you have great evening" saying so, the assistant disconnected the phone without waiting for her reply.

Strange. Very strange. A job without an interview. She just hoped that this was not as fishy as it sounded to her


Present day

Najma finally came out of the washroom still sniffling. She looked up to see a peon waiting for her. He asked her nervously as if scared that she would start crying in front of him,"Ma'am. Actually the dean has requested to meet you immediately."

Her eyes widened with fear. Dean? Could her day get any worse?


Was that too long? Because *someone* asked for a long update! I hope you are happyLOL. That was 4 pages in Word. Just sayingLOL .

Like, comment and add me as a buddy for PMs.

Appreciation and constructive criticism equally welcome!



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IPKKND_Pyaar Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 4:57am | IP Logged
That was awesome.. I'm growing to love this SS so much..
I'll be watching for updates like a HAWK, I assure you..
You are fabulous..
I think Asseem is the dean..
Najma is a real cutie pie..

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